The Demon of Sambolia

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As they walked towards the pyramid, they had already taken out a few wandering zombies. Now they saw many standing in the way of the pyramid. Syl'ima noticed two entrances. One on the lower levels, and one at the top. They had to get past the zombies first.

"I can always call upon Him to drive the zombies away," Stellis pointed out.

"Won't they just come back while we're in there?" Zerik asked.

"It would be better to destroy the undead rather than have them return while we investigate," Finn explained.

"What do you think, Diamond?" Stellis asked.

"I agree with Finn. Destroying the unfortunate is a better fate than driving them away," Syl'ima concluded.

"Well said, they are an abomination to the God, and, Goddess," Stellis agreed. "Be careful that they don't bite you. The curse is transmitted by their bite. You are already cursed, Diamond, you don't need another." She nodded in agreement.

Finn and Stellis took the lead slicing off the heads of zombies in single blows. Finn with his scimitar and Stellis with his sword. Zerik would sneak up behind the zombies with his knives and and remove their heads. Syl'ima used her molecular agitation on them. Their rotting flesh would begin to bubble and then the putrid fluid would burst into flame until only ash remained of the zombies.

They started to head to the lower entrance when Syl'ima asked them a question.

"Has anyone attempted to enter through the upper entrance?" She asked and the stunned looks on her companions faces gave her an answer.

"I don't think so, Diamond, why?" Stellis asked.

"Well, if no one has made it past the first antechamber on the lower levels maybe they were entering the wrong entrance," Syl'ima pointed out.

"She has a point," Zerik agreed. They began trudging up the stairs to the upper entrance. Once they made it to the entrance it appeared to just enter an empty room.

"There's nothing here," Zerik noted. "Maybe, there's a secret passage? Let's search." He began by feeling the stones on the floor, then heading to the walls.

Finn started with the west wall, while Stellis started with the east. Syl'ima started with the north wall and found a small hidden panel. It slid opened and revealed a serpentine armlet of silver with emeralds for eyes. She could sense magic about it, but could not identify the type. She needed someone with better expertise.

"Stellis, what do you think of this?" Syl'ima asked. She held out the armlet. Stellis came over. Stellis examined it.

"This is a protective magic armlet," he concluded. "You found it, it's yours." He handed it back to her. She slid it onto her upper right arm. It complimented the white sleeve of her armor.

"Ah ha!" Zerik exclaimed. "I found it." He pressed a stone on the west wall and a hidden door slid open on the south where the walls met. It revealed a stairway down. "I'll take point to find any traps." Zerik led the way down followed by Stellis, Syl'ima was told to enter next by Finn who took the rear.

Zerik was very good at disabling traps. Not a single one went off as they descended to the true treasure held within. It appeared to be a burial chamber complete with a sarcophagus. There were piles of gold coins scattered weapons even armor. Zerik started to fill his bag with gold when Stellis stopped him. He pointed to the pictographs on the walls that told a tale.

"Let's see," Stellis started, "according to this, Him fell in love with a human woman. She was the high priestess of Her. They met in secret. Her grew suspicious of the meetings. Him hid away the priestess and erected this pyramid." He walked over to the symbol of Him. He pressed the silver sword.

An image of a beautiful raven-haired woman with piercing blue eyes appeared before them. She smiled. "Greetings, the first prophecy has been fulfilled," she stated. "I am Moonwind. Former high priestess of Her. I say former because I betrayed my Goddess. I stole Him from Her."

"It was not my intent. I truly loved my Goddess, but, Him started to come to me more and more. Our love opened a gate to things that were not native to this world. Those touched by this energy have violet eyes." Syl'ima realized she had been touched by this energy. "Not all these that have been touched are evil, but they are not natural. They may have strange abilities. The God, Him, claims those as his children. He will do his best to protect them, but, Her is jealous. That is why he hid me away in another realm."

"Now, for the second prophecy. On the island of Sambolia, the energy we released will coalesce into an evil entity. It will consume many and even claim the leader of the nation. His friends will save him and defeat the entity. It will come at a great cost, but they will defeat it."

"Now that you have found this recording, you must hurry. Her now knows I betrayed her. take as much gold and finery that you wish. You will not have much time as this place will collapse."

They heard the walls grind and creak. They knew they had to hurry. Zerik grabbed as much gold into his pack as he could and activated his boots of great haste. He grabbed Stellis and ran.

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