Demonic Honor

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The Land of the Underworld is a land of 4 regions, ruled by 3 powerful demon kings but all of that changes very soon due to the actions of one ambitious invader from a different land. Damian Blackroot is son to the Rex Imperator to the North, what he does not know is that he will have a part to play in the coming chaos that will forever change Hell.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 0

Chapter 0

As the horse galloped its way down the dirt road I held on as hard as I could. I looked around and saw armored columns and soldiers all around me. Soon we were at the front of it all. I looked over and saw the prize my brother was to capture. The last stronghold in the rebellion, all holding up in the walled city.

My brother turned his horse around and was greeted by one of his Generals.

"My Lord, they have abandoned the walls and have retreated into the city, however they do not fire upon us"

He looked at him confused, "Why in the world would they not?"

"We have no idea sir, but it is assumed they have been ordered not to and won't fire unless fired upon"

I looked up to see my brother smirk.

"They're stalling, how is the gate?"

"Our engineers are ready to breach it at any time, sir"

"Have terms of surrender been sent?"

"Yes sir"

"And?" My brother asked with a raised eyebrow.

"They used it as toilet paper and sent it back to us inside the messengers mouth, along with with the messengers head, sir" The general answered grimly.

"No quarter it is"

He smirked again.

"I don't know about you general, but I feel a little grandiose"

The General looked confused "I'm sorry sir?"

Jericho turned his horse towards the gates "Come, follow me"

Soon he took off, his generals in tow until he was on one of the ladders that he had used to storm the walls after it was abandoned.

Dismounting his steed, he took me off and told me to climb his back "Get a good grip and hold on tight, little brother".

He scaled up the ladder and set foot onto the the stone floor. I looked over to the left and right of me and saw my brothers legion of men 50 to one side, 50 on the other, each one armed and ready to climb down and wreck havoc on the enemy below.

There they were, in position, not one window uncovered, sandbags blocking the way, men behind one position or another all of them pointing their rifles in the direction of Jericho and his 100 strong legion.

"Alright, time to let go" I unlocked my arms and allowed myself to slide down his back. He looked over to me and said.

Jericho looked at his General, "You said you gave terms of surrender, correct?"

"Yes sir"

"To the officers and commanders only?"

"Well....yes sir"

He looked over at me and smiled.

"Now watch this"

He looked over to his legions and barked out an order, "No one fires until I give the order, under no circumstances!"

"Sir, yes sir", All 100 called in unison.

He moved over to the very edge of the wall and stood ontop of the stone ledging that also worked as a railing for the soldiers patrolling the wall.

"My Lord I don't think that's a good idea". His general said to him, but one of my brothers other generals put his hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

The air calmed and soon silence.

"To you brave rebels, who would defend your homes against the likes of me, I commend you for your bravery, today I would like to extend a final olive branch to you, the last line, throw your arms down, come out hands raised and I will allow you, with whatever is on your back to leave, no harassment, no deceptions, forgiveness granted in full and forever."

He stopped for a second and looked around.

"If you choose not to take up this offer, no mercy shall be granted, no quarter shall be given, no one shall be spared and I will strike down upon you with all the vengeance and anger that would make titans quiver, I will make examples of your leaders and execute those who kill my men, and those who left who would think to kill me personally I will leave your corpse to the worms and your soul to whatever afterlife will claim you."

He paused to breathe in air once more.

"These are my terms, what say you?!" His voice echoed throughout the city.

Silence, nothing but silence.

The crack of a rifle broke the silence.

All eyes were on my brother as he was spun from his spot and fell back to the floor, only to be caught by his two generals.

"My Lord!" One called out.

"Jericho!" I called out as I went to him.

As soon as he reached the ground, Jericho started patting himself down calmly until he found the hole that penetrated the middle of the body armor he wore.

"Hmmm, good shot" He said as he sat up, dusted himself off, like nothing had happened.

"My Lord, it seems that your offer has been rebuked, wholeheartedly"

I saw my brother get a look on his face, one that was as though he had been disrespected for showing mercy, then his features lightened and an amused smile played over his face.

"Ready to blow the gate and take the city" My brother said as he reached into his jacket and pulled out his rosary and started thumbing one of the beads, saying a prayer into them.

"Brother?" I asked.

Jericho held up his finger, he took it off and placed it around my neck.

"I hope you're ready for this, time for your baptism" He said and reached to his side and pulled out a cross that was pitch black, it almost looked unreal.


"Yes, your baptism in blood"

Soon the cross started to morph and transform into a rifle.

"I love this thing" He said looking at it.

Soon his general came back to him.

"Sir we are ready"


He looked over to the other side of the wall and faced his soldiers, all ready to tear into the gates, soon his soldiers were starting to beat their chests and stomp their feet.

"They have chosen to stand against us, this old guard refuses to make way for the new, however they shall not stand for long, every man here has the strength of one hundred demons inside of them!"

Soon the chest beating and stomping grew louder and was soon joined by a chorus of war cries.

"On this day we take the final city on this glorious crusade, all of you shall return home glorious and shinning, the light that ended the darkness of this cruel civil war!"

The chanting and beating came to an all time high.

"Today you will not fail, today you will not falter, today history will venerate you as heroes of Hell, we will be victorious on this day, for today all of you shall strike with the force of One hundred sons!"

The gates were blown open and let slip the dogs of war did.

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