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The Kingdom Of Souls: The Beginning

By Hitomi_Eyes All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

A City Of Ruin.

A world of kings and queens, of espers and magic, of kingdoms and two particular kingdoms (not to far from each other) never saw eye to eye.

One kingdom, Animus, was a kingdom of light, with most of the citizens being high class. They had money, food, health care and homes. Their underground population was not so small.

Their council was also small with only six members.

Their kingdom was graded by the Esper, Aeris, capable of many psychic powers and elemental abilities.

The other kingdom, Tenebris. Most of the population was poor and the king held most of the money, there were not many doctors and no good land for food to grow.

The council of both kingdoms were selfish, they both cheated when it came to money, when it came to dealing with people of their kingdoms.

Tenebris made an offer to Animus. The king of Tenebris proposed to unite the kingdoms, by having the prince of Tenebris marry the princess of Animus. The king of Animus would not let his daughter marry a prince of Tenebris.

The kingdoms declared war, the princess was killed in this war.

sixty per cent of the wealth died in Animus and most of the underground was destroyed leaving most of the survivors of the underground to live in the destroyed ruins of the wealth.

Tenebris's king was killed in the war and so it came to an end.

Animus is now mostly in ruin and with a high population of 3rd class citizens and no heir to the throne.

Tenebris's new king now has an army of thousands and the council of Animus was getting worried.

The City Of Ruin.

Animus could not rebuild as well as they hoped to, with no heir to the throne, The King was falling into depression with the death of his daughter, and thus the council took control. They tried to cut of the undergrounders from coming in to the high class areas and tried to keep them in the destroyed areas of Animus (The poor folk tried to fix up the ruins, with no help from the council).

Market town was now the main town of Animus, the undergrounders started making money from the marked, they had their own stalls to sell clothes and food.

A small boy of about thirteen walked through the market, avoiding the many people as they did their morning shopping. He had short dark hair and wore a brown waist coat, baggy pants and boots, he also had a small leather bag on his right hip, which was attached to his belt. He had a kind face and what some had what some call 'perfect' features for a young man. His chin and nose were both long in an attractive way. His eyes were blue, not to big, not to small but perfect. He had fullish lips -which were a creamy colour-.

He walked through the market eyeing the guards which blocked the streets to what was left of the high class area. Every time he saw these guards he always thought he could take them, they were not real warriors like the kings knights were. There were not many kings knights left, most lost their lives in the war.

The boy picked up an apple from a near by stall and threw it down the street. The guard stared at the young boy with cold eyes, when the young boy did not look away(Obviously not intimidated) the guard turned to go pick up the apple he threw, as he turned the boy grabbed a wallet that was loosely hanging from the guard's armer and began to run.

The boy laughed to himself as he began to slow down when he was near a vegetable stall ran by a rather plump lady in her mid thirties. She wore a long sleeve dress with a long piece of fabric around her waist. She had long brown hair which was tied back out of her face to revel her big brown eyes, round face and button nose. She looked disappointed at the young boy as he counted the money from the stolen wallet.

"Malaki!" She shouted the young boys name with disappointment.

"What?" The boy, Malaki asked in shock.

"How much did you take?" The lady asked.

Malaki moved behind the stall to stand next to said lady."Just one wallet from a wanna be knight"He mocked.

"Don't be rude, they're just doing their job." She said, as she smacked the side of Malaki's head.

"Good morning ma'am." A rather rough voice said.

"Oh, Mr Karr." The stall owner said sounding rather shocked.

"Everything Okay, Lilium?"The man asked.

Malaki turned to look at the man, Karr, a regular at the stall. He had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. He was in his late thirties and his manly face showed it, he was also wearing a long hooded cloak. He notice the teen was holding a wallet full of money.

"You ran quite fast." He complemented the teen as he handed his groceries to the owner.

"What do you mean?" Malaki questioned.

"I saw you take it from the guard." Karr replied as he pointed at the wallet malaki held.

"Anyone can out run them." He smirked to himself, but the smirk soon faded when Lilium, hit him up side the head again.

"He thinks he can be a knight." Lilium said while handing Karr, his groceries.

"Maybe he could." He suggested, taking his groceries and thank you.

"Don't give him any ideas."She smirked.

"Good day to you two then." He smiled and tipped his head slightly, then walked away.

"Do they still train Kings knights?' Malaki spoke up quickly before Karr, got to far away.

The older man turned his head back the Malaki. "Well maybe."

"Wait, no, Malaki, you can't be a knight, I promised your mother-"Lilium was cut of by Malaki's sudden out burst.

"She wasn't my real mum and you know that!" He put his hands on Lilium's shoulders."You know this is something I wanted."

"Child, I've only ever wanted the best for you. I'd love for you to be a knight, because I know it's something you really want."

Three years ago~

A young boy woke up to a quiet house(If you could call it a house).It was mostly made of metal, there was water leeks from the pipes that gave water to the high class who lived aboveground.

He got out of bed and went to the kitchen and saw a note for him on the counter.


your father and I have gone to work. You were still asleep so I left you.

Have some breakfast and go stay with Lilium.

Love from Mum.'

The child left the note on the counter and went straight out after he had gotten dressed. He didn't feel like eating, he felt sick to the stomach, he had been hearing rumors about his parents. The people had been saying that he was not their child, he was just a child of some high class woman that left him in the undergrond and they took him in.

He wanted to ask Lilium, about the rumors, she is his mother's best friend after all. But he didn't know how to ask.

He walked through the wet underground. The underground was looked after only by the third class who lived there. The population of the underground was large, thus they all tried their best to make it livable.

He got to his destination and opened the door without knocking (He knew Lilium wouldn't mind).

"Hello!" The child shouted as he walked into the hallway. "Lilium, are you home!?"

"In the kitchen!" A woman's voice called back.

Malaki walked into the kitchen to see his mother's best friend standing over the counter cleaning some vegetables. 'Most likely for her stall.' Malaki thought to himself.

"You're mum came by earlier and said you were coming." She informed him, as she cleaned her hands and walked over to the child to plant a kiss on his forehead.

"Ummm, about my parents-" Malaki was cut off from a huge boom from outside and the ground started to shake, he started to tumble forward, Lilium caught him before he could fall."What's happening?"

"I don't know." The older woman replied as she tried to steady the child.

"Is it an earthquake?" Malaki asked.

"I don't think so," Lilium answered as she stood up straight after the shaking had stopped. "I think we should get up top." The lady grabbed the child's hand and began to run out the house, but the underground was in ruin.

"This way!." The ground started to shake again and Malaki pulled Lilium to the left as the other passage ways were know blocked by rubble.

Malaki lead Lilium to a secret way to the high class grounds he had found while playing. He squeezed through the gap and then help Lilium through. As the two stood up to look at their surroundings. Animus was under attack.

"Air ships!" Malaki shouted as he pointed up into the air where a fleet of ships passed by.

"They're Tenebris air ships." Lilium stated in horror.

"What are you two doing!?" A rough voice shouted.

Lilium turned to look at a man with dirty blonde hair who had started to run over to them.

"Quickly you have to get out of here," The man continued on."I'm Karr, I can help you two, but we need to get out of here now." He finished and picked up Malaki and threw him over his shoulder and grabbed Liliums wrist, but she suddenly felt light headed and fell to the ground.

The last thing Lilium saw was the man putting Malaki down and felt herself be lifted as she lost consciousness.

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