Married To The Grim Reaper

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Name is Bridgette and due to a series of unfortunate events, I am now the bride of the thing we humans all fear most...........Death.

Fantasy / Drama
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Dead….That’s what I am...or supposed to be anyways. I know you’re going to be asking those “What do you mean SUPPOSED to be dead!?” questions. Well before I answer it lemme just tell you a lil bit about myself.

My name is Bridgette...Bridgette Valentine. I’m the oldest daughter of former super model Brooke and highly known Doctor Vincent Valentine. I’m around 5’2 which is somewhat short. I have long curly dirty blonde hair that goes to the middle of my back that matches my sparkling blue eyes. I was blessed with my mother's beautiful face, pale skin, and figure but with slightly more curves and bust, while I was blessed with my father’s smarts. I love to wear hoodie’s so people don't really get to see my goods. Your first impression of me would be that I’m a tomboy. I’m 17 years old and I attend Langston high a prestigious private school of the arts. I live in a little suburban neighborhood which I can't stand since it’s filled with nothing but stuck up broads and douches.

I’m more of a down to earth urban type of chick myself and because of that my parents don't really associate themselves with me. So most of their attention is they give to is my younger sister Emily who is like my polar opposite. Which means we aren't in good terms either.

To make things even worse I’m practically an eyesore at school. Since I don’t fit in with the crowd. But,even though I don't have the much love from school or even my family, I do have someone that I can't live without. That person’s name would be Derrick Houston. Derrick and I have known each since preschool thanks to our dads being somewhat good friends in the past. He stands at about 6’5 with a very muscular figure. He usually sports a tape haircut and has mesmerizing hazel eyes which compliments his light brown ebony skin tone.

Unlike me Derrick’s family is more of a blue-collared middle class family with his father working as a mechanic and his mom working as a grocery store clerk. He also started working with his dad so he can one day take over the family business. But even though he works Derrick still has enough time to be an honor student and not to mention star player of our football team.

But people at school think because of his athletic ability he gets good grades. But he doesn’t let it get him down since he doesn’t care what they think and that also he knows I’ll punch if he lets it.

Now that I got the introductions out the way I can start telling you about what happened to me.

It was another ‘fabulous’ day at Langston high school of the arts. And when I mean fabulous I mean horrible of course. Now how horrible you ask? Well besides beings somewhat ostracized, people talking shit behind my back, and the snot nosed pricks and bitches. I was hit with three pop quizzes. Not ONE, not TWO, but THREE POP QUIZZES!!! So I pretty much felt like FML(Fuck My Life) for the whole entire school day.

But now that school is over, I’m looking at the football team practice as I check Derrick out, since I don’t want to go home and deal with my family.

So I’m sitting in to the highest row of the bleachers with my earbuds on listening to one my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands which is Decode by Paramore. Now before you ask no it’s not because of twilight that I like this song. I heard this song before even looking at movie.

Anyways I was listening to my music and in the middle of practice I saw Derrick take off his helmet and smile as he looked my way and wave at me. I smile and wave back to him in return and he heads back to practice. As I looked on I started to feel strange as if someone was staring at me with daggers so I looked around and I see some of the cheerleaders looking at me with scornful stares. But I really don’t give a damn so I just brushed it off and went back to listening to my music as I looked at the football team practice.

About an hour later football practice was over and I was waiting in the bleachers for Derrick to come get me so he can drive me home.

As I waited I was approached by some of the cheerleaders and with them was their captain Evelyn Sanchez, the meanest yet unfortunately also the prettiest bitch in our school. So to sum it uo Evelyn was your typical queen b.

She has long silky black hair, with pretty almond brown eyes. She has a pretty face along with a curvy yet athletic figure that makes every dude howl when they see her. Yeah I know I’m complimenting her but hey it’s true, gotta give bitch props.

Anyways, Evelyn walked over and gave me in my opinion the fakest smile I’ve seen so far in my life and said to me while still smiling

“What the hell are trying to do with Derrick?”

I pretty much just said what came natural afterwards and told her “Waiting for him to give me a ride home. Whats your problem?”

Evelyn looked at me and said with some anger in voice “You are my problem.

“And how am I your problem now?” I said not giving a damn

"Because of you Derrick won't even look my way” Evelyn said starting to lose her cool

Since I felt bored and wanted to relieve my boredom I then said

"Aww sad cuz he isn't throwing any balls your way?"

Evelyn then started to talking the usual how she is the head cheerleader and how Derrick is the best player on the football team and how they should be together and shit like that.

I saw that by the look on her face she was ready to start something and I didn't really feel like being involved in any high school drama bullshit but because I wanted to just stick it to her and get my one last ounce of fun I then got up and said with a smile

“Well I guess you got 100 problems then”

I started to walk down from the bleachers when I saw Derrick coming to get me. He smiled as he walked to me and say

“You ready to go?”

I smiled back and said “I’ve been ready”

We then left the bleachers and the cheerleaders with a mad Evelyn.

We then went to his truck which is a 2004 silver Chevy Silverado and we drove off. As we was on the road we talked about what we’ve been going through and that's when Derrick asked me he question

“What were you and Evelyn talking about?”

I simply told him nothing and that it was just the cheerleaders trying to get under my skin. After hearing that we pretty much started a new conversation. Derrick started telling me about this young daughter of a wealthy family being kidnapped or something like that. The daughter is a 8-year old Caucasian girl. She has long brown hair and black eyes. She was last seen wearing a princess outfit. As I was talking to him I started to think about Derrick and me. I know that we’re friends but to be honest I do have somewhat of a crush on him. But I keep it a secret because I don't want our friendship to mess up that's practically all I got. As Derrick was driving I was preparing myself to go back home but nothing would prepare me for what was about to happen.

As we were crossing the four way intersection a speeding car hit us head on. Thankfully it hit the back side of the truck and not the passenger side or I’ll be dead. Derrick and I was in a daze as he tried to regain ourselves.

“Hey Derrick….are you dead?” I asked

“Naw Bridge….I’m not dead” Derrick replied “My head is hurting like hell though”

We managed to get out of the truck but when I got out I fell to the ground. Derrick came over to help me up and after a few minutes I was back to normal. As Derrick and I was standing outside the truck we see a little girl resembling the kidnapped girl get out of the speeding car and try to run away but she would soon fall down to the ground. We quickly went to help the little girl up and when I did she looked at me a face filled with fear as she asked me to help her.

“Don't worry no one is going to hurt you” I said trying to calm down the little girl.

Soon after a shady looking man came out of the speeding car. I remember his face like it was the back of my hand. A tall fugly man who looked to be in his mid-thirties with short dark hair and bad teeth. He wore nothing but all black clothing with matching shoes. raced towards me and little girl with a gun in his hand. When Derrick saw him point his gun to the little girl he instantly grabbed hold of her and instructed me to run which I did. The person started to shoot at us and we was able to escape by hitting a turn at a corner where we ran for about a half a mile. While we was running I was able to call the police to tell them the situation. Later on we then saw a wall and ran where we then had our backs against it. Derrick then put the girl down and fell down to the ground.

“Whats wrong?” I asked frightened

Derrick would just look at me as he would slowly lift up his the bottom part of his hoodie which reveals that he got shot by a bullet to his side and by the blood stain he seemed to have lost a good amount of blood. When I saw it tears literally started to fall from my eyes. Derrick though with a smile tells me that everything is gonna be okay. All I could do was silently nod my head as I then sat down next to him with the girl whose name is Amy. We waited for about 10-15 minutes when he suddenly heard footsteps. Amy thought that it would probably be the police and dashed off to where we heard the footsteps. I try to chase her because we weren't sure if that was the police. I then was able to catch her before she could run all the out to the street and unfortunately were spotted but it wasn't the police it was the gunman that was looking for us. I pushed the girl away and try to jump out of the gun’s direction but my right leg gets a bullet shot in. I instantly screamed as the hot piece lead penetrated my skin, bones, and muscles.

Derrick screams my name as he sees me in searing pain from my gunshot wound. He was about to dash to my rescue but couldn’t because he had to protect the young girl.

The gunman then laughed at me and told me as I was in agonizing pain that he will deal with me later. He first had to take care of Derrick and get the little girl. The gunman then started walking towards Derrick who had the little girl right behind him. As the gunman got closer he raised his gun and pointed towards Derrick. I don't know what came over me but when I saw Derrick in danger I forgot all about the pain in my leg and got up and rushed towards the gunman. Before he could shoot Derrick I jumped on his back. I fought him for a few moments before he swung me of him and I would land on the hard concrete on my back.

“You bitch!” is what the gunman said as he points his gun at me

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Are the few loud sounds I hear and then all of a sudden I felt that I was in more pain. My head then suddenly felled to the side where I then saw a ballistic Derrick who charges and attack the gunman. A few moments later I heard what sounded like the police coming and shortly after I heard more gunshots. After that my consciousness started to slowly fade and before I knew it everything went black.

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