Adventures of Kelandra: The Female Warrior Elf

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Kelandra is nearly everyone, but who else does she have to worry about as well? Her life's path is not as set in stone as many believe. But how much it will change? ...NO ONE KNOWS...

Fantasy / Mystery
Stephanie Colby
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Chapter 1- How It Began

“Mommy, Mommy look what I found!” a nine year old elf child exclaimed. The child was running over and down a large hill, laughing.

An older woman turned from talking with her friends. She laughed as she saw her child running up to her, holding a wriggling frog in this young child’s hands, her pinkish hair flowing in the light breeze. “Kelandra, what on earth have you been up to?” her purple eyes lighting up at the sight of her child.

The child smiled, she had the same colored hair as her mothers, but also had silver streaks, her father’s hair color. “I went hunting and I caught this frog.” She smiled, her light blue eyes proud, holding up the frog for her mother to see. Kelandra had been bored at the house that morning and she saw some of the other kids playing in the water. She had gone to join them and soon they saw a frog. They dared each other to catch it in the fastest time.

The women around her mother gasped with shock, covering their mouths and noses. “Anales! You let your daughter go hunting!? That is a warrior’s job! She should not be doing that for she needs to be a proper lady! You must punish her!” they told her angrily, either they didn’t want to smell the frog at all or the frog or Kelandra really stunk. The women of the elves are raised to be ladies and house keepers for their future husbands. The men however, were raised to be warriors to protect both the race and his family.

Kelandra blinked confused, “Punish?” As the word slowly clicked in her mind, she began to shake. “But why? I didn’t do anything wrong. Mommy?” she asked, looking terrified, dropping the frog as she looked to her mother scared as a kitten. She knew that being punished wasn’t a very nice feeling, not that she was punished often. But her friends have and they cried when they were punished.

The frog bounced away as soon as it hit the ground.

Anales shook her head, smiling softly at her daughter. “Kelandra is only a child. She has the right to play doesn’t she? She can pretend to be a warrior for a little while longer. She is not yet ten, so she is fine.” She smiled at her daughter comfortingly. “Don’t worry Kelandra, you are fine. Go run along and play.”

Kelandra nodded happily, her fear completely forgotten. She ran off down the street to catch something else. She knew she didn’t have to worry about anything as long as her mother or father was around. She loved her parents and she was sure they loved her just as much. Her name had been chosen because of her Grandfather, also known as the Wiseman of their village. Grandfather had traveled to many places in his younger years, around the time he was a warrior instead of a Wiseman.

Anales and Rutakon were proud of their first child and invited the Wiseman to see her when she was only a few hours old. The Wiseman had chosen her name in a minute of seeing her, saying that it fit her even though it wasn’t an elfin name. Kelandra ran to the river again to play with the other children of the village, her mother watching her disappear behind the hill.

A green haired elf stepped forward, her light green eyes sharp with anger. “You are too soft Anales. That will get you into trouble someday. If you don’t mind your daughter acting like a warrior, you should have had a son instead. Then everything would have been fine.” She crossed her arms as she snapped at her friend. She kept to the rules of warriors and ladies to the point for craziness. Apparently, she had had her eye on the king when he was available and he chose someone else.

Anales turned and stood up to her full height of 6’4”. She was taller than most female elves and was also beautiful. “Are you threatening me and my family Cathedra?” she asked with a glare.

“Of course not, I wouldn’t think of it.” Cathedra replied smiling. “But I would start teaching that daughter of yours before she decides to do a mans job.” With that she and the others walked off with a huff. Unbeknownst to Anales that Cathedra was planning on forcing Kelandra to be a lady and stop being a warrior.

Anales smiled and shook her head. So this is what it’s like, even today. She thought to herself. Anales was a Princess, once in her life anyway. But she gave up her position to be with the man of her dreams. When Kelandra is 18 the royals would send someone to ask Kelandra if she would like to be their new Princess. Meaning, Kelandra’s life would change a lot more than anyone would have ever imagined. However, no one here knew that Anales and Kelandra were royalty, and she was grateful for that.

Anales turned and went to watch Kelandra play in the water, laughing at the comical scenes that Kelandra did unknowingly, but having fun at the same time. Soon it was time to go home and Anales called Kelandra over to her, a cloth ready to dry her daughter with and they went home together, laughing.

Days passed since then. But for Anales, she all but forgot it. She knew that the others were planning something, but she didn’t know what. She had told her husband, Rutakon, about her worries so he was also aware. He too began to worry for Kelandra and his wife, but could do nothing at the moment. His wife may be a former Princess, but her family disowned her the moment she left with him. Rutakon was constantly near Kelandra as her birthday drew nearer. He noticed many times that Anales’ friends were watching them with a group of unfamiliar men.

Today, Rutakon was in town with Kelandra going shopping. They were looking for a dress that would fit. Anales was going to teach Kelandra how to be a lady today, but they aren’t going to force Kelandra to be a lady if she doesn’t want to be. But she does have to learn either way.

“Oh Papa, can we go in that store?” Kelandra asked, pointing to the most expensive dress store in town.

Rutakon smiled, his blue eyes laughing. “Alright, but we might not have enough money for anything in there.”

Kelandra looked thoughtful for a minute. “Okay, which store is good, but cheap?” she asked smiling up at him. She had learned that if you bought cheaper stuff, it’s also just as good as the pretty and expensive ones that you’ll never wear.

Rutakon laughed, “Oh thank you for saving me money dear. The store we want is this way.” He told her pointing ahead.

“Okay, let’s go.” Kelandra replied, jumping up and down, pulling on his hand, trying to get him to move faster.

Rutakon laughed again, “Alright, alright. Come on.” He picked her up and set her on one of his shoulders, laughing with her.

A few hours later, Rutakon had bought three beautiful dresses that Kelandra had picked out. He still had a lot of money left, due to Kelandra’s careful study of the price tags and still was able to choose one of the most beautiful dresses there. Suddenly, his stomach growled.

Kelandra laughed, pointing at him, mirth in her eyes. “Your stomach is talking Papa.” Her stomach then growled and she squeaked a little, covering her tummy.

Rutakon chuckled, patting her head. “So is yours little one. It must be time for dinner. Let’s go home and see what your mother has for us to eat.”

Kelandra smiled and nodded as they began their walk home, taking hold of her fathers hand. She didn’t notice at all that her mom’s friends were near by. Rutakon, however, did notice them, along with the men from the day before and a few more. He narrowed his eyes slightly as they pretended not to be watching them.

“Hey Papa?” Kelandra’s voice broke through his train of thought.


“When do I learn to be a lady? Mommy says that I’ll be learning soon.” Kelandra pointed out, curiously. She had heard that learning the ethics, a big word she was having a hard time to pronounce right, of a lady would be hard to learn. She also heard that it would be boring. She didn’t like to be bored.

“She did?” Rutakon asked, pretending to be shocked. “When did she tell you that?”

Kelandra smiled, “This morning, she said I should know how to be a lady. Is that true?”

Rutakon smiled at her innocence. “Yes Kelandra, it’s true. I think that question however, should be asked to your mother not me. Alright?”

Kelandra nodded, “Okay.” She ran home the rest of the way.

Cathedra came over to Rutakon as soon as Kelandra left. “It’s about time that daughter of yours is getting her lessons. Why on earth did you wait so long to teach her?” her voice with mock shock. It was obvious, though, that she was also really mad, for it showed in her eyes.

Rutakon glared at her and her friends. “Because she is a child and children need to be who they are, children. Kids don’t need to learn to be what they are going to grow up to be until the parents believe that they are ready to learn those things. You of all people should understand that for you too are a mother.”

“Yes, but my daughter is better behaved than yours and my son is doing what he’s supposed to, training to be a warrior. You, however, only have a daughter. Therefore, she cannot be a warrior, but a lady.” Cathedra replied with a smirk.

“You keep out of my affairs and my family’s affairs. Our business is our own, we don’t need onlookers to help raise our child. If we want Kelandra to be a lady, we will train her to be one. If we want her to be a warrior, a warrior she will be. Even you cannot change that. If I see you near me or my family again, you will regret ever speaking to my wife about Kelandra.” Rutakon sneered angrily, and for affect, he even raised his hand to slap Cathedra when she made the comment. He walked off and went inside his home.

Cathedra smiled crossing her arms. “It is you who will be regretting, not me. Enjoy your time with your family while you can Rutakon, for soon it will be the last time you’ll ever speak to them and them to you.” Then she walked in the opposite direction into town.

A little boy came out from behind a corner, his lime green eyes following Cathedra. “That woman is up to no good, I know it.” He said suspiciously, getting ready to follow her. He didn’t like what he’d heard that woman say so he wanted to find out more.

“Evroth! What are you doing?” a deep voice bellowed from behind.

Evroth jumped a little at the sudden loud voice behind him and turned around. “Dad, uh I um….” He noticed the smiling smirk on his dad’s face and his shock turned to anger. “You did that on purpose!”

The man laughed and messed up his son’s jaw length blonde hair. “Of course I did. What fun would it be if I didn’t scare you every now and then?”

Evroth got angry and pushed his dad’s hand away. “I hate it when you do that! Now I have to walk through town with messed up hair! How am I supposed to impress the ladies?”

Dad laughed again, “You don’t have to because you’ve got a certain elf child named Kelandra.” He stated, a look in his eye that said that he was teasing his son on purpose.

Evroth flushed and backed away from him slightly, “Eww! She’s my cousin, why would I impress her?!” Evroth couldn’t believe that his own father would think that he would fall for his own cousin.

His dad seemed to think a minute and then grinned. “Good point, you’re learning fast aren’t you?”

Evroth smiled proudly, crossing his arms. “You bet!”

“So what were you doing?”

Evroth had a sullen expression now. “Dad, there’s this one lady. She’s planning something that has Kelandra and her family involved in it. From the sound and look she had, I can tell she wasn’t planning something good. We have to warn them!” He grabbed onto his fathers arm as he said this.

His dad frowned, though he tried to hide it from his son. “We will son, but you just go and play. I will talk to them about it soon.” He tried to assure Evroth, his son didn’t need to be this worried at his age.

“Okay then, be careful.” Evroth warned his father, concern in his eyes as his grip tightened on his dads arm.

“I should be telling you that, not the other way around.” Dad laughed. Evroth smiled and went off.

When Evroth was out of sight, his father turned back to the house with a frown. He sighed, “They aren’t going to like this news.” He went over and knocked on the door.

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