The River Folk

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What They Found There

Cespar led the group to the valley the ambush took place. He stopped his horse and dismounted. A look of horror was on everyone’s faces. They saw bodies of Rangers, their horses, Orcs and Goblins on the ground. There was a large pile of bodies of Orcs and Goblins that had been burning in a fire. Ny’la put her hand over her mouth when her eyes came across a headless soldier, turned around, walked a foot away and threw up onto the grass. They put up their hands up to their face cover on their hood to cut down on the stench. Cespar took time to read the tracks. Esbrin and others offered to help but Cespar insisted that he had everything under control. As it was, Cespar had walked a distance away from his group. He walked back to the Rangers and mounted his saddle.

“This way.”

When the night came they switched off on watchers. It was Fynn’s turn. Fynn was the archer/cross bowman of the group. For this trip, he carried his crossbow and his short sword in his saddlebag.

The next morning, Cespar led everyone to where the tracks ended. Everyone put up their hoods and covered their faces and dismounted. They tied their horses to nearby trees. The found the grass and water was tainted with blood, showing evidence of a bloody battle. Bodies of dead Rangers, Orcs and Goblins where scattered all over the grass and several bodies lay in the steam. They spread out to search the bodies. Fyn and Ny’la went down to the water and began pulling out the bodies out of the water.

Everyone searched frantically but where careful to separate the human bodies from the Orcs and Goblins. As they moved the human bodies, they looked at the faces to make sure they didn’t pass by Davin, Alessandra or Traven. They moved a lot of bodies to be moved and little time to do it as storm clouds began to roll in. Fynn cursed.

The rain began to crawl in at a quick pace. Esbrin, Hectar and Ny’la raced to the horses, when the others advanced to help, Esbrin simply said, “Continue searching.”

They quickly took out a large tarp and began tying it to the trees. When the tarp was up they moved the horses underneath it. Next, they quickly set up the second tarp right before the violent down pour of the storm. Cespar ran underneath the tarp to join the others. “We’ll wait for the storm to pass,” he said.

“Where’s Fynn,” asked Ny’la.

They all looked about them and saw Fynn moving a body off another.

“Everyone, over here!” shouted Fynn. “I found someone.”

Everyone leaped up and ran towards him.

“I think he’s alive,” he said.

“Uncle Traven,” said Ny’la in shock.

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