The River Folk

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The King, The Princes, and Princess

King Murik stood on a hill at his wife’s gravesite. Standing off to his right stood his three children: twins Draegon and Lassa, age 26, the twins where both tall (same height), but had different hair color. Draegon had short dark hair and blue eyes. Lassa had long blond hair from a gene she got from her mother. Their younger brother Godfrey was a shorter than his siblings and short hair. He typically dressed usually in leather outfits. Drageon, Lassa and Godfrey all had a very close relationship to their mother. Queen Elaina was the figure of beauty and was fearlessness. When her twins where eleven and Godfrey eight, the Queen went out into the village to speak to the citizens who where rumored to be planning a riot. Instead of sending troops to squash the rumors and potential uprisings, Elaina spoke to the villagers in person. She stood in the middle of the village with a few guards and stood up on a cart. The Queen assured them their taxes where not being raised and squashed inflation rumors. She was most loved by the people and when they learned of her death, there was a great mourning among the citizens. King Murik walked to the balcony of his castle and gave a speech.

Draegon sat outside the courtyard that late afternoon reading a book from his library. The courtyard was round in shape with a fountain in the middle were water flowed from. On the end of were Draegan sat was a garden filled with flowers, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables as well as herbs. While Draegan read he began to feel uncomfortable in his sitting position. So he brought his legs up and lay on his back with the book lifted up to his face. As he turned the pages he blocked out everything around him. As such, he did not realize his sister entering the courtyard. Lassa was not wearing her usual perfume, instead her blond hair was let down and she wore a light blue dress. She snuck over to her brother, knelt down and brought her face up right up to him so their noses where inches from one another. “Boo,” she said quietly.

Draegan leaped from were he rested dropping his book. Lassa let out a hysterical laugh.

“Very funny.”

“I always get you when I do that. You fall for it every time.”

“To that I have no idea why.”

“You doing anything this afternoon?”

“No. What did you have in mind?”

Lassa walked over to Draegan and took hold of his hands. “I thought we could go for a long horseback ride.”

“That sounds a fine idea.”

Draegan kissed his sister on the lips passionately, placing his hand down to her hidden breasts. “I’ll even race you.”

While this secret affair was going on, Godfrey was wearing a white vest and mask while holding a sword in one hand and his other hand behind his back. His opponent was in the same attire. The masks covered their entire head and face. Godfrey’s opponent swung the sword and the swords clashed. The opponent began on the attack and Godfrey went onto the defense. He soon got the upper hand and moved his opponent backwards. Godfrey’s opponent leaped onto a table and brought the point of the sword against Godfrey’s blade. They slide their blades across one another, teasingly. Godfrey applied force upon his blade, moving the swords to the far right. Godfrey, without hesitating, moved his blade moved his sword up and sliced down quickly to the chest to his opponent who fell backwards on the table. “Too slow,” said Godfrey.

Godfrey got on top of his opponent and took off the mask to reveal a beautiful green-eyed, long red haired lady.

“Now, our bet. I bested you Elasha, so what is your answer?”

“Why do I get the feeling you keep toying with me?”

“I find it brings out your aggressive side.”

“It’s annoying.”

“It’s beautiful.”

Elasha giggled and brought her face up to Godfrey’s and kissed him on the cheek.

“Now I’m toying with you.”


Godfrey placed his head onto Elasha’s chest. She put her right hand through his hair and said, “Let me see the ring again.”

Godfrey, feeling giddy, leaped off the table and went to his leather pants that where lying on the floor. He went into one of the pockets and took out a small box.

He walked over to Elasha who was now sitting up straight. He got down on one knee and said, “Elasha, you know I would never take advantage of you and you have been my best friend since childhood. I have a strong sexual attraction to you that I would very much like to fulfill if you will agree to be my wife...uh, will marry me?”

“Yes, Godfrey!”

A rush of adrenaline rushed through Godfrey as he stood up and taking Elasha into his hands kissed her, who kissed him back.

When this was going on, King Murik walked down the steps of the castle to greet a father in his forties and his two sons. The sons where of age mid-twenties and their father forties, Da’lim and his sons followed the king into the castle. Da’lim and his sons Trish, 17 and Gnomic, 15, tall, handsome, long hair that went down to their shoulders had never been inside the castle before and looked in awe. They where led into the king’s meeting room. They all took a seat and Gnomic handed the king an illustration he had done of what looked like a dragon in the sky. The drawing was black and white and well detailed. Murik studied the illustration and said, “I want this taken care of, immediately.”

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