The River Folk

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The New Scouting Leader

The afternoon sun was boiling hot and the sky was cloudless. River walked through the grain and placed grain into her basket. To harvest the grain they used scythes to cut the grain down. The scythes had two swathes, also known as handles, for both hands, rendering the tool easier to use. If the blade became dull then every person using the tool carried a sharpening stone in his or her pocket. With a full basket, River walked out of the grain field and over to the large cart and placed the grain inside the cart.

The sky turned to sunset when River finished washing her hands at an outdoor basin. She splashed the water onto her face. Her scare on her arm began to glow sending a pain to her head. Once she and Nade built a psychic bridge, connecting consciousness.

Nade, I told you not to travel so far.

Well, my apologizes, but the pickings in what you deem the safe zone are small pickings. How long you planning on hiding me?

It is too dangerous to reveal you to everyone at the moment. I don’t’ know how the villagers will react.

River looked up at saw Kepp and Tansy in a peppy flirtatious manner. After working in the fields for the afternoon break, they saw River heading towards the woods.

“Come on,” said Kepp. “Let’s see where River’s heading too.”

River was not aware she was being followed until when she arrived in the woods, Nade said: You’re being tailed River.

Thank you, Nade.

River turned around and waved to her two friends. Kepp and Tansy came up to her and asked if they could join her on her walk.

“Of course, the more the merrier.”

The rangers returned to the village. They where let in by the gate where the villagers all waited for them. However, none of the children abductees where with them; as the rangers walked through the village, no one said anything, the silence and the series look on the ranger’s faces spoke for them. River and Esbrin locked eyes. Esbrin walked over to his parents and said something to them. River watched Reign have an emotional breakdown as she lost her footing. Garman clutched onto his wife, preventing her from falling to the ground. “My baby,” she said her eyes filling with tears. “Alessandra.”

“I’m going to bring her back mother,” said Esbrin. “I promise.”

“Everyone,” said Traven. Everyone turned his or her attention to Traven who held up a map. “I’ve drawn up a map.”

Everyone gathered around as he placed the map on a nearby table that Davin brought in from the village meetinghouse.

“Come everyone,” said Davin. “Gather around.”

Traven described to everyone were they where and the marked places he believes the children where taken.

“We’re going to send a scout to visit these places. I’m putting my nephew Davin in charge of this mission. I...” Traven clutched his wound on her chest. “I can’t go.”

“Thank you, Uncle Traven. Come, follow me to sign up.”

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