The Angaran Chronicles: A False Legacy

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Chapter 4

His blade still near the priest’s throat, they began down the walkway. Their footfalls echoed ominously through the blackness, no matter how light Arken tried to tread.

‘How were you able to hide your aura?’ Arken demanded. Every syllable was a struggle and he wiped the blood flowing from his nose. The hissing had turned into buzzing, his brain was no longer throbbing in his skull, but thundering, so much so he couldn’t hear the priest’s response.


‘I said, there is no point in telling you. You will see for yourself soon enough.’

Arken grimaced as he had to fight the sudden compulsion to let the priest go.

‘Ahh yes,’ said the priest. ‘You need not fear me, I just wish to show you the Truth. I will not hurt you, please let me go. I am not evil like you believe.’

‘You killed your own people!’ said Arken as his sword arm started to lift away.

The priest shrugged. ‘They-’

Arken interrupted him by bashing him over the head with the sword’s hilt. The priest collapsed, unconscious.

Straight away, the buzzing and throbbing weakened.

With heavy breaths, Arken wiped the blood from his face, stepped over the priest’s spralled form and continued down.

Down into the unknown.

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