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Fantasy / Horror


Lee was just a girl trying to survive the end of the world. Haunted by a past she never really speaks about, she is determined to live despite not really knowing what she's been living for. Was it her guilt? Or the need to redeem herself of it? When an epidemic threatens the world, she is thrown, well most like threw herself, into the fire- landing on Cas, who claims to have been sent from above by the God Lee no longer believes in. All Lee wanted to was keep to herself, but after a mysterious fallen angel entrusts her with a sword, she realizes that if the world would burn... She would have to burn with it.


The world is ending. Judgement day has come, but not in the way it was written. Not the way it was believed.

It was unexpected. Unplanned. It happened too early that even the heavens were surprised.

They came from underground.

Judgement day has come, the world will split open.

The world will burn.

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