Blue Moon

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Half a century has passed since the time of Elune who scoured the lands curing the plague that was. The Goddess's grace rises to find an heir once more, and a boy's origins are soon to be known. He was given the name Perth, and he was without a clan. However, he will find his fate in his own hand-- his calling shall be made known to him. He shall be part of the Advent, and he will rise to see the exaction of the world's tale.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue I

In the town of Dellach, the moon lights up the surroundings; everywhere you look, an azure glow covers everything that reflects light. The night is lively. It is a time to celebrate the first day of the Month of the Blue Moon. The people, feasting and merrymaking, give praise to the Moon Goddess, also known as the Maiden of the Blue Moon, and as Dellach’s patron goddess, Irelia. Each home have their lanterns lit, the plaza is filled with people happily chattering and dancing to the music and songs played by the local bards. Even the local inn, named “Elune” after the goddess’s first avatar and disciple, which is known to be large even though it’s placed in a small town.

The boy named Perth was born on the first day of the festival. However, he doesn’t seem to have any ounce of desire to celebrate with the village. After all, he thought to himself: he was merely an orphan. He lies quiet in his room in the inn-- his bandaged left hand lying on his forehead, with the blue moonlight shining down on his face. His thick, light brown hair dances as the wind greets him from the open window. And he was already about to doze off, before he was reminded of his own birthday, and mostly because of a big voice which calls him out from downstairs.

“Perth! What are you doing-- sleeping at a time like this?”

He squints his eyes, struggling to bring himself to sit up and respond to the voice.

“Yeah... I’ll be there in a second!” He shouts, although barely. He thinks to himself about how Boss, one of those who manages the shop, really knows him well. After all, Boss was one who helped him in his stages of growing up-- he was one of those who helped him stand back up on his own two feet-- often he gives Perth jobs for the benefit of the town.

Perth hurriedly runs down the stairs in his casual clothing, a light blue cotton shirt and light leather chausses covering his beige trousers. He was expecting Boss to give him a job to do for the evening. The festival is supposed to be a busy time, especially for an inn.

“Got some work you want me to do?” He calls out to the one behind the counter relentlessly serving drinks to each and everyone approaching; his beard is thick, his body is large-- similar to that of an ogre-- although one can say that he is a far cry from the appearance of one, since he used to be the village’s head warrior.

“Perth!” He happily calls him to the counter. “Come, grab yourself a drink!”

“Boss... You know I’m too young for that...” Perth looks at him with a lack of enthusiasm.

“Nonsense!” He loudly laughs. “This is a night to celebrate, and it's just the beginning!”

It’s obvious that the guy isn’t drunk. That is clear to Perth. Boss is just really happy that the inn’s special Moonshine will be fully stocked from now.

“Okay, fine... A few sips won’t hurt,” he relents as Boss pours him his favorite: a Grapeberry Cinch, a special mix that Perth, himself, invented.

“What did you say was this made of again?” Boss asks him.

“Aged grape juice, mixed well with a cup of strawberry and blueberry juices, then you add a touch of cinnamon or some other fragrant spice.” Perth enumerates as he makes gestures with his right index finger. “Also, it’d be better if you were to heat it together with one Moonpetal or a pint of Moonshine. Then, stored in an icebox for goodness...”

“So that makes it legitimate to be served towards younger customers... And, you already did make pre-mixed batches of it, while I wasn’t listening well when you told me the mixture.”

"Crownbull Sarmond.” Perth mentions. “That’s what you drank when I was telling you this absurd mixture of mine.”

“Right. That’s a really strong drink right there. Say, when will you try one?” Boss asks as he gives him a generous smile.

“When I’m old enough.” He slams his wooden stout cup as he finishes his drink.

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention: your girl stopped by earlier.”

Perth becomes embarrassed-- his face immediately turning red.

“M-My girl? She’s not my girl...”

Boss loudly laughs once more. “That’s not what the other guys in the village think! Ask Reck, who’s right beside you!”

Perth looks to his left-- he didn’t notice that there was already someone beside him as the person to his right already left. The boy in his teens was wearing a set of leather armor, making it evident that he came from training.

“I-Is...that true?”

"Yyyeeaaahh....” Reck replies. Now that’s someone who’s totally smashed. “It’s rrreeaaaally obvious how sheee really likes yooouu...”

“T-That so..?” Perth looks towards the cup that Reck is drinking. The color of the drink reminded him of Crownbull Sarmond, so he asks Boss about it.

“Boss, that's the Crownbull?”

“Yeah. It’s not the Sarmond variant, though. It’s an alternate version, but stronger. Crownbass Extra.”

“What’s the difference besides the bull and bass at the end?” Perth asks.

“The bull kicks in faster, but the bass is stronger.”

Boss still has an enthusiastic grin on his face. “Still, though, to think that you’re ogling at one of the cutest girls in town, and that she may just like you back...”

“Y-You know what? I’ll be going now!”

“Be safe now, boy!” Boss says with a laugh.

Perth hurriedly leaves the happy inn, looking around if ever that she was in the vicinity. After a few minutes, however, no hope. She wasn’t anywhere near the inn. But Perth knew to himself where they would meet up, should they not have had contact-- the lake near Dellach: Lochelune.

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