Flowers and a Demon

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A Secret Revealed

A short 15 years have passed. Hana has grown to be a well behaved 15-year-old girl. My secret has been well kept all this time. That is, until one April day, when the unspeakable happened.

“Master Leon! The Demon Council is here to see you!!” Gilbert shouted, going down the halls of the mansion. He opened the door to my room, it was dark, just the way I liked it. “Master Leon, wake up! The Demon Council has come since you failed to recall the meeting last night!”

“Gilbert leave me be. Tell the council I’m not in today.” I slurred, still half asleep. Though I knew Gilbert wouldn’t let me miss out on another meeting. He barged into my room and flung the curtains wide open, letting is the bright sunlight.

“Master Leon, this is the last chance the Demon Council is giving you. If you don’t go to this meeting, they will take away your title as Duke,” Gilbert argued as he unlocked and opened the large windows in my room. “Now hurry up and get ready. They want you to leave with them in thirty minutes.” With that being said, he left my room, closing the door behind him.

“Ugh, this is trouble-some. A demon like me getting up during daylight.” I complained to myself as I slowly slid out of bed. It only took a matter of minutes for me to get dressed and ready; a black top hat, white button up shirt with a black coat, and black slacks with black dress shoes. As I left my room, I seized the hand carved wooden cane.

“Good morning Leon!!” Hana, the girl I’ve been raising ever since I found her, came running up to me. “Leon, I picked this rose for you!” She smiled, her big stupid smile, holding up a red rose.

Taking the rose in my hand, it withered away in seconds. “Hana, how many times do I have to tell you? If you give a demon a flower, it’ll just wither,” I sighed dropping the now dead rose to the floor.

“I know! I just wanted to give you a rose!” Hana giggled, so sweet and innocent. Unlike me who was a ruthless creature of the night.

“Hana, listen to me. You are to stay in your room until I say you can leave. I have a meeting with the Demon Council tonight and I can’t let them know you are here.” I told her, my voice stern and serious.

Hana was pouting; I was always out at meetings and never had time to spend with her. “Alright…” She seemed discouraged; of course this made me feel awful for leaving her again. She scurried off back to her room. I could hear the door opening than closing.

“Might as well get this over with.” I was not pleased with having to go back and forth from the council building to my mansion all the time.

Nevertheless, if I don’t go to the meetings, the council could withdraw my title as Duke and I could lose everything.

Heading down the stairs, I could hear the quiet chatter of the council. “Hello everyone, may we get on with the meeting?” I casually asked, making my way over to where the council members were sitting.

“There’s a rumor going around that you are hiding something from us, Master Leon.” The Head of the Demon Council, Vivi, spoke. He didn’t seem thrilled with this.

“Ah, there is? What might that rumor be?” I questioned, already knowing the answer to it.

“Rumor has it that you are housing a human child here. One in which has no purpose in being here.” Vivi replied, his tone of voice slightly bitter. “You know the laws, one of them being that you cannot house a human if they don’t serve as a purpose.”

“Hm, I see. What a trouble-some rumor that is.” I acted as though I knew nothing, but they wouldn’t believe such an obvious lie.

“Don’t play dumb with us. We know that the rumors are true, therefore we’re taking you back to the Demon world and you will server you punishment there.” Vivi said, revealing the pure black wrist shackles he was holding.

“I guess I have no choice then.” Without struggling, I held my arms out as he chained me. These were no ordinary shackles; they cancel out the powers of a demon, so they are impossible to break free from.

Two of the other council members opened up a portal that led to the Demon Council edifice. Just as I was about to enter the portal, Hana came running up next to me. “Leon, where are they taking you?” She cried out, looking a bit frightened. “Let me go with you!” She demanded, staring up at me.

“Gilbert, take Hana back to her room. She is not to leave until I come back.” I ordered Gilbert, who took ahold of Hana’s wrist and pulled her back. Facing the portal, I stepped into it, instantly transporting myself to the edifice.

I found myself in from of Lucifer’s castle. I was to stand on a high platform for all demons to see me for three hours. The Demon Council announced what my sin was and what my punishment would be. I was to get the letter ‘H’ inscribed on my chest, which could not be hidden no matter what. The ‘H’ could possibly stand for one of two things; ‘Human’ or ‘Housing’, as I was housing a human child for the past 15 years.

The air around me felt tense and angered. It seems as though the demons didn’t approve of me keeping a human child. From the crowd I could see good friends and close relatives. Some of which did not look pleased, others simply just watched me.

At first I felt a bit of shame, but then I realized there was nothing to be ashamed of. What would one human child do if it was living with me in this Demon world? So I did as what probably anyone would do in my situation. I stood on the platform high and full of pride.

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