Flowers and a Demon

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A Sinful Life

I was finally able to go home to my mansion. It’s been only three days, but Hana was crying when I left. She’s probably still crying. Having to be locked up after my trial; what a bothersome process.

Upon entering the mansion, I was ambushed by a crying Hana. “Leon! I missed you so much!! What did they do to you?!?” She said through her sobbing tears. It was slightly hard to understand what she had asked, because her face was buried into my chest.

“They didn’t do anything horrible. I just had to stand in front of a crowd of demons for three hours, while the council told everyone my ‘sin’.” I shrugged like it wasn’t that big of a deal. I wasn’t going to let them take away my pride, no matter what.

“So they didn’t hurt you?” Hana asked, looking up at me. Her eyes were red, most likely from crying for the past three days.

“No, they didn’t. All I acquired was a magic bound tattoo of the letter ‘H’ imprinted on my chest, which I cannot cover.” I merely told her, as she finally let go of me.

“Okay…Can we go to the market?” Hana had her big foolish smile on.

I sighed, I didn’t feel like going anywhere, but I haven’t seen Hana in three days. It’s the least I could do for her for being gone. “Fine, though do not run off. This world knows I have you, a human child, with me. There might be some demons after you.” I strictly told her.

“I promise I won’t run off!” Hana seemed so happy; she was never allowed to leave the mansion, unless she was accompanied by me or Gilbert. We didn’t even go around the Demon world; we would always go to the Human world if Hana ever wanted to go somewhere. This time was different; all demons knew she would be with me.

“I’ll go get a carriage ready.” Gilbert said opening the door and heading outside. A few seconds later, he was back. “The carriage is waiting for you two outside.”

After going outside, we got into the carriage and road to town. It wasn’t anything different then a human town; it was just filled with demons instead. Hana seemed to be amazed with everything. It was almost funny. Once we were in town, we got out of the carriage and began walking around. “So, what is the reason for coming to town?” I asked her, as it made no sense to be here.

“I just wanted to look around; you never let me come here.” Hana told me, looking every which way she could. As we walked around town, I could feel the stares and glared of demons on me and Hana. They weren’t pleased with my choice of keeping her. Though, I didn’t care, I enjoyed Hana’s company. Thus, I stood tall and proud when in the town. I wouldn’t let the others bring me down.

Every time me and Hana went to town was like this. The staring, whispering, and the knowledge of being looked down on. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might of. It really wasn’t hard for me and Hana to continue our lives. Life at the mansion was just like it was before anyone knew Hana lived with me. In town, there was just a lot of glares and murmuring.

Most of my family disapproved of what I was doing, as a result they quite seeing me. More like they disowned me. Though, what do I care? Only a few of my friends accepted my decision and helped me out with Hana when things got difficult.

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