Sweet Revenge

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Heartroken the aroma of lust takes over.. What is the revenge?

Fantasy / Erotica
Sammy James
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Sweet Revenge - 3rd draft

A moment of toxic love; the love that is so poisonous you know it is wrong, however, destiny plays with you both as if were pawns on the chessboard. The unexplained magnetic force that causes you to come face to face, time after time, with the heart becoming the screeching banshee without fail. Sliding down the ivory wash damask walls with the feeling of my heart ranched out, squeezed so that each drop of life dripped prior to being placed in the grinder for a voodoo beverage of unjustified revenge. Pain so unbearable I resort to begging for mercy with prayer whilst clenching my chest tight and kicking around pathetically. Unseen forces thrashing me to the cold hard oak laminate flooring to punish me with an instant glaze of blue and purple tones across the ass is received. Paralyzed on the floor gasping as I am being choked, conscious fading as I enter into an alternative existence. Gone... Lost in the dark world of thoughts flickering memories before blurred eyes of a dropped head, knowing I must continue this journey alone and walk strong.

The damage is done... and this is the time to heal up... I foolishly chant these words to myself but imagine my suffering as I look up into the gold-framed image of a hard-working man devastated.

Much like the cowardly worthless piece of shit I feel closing the front door I ranted in mind with wishful thinking that it was the door to the past. In an attempt to compose myself once more whilst standing against the door gazing up the stairs half expecting to see young feet appear, remaining attentive to hear the sound of the excitement of my arrival - nothing other than silence follows the click of the lock. The sound of silence smacking me harder than the fall earlier as I inhale deeply as realization vigorously and violently possesses the mind acknowledging that the kids are no longer ‘kids’ daunting to also know that she has been gone longer than previously realised.

Head and back firmly against the door inhaling so deep the sickly sweet scent of lust lingers in the distance. I know this scent and it waters my mouth driving me to the point of no return insanity. Cinema images of memories come racing through the mind once again throwing me uncontrollably to my knees like some weak little bitch begging. Fighting with all the might within me I whack the door open. Standing in the frame the scent becomes stronger. My mouth begins to water, the heart palping harder and harder as I scan the street. Such a fool letting the memories get to me, how could I do this to myself? Bricks burying their way into the hands as the nails turn black gradually and lengthen whilst I glare into the midnight sky. The scent becoming stronger burning its way into the nostrils with each inhalation causing rage from lost love. My growl bouncing off the streets as I ache and claws dug into brick I throw myself onto the pavement and gaze into the distance almost as if new fledgling in bloodthirst fighting back the will to taste the beauty of soul and own heart to remain strong.

Voices of conscious arguing away, screaming at me telling me “It is poison, you KNOW it is poison and you know that this is YOUR poison...” Eagerly awaiting the voice to continue I hold still but it remains quiet. Tugging at the collar to loosen the tie and pop the button; the heat suffocating me and feeling myself out of control. Another voice sounding like an angel but the tone mischievously sultry it can not fool me; this is the ego I hear. “BUT you do remember the taste - and it is sooooo good that it tingles the tongue and cripples you just with the thoughts. Look at you, you know you desire it. You want this!” Clawing at my head and scruffing up the hair roaring out louder again as the voice continues with greater intensity “That is right you WANT this but it feels as powerful as NEED.” Howling through the aches of my joints as I stamp to my new height this voice digs deeper and I can not remove it nor ignore it. “You are craving this lust as if addicted, wait are you addicted? Ofcourse you are! The temptation and the thoughts; they paralyze you with clenches of a bone crusher. Feel it tighter you know you are closer because you smell it.” Thrashed to the floor yelping just wanting release before the voice gives the final ultimate words that kill the soul “Tighter and tighter!! Soooo bad it feels devilishly so good.” The scent flooding me it is scratching the back of my throat as the mouth waters more while I snarl crying out.

On all fours with rain pelting and soaking through the clothes the voice remains quiet but the scent is there working its magic. Catching my breath my gums they feel raw, paws holding the jaw. There is no way of holding back any longer they must break through. With force, the fangs fire through the gums like retractable spikes as I leaped and dragged the wonder being to the side. Claws tore into her flesh but she stood there owning my pain. She bundled into a ball releasing whimpers of not pain but pleasure. Throwing the claws around a neck adorned with a black choker and a heart of sapphire beaming back into my eyes as I lift this woman. The image of a face not aged a day, still the porcelain beauty once known. The hair whispered out of the hat faintly covering eyes of emerald desire glowing. Lips of ruby glistering luring me closer in.

Trembling and salivating at this woman my eyes bulge with shock flickering I feel my body entering into stages of hypnotism. Drips of blood still so warm, from the mouth dripping on to my hand. Eyes rolling and heart racing on with passion turning into further rage I hear the voice whispering once again “And you fall once again you fool and you know it. You fell like the weak son of a mother fucking whore bitch you are!” Gulping back I bring my body closer to hers and allow myself become lost in the music gripping her hair twisting the dark flicks around my hand. With no second thought I pulled her hair allowing her to release a moan of mercy but there is no mercy.

She is my little kitten that I lust over. My disgraceful weakness of the heart, but the strength of the mind. I feel the power-seeking adrenaline cunt attitude kicking back in and wanting to thrash her to the floor bringing sweet tears to those glistering eyes of hers. Wanting to see the mascara running down her cheeks playfully begging for forgiveness. Yet I know it is nothing but a mind game. Yelling out the demands in an attempt to make her listen still holding onto her now soaked with sweat and knees exposed with the blood seeping through her fishnets. The heels tapping off the ground as I make her walk.. she is smiling and I know she is. That smile is about to be wiped off her pretty little face. Slamming up against the wall once again as my hand searches for the drenched pussy I once owned. Penetrating deep as the fingers would go with rythm and speed that makes her weak not stopping till she drips down my arm. The squeals of pleasure releasing as she clenches onto my body craving more paradise but at last moment I dropped her to ground walking away tasting the sweetness of the juices smirking as she realises it is now .. GAME OVER!

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