Dead or Alive

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Chapter 3: ELEMENT 55.738AB

I awoke, around 3am, feeling a burning sensation on the right side of my neck. Rubbing the irritation with my right hand, I felt a watery substance dripping down my throat and on to my night shirt. Still half asleep, I got out of bed and meandered to the bathroom to look in the mirror, to see what was dripping down my neck.

I could see a green liquid extruding from my ear, a burning sensation as it dripped down my neck onto my night shirt. I felt woozy, unsteady on my feet. I needed to sit down on the toilet seat and think. The burning continued to singe my flesh, leaving a rash on my neck, after I cleaned off the green gook.

The draining of the liquid finally stopped, leaving an image on my neck where the gook burned my skin. The image was that of a face. The more I looked in the mirror, I could see that the etched face on my neck was mine, before I was rejuvenated.

This tiny one inch square image on my neck, is of my face at age 72. Why? Why is this green fluid leaking from my ear, and why did it burn an image of my face, my real face, before the change? Within seconds of the leakage, pain ravaged my legs, such, that I could barely walk.

I stood up from the toilet seat, turned to view my face again in the mirror. My head began exploding, my eyes burning and darkness entered my mind as I fell, unconscious, to the bathroom floor. Hours past until I woke up.

I was lying in my bed. I didn’t remember getting up from the bathroom floor and walking to my bed, but still confused, I assume I walked in my unconscious state.

My bed was covered in blood, my feet cut. I assume, from walking on the tile floor. I washed myself, walked to the living room, the front door was standing open. Had someone entered my house, or did I go outside for a walk on the beach?

The mark on my neck was gone, with no sign of a burn or scratch. My feet were the only problem existing now, as they were cut, maybe by the tiles in the bathroom or from outside, walking outside. I just don’t remember anything, nothing at all.

But I do remember noticing, that I awoke at 3am in the morning. My digital clock was now showing a time of 12midnight. Too many confusing things were happening and I didn’t know why. I didn’t have anyone to talk too, or explain what was happening to me. I need to lay down, rest, relax.

I slept for hours, awakening as the Sun was rising from the east. The pain in my legs were gone, the green gook oozing from my right ear had stopped, and the pounding in my head was over, finished. I was back to normal, hopefully.

A knock at my front door startled me. I opened the door, and fell backwards, confused and fearful of the person standing in front of me. “Mr. Jones, or should I call you CRIPPLE JONES.” The Door Man said.

The Door Man in my dream was standing before me, at the door to my house, angrily and sarcastically calling me names. “Aren’t you going to invite me in, Mr. Jones?”

I slammed the door shut, trying to lock the door as the Man in my Dreams was pushing his way into my house. “What do you want?” I yelled at the Door Man. “Get out of my house.”

“You, Mr. Jones, are in violation of our contract.” The Door Man said sharply.

“I don’t understand.” I said.

“Your contract was confidential. No other entity or person shall be privy to the contracts contents. PERIOD.” The Door Man continued. “You broke the rules, Mr. Jones.”

“You are just a dream, a person in a dream.” I said fearfully.

“Your dream, Mr. Jones, is the dream we gave you.” He responded.

“How can you be here? You’re not real.” I questioned him. “I am as real as you are, Mr. Jones.” The Door Man smiled.

“Your Attorney read the Contract you signed. That is a breach of the contract and we have two options. One, we can revoke the contract and you revert to your old, miserable, self, a Cripple, and a hypocrite. Two, we give you another chance to uphold the terms of the Contract and we let you continue with the program. Which option would you like to take, Mr. Jones?” The Door Man said Sarcastically.

I turned my back from the Door Man to think for a moment. “Option 2, and I didn’t mean to cause you and your group, harm. I’m sorry.”

“You have lost a small amount of Element 55.738AB. You have lost one year of the 30 years we have given you. Be watchful of your time and your actions. There will be no more second chances.” He told me.

“Hey, I understand, totally secret, Right?” I smirked. “In one day, you have taken one year of time from me,” I frowned angrily. “I understand, Door Man.”

“Good, then enjoy your life. Time is precious, remember, Mr. Jones, we are watching you.” The Door Man left my house and disappeared walking down the street.

I have never felt so alone and afraid of something that really didn’t exist, yet, the Door Man was here, real. I got dressed, shirt and shorts, sandals, and headed for a walk on the beach. I think I am living in a real life, but now, am l real or am I living inside my dream. The walk will do me good.

The waves were huge, and the surfers were abundant in the water, waiting for that one big ride, to make their day. I sat on the sand watching the surf, enjoying the moment, remembering that what was inside me, was a secret. A secret that could never be told. That is the price worth paying for an extra 30 years, now 29 years, of a younger life.

The winds started to pick up, blowing the sand in my face. There was a little hamburger stand at the edge of the sand, connected to the parking lot. I was hungry. I ordered the mega burger with strips and salsa. The cook was a young, pretty girl, maybe 25 years old or so.

She cooked my food, hot and ready, in 5 minutes. The tables were empty at the hamburger stand, so I sat down, removed the paper from the burger and took my first bite. I remember, when I was 18, surfing was my life’s joy, and a delicious beach burger with strips and salsa, a giant coke, was heaven.

The Cook left the diner and came up to my table. “How’s the Burger, Bud?” She asked.

“Far out, you’re a genuine cook. What’s your name?” I smiled at her.

“Sandy, like the sand at the beach.” She laughed.

“I’m Jon. Pleasure. Sit down and join me. Eat some strips and salsa Sandy?” I smiled at her.

“You’re new here. Haven’t seen you here before.” She questioned me.

“Yes, just bought a house a few yards from here.” I pointed in the direction of my Beach House. “Actually, I just moved in Yesterday.”

“Congrats, and welcome to the neighborhood.” She smiled. “got a customer waiting, see you later, Jon,” She smiled.

“Okay, catch up with you again sometime for a Sandy Burger.” I smiled. “Delicious.”

I cleaned my paper plate, threw the trash away in the barrel, and headed back to the house. I was walking home, and my ear started leaking again. I ran to the house so no one would see the green gook, coming from my ear, and asking me questions.

The same dizzy feeling came over me, and the lights went out again. When I woke up, one of the girls from my Dream was standing over me. “Mr. Jones, you, all right?” She asked me.

“Can you help me to my bed. I am still, really dizzy?” I looked up at her.

She bent down to the floor where I ended up, after passing out again, and lifted me up, leaning on her shoulders, getting me to my bed.

“What happened Mr. Jones?” She asked.

“I don’t know. This is the second time I have had a leakage and passed out.” I said seriously. “Am I okay?”

“The element we gave you, affects your whole DNA, chromosomes, and genetic structure. Maybe we should take you back to the clinic and have the Doctor check you out.” She said seriously.

“How did you know I was in trouble again?” I asked her.

“Your dream is our reality, Mr. Jones.” She said.

“Am I dreaming now?” I asked her.

“Mr. Jones, I can’t answer that.” She said seriously. “Shall we go now?”

“How?” I asked her, confused. “I need to go back to sleep and dream, right?”

“Not anymore, Mr. Jones. You are here with us, always.” She smiled.

“Follow me, Mr. Jones.” She Demanded.

She helped me up, and we walked down my hallway, in my house, to the third bedroom on the right, at the end of the hallway. The Door Man was waiting at the door. She told him to let us pass, and he did. Inside my third bedroom, was now the clinic where they ingested the 55.738AB into my body.

The Doctor had me lay done on a table to check my vitals and why the fluid was leaking from my ear. The Doctor did not speak, rather he connected me to a machine, with electrical diodes and connectors. When he was ready, he turned on the machine and could now see inside my body.

The machine began projecting images on a glass plate window, of which the Doctor could move my body parts, inside my body with a swipe of his hand on the screen. He was preforming surgery on me, with a machine and a swipe of his hands. I could feel my insides moving about, as the Doctor finally found the problem.

In the past, my old age, I had a stroke, a minor stroke, but such that a break in my main artery had healed with scar tissue and now, a leak had been exposed and plugged. The Doctor replenished the Green Gook that had escaped through my ear, and told me I will be just fine. “By the way, Mr. Jones, we have given you the year you lost, back, because of our error.”

The Doctor smiled and told me I could go home now. I left the clinic, through the guarded door, by the Door Man, and was back in my hall way, alone, but home. Whatever the Doctor did to me, I felt 100% better. The Nurse that helped me, was waiting in the living room, for me to return.

“Mr. Jones, you look much better.” She smiled. “It’s time for me to run, now.” She got up off my couch, walked to the front door and left. I looked outside to watch her, but like the Door Man, she vanished.

The night had finally shown its face, and I thought a short walk to the pier would be fun. Usually there is dancing, eating, drinking and hookups. I showered, shaved and you know what the third S stands for, dressed up in my fine black shirt and pants, sandals, and a black cowboy hat. The night was mine.

The Pier was packed with people, young people. My favorite Restaurant/Bar was loaded with kids and a young girl I had met earlier today, named Sandy.

“Hey Jon, how’s it going?” She smiled. “That hamburger stay with you?”

“Hey, you’re the cook, and I am the happy customer.” I smiled. “What’s up.”

“Whatever you want. Are you here with someone special?” Sandy asked me.

“Yes, You.” I laughed. Sandy grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. We spent hours dancing, drinking, and talking about life. Sandy is an amazing girl and downright gorgeous. It was getting late and I told Sandy I was heading home. She understood, we said our goodbyes, and I left the Bar. Walking outside, in the fresh air, waves crashing and the smell of fish on the Pier was a delight. A full moon and a short walk home.

I reached my front door, inserted my door key and was ready to open the door before a voice behind me, called my name.

“Jon, you left your wallet on the table,” Sandy smiled.

“Wow, thanks so much Sandy. Would you like a quick drink?” I asked her.

“No, Jon, I would like a long, long drink, Jon.” Sandy smiled.

We spent the night having endless sex, something I haven’t been able to do for years. This night posed no problems for either one of us. Five hours later of ravaging her body, and we still weren’t done fulfilling each other’s desires.

“Jon, I have to get. It’s super late and my girlfriend will wonder where I have been.” Sandy Said, with love in her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll catch you at the Burger Bob’s tomorrow, oops, later today. Give me one last kiss.”

The last kiss, lasted three more hours, and Sandy and I watched the Sunrise shine on the ocean water outside my bedroom window. Sandy shook my hand as one more kiss would make her late for work, three more hours, late for work. We both smiled, said chow, she left and I showered after enjoying her odor left in my bed, and on my body. Great being young again.

I went to bed, left my window opened to enjoy the fresh ocean smell, closed my eyes, and didn’t wake up until 12 noon. I was drained, but loving every minute, or should I say, hour of Sandy.

Walking past my double door windows was a lady with a carriage full of beautiful flowers. I picked a multicolored arrangement, told the women to deliver down the promenade, to Burger Bob’s, Attention, Sandy. I filled out a card to attach to the flowers, paid the woman, told her thanks, and went back to sleep.

The old flower lady gave the flower arrangement to Sandy and my card. The least I could do for a girl who showed me so much attention, right?

I finally woke up enough to grab my new Z06 Roadster car keys, opened the garage door, to see my babe just waiting for me to wake her up, her 405 PONIES. Black on Black color, T-top, tank full of gas, 6 speed close ratio transmission with paddle shifting, a world to see, the fun way.

I drove over to Bob’s Burgers and threw Sandy a kiss. She returned the sentiment and gave the big thumbs up for Betsy, my new Vette. Betsy was the name of the first thing I ever loved, my Cocker Spaniel, Betsy.

Now, Betsy is a fireball and will do whatever I want her to do. I explained the story of Betsy to Sandy and she became jealous because I could ride Betsy all night, and Sandy for only 8 hours. That’s going to change, I told Sandy. She smiled, then frowned asking me if we could make love inside Betsy.

“Sandy, shame on you. You’re going to teach Betsy new things?” I laughed.

“Damn right, Jon, it is time this little senorita, Betsy, learns how to please a man.” Sandy and I laughed.

“Hey, I am going to take a run down the coast to Malibu. Catch up with you tonight, if you are not busy?”

“Actually, I have to hang with my roommate. She just broke up with her boyfriend and is a mess. I will call you later tonight or just come by.” She said. “What’s your pleasure?”

“You, you’re my pleasure. Call first to make sure I’m back from my ride. Okay?” I told her.

“Done, don’t play with Betsy too much, save room for me big boy?” Sandy smiled and licked her lips softly.

I took off for a road trip to Malibu. Along the coast highway and running all the way up the coast to Oregon, Hwy. 101. What a ride, and time, there is no time like sitting on top of 405 Horses.

I returned to mi casita, somewhere around midnight. Sandy and her girl friend were sitting on my front porch, waiting for me. I opened my garage and started to put Betsy to bed, when Sandy yelled, “Stop.”

Laughing, I said, “What?”

“Take us for a quick ride in Betsy, Jon.” Sandy smiled excitedly.

“Jump ladies, and buckle up.” I smiled seriously.

The three of us were packed into Betsy, but comfortable. I asked the girls where they wanted to go. The girl friend of Sandy said to hell and back. Sandy looked at me, I am sorry, her words hidden in her eyes, and I told the girls, “fast or slow, your choice.”

“Let’s see how fast 405 horses can run,” Sandy yelled.

“Then, let’s put the top down, then you both can feel the wind against your bodies.” I laughed.

Both Girls removed their blouses and yelled, “pedal to the metal, pedal to the metal, pedal to the metal.”

The third pedal to the metal, I gunned it. The Vette exploded in burning rubber for a whole City Block. The Girls were going crazy, and it was rubbing off on me.

Sandy grabbed my head as we turned a corner and were about to head back to the house.

“What?” I asked Sandy.

In the voice of Dracula, Sandy grabbed me, and told me to kiss her.

This girl was truly getting to me. First time for sex in 50 years, and I am hooked on this chick, her beauty, her mind, and her passion. The girl friend was right there with us, another Sandy. Wow, two for one.

Sandy asked me if I could drop them off at their apartment, just a few blocks from Hamburger Bob’s. I told them no worries, and headed in their direction. The night was a bit cold, and I was on the tired side. I drove straight to my new house and went to bed.

I was relieved when the girls wanted to go to their apartment. I was still worn from last night with Sandy. Bed sounded good, solo, for tonight. I Must remember that I am a 72- year old man in a 42- year old body. But I must say that Sandy got all 8 of my cylinders roaring. Sleep, come to me, my precious sleep.

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