Dead or Alive

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Chapter 5: MURDER ONE

We all knew it would be a matter of time, before Parker and Mona will do the unthinkable. Parker kept all of us on our toes, watching Him and Mona, straying further from the group, becoming independent and irrational.

Parker looked at every person with disdain, hatred, as worthless to live in this world. He and Mona began carrying Butcher Knives in their belts, anxious to inflict retribution on anyone attempting to confront them.

Parker continually paced the room, never looking at the group. He watched the locals passing by the sliding glass doors to the Beach, stalking them, like a hungry Lion, waiting to make his first kill.

I gathered the group together to discuss my dilemma. “I need you all to know that I am sick. I cannot discern the difference between my Dreams and what is real. I have resolved to include you all in my life, because most of you came from My dream world and the rest from my realities. You all need to know that I cannot control any of you as I cannot even control myself.” I sighed. “I am asking that you all, pack your bags, and leave me, this day, or I shall surely die.

“We are all confused. We thought we made you happy. Are you not happy with us in your life?” My imaginary friends cried. “We will never leave you Jon. You must know, that death has already consumed you, and owns you, and now us. We are one, together, forever, Jon.”

Parker told the others to leave the room. He needed to talk to me alone, privately. The group disappeared through the front door of the house, leaving Parker, Mona, and I, in the living room, together.

“You cannot get rid of us that easily,” Parker struck me in the stomach. “Mona and I are going to run this show, our way, and you will do as we tell you to do. The first thing is to give you some Balls.”

“Back off Parker, Mona. I control everything about you. You both are nothing without me, and you know it.” I stood back from the images, living inside my mind, waiting for them to fight back. “Without me, you two don’t exist. Now, get the hell out of my mind. Leave me and never come back.” I demand.

Parker looked out the sliding glass door, watching the people pass by the house. Slowly, he slid open the door, walked outside, grabbed a young girl, dressed in her bathing suit. Parker pulled her inside the house, throwing her to the floor. Mona held the girl by her hair, as Parker pulled out his Butcher Knife and walked up to the girl, ready to attack.

“Parker, Mona, stop. Leave this girl alone, let her go free.” I demanded. The girl looked up at me, confused. “Please let me go,” She cried. I won’t tell anyone what you did.” “It’s not me girl, it’s them who wish to kill you.” I smiled.

Parker told her to shut up, don’t talk. She looked up at me, confused and asked me who I was arguing with. There was only Parker, Mona, and me in the room. The others were still outside, waiting for permission to return.

“You better be quiet, or they will hurt you, maybe even kill you,” I told her. “Quiet now, stay very quiet.”

“You’re scaring me. Who are you talking too? You are crazy, let me go, let me go, please, let me go.” She cried.

“It’s too late for that. You should have thought about wearing more clothes than this skimpy bikini.” I looked at her, seriously, hungry for Parker to kill her.

Her screams brought the others from outside, inside the house. Hamburger Bob told Parker to let her go. Parker told him to go to hell. Sandy ran over to the girl, holding her hand. “It will be okay. Jon won’t let Parker hurt you, I promise.”

The young captive was beside herself, as she watched me changing my voice, becoming three different persons. Three personalities, two tried to save her, and one wanted her dead. Parker won the choice he advocated, Death. Parker stood before this young girl, ready to end her life. He was shaking, his head turned back, upwards to the ceiling, holding his blade in a ready position. The girl tried to get up and escape, but Mona stopped her, slapping her face, and kicking her in the stomach.

Parker gave the knife to Mona and told her to finish the job, kill this cheap excuse of a woman, dressed as a prostitute. Mona did as she was told. The girl was dead, on the kitchen floor, in my house, dead.

The others were in the living room, their heads bowed, eyes closed, crying, and wailing broken words of despair. I had turned my head away from the girl and Mona, as the blade entered the girl’s body, over and over, and over again. Parker took charge of the Butcher Knife, telling Mona what a fine kill she just made. Silence filled the room. No one doubted that Parker was now the new leader of the group.

“NEXT’” Parker yelled. “Get me another, I’m ready to rock and roll throughout the night. Let’s all work together to set a record tonight.” Parker laughed hysterically.

I told the group to do what they wanted, I was going to bed, to sleep off this disaster. Parker and Mona laughed, “LET THIS CRIPPLE GO.” The group stayed silent, watching Parker and Mona revel in their first kill. I closed the bedroom door behind me, laid on the bed and immediately slept.

When I awoke, the body in the kitchen was gone. I asked the group what had happened to the body of the girl and they all sat quietly in the living room, silent. I asked again, still no answer. “What’s going on here?” I asked. “Sandy, tell me what happened to the body.” I demanded.

Sandy told me that while I slept, the Door Man from the Hospital in my dreams, appeared in the kitchen, taking the body back with him to the Door, the magic Door that I barely passed through, changing my life.

My Dream world pasted, my reality was now body snatching. The Door Man was gone, and there was no sign of the young girls’ body, just a pool of Black Blood, on the kitchen floor. The group started thinning out, disappearing from the living room, and now my house.

The night was falling rapidly, hiding the sandy beach, Hamburger Bob’s food hut, and the crashing waves, where the surfers were night riding the crests. I needed a walk, feeling a bit relieved that the body was gone, and the Black Blood was just a few minutes of cleanup. Things were settling down, until the re-appearance of Parker and Mona knocked on my front door.

“who is it,” I questioned.

“Jon, it’s your family, and we have a guest you need to meet.” Parker told me through the front door.

“Go away Parker and take Mona and your new friend with you.” I frowned. Turning away from the door, I walked to the bathroom, pissed, washed my hands, and took a moment to see myself in the mirror. Parker and Mona were behind me, in the bathroom, but without reflection. “I told you guys to beat it, leave me alone, go away.” I yelled.

In the other room, I could hear a soft cry, a girl’s voice, asking to be free. “Let me go, please.” She cried. “I’m cut, I’m bleeding. Please let me go to the hospital.” Her pleas were repeating themselves, over, and over again.

“Shut up whore,” Parker snarled. “You’re not going anywhere, bitch, except to hell.”

I left the bathroom and continued to the kitchen, where the girl was lying on the floor, dead. Parker had recorded her plea’s and turned on the recorder for me to hear her last words. Both Parker and Mona were laughing hysterically.

“Get the body out of here, now,” I demanded, as a knock on my sliding glass door presented two policemen, guns out and yelling for me to open the door and hit the floor. “Well, Parker, you got me into a mess, that I can’t get out of. These Cops will either shoot me, or take me to the station for an electric chair, trial. MURDER ONE Parker, you bastard.”

“No worries, Jon, we’re family. I will take care of this little interference.” Parker laughed. “let them in Jon, I will do the rest.”

Parker walked to the sliding glass door, his blade was hidden in his waist belt, in the back of his pants. He unlocked the door and told the police to come inside. Both Cops attacked Parker, throwing him to the floor. I looked up at the two Cops, Parker taking my knife from my pants, and slicing the two men into pieces of meat.

Parker and I were interchanging personalities. The Police, with their last breath, died with questions on their faces as to who or what I was or had become. Parker and Jon, were now, one body, one person. Two more bodies along with the Girl, had to be removed. Parker now was in control, and I just took the ride with his actions and enjoyed the view.

The Door Man arrived shortly after the two Cops stopped moving, gathered the three bodies, and left as quietly as he had entered. Parker and I sat down on the couch in the living room, exhausted, yet exhilarated from the kill. I asked Parker what happened to Mona. “She wasn’t right for us,” he said, so he removed her from the group, permanently. One down and many more to go.

I left Parker sleeping on the couch and went to the kitchen. The Blood on the floor, again, was Black Blood. I was confused as my Blood was now Black, but these three were dead, and I was still alive. I cleaned the floor, washed my mop, and took a seat outside on the patio to enjoy the night. There were many people standing outside, looking at me, wondering what happened to the two Cops.

“Hey Bud, you the owner of this house?” this teenage surfer asked me.

“What’s it to you, Punk?” I laughed. “You and your buds want to come inside. The two Cops just left, with the hurt girl. Now get the hell out of here.”

The crowd heard my explanation, rumbled a bit, then scattered. Parker woke up, heard the people talking to me, and walked outside to see if I was diffusing the situation, properly. He wanted to take a walk to the Pier, have some fun at the amusement park then head home. We left for the park.

It was nighttime, the amusement park was all lights and action. Loads of people were enjoying the rides, the food, and the comradery. People noticed me talking to myself, staring at me, as Parker and I walked around the Park. I watched the looky-loos searching for a security Guard, or Cop.

They talked then pointed at Parker and me. The Guard was heading in our direction, waving his hand, and holding on to his gun.

A crowd had gathered, watching the Security Guard trying to hold us, calling the Cops on his two- way radio. Parker told me to stand back, he would handle the guard. The guard was hefty, over weight and sloppy. Parker told him to come with us, he needed to see the body we found under one of the rides.

The guard told the looky-loos to go home, break up the gathering, everything was under control. The guard followed us to the out skirts of the Amusement Park asking Parker where we found the body. We could hear sirens approaching the park, not leaving us much time to finish the guard and get away. Parker was quick, quiet, and efficient. The Guard was dead, and we left for the beach, then home.

I still could not get over how fast Parker did his job. Killing to me was offensive and soon, if not more careful, we would get caught. I told Parker let’s call it a night. He agreed. We went home, empty handed but free.

The next day, the newspapers and T.V. channels were warning the residents of Seal Beach, that a serial killer was on the loose. Parker and I read the newspapers, describing the killer as a young, Latin man, possibly 25 or so years old, a scar on his right cheek, with tattoo’s covering both arms.

The killer was possibly an illegal Alien, speaking Spanish, and some broken English. The Police said he was armed and dangerous. They told the residents to not go out at night, and that the killer uses a Bowie Knife to do his bidding.

Parker and I broke out into laughter after reading the description of this serial killer. The news media had no idea who the Killer was and filled the air waves with false news. Parker thought it would be cool, to do something out in the open, like killing a Movie Star or a Politician. We both laughed some more, drank our coffee, and headed out to the world of lies and consequences.

The Doctor and two of his nurses came looking for me, time for a checkup. I introduced Parker to the Doctor, hoping he would understand my Schizoid symptoms. The two nurses asked me about fainting spells, visions, confusion between reality and dreams, and I said, “BINGO.”

“Jon, what do you mean, BINGO?” The Doctor said.

“I have many friends who follow me everywhere I go, and one special friend named Parker, who is here now, with us.” I smiled.

“Your dreams are still separate from reality, Jon?” The Doctor frowned.

“No, Doc. Everything is mixed together, and I don’t know who or what I have evolved into, except, Parker and I have successfully murdered over 10 persons.”

“Can I speak with Parker, Jon? Is he here now with you?” The Doctor questioned.

“Sure, Parker is here,” I said.

“I am the Doctor. You, I presume, are Parker.” The Doctor smiled.

“Yeah, I’m Parker.”

“Can you tell me about yourself, Parker. Where you were born, your parent’s names, how old you are, and how long have you been with Jon?”

“That’s a lot of questions, Doc. Why don’t you tell me who you are and where you came from? Jon tells me you are just a dream Doctor, not real.” Parker laughed. “Are you just a dream Doctor, Doctor?”

“And you, Parker, are you real or just part of Jon’s Illness.” The Doctor asked Parker.

“I’m as real as it gets, Butch. Just be careful with telling me Jon is sick.” Parker said.

“Then you didn’t know that Jon has been injected with a chemical element that will raise the Dead, from their graves, from centuries past. Jon is a very, old, man.” The Doctor said.

“Jon told me he was 72 years old, and you gave him back 30 years to start over.” Parker frowned.

“Parker, it has been interesting talking to you. Would you mind if we took a blood sample from Jon’s arm? And I need to give him a buster shot to sustain his illness.” The Doctor smiled.

“But you said that I am not real. If I am not real, then Jon is not real. If Jon is dead, then I am dead too.” Parker frowned.

“Very good Parker. You have grasped the moment. Now, with Jon and your permission, I need that blood sample and I need to give Jon the booster injection. Can you please leave us for one short moment, Parker?”

“Jon will be okay, right?” Parker frowned.

“Yes Parker, right as rain,” The Doctor smiled reassuringly.

“Jon, is Parker gone?” The Doctor asked him.

“Yeah, he’s gone, but not too far away.” I smiled.

“Good, then let’s get started.” The Doctor instructed the nurses to take the blood samples and give ME, an Injection of Element 55.738AB, the green liquid of Chromosomes, genes and a protein of alfa cells, stem cells and a secret chemical to reverse the aging process. The nurses finished the process, leaving me alone for a few minutes as the ingestion process was taking place. The Blood was again Black, not green.

Indications were that my body was not accepting the treatment, and would soon regress to my old self again, or die in the process.

The Doctor was concerned that the inception of Schizophrenia is a new complexity, blending with the Dreams, the real world and now Schizoid. What was happening to Jon, was not expected nor a condition experienced by the Element. Something else was causing Jon to mutate into three different particle developments of the mind, and effecting the body. Jon now had very little of his original genetic makeup existing. In a few days, Jon would not be himself, any longer, nor would he exist in human form. The Mutation was finalizing its process, and there was no stopping the result. Jon was about to die and become reborn as a mutation of living tissue. What form he would take, was not known.

The Doctor and his two nurses finished the infusion of Element 55.738AB into my body, causing my nervous system to convulse. I lost my vision, hearing and my ability to speak. The Doctor told me not to worry, these symptoms would pass in a few minutes.

I knew the Doctor wasn’t real, but I was confused with the infusion of this element and why my blood sample was black in color. The Doctor explained that the color will change back to green when the element is working in my body.

Deep down, somewhere in the mind God gave me, I knew there was no Doctor, nurses, or Door Man. I was being caught up in the moment with this complicated roué’s, this self- inflicted desire to be young and healthy again. I wanted the health and youth so much, I created a dream that I was now living.

Even though I rationalized my circumstances, I enjoyed playing the game of Life and possibly death to follow. The stakes were great, but even though I could see the false state encircling me, I got to the point of allowing it. Encouraging the Schizoid elements to blend among the Dream elements, gave me credence to the infusion of the Element of Age and perfect health.

In simple terms, I WAS ALL IN.

The Doctor took one more blood sample, finding the color was now the normal green color due to the Element. Pleased, the Doctor gave me a good bill of health and left me alone, with PARKER.

I felt powerful, invincible. Parker told me I never looked so good. This was the sort of dream I needed more now, than ever. We left the Hospital, and returned to the Schizoid world of the Beach, Corvette, new house full of new friends. IT WAS PARTY TIME, and Parker and I were becoming chums.

Parker gathered everyone together in the living room, telling them to take a seat, that I had something to share with them, of great importance. After downing a half bottle of Whisky, hard to walk, and harder to see, I entered the living room seeing everyone waiting for me.

I held back the urge to laugh. Every imagined person I created in my mind was wearing some silly, crazy colored clothes, clown make up, clown shoes that accelerated my laughter to a bomb. The alcohol got me ready for the party to follow, as Parker looked at me, smiling. “That’s it Buddy, now you’re getting the picture.”

All my Clown friends, began laughing, unable to stop. Tears running down each of my imaginary friends faces, as they were rolling on the floor, more laughter, while they are pointing their index finger at me to stop being so funny. The party was under way.

I tried walking to one of the chairs in the room, stumbling with every step, making the laughter in the room into a crescendo. People walking past the house saw me laughing and yelling to my imaginary friends to stop laughing, holding my belly in pain. The passersby’s must have thought I was drunk.

The Boardwalk along the Beach was full of looky-loos and judgmental jerks, thinking I was nuts. Parker closed the drapes and we partied through the night to the early morning hours. Even Hamburger Bob spent the night, BBQing his famous Burgers and cooking special chips for the occasion. We ate, sang, and danced the night away. My thoughts of Green Blood vs. Black Blood were irrelevant, not even a thought.

Sandy asked me if I felt like a toss in the hay. Without answering her, I grabbed her butte and yanked her into my bedroom. Looking at her seriously but drunk, I told her, “Baby, ITS TIME TO PLAY.” And play we did, the whole night. What a life, I thought to myself, what a life.

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