Dead or Alive

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The Doctor had confirmed that Element 55.738AB had successfully integrated with my genetic system, converting me into a kind of God. My age reversion process has given me more years to live and explore my newly formed body.

With the possibility of this Element being mixed with Alien genes, I am now experiencing powers that I never believed possible, by a human being. I believe to be a concoction of Human and Alien genetics, but that is only my opinion. The Doctor wouldn’t elaborate on my opinion.

I had asked the Doctor how this completed, genetic blending, will affect my dreams, and my new friends, created in my Schizoid mind. The Doctor told me that I had the power to make my new “friends” a permanent addition to my life.

“I don’t understand, Doc. Explain.” I asked him.

“You have the power to convert your friends into real people, not just false images, created in your mind. In other words, your Schizoid and Dream condition, both of which created new persons in your world, in your mind, can become as real as you and I are, right now, if you make it so.” Doc smiled.

“Are you kidding? I have the power to create?” I smiled.

“Yes Jon, you have the power to do anything you wish to do. ANYTHING JON.” Doc said seriously. “You have no limits other than what your mind can create.”

“Doc, my new regressive state has reversed my age to approximately 25 years old. what age will I be able to live too?” I asked him.

“No limits Jon. You are an IMORTAL.” The Doctor said seriously.

“This has happened to me, because of this experimental drug you gave me?” I questioned the Doctor.

“Yes. At first Jon, when the Black Blood extruded from your body, we believed the experiment was a failure. We then gave you another dosage of Element 55.738AB, thinking the original dosage was not enough.

We hoped to reverse the dying blood cells, and regenerate your immune system Genetically. Within a few days, your body assimilated the element, changing your Genetic structure from Human to what you are today, now. The transformation is a success.” The Doctor told me.

“What do I do now?” I asked.

“Please excuse the levity, but as another Alien has once said, “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, JON.” The Doctor smiled for his success in changing my body into something all powerful, giving me a future yet to be discovered.

I returned to the group, who were waiting patiently for me, telling them to sit down in the living room, on my couch. I told them I had something for them to decide about, an important decision. They were quiet and wanted to hear my thoughts.

“First: I want you all to know that I don’t wish to live without you. I want you in my life, possibly forever. I love you all, especially, My Sandy.

Second: I just had my final physical with the Doctor and everything the experimental Element injected into my body, happened as anticipated, an astonishing success.

Third: If any of you wish to leave me, I will understand and bid you farewell. Now would be the time to tell me your feelings.

Forth: You are all a figment of my Schizoid imagination, and dream world. If you wish to stay imaginary, fine. If you wish to become a real person, like me, not a schizoid figment of my imagination or a person in my dreams, then It shall be done.

Fifth: the consequences of becoming a real person, is that there are aging constraints on your life. You will live only for a time and are vulnerable to damage and death. While as an imaginary person, you will live inside my mind, body, and spirit, as I live, forever.”

I waited for the groups response to my discussion. Sandy was the first to speak. “I wish to be with you forever, my Jon. You are my love. Can you make me real? I want to live with you as an immortal like yourself?”

“Yes, if that is what you wish.” I smiled. “Remember, living forever is an unknown, a very long time.”

The rest of the group opted to become like Sandy, real. Everyone wanted immortality, just to be by my side. My imaginary family was now being solidified as my REAL FAMILY. Even Hamburger Bob was on board with the groups decision.

I told the group to relax, this day. Tonight, we will celebrate their transformation from the invisibles to the IMMORTALITY of REALTY. I took Sandy into my bedroom, now our bedroom and rested, talking about our future together.

My main concern was to end the existence of invisible persons, whether from dreams or by Schizoid creations from the minds of ill persons, like myself, before Element 55.738AB entered my body.

“What do you want to do next, Jon?” Sandy asked me.

“Sandy, I want to capture all of the invisible creations from Dreams and Schizoid illness’s, and remove them from the minds of all people of this earth. No more dreams, no more imaginary friends.” I said seriously.

I told Sandy that the world will no longer have dreams. The world will no longer create people in their minds, generated from Schizophrenia. I told Sandy that the dreams and Schizoid creations will be locked up into a box and kept there forever, HIDDEN FROM MANKIND.

“Jon, what will happen to people if they don’t have their dreams any longer?” Sandy asked me.

“The dreams of those who cherish confusion and fiction, will be forced to think of the realities in their lives. They will be forced to work hard to support their families, their children. Reality will ensue. People will use their imaginations for developing the circumstances that enter their lives, and deal with those circumstances. People will become empowered with growth, intelligence, health and much more.” I continued. “Those that are weak shall become strong. Those that are strong shall become stronger.

The World will emerge from darkness and fairytales to see what is really standing in front of their mirrors.” I finished talking, looking at Sandy’s beautiful face, smiling at me, with love and concern in her heart.

“I understand Jon, I do understand you.” Sandy wrapped her arms around me, and we fell to the pillows, kissing one another with passion and lust in our hearts.

Hours passed and the smell of Bob Burgers floated into our bedroom, waking us up, ready to shower, dress and eat with the others. This night will be the night everyone shall remember. The night of transformation from invisible to immortal. But first, Hamburger Bob and the other 4 Clowns were outside in the patio, enjoying the evening and food.

Excited to become real persons was the order of discussion after the Burgers were eaten. Typical joking and playing with the passersby, was underway, led by Mona and Parker. The attitude was filled with suspense. Visions will become transformed by Me, into Immortals. A process never done in the ages of time. Tonight, time is changed, made new for those who possess and control it.

Everyone wanted to get started on the transformation to immortality. Nobody wanted to wait for the evening to arrive. “Let’s get started,” Parker demanded. “The night is young and Mona and I want to hit the Pier for a real dinner, if you would front us some money.”

“How about after I transform you all, we all go to the Pier for dinner, together?” Everyone cheered. The clowns removed the Clown make-up from their faces, changed their Clown clothing, ready for me to perform the ceremony.

This will be my first try using my newly acquired powers, and I too, was excited to get the job done. Things were moving fast, much faster than I could control.

Everyone was sitting in the living room, ready for me to perform the changes they desired. The Doctor told me to think of something and it shall be done. I had the group sit in a circle, Sandy first, then the other 4, in order of their ages.

The weather outside was changing rapidly, with howling winds and clouds of dark, utter darkness, descending upon the sandy beach below. My eyes became blurred and burning hot, on fire.

When I spoke the command for the 5 to become real, immortals, my hands spewed forth Green Blood, just enough to affect the change and enter the mouths of the 5. The process began. It was time to wait, watch and pray for the success of my friends lives, new lives of immortality.

The 5 were basically, unaffected from the Element entering their mouths and ingested into their blood stream. The first change began with their eyes, then their voices, the rest of their body, and then an image of their invisibility, before the ingestion of the Element and after it completed my commands. The transformation was complete. My friends had become real people, not visions, and Immortal.

I walked around the circle touching each friend, holding their hand for a moment, then asking them how they felt. All 5 answers were the same, AMAZING, LET’S GO TO THE PIER AND EAT.

The winds died down, and the surfers returned to the waves, looking for that one big ride to finish off the evening. We walked, in a horizontal line, in the sand, towards the Pier. Everyone was deep in thought. Silence remained until we arrived at Restaurant Row at the end of the Pier.

The Group was hungry but not necessarily for food alone. They wanted to explore their newly created selves and get answers to questions they never thought they would ask.

These New Bourns’, ranging in age from 18 to 72, with no historical data in their brains, were excited, and had a million questions that needed to be asked and answered.

The group of Immortals were in their groove. Racing in the sand, in their bare feet to see who would make it to the Pier first, found Hamburger Bob out front, ahead in the race. Sandys father tackled Bob, and Parker took the lead. Laughter could be heard up and down the whole Beach, and the Pier had people cheering for Parker or Bob to win the race. It was a great night, but not over yet.

Being human, that is, a live human, was starting to take a toll on the newbies. The first experience was ordering their food, and now, unable to read or write, irritation and frustration befell them. Their change, depending upon me for technical support, was non-existent. They were on their own, and not prepared for interaction with the World at bay.

The transformation was complete, but the transformation only included their bodily forms as there was no input, in the cerebral arenas. They were empty minded bodies, now immortals, in a world of a billion syllables.

Moving on with the immortals, I noticed in my own life, a distinct change in my body. My body, at moments, had a mind of its own. I would think of calling a friend, and my cell phone would be dialing the call ahead of me.

Other times, I could read the minds of those on the streets, walking past me, with opinions of me, and how I rated in their book. If I became hungry, the micro would be preparing my food for dinner. But, in all, I had a learning lesson also, and time was my enemy.

Back to the empty minded friends I created some time ago, they were hallowed shells of a bodily form, vegetables, with no direction. They were better off as visions in my mind, living off my life experiences.

But, I gave them what they wanted, and what they wanted was to become a real person. What both of us forgot, was they had no thought processes. Before, I did all the thinking, now, they didn’t know what to do or how to think.

We returned to the house, everyone silent and a bit depressed. I asked them if I could help them or answer any questions they may have, regarding their new blessings. Hamburger Bob was the first to talk.

“This new condition has caused me problems.” Bob frowned. “I have a difficult time understanding things, that I understood clearly, before I became real. I want to return to my old ways, Jon, Please.”

Hamburger Bob, old and getting older, wanted to return as before, as my friend, my vision. Life was good for him, when he was inside my mind, my vision, before the transformation. The others were confused and feeling lost, mindless, and empty of emotions.

Everyone, except Sandy, wanted to return to the old ways, as my visions existing in my mind, as my friends. They were all happy before and wanted to be happy again. I advised them to wait a day or two, then we could see how things were going for them. They wanted to return, immediately, to the solace of my mind.

No dreams, no future, just being my friends. Hiding everyday inside my mind That’s what they wanted.

Parker spoke out for the Group, saying that they will live forever, hiding in my mind, as I am Immortal, and so shall they be. Their past lives were filled with joy, craziness, BBQ’s, fun, fun, fun. Once a Clown, always a Clown. Once a surfer, always a surfer. “We want our lives back, Jon.” Parker frowned.

“Sandy, you might want to reconsider?” I asked her.

“Jon, honestly, would you be hurt if I wanted to return to the past with the others?” she said hesitantly.

“I love you Sandy, and that puts you in my mind, forever. You wish to return with the Group, so be it. We will still exist together.” I promise.

I focused my mind on the group of 5, retracting the green liquid from their bodies and assimilating it back into my own body. Then, I returned them to the past. They felt home again, happy, toughing each other to see if they were back to normal.

“Hamburger Bob fired up the grill, Sandy and the others went to the patio, and dressed the table for lunch. Everyone was, without a doubt, more complete as my mind visions, than as real persons. I guess being a real person has its drawbacks. Later, I would find out the hard way.

I joined the Group of 5, heading for the seat they saved me by the BBQ. The burgers, in my mind, were delicious. After everyone finished eating, they wanted to walk the promenade, then the Pier. I can’t explain how complete these people, my imaginary friends were, and I must admit, me too.

I sat at the table outside alone, as the 5 took their walk together on the promenade. I kept thinking that taking Dreams from the world was, perhaps, not the best thing to do. The 5 taught me that lesson.

People need people, and people need their dreams, yet they need their independence and creativity as well. Time to rethink the taking the one thing that is free, under their control, that no other person can take away from them. A Dream is what brought me to the Door, the Door Man, The Doctor and two Nurses.

I still held the power of the Green element. What other name to give it, was just numbers and letters. The Doc said I was immortal. My recent happiness was fulfilled by my new friends. Status- quo, was that the answer? Was that all I needed to do, to live my life with my friends?

No, there had to be more, and I had to find out what that more entailed. In doing so, I may have to sacrifice my invisible friends for new circumstances, new beginnings, new adventures.

I made up my mind. It was time to take a trip to the harbor, find a boat that would carry all of us to the hidden lost City of Atlantis. I called the Invisibles home, told them we’re are going on a boat trip, tomorrow. They asked me where? I told them for an adventure of a life time. Everyone was excited and ready to rock and roll. My imagination was running wild just like the imagination of the invisibles, my friends. Nothing was impossible or rational for any of us. The Lost City of Atlantis was a crazy move, but hey, I am the King of crazy.

We bought a Cal 60, with all the riggings, auto pilot, kitchen, bath, shower and 10 beds. The twin Diesel motors, powered 600 horses, fueled by a 1000- gallon gas tank if needed. The Sail Boat was a KETCH, one of the fastest boats in existence. A cruising speed, all sails up with the Ginny leading the way, of 35 knots. Everything was automatically controlled with winches, lines, sails, and more. We were headed for the sacred City, hidden City, of Atlantis. Everybody wondered where this Magical City was located.

I explained we were heading for the Bahama, Bermuda sea’s, for an adventure of a life time. “Who is with me?”

I opened the hatch to our new KETCH. Everyone raised their thumbs up, loaded the 25 liters of Whiskey, food, and clothes, making their way to births below, to check out the Boat. Being a Schizoid has its benefits.

I fired up the engines, let them idle for 5 minutes, set my stats and compass for the trip, turned on the radio for the weather reports in our immediate area and that of the Isle of Eleuthera. We began backing out of the slip, heading for the break water, then open seas.

Nobody had ever found the City of Atlantis, to this day. The belief was that the City was under a 1000 feet of the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, directly in the middle of the famed Bermuda Triangle.

Basically, Atlantis was south east of the Island of Eleuthera, Bahamas, approximately 100 nautical miles. We were on our way to the adventure of our lives, just me and 5 invisibles.

In retrospect, I believe the group made the right decision to return to their past lives, with me. I felt relieved knowing that they were with me, until the day might come, for them to leave. I didn’t want to think about that day, but reality left me no choice. Giving up my imaginary friends meant returning to reality, the world I despised.

The journey was underway and I had the wheel. Sandy was cuddled up to me, as the wind was cold. The rest of the group were down stairs in the galley, opening a bottle of Whiskey to get us started. This was a grand moment even for invisibles. A real adventure, with unreal captives, the 5.

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