Dead or Alive

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Not to pour cold water on our trip, but the thought was always in my mind as to what is real and what is fiction. I was different now, that I admit, but was my mind? Was this adventure real. I have the power, so the Doctor told me, to create anything that my mind could think of. I believed that, but remembered that the Doctor wasn’t real, just another invisible like the others. Just another invisible, a bit different, as the Doc was a product of my Dreams.

We left the harbor and were now in open seas. A real ship, a real trip, and a hidden City, found by me and my 5 friends. What could be better? My staunch friends will help me raise this hidden City of Atlantis from the depths of the Sea. The whole world will come to know who we are.

We sailed on, day after day, night after night. One new moon replaced by a harvest moon, then a crescent moon.

We passed other ships sailing to ports of unknown destinations. Ships the size of Buildings floated past us, loaded with containers, to the brim. We sailed on. Our locater told us we were about 120 Nautical miles from the lost City of Atlantis. How the locater knew this, was a question. Possibly another dream, or whatever. We continued sailing.

Within 10 hours the locator started ringing the alarm. We were at our destination. Everyone came to the Bridge, where I controlled the Wheel.

It was time to drop the anchor and prepare ourselves for a find of the Century.

“Guys, we’re here. The locater say’s that there is a large structure approximately 900 feet deep. The sonar says there is live activity moving about the structure, below.” I smiled excitedly. “We found it. We found the City of Atlantis,” I yelled to the others.

“Do you think it is really the lost City, below these waters, Jon?” Bob asked me.

“If I am not dreaming, I say yes, we found Atlantis.” I told the Group.

“let’s send the camera’s below and take photos of whatever is there. If it’s the Lost City, and Aliens or whatever occupy the structure, then I will bring it up, from the bottom of the ocean.” I said firmly.

I told the Invisibles a story that people were telling others about Atlantis. They said that Aliens built and inhabited the City for over 50,000 years. The City existed above the Water at that time, but dropped to the bottom of the ocean, over 1000 meters deep, after a huge asteroid smashed into the ocean, causing a giant wave, a white squall, that sent water covering the Earth.

Islands in the area were broken into pieces, as the ocean covered the earth, separating one land mass into many smaller masses, now islands. The newly formed islands were dotting the ocean with new land masses, which eventually formed the Bermuda Triangle.

The Triangle was the location of Atlantis. The Triangle formed a magnetic field so strong that normal travel through it, was near impossible. Compasses were useless, motors on ships died, planes traveling through the magnetic field lost instrument usage, and crashed.

The triangle swallowed up the intruders and sent them to hell, into the darkness of the ocean below. Ships crashed by some invisible force, the magnetic field of the Triangle, removing them from existence. They just disappeared. White Squalls came from any direction, removing any chance to life in the triangle to exist. Atlantis had its own security system to protect those living in the City. The Magnetic field at the apex of the Triangle.

The group told me to look at the skies, and that the ocean seemed to be rising. The weather pattern for the area changed dramatically, leaving the once occupied area, the City of Atlantis, gone from view. Buried so deep in the waters below, that nothing man made could go deep enough to reach the Bottom.

Sailors, from a 1000- years past, and to this day, tell stories of the City coming up out of the ocean, occupied by green skinned aliens. When some passersby sailed in the general vicinity of the City, it would drop to the ocean floor, safely out of sight. Other ships and now planes who entered the Triangle, have seen the City, to their doom. Lost ships, Planes and people have gone to Davy Jones locker as it was called, by the Pirates of the Day.

“And now, we are here, in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The weather is worsening. The waves are growing 50 to 100 feet high. And if you look closely, the City is coming for its prey.” I smiled. “Atlantis is coming for us.”

“Use your powers Jon,” Parker smiled. “Raise this City right out of the water.”

“Yeah, show us the little green men, Jon.” Hamburger Bob yelled over the noise of the White Squall coming towards us.

The Squall had reached a height, over 100 feet, traveling over 500 miles per hour. In seconds our ship will not exist. In seconds the Squall will consume us. In seconds, I stood on the bow of the ship, raising my hands, and demanding the elimination of the storm and the squall. The Green liquid began glowing inside my body. I felt the bubbling of my new colored blood, just as the white squall dropped into nothing, as did the weather. The City was completely above water now, and a new visitor had transported to our ship. A Green visitor, tall, lanky, large oval head and deep- set, jet black eyes, stood silently on the deck of our ship.

The Creature stood before all of us, pointing to me, to come to him, or her, whatever this creature was. I listened to the creature’s voice in my mind. I told the alien that we are travelers.

The creature spoke to me. “You are Jon, half human and half alien.” It said.

“Yeah, my blood is green, just like your skin.” I smiled hesitantly.

“You are alone?” the Creature frowned.

“There are 5 others, looking at you as we speak.” I said seriously.

“I cannot see them,” The creature said.

“I know, but they see you. Why the Squall, are you afraid of visitors.” I asked.

“We are a legend, unknown to those who have died in this place, trying to find us.” It said.

“So why did you stop from trying to kill us?” I asked.

“Because you are one of us,” the creature frowned. “Show me your true self to us.”

Unbelievably, I rose from the deck, floating in the air, my body transforming into the creature that stood before me. I began praying that this was not a dream, but real, and the creature was not real, but a dream.

The Alien bowed before me, humble and obedient. He moved our ship over to the City, and allowed us to board a platform that led to doors of Gold and Silver.

Immediately, inside the doors, was an elevator the Creature asked us to enter. The doors closed and we descended to the bottom of the ocean floor. The Elevator stopped, the doors opened and we exited, me and the 5. Before us were several other Green men, we presumed they were men, pointing to a double dish, possibly some kind of a space ship.

A Green man spoke to me mentally, telling me that this ship, is their way home. Sadly, the creature told me the ship needed repairs, but no parts existed on this Planet. Sounded like a familiar story. “I asked the Alien if he checked for the part in Wal Mart?” The Alien frowned and asked me what is a Wal Mart. My invisible friends began laughing. Then we got serious and asked the Alien what they needed to do, to go home.

“What are you going to do?” I asked him, “And what is your name?”

“My name is Glutelin, Captain of the Guard. We were hoping if you looked at the broken part, you might consider fixing it for us?” Glutelin said.

“Show me the part, and I will do what I can to help you.” I smiled.

The part, was a simple key, to start the engines. I asked the Captain of the Guard if he worked on the key in any way to transform it. They told me they tried to fix it but ruined it when trying. That meant I would have to see the lock, picture it in my mind and create a new key. I just hoped all of this happening to me, was real. Impossible to tell if these green men were a Schizoid moment for me, or not.

I would like to know more about you and your people, please?” I asked him, still wondering if this was a dream or a fantasy from my broken mind.

“You shall travel home, with us, where you belong. You are the Beta child, the King of Planet Sandon.” The alien continued.

Now, I truly believed that this whole trip, white squall, aliens in the City of Atlantis, was just a major, huge, dream. The 5 hadn’t said much, since we reached the bottom of the ocean, but stayed close to me, as I worked on recreating a key for the aliens to use, to start their ship, and go home.

Parker asked me if I could make them a key, and if so, was I planning on traveling with them to this Planet Sandon? “Did this guy call you a King, Jon?”

“Yeah, in his mind, he told me that genetic material of their species was put in a vile and sent to the surface, over a 1000 years ago, hoping someone would find the vile and blend it with a human. This vile contained the genetic material of their Ruler, their King, Meroclone. Element 55.738AB was created from the material in the vile and given to me. Blending genetic engineering with Alien DNA created the person I am, today.

The Meroclones, named after their King, knew that the blended creation, me, would come one day to save them. That day is today. I will make the key, then we leave to return home, to the house, the beach, and the Pier of Clowns, I smiled.

The 5 stood by my side, waited for the key to be created, and inserted into the engine of the space craft. The key worked, the space craft engines roared to life, and the inhabitants of the City of Atlantis boarded the ship. Within seconds, huge doors opened allowing water to enter the City. The aliens told us to leave on the elevator before the City is completely flooded.

Their ship blasted through the water, rising higher and higher until clear of the water and entering the open air. With a whoosh, they disappeared into space, gone.

We got back on our boat and began sailing home. The weather was perfect for sailing. The 5 were excited to return to the beach, pier, and promenade. Sandy asked me if I was satisfied knowing who I really was, a King she smiled. “My boyfriend is a King.” She gloated.

Still, nothing like this could be real. This is the typical dream of a Schizoid man, confused and full of disbelief. Because of my disbelief, I too was excited to return to our home and fill it once again with laughter and happiness. But there was one thing I needed to check, the color of my Blood, in a regular clinic or hospital at home, not the Doctor.

Sandy reminded me of my contract and the rules that I had to follow, to continue my health, and good fortune. She was right. Then my only option was to have the Doctor come to the house, cut my finger, and let me see the results. I had to know if all the things in my life were false or real. I had to know.

But now, we continued sailing to port, anchoring in the slip we rented, and returned home in my new Corvette. I asked Hamburger Bob if he could cook for us tonight? Bob was delighted I asked him, even though he was totally drunk from whiskey. Drunk or not, Bob was there for us. This was one Schizoid moment I enjoyed having.

The night always seemed to come to soon, ending our adventures and moments together, substituted by Dreams. I flippantly asked Parker if we should all go back to the cemetery tonight, at midnight, and play with the Dead?

“Why not, Jon.” Parker smiled.

We got Bob’s burgers into our stomachs, with three or four toots of whiskey. The Clowns were back, with make- up on their faces, long red hair, giant shoes and more. The night was in for another Wiley Coyote and Road Runner moment. The whiskey was working overtime. The Cemetery was out and the Pier was on.

It was time for a race to the Pier. Hamburger Bob, Parker and Sandys Dad were on the starting line, in the sand, waiting for the words, “READY, SET, GO.”

As Unbelievable as it sounds, Sandy ran the race also, and beat the other 3 by yards and yards. Sore losers, the men decided to have another race without Sandy. “READY, SET, GO.” The three men, each one of them, fell face down at the starting gate, in the sand. Too drunk to run, they tried crawling.

Sandy and I were cracking up, just watching these social butterflies graveling in the sand, unable to get up. Bob would try, until Parker accidentally pulled him down by his pants. Sandys father was the only one to get back on his feet, but he was turned around, confused, and ran in the opposite direction, back to the house. It was good to be back home, with my invisibles, my alter ego, and my schizoid moment.

After spending time on the Pier, and Parker raising havoc on the visitors there, we made our inebriated bodies back home, sitting outside in the patio, remembering the trip to the Bermuda Triangle and the Aliens. This trip was something no one will ever hear about, and if they did, no one would believe it true.

But here in our house, we spent a lot of time, reminiscing about the Green men, the Dish space ship and an elevator dropping to a level of 1000 feet below the surface of the ocean.

We are the only ones on this Planet talking to the first arrivals of Aliens and knowing what they left behind. A whole city below the water, empty, available and built by the first arrivals from another world.

Our lives move fast and furious, with little time for those who don’t understand the value of Schizoid friends. Real, fake, no existent moments happen to us on numerous occasions. Life is good.

Sandys Dad asked me if the key the Aliens needed to start their Space ship, was easy to make? I told him it was a snap. This new power is awesome.

I had made the appointment with the Doctor to come to the house and check my Blood. The Doc was always on time, except today. I waited until the darkness came, and with it, the shadows of past- memories, floating about the house, scaring the 5.

The Doc finally arrived, saddened when I told him about the shadows coming into the house. He warned me not to confront them, and wanted to know where the shadows were now.

He went to the back bedroom where Parker and Mona were staying, finding only their clothing and nothing else. Doc asked me if I could recognize who the shadows were? Doc asked me if the shadows could be Parker and Mona?

“I don’t know Doc, but I will look and see. The shadows seem friendly.” I said.

“I believe the shadows are the life spirits of Parker and Mona. Did you try to create a conversion and make them real?” Doc frowned.

“Yeah, I did make them immortal, they drank my green blood, and then changed their minds.” I cried.

“Jon, who else did you change to become a real life, immortal?” Doc asked me.

“Everyone, Doc. What’s going on?” I asked.

“Every person who ingests the Element, then regurgitates it, has started a process of change, and when reversed, the change will eliminate the subject.” Doc frowned. “There is no going back, Jon.”

“My God, Doc. I am going to lose all my invisibles because of this mistake. Isn’t there anyway to save them?” I said, panicked.

Doc explained to me that changing them back to invisibles was murder. I needed to make them real, and help them assimilate within the community. Every person needed to become real, or die.

Doc and I went to work setting up a method to cure them and make them real. We had to hurry before they became shadows like Parker and Mona. There was no hope for those two, but the others had time to live a real life, as immortals.

I felt like two of my kids were just destroyed. This cannot happen again, and Doc needed to tell me everything about my condition. I needed to know what I can or cannot do, and what would be the consequences if I make another error.

Doc spent long hours explaining what I was, what I can do, and if breaking the rules, what will happen to me or others. Now it was time to save the other 3 and keep the shadows from destroying them.

Sandy, Hamburger Bob, and Sandys father were treated, given the Green element once more. Doc and I explained to the group what happened to Parker and Mona.

We needed the 3 to stay with me and take the treatment Doc will give them. Everyone agreed as there were no options, except one, Shadow Death, or Element 55.738AB. The Element was given, as the shadows came for them.

We were hoping to be on time, to beat the shadows and save the three. Doc said it will be close, maybe too close, for them to make it. Doc and I waited through the night with the 3, monitoring their vitals, watching if a transformation to a shadow was going to overrule our treatment. I needed my friends to live, to live with me.

The morning came, and with it, 3 shadows. My friends were gone. Doc told me how sorry he was. My Schizoid friends, the invisibles were dead, gone with the shadows somewhere beyond my knowledge.

I laid down on the couch, said goodbye to the Doctor, and slept. There was no reason to wake up. My reasons had been taken from me, leaving me alone, empty, and angry. Tomorrow was another day, with every day following. Depression was edging its way into my psyche.

With most, they would say I was cured of my Schizoid- mania. The cure was not in my sites. I had resigned to spend eternity with the invisibles. I will rest and I will try to destroy the Shadows and bring the 5 home, with me, tomorrow.

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