a curse lifted

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adventure begins

The time was drawing closer to midnight. It was currently eleven fifteen and for Nina, it was time to prepare. She dressed herself in her traditional Wicca clothes, a pure white dress that reached her knees, a golden rope tied around her waist and a pure black hooded cloak that reached the floor. On her wrist's she wore a silver bracelet that had a swirly pattern on one side of it and around her neck was a black velvet choker that held a pentagram charm and on her had was a

She walked around her room collecting things that she would need for such as candles, herbs and crystals and placing them into a black shoulder bag with the pentagram on the front. When she finished and was about to leave she realized how dangerous this may very well be. 'I think it may be a good idea to do a protection spell before I leave' Nina thought and with that she started to create the spell.

First she draws the circle in which the spell would be performed. Next she started the spell by lighting a black candle and saying "great spirits of the earth, fire, water and air. Please join me in my time of need. Protect me as I go into danger, give me strength to fight and grow. Allow me to be victorious and be brave. O great god, great goddess, bless me and give me strength'. And with that she blows out the candle and closed the circle. She than grabs her bag and move towards the window. When she reached the window, she jumped out and garbed on to the tree that was just outside my window and dropped to the ground and started to walk down the road in the direction of the grave yard.

As Nina got closer to the graveyard, she noticed how this legend had affected the part of town it was at. The buildings looked rounded down and deserted, there was trash and rubbish all over and the plant life had over grown and it looked like nature had taken back the land. As the graveyard grow nearer and nearer, Nina started to feel a really negative energy coming from that place. It wasn't at all like the energy that people or animals give off, it was more like a spirits energy and the by the feel of it, it was a really dangerous one.

Once she reached the gate, the feeling had grown so strong that she started to feel weak but she was not about to let that stop her. As she prepared to climb the gate, she heard footsteps coming towards her. She quickly turned around and saw that it was Shawn coming towards her. The look of relive flooded across his face as he saw her. Nina however was not as happy to see him; she did not understand why he was there. "Nina, I am so glad I court up with you" he said once he had reached her "I thought I would not make it here in time." "What are you doing here Shawn" she replied with a strong voice "you shouldn't be here" "And neither should you and I am not about to let any friend of mine go into a place that is dangerous on their own" Shawn answered back with just as much power in his voice as there was in hers "if I can't get you to leave then I am going you alone"

Nina was shocked at what he said. First he called her his friend and second he was willing to go in to a place that just screams danger and death for her sake. This was something that she was not use to. Most people including her family would just leave her in the dusk and move on with their lives and just forget about her altogether. But here was someone that was willing to risk their life for her and she didn't know how to react to him.

Shawn slowly moved towards Nina and brought her close to him. If Nina wasn't shocked before than she was now. "You are my friend Nina and I always look out for my friends" he said in a calm voice before pulling away from her. "If you are certain then you better watch you back" she said in a cautious tone "I get a really bad feeling from this place and I don't mean the dead people" and with that they both started to climb the gate unknowing what is in there and what it wants.

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