a curse lifted

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curse reveiled

As Nina and Shawn climbed over the wall and into the graveyard, Nina felt a wave of negative energy that made her feel faint. Looking to Shawn she saw that he too looked weak, which told her that he also felt that same energy.

'it's not to late to leave, just so you know' she said to him, looking straight a head showing no fear that she felt.

'only if you are leaving with me' Shawn replied with a cocky smirk, clearly used to hide how much he did want to leave. 'Which I am guessing is not any time soon'

looking back towards him she smiled 'you guessed right, well come on we not doing anything useful just standing around'.

With that Nina started to walk further into the grave yard with Shawn following close behind her.

All around her, the grave stones look as if they had not been touched in a long time, weeds and nettles had taken many of the paths so much so that in some areas it was impossible to get through, the trees over hung so much that they looked like they were going to collapse under their own wight. But despite all of the shubble and plants one of the paths remains clear.

'that is strange, it looks as if the plants are afraid to grow around that area' Shawn said when he saw the clear path and he seemed like he was right. All of the plants were growing away from the path, as if trying to get away from it.

As Nina looked down the path she spotted something that did not seem right. Walking closer she found what appeared to be an old Athame. Picking it up she saw that there was a stain on it that looked like blood.

'okay, now I am starting to get scared' Nina said turning to Shawn, showing his the Athame 'this is a sacred dagger, it is not meant be used for harming, so if there is blood on it then it means that what we are dealing with is something that has no care about who they hurt or how they hurt people'.

Shawn looked at it with a concerned face. 'we really need to get out of here' He said looking directly ahead. 'If what you say is true then the longer that we are here the more at risk we are'.

Nina looked down the clear path and then back at Shawn, signing she knew that he was right. What was here was something that she could not face alone, it was just to powerful for her. 'you're right let's go' and with that they went back the way they came. But as they were walking, a wail came from all around them stunning them. Looking around, Shawn stepped in front of Nina hoping to protect her.

'Come on we need to hurry' grabbing her hand he raced towards the gate. When they reached the gate the wailing became louder as if trying to get them to get away from the gate but it only made them try to leave more. The wind started to pick up and the trees rustled violently. ' come on Nina get up!' Shawn yelled getting frightened as the wind picked up more and more, pushing Nina to get up the gate to safety.

As Nina climbed, she looked up and saw the clouds above them were swirling around and around, the mere sight of it froze Nina until Shawn started to push her more over the gate before climbing over himself. As he was climbing, the roots of the trees started to grow towards them and reach towards them. Moving faster, they got over the gate they ran as far as they could away.

Once the wailing had stopped and the wind had calmed down, they stopped. Looking around, Nina realized that they were near her house and for the first time since moving to town she felt relieved to be there.

'What the hell do you think happened back there?' Shawn asked after a few minutes of catching his breath.

'I don't know but whatever it was it had something to do with this' Nina replied holding up the Athame towards Shawn, who looked at it scared.

'Are you sure you want to keep that,' he asked 'I mean touching it was what started this whole thing'

'this may very well be the answer to finding out what is going on around here and what happened to the last people who went into that graveyard.'

Sighing Shawn looked towards Nina 'I just don't want anything to happen to you. You are my friend and I are about you'.

'don't worry about me, I have a feeling that I might know what we are dealing with. I just need to find out more' Nina replied putting the Athame into her bag 'look I will see you at school tomorrow, if you want after school we can work together to find out what I going on'

'Okay I will help I am already involved, might as well go all the way' Shawn answered shrugging his shoulders before waving goodbye and walking home

Pondering Nina walked home thinking about everything that had happened and what might come in the near future.

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