a curse lifted

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search begins

As Mina walked home she started to think about what she saw at the graveyard, it was nothing like she had seen before and it was stronger then anything that she has ever felt before. She kept on thinking about why was it there, was it just some trapped spirit that was alone and scared or was it something much more and was out for blood.

She decided that it was best to think about it in the morning and have a clear head instead of worrying about it to night and not getting any where. Reaching her home she quickly went to bed hoping that the events that she had witnessed that night would come to make sense as time went on and that it would not stop her from having getting to sleep.

It would appear that fate was not on her side when Nina woke up the next morning. All through the night she kept on having dreams about what she had saw and it had left her even more confused and curious about what was really going on in this town.

She decided that she was going to learn everything that she could about the history of the town and more specificity the graveyard where all of this started . Having it being a Saturday she decided to go to the library to start her research.

"Nina, there is someone at the door for you" her mum cried from the bottom off the stairs "and it happens to be a very handsome young man."

And with that, Nina raced down the stairs wondering who was here to see her. When she reached the bottom she saw Shawn looking just as tired and troubled as she did.

"hey, what are you doing here?" she asked him

"i was wondering if we could talk about" he paused looking at her mum who was hoovering wanting to know what was going on. "our research project" winking towards her.

Realizing what he meant, Nina grabbed her jacket and started moving towards the door

"sure come on" she said before pushing him out the door, leaving before her mum could do anything.

As they walked away from her house Shawn turned to her with a haunted look in his eye.

"do you have any idea what we saw last night" he asks looking really concerned and shaken up.

"no put I intend to find out" Nina replied trying to sound reassuring but the worried look in Shawn's eyes tells her that it was not helping "i believe that what ever we saw last night is linked to this town and its history, so I am going to look through what ever I can to find out what is happening"

"alright" Shawn nodded "i suggest that we start looking at the historical archives. If there is anything spooky in out history that is the place where we will find it".

Nodding her head, Nina and Shawn started walking in the direction of the archives wondering what secrets they will uncover.

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