Close Friends 1st Edition

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She thought she knew those around her but lies and deceit prove otherwise. There are truths that she doesn't even know about herself! Family and friends are supposed to be the people that you can trust. Daevaako thought so highly of her friends and family that have been around her for her entire life. Until one fateful day when she learns the first truth that has been hidden from her. Down this road of secrecy and deceit, what profound secrets will she discover in the world of Vampires?

Fantasy / Scifi
Eve Masters
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Chapter 1

A small quint town filled with people from many different backgrounds. Pointe Arbor is a typical little town with a sheriff and his ten deputies, a floral shop ran by the town gossip, two beauty shops where most of the town women gather for their routine hair appointments, a theater that shows more than pg thirteen movies, a café, and four schools. Two of the schools are a public grade school and a junior high school and high school that are combined; separate from the grade school. The other two are private schools; the grade school and the junior high and high school in one that are open to those that can afford the tuition and scholarship recipients; which are rare. Pointe Arbor sits about two miles on the outskirts of the city of Arcadia. Not joking! It’s like literally right down Clemonsway Crossing. I guess you could say that Point Arbor is like a small community that is a part of a larger city. The wealthiest of Pointe Arbor, unlike other towns, do not control the town, but help when help is needed. The annual fundraisers for the schools and community are sponsored by these wealthy families. Donations by one or two of the families are given to different causes in the town such as to the hospital for up to date medical equipment.

The wealthiest of Pointe Arbor are made up of six families: The Kamuyamato family, The Domenici family, The Asadar family, The Romathal family, The Sephr family, and The Maren family. These families are well known in the public eye but each has its hidden secrets as with any wealthy family in the world. Out of the families come their children, which have grown up together and are a very close group of friends. There is no friendship like ours in Pointe Arbor. I, Daevaako Domenici am one of them and this is our story.

I was born in Naples, Italy on April twenty first two thousand and one to Tadanya and Demetrio Domenici. My family background is a little complex I am mixed with Egyptian and Italian. Crazy right! I know but my parents fell in love what can you do?! My friends are not so complex. Many of the townspeople like to oooouuu and aaahhh at all seven of us.

At school it’s the same, students fawn over us and compliment us on our beautiful features and so forth. Here’s the thing, we all have long hair, except for Nokomis Maren and David Asadar, his stops just at his shoulders and curls slightly under and hers she likes to wear in a sharp bob cut. He has blue eyes; dark brown hair, slight muscular built, 5’10, broad shoulders, great features, gorgeous complexion, and is of European decent (White American). The Romathal twins, Adam and Lucian have thick wavy red hair, 5’11, muscular built, smooth pale skin, dark brown eyes, strong jaw line, and broad shoulders. They came from Russia when they were eight, but we’ll talk about that later. Their dad is the Dean of Pointe Arbor Academy. Seiji Kamuyamato is of course Japanese and came to America at age five. He has strong Japanese features, black eyes, thick lips, broad shoulders, muscular built, unusually tall at 5’11 too and growing, the most beautiful long thick dark hair that stops a little above his waist like the twins. Not only are they gorgeous but their styles albeit different, are just as great outside of the school uniforms. Tom Ford this, Armani that, I think much of it comes from our parents’ influence. They dress in high fashion designer clothing too.

We are the same as far as our styles outside of school, us girls. Me, I’m kinda a bronze like café tone, I mean I look Egyptian just with slightly slanted eyes that are bigger then Seiji’s, very thick curly hair with a few blonde streaks; it stops a little above my butt, and have a figure similar to my mama. I’m slender with wide hips, a butt that sticks out, thick thighs, and because I am a 3rd degree black belt lean muscle, fat lips, 5’4, and a wickedly cute smile. Nokomis Maren is Indian American of the Dine´ or Navajo tribe. She was not born on the rez (reservation) but has strong ties to the tribe like her entire family due to their background. Nokomis, like David and Kim was born right here in Pointe Arbor. We call her Noko for short. She has dark hair that she wears in a bob style as I mentioned before, same height as me, lean muscle, dark features, and slender with a nice figure. Kim is like a creamy nutmeg tone with clear complexion; loose wavy brown hair that stops at the middle of her back; it’s cut into cute layers that are not too obvious and a blunt bang that covers her forehead and stops a little bit below her eyebrows, 5’7, thin but cute figure, and almond shaped eyes. She is mixed with African (I think Ghanaian) and Pilipino (honestly though…I think her dad is Chinese not Pilipino)

Those are my friends!

We live in the city of Arcadia comfortably with our loving families.

This town has been around since 1908 in Utah when Mormons had settled much of the land. But before that, when it was still part of the large Spanish territory fur trappers all the way from Russia had pass by this land setting traps here too. Most of them also laid ground here while others went back to Russia. Those that stayed went unnoticed by the Mormon settlers that started to arrive in 1847.

The Ute got along well with the fur trappers and created a bond between them. The Shoshone however, were not too fond of them and created different stories about them. Noko says that the Shoshone hated anyone that was in competition with them for the buffalo.

“They didn’t like us much either ya’ know.” She would say whenever we had a town history assignment for history class.

And David would always say, “Hey Adam, isn’t this your great grandfather?” laughing while pointing at any photo he could find in one of the history books.

Adam just rolls his eyes and says, “Ye, doing yo great grandma”. We all would start laughing. When it isn’t David and Adam going at it than it’s usually Seiji and Lucian. This is the norm for these guys. It’s when they don’t argue playfully that we start to worry.

The joke was a joke because the Romathals had never been to America until they arrived in two thousand and nine just before the start of the new school year entering third grade. So of course they don’t have any ancestors in this country. Now David on the other hand does have ancestors here and so do Kim and Noko. Their families are three of the oldest in Arcadia as a whole. Their families have had deep roots here since the first Roman Catholic settlement. David’s family doesn’t much practice religion of any type anymore, even though his twice great grandfather on his father’s side was a preacher.

Arcadia nor is Point Arbor considered a Roman Catholic or a Mormon city/town. Presently, it’s not a very religious place but somewhat of a superstitious one that believes in all things supernatural. A common belief is that Point Arbor was cursed by the Shoshone after the settlers forcefully removed them from the land.

As construction was underway for houses and the town church, people began to fall ill, accidents occurred at construction sites, and some people started to disappear. The most mysterious of all these were the illnesses. It’s said that the illnesses fell upon women, children, men and even whole families at once out of nowhere and then as though nothing had ever been wrong with them they were running around in three days’ time in what seem to be a much healthier state!

The disappearances weren’t much thought of by anyone because the townspeople just knew that the Shoshone had taken them. Just as they knew that the Shoshone caused the illnesses and construction accidents. After five years the ‘curse’ had been lifted and the town buildings went up without a hitch. Other than the causal stories from the elderly of the town there is no real proof that the Shoshone were the cause of those tragedies. The history books do mention the illnesses, disappearances, and such during the early days of the town with little mention of curses of any kind. The disappearances were blamed on wolves and the Shoshone. The townspeople that say it was both forces like to also say that the Shoshone sent the wolves to attack the town in the dead of night.

One woman is even quoted with saying that she saw a man being dragged away by a red wolf. This is the only account that is on file to explain the disappearances. I mean like totally red as though it’s drenched in fresh blood with glowing red eyes. But because there isn’t such a thing as a crimson red all over wolf with glowing red eyes her testimony was dismissed.

The Great Shoshone curse is not the only supernatural story that has made a home in Arcadia history. Some townspeople went further to expand the story of the wolves kidnapping people. Things like Issa (Shoshone Creator) was taking revenge for the Shoshone being driven from the land that he had given them by coming to the town in his wolf form to kidnap people is another superstitious tale. He would drag them deep into the desert where he would devour them slowly and then returned five days later to kidnap another person. This version is widely accepted by the townspeople especially those that have been around for years. Some believe that he still visits the town late at night but no longer takes people, he only watches now.

These stories have helped to form the foundations of the town. The private schools were first to be founded by David’s twice great grandfather set in Roman Catholic ideals as the principles of the school but with a wolf as the high school mascot. The public schools came a few years afterward with the coyote as its high school mascot. The two schools aren’t rivals, for the most part; they compete against other schools in track and baseball, these are the top sports in our town. The wolves are the leaders in football and track, while the coyotes are the leaders in baseball and soccer.

It is summer vacation right now and my friends and I are on a trip with the Asadars as our chaperons.

Laughing in the background.

“Hey Noko! Sweet moves on the waves!” David compliments Noko as they both head back to shore after surfing the incredible waves off of the coast of Kauai in Hanalei Bay.

“Wow! That was hot bro!” exclaims Seiji giving David a high five followed by the congratulatory one arm male hug around David’s shoulders.

“Yea…” Kim chimes in, “…you two can really surf.” Holding her camera Kim has taken some really good shots of them surfing and now the three of them have started looking through the pics on her Panasonic lumix digital camera.

Noko smiles with pride glancing at the pictures realizing that she is starting to be on the same level as David when it comes to surfing.

“Impressive…” he smirks putting her in a head lock and giving her a soft nuggy.

The twins and I have been playing volleyball with some of the town folk with Kim on the sidelines taking pictures of us and of David and Noko at the same time. Seiji isn’t big on volleyball so he is just watching with Kim. We are still in the midst of our game when they finish surfing. They come up to the sidelines and Lucian, Adam, and I give a smile and a nod their way to show our acknowledgement before they make their way to the showers.

We are almost finished playing. I am on the team opposition the twins. Their team is winning by two points! I would say that I am pretty good at volleyball…I mean; I have trophies from middle school that say so! But as we all know when the twins play a sport or game or anything together, they are unstoppable! It’s so not Fair!

Seiji is cheering for me while Kim cheers for Lucian and Adam. Now Kim has THE biggest crush on Adam and everyone knows it but he told me, “Ah, man! No, I could never go out with her! She is like my kid sister!” and he grimaced a little just after saying that.

Poor Kim! Every time she tries to sit next to him or touch him he always puts one of us between them or more times than not, moves to the other side of Lucian. He usually sits to the left of him.

Anyhow, I bet anything that there are more pictures of Adam on that camera than anyone else! She likes to use our group outings as an excuse to take pictures of him and hang them around her mirror.

Grunting noises.

“Get it…get it…get it…get it! Yes!” Kim yells as Adam totally drives the ball right into the sand on our side of the net ending the game and winning it for his team…..

“AAaaaahhhh! Man!” I whine kicking at the sand.

“Good game.” Lucian grins and winks at me through the net.

“Yea Dae, it was a good game.” Running over Seiji gives me a reassurance hug.

“Yea, you’re right, thanks for the support.” I smile with my face still in his chest.

The five of us walk back over to our spots on the sand next to David’s parents. Noko and David were already there drinking virgin coconuts. We join them. Seiji and I both have virgin daiquiris; Kim, Lucian, and Adam have virgin coconuts. We relax for the rest of the day on the beach and watch the amazing sunset that Hanalei Bay is known for. After the sunset we pack up our things and head to the beach house. We take turns in the shower and put on clothes. The people we played volleyball with invited us to a bonfire on the beach.

“Mom…Dad, we’re heading out now.” David tells his parents. They decide to stay in and watch a movie. The bonfire was not too far from the house so they were ok with us going without them.

“As long as you stay together and keep an eye on each other…” David’s mother had said when we asked them earlier.

David, Lucian, and Seiji carry the blankets and the rest of us carry the containers for our drinks. The food is already there for everyone to eat. Just a few snacks, chips, hotdogs, hamburgers, and s’more stuff that Adam had mentioned to one of the guys.

We walk in the small line for grilled hotdogs and chips than sit down around the fire with everyone else that were already there. The others start to arrive, some parking their jeeps on the beach close to the fire pit and turning on their radios so that they play the same station. David and Seiji finish eating first. You would think that they were in an eating contest the way those two scarfed down their hotdogs!

“Pigs!” shouts Noko; she is sitting next to me opposite David and Seiji who are sitting next to each other. She had watched them eat their food.

“Can you believe them?! They were having a contest! Pigs!” she yells again and Kim and I just laugh.

Kim is on my right with Lucian next to her, she had tried to sit next to Adam but he quickly moved to the other side of Lucian as soon as she had become comfortable. The twins look up from their plates when they hear us laughing then return to eating. They do that sometimes, ignore us and go into their own little world.

David makes a face and sticks his tongue out at Noko after she called them pigs. They are so hilarious when they play fight like this.

After Noko and I finish our food David comes over to Noko after throwing away his paper plate, grabs her by the arm and says, “C’mon, let’s dance.”

Grunting and moaning she reluctantly goes to dance with David. I get up and throw away our plates. Seiji walks over to me as I turn from the garbage can and without saying anything pulls me to him and we start dancing.

We are so close that I can hear his breathing and feel the warmth of his body through his clothes. Feeling his hands glide down and round my back sends shivers through my body.

I hear Noko giggling. I can only imagine what David is saying to her. They are dancing so close and grinding so slowly almost as though they are having sex. David is obviously whispering in her ear.

As I turn my attention back to Seiji, I think about what Kim and the twins are doing. They tend to forget that she is there when Noko and I are not with her then she falls silent. She gets nervous around them, not only Adam because of the huge crush she has on him, but with Lucian too. She doesn’t like to be alone with them for too long, she said one day at school, “It’s like I’m invisible. Lucian might say one or two words to me when it’s just the three of us, but then Adam starts talking to him about something and he stops talking to me completely for the rest of the time. Invisible…”

That’s them! Their own little world.


“She’s doing it again.” I whisper to Lucian, after glancing over at Kim. She was pouting, sipping on some punch from her container, digging her feet into the sand.

“Maybe I should say something to her.” Whispers Lucian as he peers at her.

“No, I think Dae and Seiji are coming back over….just forget it.” I whisper back to him wrapping the blanket that we have with us around me. I’m feeling chilly even though we are next to the fire pit.

Dae sits back down next to Kim and Seiji takes the seat next to Dae. The girls start talking. Seiji wraps the blanket that he had carried to the pit around him and Dae.

Lucian pulls some of the blanket around him and putting his arm around mine starts in on Seiji.

“Don’t you look cozy?” Lucian teases him grinning.

“Ahaha….I’m actually quite comfortable thank you.” Seiji smiles.

I chuckle, listening to them go back and forth. My brother and I do have each other but he and Seiji are just as close as we are. They don’t have too much in common. David and Seiji have more in common with each other but David is the closet to me as far as our friendships go. Odd, I know. But Seiji balances Lucian out. Not to mention they are sparing partners sometimes when we practice kendo and David is my partner vice versa.

It’s good to have friends like them when I get tired of Lucian’s constant need to control everything and he gets tired of my so-called neediness. Whatever… neediness to be alone half the time!


It’s so nice and warm next to Seiji under the blanket. And just as I had thought, Kim was totally bored and being ignored by Adam and Lucian. She had that pitiful look on her face when we came over.

“Oh, Kim…Kim…Kim. What will we do with you?” I said softly smiling, hoping that she would cheer up. She looks at me and manages a small smile.

“It happened again!” She whispers to me, “….Lucian didn’t even say anything to me this time.” She is so mournful.

“Well…they do the same to me and Noko.” I let her know.

“Really? I had no idea, thought it was just me because Adam hates me.”

“No, Adam doesn’t hate you! He just doesn’t see you the way that you see him. He thinks of you as a sister.” I tried to reassure her.

Then I notice that Lucian and Seiji have been teasing each other back and forth.

Sniffing Seiji snickers, “Dude! Yo feet smell dip ’em in the sand!” Seiji covers his nose with the blanket. Kim and I break our conversation and start to laugh.

“Ha! They do not smell and besides….they’re already under the sand!” Murmurs Lucian. Adam is laughing along with us. “Why you laughing? That shit aint’t funny.” Lucian gives Adam an evil glare and he slowly stops laughing.

That’s how it is with us. We have been this way with each other for the years that we have known one another. I knew Kim, Noko, and David since kindergarten. So we basically grew up together. Seiji moved to the States when he was five and joined us in first grade, David was friends with him before the girls and I even knew that he existed. I mean, sure he moved in across the street from me but I didn’t really pay attention to him until second grade. He and David would hangout a lot in school. Kim thought of Seiji as just another boy that David played with when he got bored hanging around us. After second grade though, David finally introduced us to him and from that point on we were friends. The twins came as third grade year approached and we quickly noticed them! They had moved right next door to David and he took very fast to Adam. I still can’t figure out why though, they are two completely different people! Seiji of course, became close with Lucian even though the only thing that they have in common is Kendo. I guess, the same can be said for Adam and David. All four of them practice kendo and take turns sparing each other.

I’m close with both Noko and Kim but Noko and I am inseparable. We love the same things, karate, dark metal music, kickboxing, dancing, and hiking. Most stuff we don’t have in common though. One thing about Noko is that she is deeply spiritual and participates in her tribes’ rituals, ceremonies, and meetings. Kim is higher maintenance than I am but we still like some of the same designers and go shopping at the height of the latest seasonal trend. She’s not as dark as Noko and likes what Noko says are ‘all things frilly and prissy’. Kim is such a girly girl. She likes j-pop, k-pop, swimming, cheerleading, and shopping. She would shop everyday if she could! But I like to shop with her, she is such the fashionista.

As Kim and I are talking and Seiji and Lucian continue to tease each other, Seiji places his hand on my thigh underneath the blanket. He is rubbing it so slowly. It feels really nice, he starts rubbing closer and closer to my inner thigh. As he reaches the top of my inner thigh he stops and just keeps his hand there. His hand is so warm and soft.


David is so crazy! He is the sweetest person, he may seem a little rough on the outside but inside he is a fluffy little voodoo doll! Hahahahahha….! Really though, I like him a lot. We have tons in common. He has this sexy emo thing going on and I’m all goth, but we find common ground in the music that we listen to, the sports, the tats, the hair, art and next summer we agreed to get our first body piercings (outside of earlobes) and tats together! He won’t get too much near his face, just some spikes on his lower nose bridge, awesomely hot! He already has both his ears done, not gages, regular earlobe piercings; one in each ear…. so not a fan of the ear gages, either of us. I do have a barbell in my left ear from the cartilage to the middle of my ear just above my second earlobe piercing. I’m getting my belly, beauty mark, and nose pierced next year.

David and I are dancing at the bonfire party. He had dragged me away from the fire pit after Seiji and Dae had hoped up to dance. Then as we are dancing he starts whispering this crazy shit in my ear, “Yea…so um…you look so sexy, you….like…um…radiate sexy.” Hahahaha…! I can’t help but laugh. He always tries to compliment me like this!

“Just be quiet and put your hands on my ass!” I whisper still laughing.

He can be a little awkward at times, but that’s David. He and Adam are really the quiet ones out of the group. It’s probably why they get along so well. Lucian and Seiji are tough like me and look for reasons to fight someone. They speak their minds and if they don’t like you they will tell you. I’m direct that way too; it’s why Dae and I get along. She doesn’t take shit either. Too bad she transferring…..Kim is no help! Well….Kim can talk, but that’s about all she can do! Hahahahha…! No…I love my girl!

But yea, David is a sweetheart in his own right. All four of the guys are so cool and they have this way about them; their walk, talk, look, and this thing that Kim calls ‘swag’. The same can be said about the three of us. Together we practically run the school! All the girls want to be us and be with the guys, and all the guys want to be them and be with us. Yep! We all have groupies! Collectively and individually…the groupies follow!

David and I keep dancing after Seiji and Dae stop and returned to the fire pit. He is so grabby! But I like it! He gropes well! Hahahahaha…!


After the party we head back to the beach house. Everyone has their own rooms; except the twins. They share a room. We go to our rooms and get ready for bed. Kim runs to the shower as soon as she slips into her robe. She must have sensed me heading for it, cuz she runs right pass me as I walk in that direction and sticks her tongue out before closing the door! Little heifa!

I wait in my room until she finishes. I’m next door to David and Seiji is on the other side of me. I think I hear Noko in David’s room, nah….

“Dang! Took you long enuf!” I shout at Kim after she knocks on my door to let me know that she’s out of the shower.

“Oh, please! I didn’t take that long!” she replies sticking her tongue out again! What a brat! I mean seriously!

I grab my bath stuff, head to the bathroom, and start the shower. It’s so nice and warm; I could shower for days if possible. I put my head under the shower, my hair is braided into a Mohawk, and the middle of the Mohawk is loose curls. I like the feel of water on my scalp. I close my eyes. As I turn around with my head up wetting my hair some more I hear the shower curtain. I open my eyes, smiling, “Seiji….” He smiles back at me. He is already inside the tub. I didn’t even hear the door open and close. He’s so stealthy, it can be a little scary sometimes….you never know when he’s entered the room.

Walking towards me he fluffs his hair out a bit from the ponytail it was in. Wrapping his arms around me he softly, slowly, places his lips to mine. His tongue gently goes between my lips, licking my bottom teeth…slowly entering my mouth as I open it slightly. I gently suck on his tongue as it continues deeper into my mouth.

The water is slowly falling on our bodies as we continue to kiss more deeply. I can feel his hands rubbing and squeezing my butt firmly while I slowly rub his back with my fingers. As I move my left hand up towards his neck so that my fingers can rake through his hair I feel his fingers slipping inside of me. He had placed one finger inside me and then a second one, that’s what he always does. It feels so good; he pushes them in and out slowly and takes them out even slower so that he can gently rub my clit for a short time. We keep kissing. I moan softly moving my right hand down his back to his torso and onto his shaft caressing it roughly, the way he likes it…..

We help each other to wash up, I wash his chest, he washes mine, then we do our legs, and backs. When we finish we run back to my room which is closer to the bathroom.

We go to bed after rubbing lotion on each other. We don’t sleep, we kiss, and he places his hand between my thighs and starts to rub my clit. He pulls his mouth from mine and licks the front of my neck nipping it a little. He continues down my chest sucking on my nipples, licking my torso, my pelvis. He moves both hands lifting my thighs spreading my legs further apart…he slowly licks the wet lips below my pelvis. Sucking hard on my clit, his tongue laps up and down on my wetness. Pressing his fingers inside of me he touches the small morsel just inside my plump lower lips and begins rubbing it profusely. My face is in the pillow as I moan and swerve my hips side to side on the verge…..getting hotter, I feel overcome by a rush of heat…spilling from between my thighs!

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