Demon's Forbidden Kiss

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Alyssia lives in a secret society with demons their's far different than the rest. They want equality with humans. Some want to destroy all humanity. Starting with their society. Will they survive?

Fantasy / Romance
Cass Wildrose
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Chapter 1: Helping but, Snatched?!

I hear rustling in the bushes outside. I better check it out. There have been weird noises lately. Cracking the door open slowly and quietly the crescent moon covered in abyss night. Wind soaring in the trees; this night will be full of surprises I can just feel it. Huh? The bushes stopped moving. I walk out checking around the bush I bet it’s a dog.

“Ah!”I scream at the top of my lungs, breathing rapidly. Slowing my breathing down it’s only a girl she looks like she’s only in her teens. She must be very scared and it seems like she has been running in the forest. I get the begeebees scared out of me with her sudden appearance in the bushes. “Here,” I hand out my hand and help her up. Setting my eyes on her clothing, why is she only halfway dressed?!?! What is going on?! What happened to her before she arrived here?!

“Hello, my name is Alyssia. Please come in so we can clean you up and get you to safety.” After she follows me in I take her the living room. I pull the curtains close and let her sit on the couch while I gather clothes and towels for her to take a shower. “May I ask for your name?” I ask gently. She is afraid and panicky.

“I-I,” Her voice breaks before she can make a word. Tears flow down her cheeks. “My-my name is Elisabeth.” She is so panicky and afraid she starts to hiccup through her cries. It takes me a while to calm her down in order for me to ask her what happened and why she is here. Those fear streaked baby blue eyes with her sunflower blonde hair covered in mud. Her cute figure covered in ripped clothes. I bet her family is worried and scared about where she is.

“Please can you tell me why you are here? I can’t help you if you will not tell me.” I tenderly coax her into speaking.

“I was sleeping in my bed. I awoke to a sound I couldn’t tell where it came from. It got quiet so I thought it was the trees scraping against the house since it was windy. A man appeared in my bedroom. Before I could yell for help the man covered my mouth and suffocated me. I woke up here in the mountains tied up to a tree with ropes.”

She balls. “Before he tied me up with ropes the other girls attempted to escape. They caught them and chained them instead. He considered chaining me up but he said there wasn’t enough chain and there is another one he wanted. I escaped and ran to your cabin then hid in the bushes. When you came out of your cabin I scanned for the man who kidnapped me.” She continues to ball.

“Go take shower I’ll be out here.” She leaves and takes a shower. I get up and seize my cell phone from the kitchen unlock my android phone and call my friend Eros since he’s a cop or attempt 911. After trying both I head to the land-line he put in three weeks ago in case of emergencies. I dial and despise the response the phone gives me; it's a sound of phone being disconnected.

There is no service the only way I’m able is if we drive down the mountains some. Go back into the living room waiting for Elisabeth to get done. She comes out of my bedroom sits across from me. Her expression isn’t shocked when she sees me sitting with my phone.

“The phones line is dead isn’t it?” She squeaks out.

“Yeah..” The only thing I can say in this situation at the moment.

I search for the flashlight and the taser Eros got me in case of an emergency. I hit despair when I found neither. Quickly snatch my car keys then head quickly back into the living room. My fear prolonged until now. I must get her out of here and call Eros for help. It’s my duty to save her and the other girls who are trapped by this man. Consider my phones line is dead he must already know I’m here. He’s just waiting for the right time to strike. He hasn’t got into my car it’s locked and has an alarm so no one can break in without me knowing.

We need to get to my car and head down the mountain reach service then have her drive down farther to safety into town. Plan b well if we bother can’t get to my car safely then I will fight and let her go and give my phone. Plan c I stay and fight and help others reach safety. Plan c is the best I help the other girls out and she retrieves Eros.

“Elisabeth we must get to my car. I’ll stay behind and help the others out. I’ll give you my phone call for Eros or call 911 and ask for Eros. You head down into town get to safety.” I speak urgently and give her my cell phone.

“Okay.” She says with courage. “What if I can’t drive down the mountains?” She asks with concern and fear.

“You will run down the mountains while I try leading the other girls down.”

“Okay but that’s really dangerous.” Those frightened azul eyes so much fear it’s unsettling, I must look away before she tries to convince me otherwise.

Once I make up my mind there’s no turning back or change my plan really. No matter how dangerous it may be. We need to hurry the man already knows I’m here and he is ready for me. He might have slashed my tires already.

Now that I think about it does she know how to drive? She looks old enough to drive.

“I forgot to ask can you drive?”

“Yes.” She says happily.

“Good. We will to leave now. You head down and call Eros and I will stay behind help others.”

I slowly crack door open checking around outside then head out when I see no one. Elisabeth trailing quickly behind me she quickly unlocks my car and gets in. I point down to lock the car doors. Quickly as I can be I check around the car it looks good no slashes.

I hear wolves howling in the distance, one even yips. Next it gets too quiet; there isn’t even an owl hooting. I’m push up against my car by a man. Elisabeth screams bloody murder in my car out of fear mixed with my own. This man pins my arms above my head he quickly pushes his feet behind mine for leverage and pulls mine forward so I’m slumped against the vehicle.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The man says with a mischievous grin. “The fun is just beginning Aris don’t leave so soon. I’m sure Eros will enjoy seeing you at this little party.” His crooked smile sends chills throughout my body. I don’t know if it’s out of fear or not. I can’t look at him in the eyes.

When I get the courage to peer into his eyes, they send shivers down my spine with my skin growing colder and hotter. The hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up on ends. I don’t like these feelings. They are so confusing. How does he know Eros and what does he want from him?

I know Eros has had trouble in the past but, I never though it is this bad. The man with his glazed red eyes calculates fear of his prey. Is this man even human? He came out of nowhere and I couldn’t even hear him behind me.

“First I don’t know what you are talking about and second, I have no idea how you know Eros but he would never ties himself with you! Elisabeth go now!” I scream loudly.

Since he is too busy talking I’m able to move my legs behind him and push him as hard as I can I fell on top because his grip on my wrist never faltered. Elisabeth starts the vehicle and drives away from us quickly.

He is smirking. “So you’re a feisty little thing now aren’t you?” Those red eyes piercing my very soul I don’t know out of fear or lust.

I try to escape from his grasp and in doing so he is on top. He grins more. “Oh don’t worry I won’t make you lay there on the ground for this.” He pulls me up guiding towards the cabin I’m struggling in his tight grip he has on me. Once I’m against the cabin’s door he slides my arms down to my navel where he can grind his weight in me. Slowly moves his hands from my wrists when he knows I can’t go anywhere. Unfortunately I’m helplessly pinned underneath his chiseled body, his mouth so close to my earlobe his hott breath hits my ear makes me quiver in pleasure.

He drifts his warm hands up my elbows then between my busts glides up to my necklace and touches it. “Hmmm…” Eros gave it for my birthday. The necklace is black with gold on the outer edges of the pedals with diamonds. It’s absolutely beautiful. He studies it and looks up at me grinning. His left hand slides onto my cheek putting his thumb on my bottom lip. He moves the other away from the necklace into my shirt begins to rub my right breast.

“No! Stop! Don’t touch me!” I yell while squirming underneath him. I don’t know who he is; he could be the man who kidnapped the other girls. Why does every touch he does feel good?

“Stop squirming!” He yells in frustration his eyes blazing stunning me in fear, my heart begins to throb. Why does he trap me so then toys with my body. Every place he touches is hot in this cold fall air with the upper altitude in the mountains makes it colder.

I shouldn’t have come. Eros convinced me to come with him on his trip to Colorado Springs since he had to come out for business reasons. He figured it would be good for me to have a vacation. I always work all the time. He comes in and I waitress for him. He asked me to stay with him in his hotel room I got to embarrassed so I fibbed and said I wanted to be outdoors up in the mountains to view the nature in these parts. So he rented this cabin then put the phone in before he left he told me to be careful. All those thoughts are suddenly ripped from me by the man’s kiss he bestows. I gasp in surprise as his hott breath drains into my mouth. So hott. His lips feel so luscious on mine. Why, why is my body reacting to him so badly? My breathing picks up it pace from his kisses.

Slowly he moves back while I drop onto the cold hard ground. His eyes slowly turn from red into a different color I can’t tell which for sure but it kind of looked amber. He studies me for a moment grinning like he won something.

Sorry buster you haven’t won anything. “Why, why did you take those girls?” Bitterly question.

He begins to laugh at me. “What do you mean by ‘take girls’?” He pauses for a moment then his voice gets serious. “The only girls I take are ones much higher standard than yourself. Their quality is sweeter. Second, I don’t know what you think I’ve done to that girl I have never met her before so whatever you think I’ve ‘done’ is wrong.”

Did you just laugh about others being in danger? Their safety? That is so cruel. Why are you so mean? He could have said who he is to Eros instead of leading me on that he’s the man that kidnapped Elisabeth. I hope she is okay. Maybe he enjoys scaring people if so he has hit the mark.

“Tell me why you are out here?” I finally manage to speak after his laughter. I was so upset I couldn’t utter.

Eros why do you hang around guys like him.

“Well I seen the light from the cabin and thought Eros was her but instead I found his little girlfriend who just happened to let me kiss her. He will be so mad at you if I tell him.” He smirk grows wider as he thinks he has the upper hand.

“Uhhhh… girlfriend????” Okay now I’m puzzled.

Wait he thinks I’m with Eros? Yeah he is hott as hell but it’s not like I’m going to ask him out or anything. After all I’m on a rebound from Lexis my second boyfriend he dumped me for that slut he seduced while I was with him. He wanted to eat from her instead of me. Ughh.. he makes me so mad. Such a pompous jerk, really I don’t see what I had see in him at times. I’m glad we never had intercourse honestly how he is I could see him passing a std well if he could but since he is a demon he can’t.

My first whom I gave my virginity is also a demon. We keep in touch he moved away for college in Emporia. We unofficially dated but to me it seemed like we dated. He nice, sweet, and wild.

I left my hometown after Lexis and I broke up I needed space from him. He kept coming into Silver Rose and showed his new trophy girlfriend in my face he never mentioned me to her.

She was always nice towards me but if she knew about me she’d start a fight like his other ex’s or rub it in my face. All his previous ex’s told me he will dump me after we had sex, well ex’s he dumped me before then. Honestly I did think about it I just kept freezing in embarrassment. Of course it was before I found him with that slut. She is such a pretender. Fake as can be she pretended to be my friend only to seduce him which unfortunately worked.

Before I left he watched me every chance he got without his girlfriend noticing. I couldn’t take his jealousy anymore.

“I think you’ve heard wrong. We aren’t together.” Staring at him I’m honestly shocked to even hear someone like me could be with Eros. I’m pretty yeah but he is hott like angel hott even though he is a demon. Plus he is nice, caring, daring, and very strong kind of man. Oh gosh just think of him makes me blush. I’m glad my outside lights are off.

“Oh really now, Eros wouldn’t let a ‘friend’ be in the home he grew up in.” He says intrigued.

Huh? Grew up in? He told me he rented it. This guy is playing with me again. Right there are other girls out here in pain, scared for their lives I need to help them.

“He told me he rented this cabin I’m just staying here since I wanted to be outdoors. He only invited me since I work all the time and needed a forced vacation. I don’t normally like taking vacations. I don’t know how you know my middle name anyway.” The moon coming out of abyss clouds with wind swirling around us. He isn’t as frightening as before. He actually seems quite friendly. A little too friendly.

“I need to leave.” I run away from both him and the cabin before he could even utter a word into the forest.

I have to find those captured girls they need my help. I run through different paths searching for them. I’m glad the crescent moon is bright now since I don’t know where my flashlight went. There is no sight of any girls in of the paths I took. Now upstream barely made out a girl lying unconscious. Scanning around quickly, I don’t see a sign of anyone nearby thankfully. I check the stream of it depth. It seems to be only a foot deep. Stroll across the water in my resistant ankle length boots.

Once I make across to the other side I touch her, her skins feels cold next pulse. I sigh in relief when I felt her pulse. There are chains on her wrist she was able to break from the ones tying her to the tree.

I gently shake her. “Hey, wake up I’m here to help.”

She begins to stir. “Mmm….” Her groggily eyes open once she sees me she leaps back three feet. “Who are you? Are you with the person who took us?” Her panic dawns.

“My name is Alyssia, I’m not with that devil of a man who snatched you.” I smile. “I’m here to help you and the others to safety.

“O-okay.” The girl says while watching me closer, once she believes me she moves closer.

“What happened to you?” I ask concerned.

I glance at her, her cheek has a bad bruise I’m able to see it in the moonlight. She is hurt really bad there is another on her shoulder and right leg. I must get her out of here then the other three girls.

“A man stole me while I walked home from school. He is so fast I couldn’t squeal for help. He pushed me into a van and suffocates me. I awoke roped to a tree. I made an attempt but he noticed me and chased after me he caught up while the other girl got away. He dragged me back and chained me. Another man came up behind him and hit him in the head. Currently he’s knocked we still need to get out of here before he finds me.” Fear written in her eyes as she gets up.

I hear something in the distance so I tug her down into the bushes. I place my hand on her mouth so she stays quiet. We move slowly up enough to see a man.

“Go ahead keep running little girl! I will find you and once I do you will get it especially for that asshole whom came up behind me and smashed a bottle in the back of my head.” He slurs while he shrieks.

I whisper in her ear. “Is he the one who took you?”

She nods quietly. We need to get away from him now. I tug her hand to indicate let’s move away from him. He stops when he catches a glance of my blood on the ground. Shit, I forgot about my cut when I crossed the stream.

“When I give you the cue to run, run across the stream keep going and don’t turn back. Find help.” I whisper quickly.

“What about you? What will you do?”

“I will distract him. You need to move farther away from me so you can cross the stream faster. Where you see the blood it’s only foot deep. I just lost my balance when crossing.”

She nods as I squeeze her hand and she does the same.

I get why Eros always tells me to be careful since I love to get into trouble somehow. Hope to see you again.

I observe the drunken man as he inspects the trail of blood leading towards me. The girl gracefully and slowly moves closer to the stream so she can cross when I say. The man comes closer with a chain in his hand. Quickly I get ready to run. The gap between us is three feet.

“Try to catch me!” I scream running as fast as I can. He follows closely behind when I peek back I catch a glimpse of the girl crossing the stream, speedily running for her life. That is the last thing I seen before I tripped over something.

I felt instant pain in my right leg as I struggle getting up instantly I fell back down. No! No! Please no! I need to keep moving! I have to get away… He catches up with me and seizes me from behind with one of his hands on my waist and the other on my wrists so I can’t hit him. He quickly ties my wrists together then covers my mouth and nose. Eventually I stop struggling from lack of oxygen and fell into a worrisome, helpless sleep…

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