Demon's Forbidden Kiss

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Chapter 2: Freed From My Binds

I wake up with alcohol fragrance in the cramped air it makes my nose twitch in disgust. The chains are tightly woven around my fragile wrists and ankles. The kidnapper placed a chain collar around my neck while I lay dormant. The necklace Eros gave me for my birthday is gone. This collar he placed on me makes it hard to breathe.

These chains dig into my skin. Cold wind blows my direction sends shivers everywhere on my delicate skin. There is blood mixed with alcohol everywhere no matter where it is the wind swifts it towards me. Gradually I open my eyes only to view the kidnapper passed out with bottle of rum in his hands and indentions all over his arm from where a chain dug into his skin. Thankfully the bottle of rum is closed. I can’t take anymore of the smell.

I’m happy to see all of the girls captured have escaped. I hope I make it out of this in one piece. Gathering my courage, I must know what has happened, while I lay unconscious. Other than perceiving chains my clothing shredded, drenched in rum lay flat on the cold dew filled ground. Only garments covering my body are my bra and panty with clinging shreds that once was my shirt. This is horrible! My perfect white set stained with rum and dry blood. I can still feel his rum fang punctures it stings with pain. He must have bit me recently before he fell dormant, maroon liquid drifting down my neck onto my legs. I’m a bloody mess. There has to be something in his drink to prolong my bleeding wounds.

My right leg burns in aching because of the large cuts I received when I tripped over a sharp object. Thankfully it has stopped dribbling blood. I don’t need to lose anymore.

Inspecting the shackles for a weak point so then I can break free from the bounds that bind me. Soon this man will stir once again and the torture that follows will continue. If I get any weaker I’ll be more helpless than I already am after all I’m attached tightly to a tree. There is no escape for me only rescue.

I cry in frustration. I hope Elisabeth made it to safety and called Eros because I need him! Please someone save me! Anyone! Even the scary arrogant jerk! It’s almost like I have a flag saying “here trouble come my way”. This is way I don’t like taking time off…

When I moved from my hometown to where I live now before Eros even got to know me I was taken by men who wanted to get back at him. Of course he rescues me. Am I very easy to capture? Well I guess I am since instead of going to safety I rush in and try saving others. Eros and his partner Slate came here to search for the five missing girls. They have looked for them for three weeks now with no luck, well until now. I seen the girls pictures Elisabeth is one and the girl who I never got her name is another. I manage to help them find the missing girls but captured instead of freeing.

Steadily the night sky lightens up it must be morning now. The sun shines brightly along with pink and purple clouds in the baby blue sky. Thank goodness some of the light is blocked by most of the trees surrounding me my eyes are still adjusted to night time.

I’m curious how tight the chains are I barely make my big toe touch the ground. If I can figure out how to loosen the chains maybe just maybe I can break free and get away before my captor stirs.

Damn! He groggily wakes up cussing because of his hangover slowly he stands up and walks my way. His scary grin makes me whimper in terror. I thought the guy who pinned me against the cabin is scary nope this guy wins! I want to hide he has me all jittery in fear.

“Well, well, well, looks who has woke up.” He raises his hand and places it under my chin only to move my face towards him. He forces me to look into his cynical eyes. They show bodily danger, greed, and anger, so much anger the thought of it is killing me slowly...

“I’m sure you are curious who I am, Alyssia Aris Lunix?” His horrifying grin gets more twisted. “I’m Landen Muller. I’m here to kill you because you’re a threat to my lord. My only question is what has a pretty little thing like you have done to upset him so much to want her dead.” Landen emphasizes dead with a spine-chilling look as he raises his knife to my throat.

“It’s such a shame to kill a virgin. Maybe I should take you and have some fun.” His glaring eyes with his wretched alcohol stained breath and the deadly grin. Landen slides the knife from under my throat to my right cheek and slashes it; tiny blood dribbles down onto my right leg. I push my face away from his grasp as my blood twinkles down my neck onto my busts.

He licks the blood off my neck his tongue stings my very core. Get away from me! Someone please help! I don’t want to die! My tears drip onto the fresh blood.

I have to get away from him. I don’t want this to keep happening! I get free from this man and somehow he ends up finding me once again! He runs his long dingy fingers through my hair long enough to take my ends and yank my hair so my face is towards him. He vigorously shoves the rum bottle in my mouth and has me drink it. No matter how much it burns I struggle and gage for breath my throat tingles in numbness. He makes me drink it until it’s all gone.

I don’t think he plans to kill me just yet, what does Landen have in store for me and why do I have this sudden feeling of betrayal? Does he have something to do with my past? The rum changes in smell… what did he make me drink? I feel really sleepy…. I’m about to pass out… What are you going to do to me? I cry into a dormant state.

“Alyssia! Alyssia! Alyssia!” Someone yells in the distance the voice seems familiar and gets closer. Who are you? Where are you? All I see is nothingness pure night no light at all. What is that blue light? Huh? Eros?

I guide my eyes open as far as I can. Eros currently breaks the chains which bind me to the tree. There are new shackles residing on my stomach. Wait they don’t seem visible. What are they? The coldness from those chains is frigid to my frail skin. Why does it seem like they are multiplying?

Ah!! Tremendous pain courses throughout my entire body. Eros finally breaks the last actual chain from me. There are so many surrounding me… He catches me before I land helplessly onto the ground… I can’t move I can barely breathe… Eros what is happening? My body feels so numb and frigid yet steamy it’s almost like my blood is boiling. He picks me up and carries me back to his cabin.

"I'm so sorry Alyssia." Eros looks like he is about to cry.

He is scarcely visible. Please don't cry Eros, I don't like seeing you sad. I just want to you to be happy, as happy as I am to see you. I know you don't remember me from high school.

No one really does except for Christopher Lunix my brother, Evander Pavlov the hottie as well as my friend, and Thalia Evens she is my best friend since sophomore year I don't even need to mention his brother Savir. <3

I hardly can speak so I whisper to him. “It’s okay, Eros I’m fine. I’m so happy you got here in time.” I force a smile. I don’t even know if he can hear me or even see my smile.

I’m so tired, very sleepy like I haven’t slept in ages.

He holds me close placing my head on his shoulder close to his neck. He smells so good. "Please don't cry. I'm happy that you are here for me." I nuzzle his neck or so I thought. My body feels so unattached from the rest. Somehow even though I’m unable to move I can view my entire body there are soo many cuts. Why are my wounds glowing? Why is this happening?! What did he did he do to make my blood glow?

We arrive from the woods to Eros’s cabin. He moves quickly pass my further parked car. I’m so happy I’m saved. Well mostly saved excluding the random chains engulfing me. My eyes want to flutter close.

He opens the door walks in catching his breath. Faintly I manage to make out a figure sitting on the couch. It looks like a human being but I’m not sure. It gets up and comes closer. The being is so blurry.

“Uh… What has happened?” A familiar voice inquires.

"How about you tell me Kiris?" Eros spats. "I thought I told you to stay away from my place until I got here, I didn't want you around Alyssia. If you touched her before this happened seriously I'm going to beat the crap out of you!" He yells in pure anger.

I can't keep my eyes open anymore they flutter close. I still hear them mumbling their argument.... my hearing slowly drifts away then comes back.

"First I thought you were here, and second how the hell would I know what happened to your little girlfriend." He spats back.

What was your name again? I know Eros mentioned it. Is he the man who captured and kissed me earlier? Just thinking about the kiss makes me hot everywhere he touched me. No that isn’t right he shouldn’t have little alone I should have enjoyed it.. This voice is more masculine than his. It is a voice I haven’t been around since Moon Crest.

“Eros she needs to be in water now. Bad blood is winning and she is losing. A demon must have shackled her to the tree then made her drink Bad Blood. Every cut she has the more life force energy escapes from her body.” His very concerned voice whispers around me.

He quickly moves past us the breeze captures me. It is hard enough to feel like ice but cold wind swarming me just makes it worse. Little alone Eros adds to the breeze but his is hot like fire. I don’t know where we are heading to I only know it has to have water. This cabin has an oasis hidden within. The water inside is pure and relaxing but with my body covered in blood it would ruin. He lays me down on to a blanket.

“Hold on.” The sound of water engulfs me I can no longer see and my hearing fades. Warm heat from water covers me in a blanket it feels so good I finally let myself drift asleep.

Later I wake up in my bed I have slept in for three weeks now. There is a scent in this room it never falters away. It is lavender with vanilla swirling around in the air I breathe. I’m going to keep my eyes close for a tiny bit longer. They are so heavy almost like they haven’t been open for years. I roll onto my right side I’ve been laying on my back for a while now. It feels good for a change. A warm stroke crosses my cheek gently swaying my hair from my eyelids. Gradually flutter my eyes open. It is hard to focus onto my surroundings faintly there is a glow from the candle in the distance.

"Did I wake you?" A soft gentle voice whispers.

The pleasant hand strokes my face again. Finally I’m able to see Eros sitting next to me with his eyes twinkle in happiness seeing me awake. Smile portrays his lips he is so beautiful like he is my guardian angel. My cheeks form a blush just by looking at him. I hope he doesn’t notice I’m blushing.

“No, you didn’t wake me.” I say in a whisper even my whisper seems silent it must be hard even for him a demon to hear me.

“Okay I came in here to check up on you. I’ll go ahead and head back into the other room so you can sleep some more.” Tenderly he says and moves his hand down my cheek once again then kisses me on the forehead.

A blush forms more on my cheeks. “Kay.” I am about to fall back to much needed sleep.

Before I can sleep I keep thinking about the man whom kisses me last night. His eyes were different somehow they were more like gold then amber. Wonder why they were so beautiful after he kissed me. He did let me drop to the ground which still annoys me, especially with him toying with my body. The more I think about it the more embarrassed I get. Thankfully that night I turned the lights out before he came and forced a kiss on me that he wasn’t able to see my blush.

In the past when I first started at Silver Rose I thought he was human. I was horrible at noticing the difference between humans and demons well the ones who look like humans. I’m still not too good at telling. Silver Rose is a mixture of a diner, a bar, and club it is open to full blooded demons, half blood, and humans of course royalty is always welcome. There are some demon’s whose blood is sedentary only their human blood courses through their veins at all times. Some of them have times they are able to tap into their demon blood. If something bad were to happen they always are capable of using their blood rights sadly they have to be greatly damaged to access it though…

Some physicians think demon’s whose blood is sedentary are becoming stronger in order to activate their blood so they stay in their human forms until the transformation can take place. Others believe their demon side is too powerful for them. Unfortunately some can never truly use their birthrights.

Other professors in different societies believe those ‘demons’ are too weak for their birthright. Their blood rejects them and forces them to diminish their demon side.

All secret communities who harbor demons have a class for sedentary demons. Our society classifies them as to regular demons as for other territories slide them under human status where the weak deformed demons sit.

Few doctors have researched the inactive ones they have found inside their blood that their human plasma replaces their dried old demon plasma. There is another thing that baffles many. Outside of human plasma harbors fresh demon blood surrounds its self in an eternal dance. Think of it like white blood cells protecting us from viruses and diseases.

A positive for all demons they can’t receive std’s or get excruciating sick. Any demon who drinks from a sick human will get weak for thirty minutes to an hour. They will even get ill for that amount if their demon mate has drank from a sick human. It’s pretty obvious since we have half demons some have human mates. For static demons emotions for ones mate can be unstable attraction it becomes worse when humans are in play it can cause them to become uncontrollable sometimes.

Did I really sleep only one night it feels like I did. I know Landen made me drink a potion, a really sick one. For all I know I have been asleep for a week and Eros is being kind to me.

The man's lips was so yummy, they were soft, touchable. A little part of me wishes to have seen more of what he looks like. His hands were comfortable even though he was way too touchy and scary at the same time. Where does this feeling come from? I feel like I’m drawn to him just a little almost like he was part of my past. A past to which I have no answers. All the places he caressed me are tingly right now but last night they were burning with pleasure. I ignored what he said while he had me pinned against my car. I remember how nice he felt against me. There is no way he will ever know these feelings because what he did was wrong. Thinking I was Eros’s girlfriend and do those things to me.

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