The Angel's Wings

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Fantasy / Other
Leandra Rego
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I looked down at the knife that was sticking out of my left shoulder. If it had been just an inch or two to my right I probably would be dead. My body shook with fear as I closed my eyes and started to hug my knees. I felt tears sting my eyes as I tried to keep the memories away. However it didn’t work as a woman’s voice echoed through my head, screaming as she tried to end my life.

“Mom, I’m home!” I yelled as I entered my house. The living room was littered with party streamers and ballons from my eighteenth birthday party. I smiled at the thought of finally being an adult.

“I’m in the kitchen Honey!” Mother’s voice yelled from the kitchen. My smile turned warm as I walked in to find my Mother doing dishes. “Welcome home Grace. Did something happen on your way to drop Nathan off?”

“No mom. Nathan and I were just catching up.” Nathan was my best friend. You could say we’ve been friends for as long as I could remember. “I wanted to hear all about his boarding school life.”

My Mother looked over at me with a sad smile, “I know him going off hadn’t been easy on you, but if you had been a little more social in school you could have other friends to talk to.”

I shook my head, “I don’t really get along with the other kids at school.”

“What about that girl Jessica. She’s nice, and her mother’s in my book club.”

I shivered at the name. Jessica was a stuck up and shallow girl that took a little too much pleasure in making me, and a few others, feel like freaks. “She’s not really into the same stuff as I am.” I explained as I made my way to the pizza boxes on the dining room table.

“Well how about Dani, her family goes to the same church as us.”

“She’s Jessica’s friend, so I kinda run into the same issue.” I stated as I took one of the slices of pizza and took a bite.

My Mother shook her head. “I swear, you make no attempt to socialize.”

I shook my head at her statement, not that she saw it. I had decided a long time ago that the only friend I would ever need was Nathan. He was the only person in the whole town that truly knew the real me and accepted me, despite the fact that I really was a freak. He and I knew that if anyone else knew that part of me, I would be more of an outcast than I already was. Nathan was even sure my own parents wouldn’t accept me. Which was why he wanted me to go to his boarding school with him, but my parents refused the offer.

I looked down at my pizza with thoughtful eyes, “Hey Mom, can we talk about something?”

My Mom looked over at me, a little surprised. “Sure Honey, what do you want to talk about?”

I looked off to the side, finding the box containing the rest of the pizza really fascinating. “Well, I was hoping to talk to you and dad about something personal… can we talk in the livingroom?”

“Of course, I’ll go get him.” My Mother then dried her hands and left the kitchen to my father’s office. I slowly walked to the living room, my heart pounding in my chest and my shoulders heavy. I had been dreaded this talk the minute I was adopted.

Eleven years ago I was found wandering the forest next to our small town. I have no memory before that time. I didn’t know anything, not my name, age, or where I came from, much less my parents names or faces. I didn’t even know why I was wondering so deep into the forest all alone. All I knew was that I was different, and that I was probably abandoned because of it.

When I first entered town everyone worried about my well being. I wasn’t too skinny, nor did I look abused, besides the fact that I was coated in dirt. No, what had everyone worried was the fact that my hair and eyes were snow white. Everyone that met me feared that I was abused by someone, or that something was seriously wrong with me. However months passed and no one had any evidence to support those theories besides my hair and eyes. After all that time I still didn’t remember what happened to me before I was found in the forest, and my hair and eye colors never changed.

Even after eleven years I hadn’t even had a slight cough, much less the flu. So all anyone could do was attempt to find my real parent and get answers. However after almost a year of coming up with nothing they were forced to admit that I couldn’t just stay at the orphanage. So I was adopted.

“There you are Grace.” I was snapped out of the memories of my parents smiling faces as they took me into their home by my Father’s voice. I looked up to find him and my mother walking downstairs, a relieved smile was stretched across my Father’s face. “I was starting to get worried.”

A sad smile made it’s way onto my face. “I’m eighteen Dad, you don’t have to worry about me so much.”

“I’ll always worry.” He stated as he pulled me into a hug, I could feel his worry in his tense muscles.

I was a little shocked. He hadn’t hugged me like this since I got rear ended by a truck about two years ago. “D-Dad… is everything alright?” I asked, a little worried by his actions.

“Yeah, just call next time you run a little late, alright?” He asked, a strained smile wrinkling his face. I nodded in responce, “Good, now your mom said you had something to tell us?”

My heart jumped into my throat at his words. “Y-yeah,” I choked out taking a few steps back. I wanted as much distance from me and my parents as possible. “Well…I-I’ve been keeping something from you guys.” I started, my hands gripping each other behind my back in anticipation.

“You’re not pregnant, are you?” My Father asked.

I let out a strained chuckle, “No Dad, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Then is it drugs?” My mother supplied.

“Nope.” I answered as I then sat down on the loveseat, my parents slowly started for the couch, though my Mother stayed standing in front of it. “It’s nothing illegal.”

A horrified look crossed my Mother’s face. “Oh dear God, please tell me you’re not gay!” She begged.

“What?! MOM!”

“Come now Jane,” My Father stated, an amused look on his face, though I could see a little worry in his features. “If Grace was homosextual it wouldn’t be the end of the world.”

“Don’t you give me that Peter!” My Mother yelled, “You and I both know that gays are not tolerated in this community!”

I looked between my parents, any words I had wanted to say were stuck in my throat. If my Mother was freaking about homosexuality, something that was starting to be publicly accepted little by little, even in our little christian town. How would they react toward my deepest secret?

“I-I’m not lesbian!” I yelled out. My mother looked over at me, her face still lined with anger, but now relief was slowly working it’s way through it. “My secret is… well… something a little more… bizarre.”

“Whatever it is sweetie, we’ll love you anyway.” My Father stated, then gave my mother a warning look.

Not reassuring.

I let out a deep sigh as I slowly stood up, “Alright, since this will be a little hard to explain I’m going to show you… but please… don’t freak out.”

It was then that I closed my eyes and let the stress leave my shoulders and loosened my mental strain. Both my parents let out a shocked gasp.

“Grace, your hair!” Father yelled. I opened my eyes reluctantly to find my usually white hair was now pitch black, I then look over at my parents and was rewarded by more horrified looks.

“Your eyes!” My mother yelled, taking a step back. I flinched at the reaction, though I knew my eyes were just as black as my hair.

My chest tightened as true fear washed through me, “I-I’m not done…” My voice cracked as I reluctantly extended the pair of pitch black wings that had just appeared on by back to their fullest size.

My mother yelped and took off for the kitchen. I didn’t really blame her. It had to be hard to believe you had adopted a girl with such baggage. My father on the other hand, did the total opposite, he took a few steps towards me.

“Grace…” My father stated softly after a few moments of silence, worry clear on his face. “How long…”

I looked down at my hands that were once again clenching each other so tightly that my knuckles had started to turn white. “For as long as I can remember.”

I looked up at the sounds of footsteps and was startled at the sight of my father walking towards me. I tried to take a couple steps back, but the love seat behind me stopped me.

I closed my eyes in fear as my father cleared the gap between us. Throughout the years of hiding my wings I had thought of every possible outcome of telling my parents the truth, that they had adopted a freak. I expected them to be too scared or shocked by the new turn of events to even look at me. I expected them to yell at me for hours for keeping this a secret. I thought for sure that I would be kicked out and hunted down by people wanting to know how I am what I am.

However what my Father did was something I had only allowed myself to hope for in my wildest dreams. Warmth wrapped around my body as my Father gave me a hug. I opened my eyes in shock at the turn of events.

“Sweety, why did you try to hide this from us?” He asked, his grip on me never wavering.

“I-” I started, only to feel a lump in my throat, and just like that tears started to fall down my face as I hugged my Father back. “I thought that people wouldn’t accept me, especially here, where something like homosexuality was scorned. Can you imagine how people hear would have reacted if they found out. So even when you and mother were kind enough to adopt me a large part of me was scared that when you saw my wings you’d send me back to the orphanage.”

Father’s hug got tighter. “Come now Grace, you’re our daughter. The fact that you have wings doesn’t change that.”

I nodded and we slowly separated, I smiled sadly at his wide smile. I felt any weight I once had on my chest suddenly vanish.

“And don’t worr-” Father started only to be stopped as movement caught my eye. I looked over at the entrance of the room to find Mother standing there, her makeup tear stained and her face red. Father looked over too and gave a small smile as he walked towards her.

“I’m sorry Peter.” My Mother stated looking at me with distant eyes. Any hope I had a second ago suddenly left my body at the sight of those eyes. If Mother didn’t accept my wings then what was to happen to our family? Would I be kicked out like I always dreaded? Or would Father stand by me, which might result in a divorce? Or worse, would he turn on me now that his wife no longer thought I was human?

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” Father asked with a now forced smile.

“Mother?” I asked, fear washing through me ten fold.

It was then that those distant eyes finally zeroed in on me, her eyes then filled with both anger and fear. And just like that, she charge.

“JANE!” Father yelled, he tried to catch her, but he was only seconds too late.

My Mother then pulled out a knife she had been hiding behind her back, and aimed it right at my heart. I didn’t have time to think, all I could do was let my arms instinctively lift up in defence. Pain shot through my right wrist, then, my left shoulder. I bite back a yelp, which only results in me biting my lip.

“Jane! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“No!” The woman yelled as my Father pulled her away. I looked up at her and realized that if my Father hadn’t gotten to us when he did, she would have pulled the knife back and stabbed me again. “Peter, don’t you see! A demon has taken our daughter! We have to kill it! PETER!!!” She yelled as she continued to thrash against my Father’s grip, trying with all her might to actually end my life.

I looked down at the knife in my chest, I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that the woman I considered my mother had pulled a knife on me, with the full intent of murder. ‘This can’t be happening.’ I lifted my head and looked between the woman’s deranged face to my Father’s fearful one, his eyes begging at me to do something. And I wanted to, but what could I do? It was then that he seemed to be losing his grip on his wife. Fear wrecked my body in understanding. He wanted me to run.

More tears threatened to fall as I willed my wings to vanish. I stood up slowly from the floor where my weak knees had dropped me only moments ago. With one more look at my adopted parents, I bolted out of the house.

Tears started to fall once again, though I refused to acknowledge them. All I could see was the woman’s face. There was so much anger, and fear. I wanted to scream, but all I could do was tighten the ball I was in as the tears started to fall faster.

I don’t know how long it took me to calm down and regain my senses. I let myself take deep breaths as I looked up at my surroundings. I found that I had ran deep into the forest I was found in all those years ago.

Georgia’s forests aren’t the densest, but this one has always been secluded. Ever since I was found all those years ago there had been a lot of missing hunters and hikers. So not a lot of people have willingly gone into it, except for Nathan and I.

Although this place should have scared me I couldn’t help but think of it as my second home. Every chance Nathan and I got we came here, though we don’t go in very far. Just enough to not be noticed by either town folks, or a lot of wildlife.

I was a lot deeper than that now. When I got here I was more focused on getting away from my house than getting attacked by the wildlife. It took a lot of willpower for me to even stop here. I had soon regretted it once I noticed the amount of blood that now drenched my shirt from the run.

I once again looked down at the wound on my chest. I should try to get the knife out, to heal it, but I couldn’t find it in myself to care for my own health. All I wanted to do was curl back into a ball and imagine that none of this had ever happened.

However before I could lay my head back down and do exactly that, I caught sight of something on the corner of my eye. I focused on it and realized it was a small chunk of my white hair. I stared at it for a while, feeling nothing but emptiness.

Until the image of my adopted Mother holding a knife made me flinch and look away. That woman’s tormented eyes, full of betrayal. The knife she tried to plunge into my heart. It was all so clear. She thought I was a demon that was possessing her daughter, she thought I was a monster worth killing. And who was to say she was wrong? I looked down at the knife in my chest once more, and suddenly all that pain and anguish turned to anger.

Everything wrong in my life was all those damned wings fault! If I didn’t have them then maybe I wouldn’t have been abandoned in the woods, maybe I would have been a normal kid living a normal life. I might even have had normal colored eyes and hair.

Adrenaline coursed through me as I gripped the hilt of the knife, and without hesitation, pulled it out of my chest. I let out piercing scream as the knife was ripped from my body. I quickly silenced my scream by biting onto my already bloody lip. I took a few deep breaths through my nose as I looked down at the wound the knife had left behind. I took in one last deep breath as I tried to summon the warmth that I had come to associate with my wings. By just focusing that warmth onto my chest black flames burst from the wound, and just like that the bleeding started to slow down.

The flames on my chest were something I had found out about five years ago. I had come to the forest to test whether or not my wings would allow me to fly. I climbed up a tree, jumped off a pretty high branch, then fell. I was sure I broke my leg, but I was in so much pain that all I really remembered was wanting the pain in it to go away. To my relief, it eventually did, but when I opened my eyes I had found the black flames surrounding a large amount of my calf area. However I also noticed that my wings had vanished.

The minute I felt the warmth of the flames on my wound I returned my attention back to the bloody knife in my hand. I gripped the hilt tighter as a mixture of fear, determination, and pain coursed through me. I looked at the chunk of hair one last time before I started to hack it off, along with any other stands I noticed. I only stopped cutting once I realized I couldn’t see a single stand anymore. My hair was probably a bloody mess, but I didn’t have it in me to care. All I knew was that I didn’t have a reminder anymore. I relaxed against a trunk of a tree, letting the knife fall into the ground..

It was only when I started to feel myself starting to drift off into blissful sleep did I hear something in the distance.

“Grace…” I stiffen at the voice calling into the distance. I opened my eyes and slowly started to look around, but found no one. “I’ve finally found you…” the voice continued, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Wh-who’s there!” I yelled as I slowly started to stand up, nausea trying to push me back down. “Show yourself!” I stated with false bravado as my knees threatened to collapse on me.

It was then that a bone chilling laugh echoed through the forest. I looked around frantically for the source. “Oh, how I have waited for this day…”

It took a good minute of looking to finally see something, a movement that flashed in the corner of my eye. I quickly turned around and found a man, slowly walking towards me. I look at him, not sure what to think. As far as I can tell he hadn’t come from my small town. Everyone knew each other, it was impossible for us to not notice a stranger when they walked through.

“Who are you? How do you know me!” I yelled as I started to maneuver my way around the tree behind me so that I could get as much distance between me and the man as possible.

“Finally, my master will have his grace.” The man continued, as if he didn’t hear me. I took another step back, as he continued to move forward. “Master’s grace!” the man yelled, and just like that, he was running towards me.

I let out a started yelp as he came at me, the shorter distance revealing his face. It was definitely not what I would have expected. First off, I expected the man’s eyes to be any normal shade, brown or even a greenish blue. Instead I found he had blood red eyes with cat like pupils. Another thing I found odd was that instead of straight or even crooked teeth, his were razor sharp, like a snake’s.

However the one thing that scared me the most, next to the teeth of course, were his hands. They seemed to be dyed red while his nails were a deep black and looked just as sharp as his teeth, maybe sharper. Then the fact that he raised one of his hands, ready to tear me to ribbons, scared me to the point I couldn’t help the scream that escaped my throat.

“Stop!” A voice yelled causing my screams to become stuck in my throat. I didn’t expect for someone to be out this far, or for the monster to actually stop in its track at the sudden demand. With a terrified look on its face, the monster took a step back and bowed its head. It was then that I saw a woman step out of the shadows, looking at the monster with what I could only describe as distaste. “Leave.” She stated as she continued to stare at the creature.

The monster gave a small nod as he suddenly sunk into the ground, any trace of him gone. I couldn’t help but let my knees give way to my shock. I had almost been killed, again. The only reason I was alive was because one woman had scared the monster into retreating.

I looked over at the woman, she looked to be around my age, maybe a few years older. She had long black hair that was tied into a loose messy ponytail. She had on nothing more than a messy pair of black pants and a another equally dirty white shirt. If her clothes looked brand new she would either look like a businesswoman, or a person going to a job interview. However the look wouldn’t have gotten her any jobs due to the fact that she was walking around barefoot. My first thought was that she was lost, but she didn’t look scared, and the way she handled that monster told me there was more to this woman than meets the eyes.

When she looked over at me my heart jumped right into my throat. Her eyes were a light blue that seemed to stun me to my core, and her curious gaze made me a little light headed… or was that the lack of blood?

It was then that realization hit me as I looked down at the black flames covering my wound. I quickly extinguished them, hoping that she, by some miracle, didn’t notice. A sad smile appeared on the woman’s face. “I wouldn’t stop if I were you, your wound is still open.” She stated as she walked over and crouched down next to me. “See,” She stated pointing at the blood that was now leaking out again.

“Why do you care?” I couldn’t help but ask. After all, how many people wouldn’t freak out or ask a million questions at the sight of black flames? “For all you know I could be some evil demon.”

The woman chuckled at that, “For all you know I could be some evil demon.”

I shook my head. “No, if you were you would have probably killed me by now, or let that monster do it.”

She looked at me a little shocked before letting out a soft laugh that sounded almost like bells. “My name’s Michelle, what’s your?”

“Grace.” I answer instantly.

Michelle looks a little shocked, before laughing again, “Really? Wow, well Grace, it’s nice to meet you, and may I say I love what you’ve done with your hair. Though I think the blood was a little much.”

I let out a small chuckle, “Yeah, well it was either blood or dirt. I went with the most popular.”

Michelle let out another set of laughs, “I like you.”

I let a small sad smile cross my face, “Thanks… So I’m guessing by the way you handled that monster you’ve handled more like it.”

“In a way yeah, but for the most part I just handle saving damsels in distress like yourself.”

A long pause followed that comment as her words processed in my mind. “A-are you flirting with me?”

A cunning smile spread across Michelle’s face, “And if I am?”

“Then… Um…” I started, totally caught off guard. I had never really been flirted on, so this was totally new. However the fact that it was a fellow girl threw me for a loop. “I-I’m sorry, but I’m not a homosextual.”

“How would you know?” Michelle asked, her smile never faltering.


“Have you ever kissed a fellow girl?”


“Then how do you know you won’t like it?”

“I-I don’t know,” I stated feeling a little awkward.

Her smile became wider, causing my nerves to become a little on edge, “Well, let me know when you figure it out okay?” Michelle stated as she then leaned back to her original position. I looked at her a little shocked, I hadn’t even noticed she had even leaned in so close.

“S-so what was the thing that attacked me?” I asked feeling like a change in subject was in order.

“A demon.” Michelle stated casually, “Though I have to say you were pretty lucky he was one of the weaker ones. If he wasn’t he probably would have needed a little more motivation to leave.”

“Wait… a demon… a real demon?” I asked. “Like straight out of hell?!”


“I… I’m sorry, it’s just… hard for me to process this.”

Michelle smiles down at me with sad eyes. “I would assume so.”

“So how did you make it go away?”

“I’ve built a reputation for myself. Any demon who knows anything knows about me, and only the confident or stupid would risk fighting me.”

“So how do you fight demons? Holy water? An exorcism?”

Michelle let out a chuckle at my words. “You watch too much T.V.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing really. But you shouldn’t take everything you see as the truth. Now to answer your question, most fight with special weapons. However there are a few that can fight them with something called grace.”

I paused for a second. “Grace?”

Michelle looked shocked, then defeated. She let out a sigh as she started to explain, “The flames you had a moment ago. They may be able to heal you, but to demons it does exactly what it looks like it’s supposed to do.” She stated as she looked at me through the corner of her eyes.

“How… are all graces the same?”

Michelle shook her head, “There are only a couple dozen graces in the world, even fewer that are actually known and have names. But yours… everyone who knows anything about real demons knows about them… they’re called the Angel’s Wings. It’s a special grace that take the form of either black wings, or flames.”

I had a million questions to ask, but only one seemed important at the moment, “What’s grace?”

“There are a lot of theories about them, but what we know for sure is that they are weapons. They have been around for a very long time, but people found out a few hundred years ago that they could kill demons.”

I looked at her in total astonishment, until what she said finally dawned on me. “Are you trying to tell me that my wings, the bane of my existence, are weapons that can be used to kill monsters?” I asked, not wanting to believing a single word of it.

Michelle looked at me stunned, like my response was the last thing she expected. “You know, usually when someone grows wings they want nothing more than to fly. You, on the other hand, seem to simply want to be rid of them.”

“That’s because I do.” I stated with a scowl.

Michelle looked at me with a sad smile. “Do you seriously not want them, even if it means you can save people’s lives?”

I looked down, my eyes glued to my hands, “So far all they’ve done is cause misery,” I stated.

Michelle looked down at the ground and started to tear at the grass underneath her. “You really are a strange one.”

I let out a small chuckle, “Who do you think you’re telling.”

She let out another bell like laugh, but it died almost immediately after it came out. “And what would you say if I could remove them?”

“Well first I’d call you a liar,” I stated with a sad smile, “They’re attached, plus they’re as hard as steel.” just for the record, the only reason I know this is because I did at one point try to get rid of them via the sharpest knife I could find… I broke the knife… then Nathan scolded me for an hour. “However,” I started before Michelle could open her mouth, “it wouldn’t change anything anymore. My adopted mother will probably go to some sort of asylum. After all, she thinks I’m nothing but a demon wearing her daughter’s skin. My father is most likely heartbroken, one person can only take so much, and I think seeing your wife try to kill your adopted daughter is crossing that fine line.”

Michelle’s attention instantly spiked. “Wait, your mother was the one who stabbed you?”

I nodded. “My adopted mother, yeah. I showed my wings to my parents for the first time today, apparently it was a mistake.” I let out a sigh, “I think I would rather have never entered their lives. Then this whole fiasco would have never happened and they would have lived happily ever after… okay that last part was a little cheesey,” I stated with a laugh.

“You would seriously take your parent’s happiness over yours?” Michelle asked.

“Well yeah, why not? They took me into their home and raised me for ten years when they didn’t have to. Besides, I’m pretty sure I just ruined their lives tonight.”

“What would you say if I could really do that. Erase you from their memories?” Michelle asked, an amused smile on her face.

“Then I would have to ask how. How on earth could you erase anyone’s memories?”

“Well how can you grow wings one minute and summon black flames the next?”

“I… Are you being serious? Can you really make it so that I never enter my parents’ lives?”

“If you want, I can make it so that no one remembers you ever entered that town.”


“Seriously, however nothing comes without a price.”

“Then I’d pay it!” I stated as I stood up, only to regret it as the world suddenly shifted. ‘Note to self, healing wounds doesn’t mean you instantly get all your blood back.’

“Woah!” Michelle all but yelled as she caught my arm before I can make any real progress towards the ground. “You shouldn’t jump for the ball so easily. For all you know my price could be your first born child or even your soul.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Well is that your price?”

“Well no…”

“Then what is it?”

There was a long silence, “You’re not taking me very seriously are you?”

I crossed my arms and gave her an amused look, “Just tell me what I owe you.”

“A feather.” Michelle stated while nonchalantly crossing her arms.

I forced out the next set of laughter, “Seriously? A feather?”

“Yup, and by feather, I mean one of yours.”

“Y-you can’t possibly be serious.”

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

I couldn’t help but glare at her as I weighed my options. Michelle could be playing with me, however if she really can make it so that my parents could live the life they were meant to… then it would be worth it, right?

“Fine… but you have to leave Nathan’s memories alone.”


“He’s the only person that accepted me, wings and all, before tonight.”

“Alright, if that’s everything then I’ll be needing the feather now. Then I’ll hold up my part of the deal.”

“Fine,” I stated as I summoned my wings, I then grabbed a single feather and pulled. Oh, and before you asked, yes, when I was young I had also tried to pull all of my feathers off in an attempt to get rid of them, they just grew back, and I was rewarded with another lecture by Nathan.

“Perfect!” Michelle stated as she took the feather. She then stuck it in her shirt. “Alright, and…” she then looked up at the sky as if in thought, then looked back at me, “Then that concludes the deal.”

I was about to open my mouth to argue, or maybe ask her questions, I wasn’t entirely sure what at that moment. However I never got the chance before I found my mouth covered… by Michelle’s mouth.

I probably should have pushed her away, then yelled at her for kissing a fellow female, along with a total stranger. However before I could, I realized something, something my mother would have preached to me for hours for even thinking.

I actually liked it.

Granted, this was my first romantic kiss I have ever received, but that didn’t change the thoughts running through my mind.

After what felt like hours, but was probably just mere seconds, Michelle pushed us apart, the cunning smile she had before now back on her face. “So,” She almost sang, “have you figured it out yet?”

Honestly, I was too shocked to fully absorb what she was saying. My mind was racing with all the memories of my mother ranting about her views on homosexuality. If she saw me now… “I… I’m… soooooo confused.” I stated. “I-I mean I… I don’t know what to think.”

“Was it bad?” Michelle asked, her face a little amused.

“N-no.” I stuttered as I looked down at the ground.

Michelle actually looked a little surprised by that, but it was quickly replaced with a chuckle. “Really? I must really be a good kisser.”

I felt my face heat up at her comment. “I should go.” I stated as I started towards town, or what I hoped was towards town.

“Wait, where are you going?” Michelle asked, as she stood in front of me, worry clear on her face.

“Back to town.”

“Why? Your parents don’t remembers you, you won’t have anywhere to stay.”

“Nathan should still remember,” I stated, “and should let me stay at his place at least until tomorrow.”

“Then let me walk you back, that demon could still be wandering around here somewhere.”

I paused at the gesture, but nodded, “Okay, but I get to ask you a few questions on the way.”

“Fair enough.” She then moved out of the way and walked right alongside me.

As Michelle and I walked we talked about random things, how old we were, Michelle said she was twenty, then our favorite color, I don’t have one, but Michelle said her’s was white, but once I reminded her that it wasn’t a color she laughed at me and changed it to a light blue. She had five other siblings, though she said that they were all adopted, not a single one was actually related to another.

It was honestly interesting talking to Michelle. I had never really had any close friends that were girls, and I couldn’t help but want to be friends with her, despite the fact I’ve probably only known her for about an hour or two.

“We’re almost into town.” I states when I passed by one of the marked trees that Nathan and I had carved so we wouldn’t get lost.

It was then that I heard a loud shot go off, and not even a split second later saw something flash right in front of me, just barely missing Michelle’s nose.

I looked over to where the object had originated and was shocked to see Nathan standing there, a pistol in his hand. “Get away from her,” he yelled as he gave Michelle a warning glare, “or the next bullet’s going to go into your head!”

“Nathan…?” I stated with wide eyes. “Wh-what the hell?!”

“Grace, you need to get away from that woman! She’s a demon!”

My body turned rigid at his words. ‘A-a Demon. There’s no way.’ I thought to myself. After all, how could Michelle be a demon when she hasn’t done a single thing to hurt me, as a matter of fact, all she’s done since we met was help. I was about to yell at Nathan that he was crazy, but I was interrupted by a loud sigh originating behind me.

“Well it seems I’ve finally been found out.” Michelle stated, making me turn around to face her. She held her arms up in surrender with a cunning smile on her face. “I’m sorry you had to find out this way Angel.”


“But just so you know,” Michelle continued, “I do appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

I then heard another gunshot, my heart gave a jump, but right when the bullet got close to Michelle’s heart, she turned into smoke. Leaving me completely horrified.

“Grace!” Nathan yelled as I soon found him standing in front of me, his arms holding onto my shoulders softly. “Are you alright? You’re covered in blood, and your hair! Please tell me you’re alright!”

I looked up at his green eyes and found that one of his hands had found its way to my hair and he had pulled one strand down softly, but I still saw it. It was covered in the blood from when I used the knife to cut it. Memories and tears flooded to the surface as I found myself burying my face in Nathan’s shirt.

“I-I’m sorry! So sorry!” I cried as I clung to him.

“Sorry?” Nathan asked softly, “Sorry for what?”

“I-I should have listened to you!” I started as I then told him about what happened after I told my parents about my wings. I told him everything, from my adopted mother’s betrayal, to me cutting my hair, to the demon, to meeting Michelle and her deal. I left out the part about the kiss though, because I still wasn’t sure about how I felt about it, and to add the fact that Michelle was a demon didn’t really help.

When I was done Nathan didn’t say much, instead he gently helped me walk to his car, and when we were all buckled up and on the road I found myself fast asleep.

I had hoped that in my dreams I would have a little peace of mind. I was so wrong. What awaited me as I slept was fire.

I watched at the house I grew up in burned. Fear ripped through my body as I ran towards it.

“No!” My mother’s voice yelled. “Don’t worry about me! Run, before he gets you!”

“MOM!” I yelled as I slammed myself against the front door, ignoring her words. However the minute I got the door open I was blasted away by an explosion. My mother’s screams echoed through the air, making my body turn cold. “Mama!” I screamed as I stat up. In the middle of the exploded house was a man. His eyes glowed a bright red, brighter than the fire that surrounded him.

A laugh escaped the man as I felt my fear skyrocket to new levels. “There you are, I had wondered where my master’s wings had gone.” He then walked towards me.

My fear had caused my fight or flight instincts to kick in, and before either me or the monster knew it I had let my wings rocket me towards the sky and into the forest.

When I woke up I was shocked to find myself in Nathan’s bed. I sat up only to let out a quiet hiss at the pain that ripped through my shoulder. I ignored the memories that tried to resurface as I got out of bed. I looked back at my wings and was more than satisfied to see them disappear a moment later. I started to walk towards the door, only to stop in my track once I heard a female voice in the other room, and she sounded nothing like Nathan’s Grandmother.

“How could you hide her from us!” The girl yelled. “You know our situation back at Descent more than anyone! Why would you keep such valuable information to yourself!”

“Calm down Ella,” A male voice spoke. “I’m sure Nathan has his reasons. I mean, how can you just up and ask someone if they want to fight demons for a living?”

“Easily, I’ll show you!” It was then that footsteps started my way. I felt my heart jump to my throat as I started to walk backwards, only to fall on my butt.

“Ella!” Nathan yelled.

Ella seemed to ignore him as the door then burst open and a tall girl with long black hair walked in. My eyes opened wide in horror upon seeing her blood red eyes, and they were staring down at me. I felt a scream escaped my throat as I remembered the demon from last night. I willed my black flames to attack her, and was relieved to see them actually move at my command.

“H-hey!” The girl yelled putting one of her arms up to protect her face. “I’m not a demon, settle down!”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. “I already fell for that once, I’m not doing it again.”

“If you want proof open your eyes and look! These flames are only dangerous to demons. The only way for you to hurt humans is if you used the feathers.”

I opened my eyes and saw that the flames were actually levitating off of the girl’s skin. I looked up at her red eyes confused. “Then what are you?”

The girl laughed, “Well first off, my name is Ella, and I’m like you.”

“Like me?” I asked, now more confused than ever.

“Yeah, part Angel.”

*Disclaimer- This story is for entertainment purposes ONLY. This story does not reflect the author’s religion or beliefs.
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