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Untold Tails

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"We're what!" We yell in unison. The men backed away from us quickly as if we were going to attack at any given moment. Well excuse us for being shocked. Our world was just flipped on its ass. Twins sister Morgan and Annabelle never thought that they were adopted when they we're babies that is until they started growing tails and fangs. Some of the story plot was originally taken from an old story I started writing years ago but I lost what was originally written so I decided to rewrite it differently than what I had originally planned. Hope you will enjoy my story. From the thoughts of a thirteen year old.

Fantasy / Adventure
Wendy Haynes
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Morgan POV...

“I’ve never seen the word love so personified as I do with you!” Joss Stone’s voice sings, coming from my phone.

I roll from my side into my back with a groan. I so did not want to get up this morning. It was five AM for crying out loud! Tell me honestly who likes waking up this early. I reach over and hit the dismiss button to shut off my alarm. Love Joss Stone but not this early in the damn morning.

“I thank the gods above that this is my last year of hell.” I mutter under my breath as I walked across the hall to wake up my sister.

Anna is a deep sleeper that she tends to sleep through her alarms. Which means I have to make sure she is awake and ready. This was not a easy job as Anna gets very cranky when she get up. Not so much a morning person at all.

Being her twin was not always easy as I try not to kill her on some days. We fight on some days like cat and dogs because we are so similar in what we want. I rub my sleep eyes and yawn. Let wake up the dragon and let it roar. Without preamble I began to bang on her door.

“Yo Anna get up!” I yell, still banging on her door to make sure she heard me.

“Morgan Star Banks if you don’t stop banging on my door I’m going to make myself an only child.” She yells back at me.

I snort and rolled my eyes. The only way she would be able to do that if we were back in the womb together.

“To be able to kill you would have to be stronger than me.”

I duck as a shoe came flying out her door.

“I hate you, Morgan.”

I grin and rolled my eyes.

“No you don’t. We both know that you love me. Now hurry up and get dress.”

I walked back to my room to find a outfit. And hopeful we won’t be wearing same outfit, when she comes down to the kitchen.

After taking a quick ten minute shower, I walk downstairs to get some breakfast. I slide into the kitchen and see my mom at the stove, cooking. Upon hearing me enter the kitchen she turns to look at me.

“Morning Morgan.” My mom said.

I smile and took a seat on a stool near the breakfast island.

“Good morning mom,” I said. “Did dad already leave?”

My mom shakes her head, flipping something I couldn’t see over.

“No he didn’t leave, he wanted to drive you girls to school today.”

I nod, taking an apple from the fruit bowl. Anna comes the stairs, taking them two at a time. She had a bright smile on her face.

“Good morning Morgan, mom.” She said, then she sniffs the air. “What cooking in the pan.”

She was looking at mom while she was taking a seat next to me. Mom smiles at her.

“I’m making waffles and bacon. Now girls tell me how well did you sleep last last night?”

Anna and I groan in unison.

“It was awful.” We both said.

Mom nods her head sadly.

“I understand why the wolves are around because they are trying to protect us weak humans but all of the howling is hard to sleep through.” I complain as Anna nods her had in silent agreement.

Let me explain the wolves before we move on. The wolves I speak of are shifters or as most call them are werewolves. Even through that is not even correct as to what they are they are still call. Their propose is pretty simple. They protect we wee humans from the vampires that just want to see us all drain of our precious blood. Without the wolves we would be dead. Just lifeless sacks of skin. They have been around for so and so years that it is unthinkable if they were to leave us out in the open. No one in the city know what the shifter looks like out of their wolf form, so we have no idea what their human face looks like. I’m just glad that they’re on our side.

Feet bangs on the stairs that lead to and from the basement. Our dad pops out of the basement, in a suit and tie. He walks over to our mom and kisses her check. She roll her eyes and pushes him into a stool.

“Sit down Dave, while I make you a plate.” Mom said turning back to the food.

Dad shakes his head.

“Oh honey don’t bother I not really hungry.”

Mom snorts and shakes her head.

“Did I ask if you were hungry? No? I didn’t think I did. Shut up and eat.”

Anna and I giggle. Mom didn’t let get away with anything. He doesn’t have a option with her when it comes to doing what he needed to do.

Dad sighs and looks at his watch.

“Well then can you make it to go as I only have about 10 minutes to get the girls to school on time?” He asks.

She hands him a tupperware container with his and then hands us ours.

“You act like this is my first rodeo. You two have a good day at school now.” She said shoving us out of the door.

We grab our book-bags and headed to the car.

“Shot gun!” I yell as loudly as I could.

Anna groan and got into the backseat of dad’s car. To be clear before you think that we can’t drive or don’t have licenses, we do but sometimes someone our mom or dad wants to drive us. We have two different type of licenses. We have a driving and a motorcycle license. What? Don’t judge us for liking the art of loving the open wind in our hair. Yup we’re special.

Dad now gets into car, putting the key into the ignition. But before he turns it to start the car, Anna and I both puts one of our hands up. We had to do this everything before we left or we would tend to leave something or people behind.

“Do you have your lunch?”

“Do you have your phone?”

“Do you have your files?”

“Do you have your office ID to get into the building?”

“Do you have your glasses on you?”

“Did you grab your briefcase?” We both ask within seconds after each other ask one and then added another one.

Dad, just smoothly steps out of the car and goes back into the house leaving the key where it was. We both roll our eyes. Happens every time without a fail. That man would forget his brain if it wasn’t inside of his head that for sure. It take a few minutes before he comes back with the things he forgot. He toss the thing into the car and then looks to us.

“Ready to go?” He asked.

We roll our eyes and nod our heads. Of course we are ready you’re the one that forgets everything dad. Anna laughs and then reaches up to tap my head. I nod, forgetting that she can sometimes hear my thoughts. Don’t ask me how because we are just as lost as to how we hear each other thoughts. It just something we can do.

Dad puts the key in the ignition and we pull out of the driveway. He pulls up on the street and he began to drive us to school.

Anna taps my shoulder then my forehead. I nod my head and then I put my mind block down.

“Want to have a little wager?” Anna ask me.

I raise an eyebrow. Hmm.

“What do you in mind?”

“Okay, when we get to school I’m betting that no one is going ti say anything to us with it being the first day.”

I almost snorted at that ridiculousness. It is the first day of our senior year. I’m telling you every single teacher is going to say something but knowing I knew that she meant students.

“What does the winner get?”

Anna shrugs.

“We can figure that out later. So are you in or not?”

I roll my eyes.

“Of course I’m in. You know that I can never miss an opportunity to prove you wrong.”

Anna bares her upper set of teeth at me and then cuts off our connection. I giggle, blowing a kiss at her. I just love to miss with her. She gets annoyed so easily. She sticks her tongue out at me before taking out her phone. I shake my head at this. We of the weird that is the only way I can explain our relationship.

About five minutes later we were pulling into the school’s parking lot. Anna and I unbuckle our seat-belts before getting out of the car. We wave good bye to dad as he drove off to work. We walk into the school and was immediately surround by people of our class.

“Oh my gosh Anna you not believe the summer I had.”

“Our class presidents are here.”

“Did Morgan’s butt get bigger?”

That is just some of the things people said to us. Like what the heck happen in summer this that everyone is happy to be back here? Oh right this is our last here. Thank the lord. I raise a hand in here to stop all the loud talking. It was a great thing when everyone shut up.

“Hey everybody. How are you my fellow seniors? Good? That is quite fabulous. But shut up. No I do not care what you did this summer as of right now. What I want is some space to get to the office so that my sister and I can find out if we’re giving the freshmen tour. Now can all of you part like the Red Sea?”

People moved back giving me the room I wanted to get to the office. I nod my thanks, grabbing Anna’s hand pulling her with me to the office. When we were safely in the office I turn to Anna with a smirk on my face. Anna rolls her eyes, knowing that she has lost the bet.

“What shall be your reward?” She asks me.

I shrug.

“I don’t know yet. I will figure it out later.” I said.

Anna nods and then we went to hunt out the principal. Our principal was a hard man sometimes to track down. He was never in one place. That man, if he had more than one body that is, would be in over fifty different places. It is quite weird for a man in his fifties to be so on the move. But oddly enough though today he was actually in his office. We knock on his door.

“Come on in girls.” He called out.

Forgot to mention that the man also has a keen sense that is really freaky. We open his door and walk into his office.

“Hey Principal Brews. We were wounding if we were doing the freshman tour this year?” Anna ask.

Brews hold up a hand telling us to wait a moment. He was on a phone we didn’t notice him using when we walked in. We nod and took a seat.

“You still haven’t found them? There no way that they are no longer living. We need them found. Call me when you have useful information.” Brews hangs up with a frown before he turns to us.

“What’s up you two?” He asks.

“Are we taking the Freshmen on a tour of the school?” I ask.

He nods and hands us a stack of maps.

“Yup and make use they understand that under no circumstances are they or anyone else allowed to go into the woods.” He said.

“We got you. Like in Harry Potter don’t go into the dark forest.” Anna said.

Brews rolls his eyes and waves us out of his office.

“Shoo, I got work to do.”

We chuckle and then we leave his office. I grab a megaphone from the closet. I look at Anna, waving the megaphone at her.

“Do you want the honers?” I ask her.

She shakes her head.

“I did it last year. It’s your turn.”

I nod and then flip on then megaphone.

“All Freshmen or newbies please make a line beside the main office.” I said into the megaphone.

People moved either out of the way or next to the main office. I watch as everyone forms a line, ready for the tour to start. When the bell rings, I smile. School is now in session.

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