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Untold Tails

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Annabelle POV...

My sister and I stood in front of the freshmen and newbies to the school. I nudge my sister giving her her cue to start introductions. She nods and bring her megaphone to her lip.

“Hello Freshmen and newbies. Welcome, to some of you, to your first day of high school. I’ll be the first to tell you that it is nothing like middle school. Here in high school you have to work hard or you will fail. No ifs, ands or, buts about it. My name is Morgan Gates and this is my sister Annabelle but you can call her Anna. We are your Student body presidents. Come to us if you need anything. Here in Wolfven High school you will enjoy our array of things to do.” She said before passing the megaphone to me.

I smile at everyone and bring the megaphone to my lips.

“Hey everyone who’s ready to spend two periods of the first day not in class?” I ask.

Everyone claps and cheers, glad not hear teachers drone on and on about the rules and expectations they have for this years. Well at least I am.

“We’re to start the tour on the second floor and work our down. There only really one major rule that must be follow for this. Do not under any circumstances go into the woods behind the school.”

Someone raise their in the back.

“What is your question?” Morgan calls out.

“Why not?” A boy asks.

Morgan and I both frown. Either he was acting foolish or his family was new to town.

“Unless you want to be wolf chow, I wouldn’t go back there.” Morgan answers.

“All righty. Can everyone please follow me?” I ask walk towards the stairs.

We head up the stairs to the second floor. We always started on the second to make the tour a bit longer because most classes taken here were on the second floor. No one really wants to go to class on the first because they didn’t actually get any sleep the night before. We go through all the classrooms on second floor, explain who’s they wear. We answered questions here and there. Gave a few descriptions and warnings about some teachers here. Not all of the teachers here are great. Some just suck moth balls. There is one teacher that no mater what she could tell us apart. She is so awesome for being able to do that.

“Okay so who is ready to walk the first floor now?” I ask.

Everyone raise their and we head downstairs. I pass off the megaphone to Morgan before we the bottom of the stairs. We had system that we have been doing since the beginning of our 10th grade year. If I start the tour I end the tour and vise versa. This is why I handed off the megaphone to her.

“Alright everyone. How are you all liking Wolf high from what we shown you guys so far?” Morgan asks.

We get a few cheers from them. Morgan shakes her head and continues the tour. We show them certain shortcuts to classes, offices of students advisor and our office that we have at the school.

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