An Alpha Who Nose

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He's missing the one thing that his kind needs to survive. She's getting everything she never knew she wanted and more. Witness the truth, lies, and obstacles finding your destined mate can bring.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Meet McKenzie Alphonso Blackstone


I’m a simple man. I like simple uncomplicated things. I also hate a lot of things. My world is full of gray matter. Inconsistency that makes my life a living hell but peaceful at the same time. I keep my wolves in check always. He’s very dominant and is tired of the disrespect I receive an0d do nothing about. I’m not a coward I just can’t beat sense into every single person that shows me hostility which my wolf wants to do. I’m 28 years old, biracial and the biggest asshole you will ever meet. Why? You ask. It’s simply because i can’t be the person I’m supposed to be and it’s killing my wolf. If I don’t get him to settle soon I’ll go rogue and be a mindless monster. A feral wolf maiming and hurting people until someone stronger than me puts me down like mad dog. There’s one person I know that I’d stronger and I don’t think he’ll provide that distinct service. My father, Eldon, retired Alpha of the Blackstone pack. Although he’s told me on occasions ” I brought you in I’ll take you” I don’t think this is what he meant.

Chapter 1 McKenzie

“I really don’t want to go to this bachelor party”. I say aloud to Lindsay while I’m thinking I really don’t want to go to this fucking bachelor party. I hate socializing. I hate bars, loud music and my wolf hates everything else. We’re a special blend of antisocial. The one person I do like is the person making me go. “My brother wants to get to know you, bond even” she whines. She knows how much I hate things but still she pushes for me to go and I guess getting to know her family wouldn’t be the end if the world. So, I suck it up and start to get ready. She must put up with a lot from me so I’ll give her this. T shirt and jeans is the best it’s going to get. I slip on my pants, throw on my t -shirt and I’m done.

“That it?” She’s asks.

“Yes” I answer with my wrinkled clothing because let’s face it who am I trying to impress.

Lindsay rolls her eyes. Her sassy attitude gets my dick hard and just like that I have the perfect plan. If we’re mid-coitus neither one of us is going to any party, right? Mind made up I make my move. I start to walk towards her and she immediately throws up her hands to stop me.

“Nuh- huh ” she says as she wiggles her finger with acrylic nails shaped like claws at me.

I wish they were real claws then could mark me. I push that thought right out my head. She knows me too well and I tell her so and I get another eye roll. Lindsay knows what that shit does to me and yet she does it again. Lindsay is trying to get fucked. If she was my mate she’d just give me what I want. Hell, if she was my mate the bachelor party wouldn’t be an option. Basically, I’m a lone wolf because of a birth defect that everyone sees as a sign from the moon goddess. I have a pack but most of them don’t like to see me around except my sister Naomi. My sis Naomi is the sole reason I still have a pack and a girlfriend. I have the potential to be an Alpha but my birth defect makes it hard for others to respect me. At first, I thought I could just make them respect me with fear and a very heavy hand but that was not the right way to win over a pack so my father stripped me of my title and I descended down through the ranks. I’m not the lowest but I’m not high enough in the pecking order to get respect. I figured it out after I hit rock bottom it’s better to be respected than feared as a leader. I met Lindsay, my girlfriend, after an awful relationship with a shifter that wasn’t my mate either. Power hungry bitch but good in bed. When my sister met her mate and soon to be husband Carlos, a human that’s why they’re getting married, I was introduced to his sister Lindsay. She is what you call safe. She is how I will settle my wolf. I sound like a dick. I am a dick but no female shifter will come near me because I’m goddess forsaken. Lindsay was cute, nice, and we hate a lot of the same things. I’m different from other wolves. They look down on me because apparently, I’m Goddess cursed. I was born anosmic, without the ability to smell, this is a very big deal for any shifter but for a wolf I’m damned. Wolves are led by our ability to sniff out our mates. So, if the Goddess didn’t see fit for me to smell that led everyone to the conclusion that I didn’t have a mate. When we got the news from the pack doctor my mother broke down. Her son, the future Alpha, was destined by the Moon Goddess herself to live and die alone. She cried and cried for days because I don’t have a soul mate out there somewhere. Someone to complete me the way her and my father complete each other. Enough of thinking about that shit. I shake the thoughts off and make my move on Lindsay. She’s preening like a proud peacock in the mirror getting ready for the bachelorette party. She looked damn good with her alabaster skin. That short ass red dress and high heels we’re coming off. Hell, she could leave them on as long as she took her panties off. I sneak up behind her, slow my movements but she already sees me. She just acting like she doesn’t. I know Lindsay just as well as she knows me. As I thought Lindsay wanted to be fucked. I picked her up her legs immediately wrapped around my waist. I carried her to the bed and throw her in the middle. I got my way with her of course. I issued my first order. She put her hands above her head so fast it would’ve been funny if my dick wasn’t so hard. Dress pulled up, panties pulled to the side roughly and torn slightly. I’m rough with her but she likes it. As I drop to my knees readying myself to taste the arousal I can’t smell she stops me with,

“Please McKenzie give me what I need.”

With the utterance of those words I couldn’t deny her. I can’t hold off. I entered her to the hilt in one thrust and was immediately rewarded when she exploded on my dick. Clenching around me. Holding me tight to her. Making me want more of her. So, I take more. I start to move in and out of her and I know this session won’t last long because I’m so close already. Then she’s squeezing tighter and tighter until I couldn’t hold my own. Climaxing again and I had to let go.

“Damn fuck shit.” I call out.

Her reply is a simpering sigh followed by a laugh and then jokingly said,

“That’s why you’re marrying me”

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