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Dire Woods

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What do you do when you're terrible at magic? Improvise. Year after year, the Alabaster family, founders of the finest magical school in the four lands, has produced some of the best wizards throughout history. Now, when they need a hero the most, the latest Alabaster uses his wand to stir his tea.

Fantasy / Children
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The interior of the crumbling stone shop was dark except for the pale glow from a single candle. Two figures, one hooded, huddled in the flickering pool of light that splashed across the polished wooden counter.

“You weren’t just teasing me?” the hooded figure asked. “You really do have it? Right here in the shop?”

The elderly wizard behind the counter gave a tittering laugh, reached into the darkness and placed a beaten gold box on the highly polished wood.

“Of course I have it. Just like I promised,” he answered. His skinny shoulders straightened. “And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to come by.”

“May I look at it? Just once?” The voice held a soft, yearning note.

“Well, I really shouldn’t,” the old man said. “It is highly dangerous.”

“Please?” the voice asked. “I won’t be frightened if you’re here.”

“Just one quick peek and only because it’s you,” the old man answered. He gently slid the box across the counter to the willowy figure facing him.

Two long, slender hands reached forward and caressed the box softly before opening it.

A coil of silver glittered on a bed of tattered velvet.

“And it really works, just you like said it does?” the voice asked.

“Definitely,” the old wizard answered. “I checked the documentation on it myself. In some circles, it’s quite famous.”

The hooded figure gently lifted the chain from the box and let it dangle from her fingers.

“Careful! Careful! My dear!” The old wizard squeaked, his robes fluttering. “That little trinket is extremely dangerous!”

“Oh I really wouldn’t worry about the bracelet,” the figure said. “You see it’s nowhere near as dangerous as I am.”

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