The Hero

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Chapter 1: In the Woods

Princess Victoria Cre of Athia was walking in the forest to visit her best friend, Emerald, which lived the woods alone because she was a Dragonborn: half Dragon, half human. Victoria found the old cave behind thick vine. She was dressed in old beggar’s cloths and a ratty torn hooded cloak because if her sisters or brothers found out that her best friend was a Dragonborn, they’d kill Emerald.

“Hey, anyone home?” asked Victoria. There was a long pause, and then someone walked forward.

“Victoria, I have to tell you something,” said Emerald. “They know where I am.”

Victoria went silent. No! They can’t, they won’t.

“I’m going to die,” Emerald said. “Get out and don’t come back, if they find you, they’ll kill you too.”

Victoria was stunned, but then had an idea. “If we go now, we can get out of Athia’s borders by nightfall!” she exclaimed.

“I can’t do that to you,” said Emerald.

“Then run!” Victoria exclaimed.

Emerald took a step toward her best friend and put her hand over her side, there, Victoria saw a large bloody stain.

“Can’t you just heal yourself?” Victoria asked.

“I could, but then I would be in a coma for the next two hours.”

“I’m getting you out of here.” Victoria put her arm over her shoulder and started running out of there. She ran with her friend for another hour, then Emerald dropped as they came to a stop.

“Victoria, you know what will happen to me. They’ll find us, then kill us both before they see your face! Just let them kill me!” Emerald snapped.

“I would never forgive myself if I left you behind to die,” said Victoria.

“Promise me you’ll live.” Her green eyes looked around as if sensing something.

“What is—”As Victoria helped Emerald up, an arrow struck her back, and pierced her heart.

“There!” yelled a palace guard.

Victoria dropped to her knees, her vision going black. She was picked up by Emerald and was carried away. They came to a stop and Victoria was put against a tree trunk.

“It’s going to be ok, just keep your eyes on me,” said Emerald, she crouched down and they met eyelevel two hands shook Victoria’s head and got her to open her eyes fully. “Hang on!”

Her deep green eyes met with Victoria’s diamond blue eyes. Emerald put her hand over Victoria’s heart and started ‘The Drain’, the ultimate sacrifice of self, putting all of your power into the person you’re healing and then dying.

She pulled out the arrow and Victoria screamed in pain, then Victoria felt another pain as her wounds closed up and Emerald collapsed into Victoria’s arms.

“No, Emerald,” Victoria said in a whisper. “I killed you…”

“No… you…didn’t…” Emerald breathed. “I’m… sorry… you’re… a… Dragonborn…” she pushed a box into her hands, and then let out her final breath.

Victoria wanted to say something else, but couldn’t find the words as tears streamed down her cheeks. She knew what happened, Emerald gave her life. Her blurry image of everything showed her hair turning ice blue. She wiped away her tears and her vision sharpened, her skin turned white for a moment, then faded back into a paler version of her skin. The ground around her crystalized with a combination of ice and diamond and then quickly expanded until after her eyes couldn’t see. Right at that moment, one of the princes came out into the open and fired his crossbow at her. She saw it coming in slow motion and caught it in midair a couple inches before it reached its target.

The prince watched in shock as Victoria made her escape from him, using new speed she’d never encountered before, even Emerald never went that fast before. She ran deeper into the woods tears turning into snowflakes, then she slid to a stop, but lost her balance and fell forward. She stayed down for a while, crying in the crystalized snow.

“Victoria,” said a voice from above her.

Victoria looked up to see a black shaggy haired, purple eyed boy that had black wings. He held out his hand to help her up. She took it and pulled herself up, then wiped her tears with the other hand because he hadn’t let her hand go.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice sounded horse, and her eyes were bloodshot.

“Fey,” he replied, only answering what was asked.

She figured he was a quiet guy, so she’d only ask with one word answers. “What am I?”

“Dragonborn,” he answered. “But not born of a Dragon.”


He touched his finger to her lips. “Go to the south mountain pass, there, you will find what you’re looking for,” he said. he put on a black mask that cover his entire face except his eyes, then he tilted his head back gracefully and shot into the sky, leaving no trace behind him.

She now knew where she needed to go. It was clear he was a Dragonborn because of his wings. She somehow trusted him, even though she just met him. She looked at the box Emerald gave her. Fey, that’s a strange name, she thought as she started walking south. Somehow I have the feeling I’m going to see him again.


Joshua Macerov of Belton, the son of a duke, was holding a ball at his Manor on his seventeenth birthday. After his father died three years ago and his mother died when he was four, his uncle kept the old tradition of throwing a ball on his birthday. All Josh really wanted to do was sit in his workshop, quietly inventing new stuff, using unique stones like diamonds and emeralds.

“Joshua, it’s time to get ready,” said his uncle.

Josh looked at his drawing of diamond armor and sighed.

A few hours later, Josh was standing next to his uncle in the ball room.

As the music played on, Josh saw a group of girls giggling and looking at him, he was about to walk over to them, but his uncle stopped him.

“Wait,” he whispered, pointing at the announcer.

“The princess of Athia,” said the announcer.

Short heighted, brown eyed, brown haired girl walked forward and curtsied.

“Princess Jaclyn of Athia,” she said.

“Duke Joshua of Belton,” he glanced at his uncle and he kissed her hand. He looked at his uncle again. “May I have this dance?” he asked. He really didn’t like dancing, but then again, he’d never met a princess before, so he’d give it a shot. He led her to the dance floor and the music was slow.

“I hear you hunt Dragonborns, tell me, what do they look like?” he asked.

“The males have wings or some sort of weird colored steaks in their hair, the females have sorcery,” she replied. “My sister went missing after two were spotted in the forest.”

“So they’re dangerous?” he asked.

“Extremely,” she replied. “If you find one, kill it.”

The music ended and he bowed. “Please excuse me, my lady.” He stepped outside to look at the clear night sky. But something seemed odd as he saw sparkly snow come out from the forest and climb up the walls of the manor.

Someone from behind grabbed him and put their hand over his mouth. He tried to struggle but the tight grip of the mysterious person held firm. Then he was pushed forward and the mystery person hit the bottom of his neck so he couldn’t breathe for a little bit, then he was hit on the side and fell unconscious.

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