The Hero

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Chapter 4: Sleeping Beauty

Zane woke up in a tank filled with healing water and a breather over his mouth. He swam to the top and knocked on the lid. A boy seventeen years younger than himself opened the hatch and helped him up.

“I’ve got five minutes left and Cromose hit you with super strength,” the boy said.

Zane took off the breather and looked at his secret underground with stacks upon stacks full of the wounded dragons and Dragonborn all in the tanks and living lives he and Night had created for them in the system the boy called ‘The Dream World’. “Good, how long have I been in the coma?”

“Six months, ten days, seven hours and twenty seconds,” said Night.

“How is the systematic world?” Zane asked.

Night checked his watch. “One minuet. Working perfectly with no glitches, no flaws.”

“Good. And Cromose?” Zane walked up to the computer in the middle of the giant room and tapped at the keyboard.

“Tracked and ready anytime to set off his core crystal.” Night was about to climb into his tank, then hesitated.

“You have ten seconds Night, get into your tank,” said Zane.

“Yes sir,” he climbed into his tank and put on his breather, then closed his eyes and the fluid filled the tank.

I wonder what was bothering him, thought Zane. Was it the fact that his sister was stronger than he was or the fact that he has the disability of not being able to breath outside the world he helped to build in the system? I suppose he could if I created a helmet that had the breathing capability he needed. If only Cromose hadn’t betrayed me. I had my doubts about him as he grew up a little bit, but I did underestimate his ability to outsmart me, that will never happen again. Now, to work on that helmet. Left the room and went to his other laboratory, the non-secret one. Is it possible that Night could be jealous of Cromose? I suppose it could be possible because I have spent more time with Cromose then Night. But, then again, no. the advantage that Night has over Cromose is that Night is my son.


She was hiding behind the forest line and observing the crystal palace with her new eye. Somehow she calculated the best way to penetrate it and how to sneak in, then she saw Jethro and scanned him to see what his greatest weakness was. What am I doing? I don’t want to kill him! she thought.

“Hey you!” someone yelled from behind her. She turned around to see two men with spears pointed at her. “State your business.”

“On a mission to test the strength of a Dragonborn,” she replied in a slightly robotic voice.

The men laughed.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Would you like to engage battle mode?” asked a computerized voice.

“It’s that new robot the Soarenborns built. Let’s scrap it!” said one of the men.

“Would you like to engage battle mode?” repeated the voice.

“Uh, sure,” said Gem. Her arm transformed into a sonic blaster with an aimer.

“Stun or penetration?”

“Uh, stun.” The gun automatically fired and the blast blew them back and knocked them out. Cromose showed up on a screen in her mechanical eye.

“Remember, Jethro is not your friend, he is my enemy and you were sent to just take a small blood sample for a test. Got it?” he asked.

“Got it, but what did he do to you to make you his enemy?” she asked. She crouched behind a tree and scanned the area. It was an open icy plain, but not snowy.

“He killed my best friend,” Cromose said.

Gem was shocked. “What? How?”

“I’ll tell you after your mission,” he said. “For now, you’ve got invisibility to cross the plain and take him out without him knowing what hit him.”


“Hey Jethro, what do ya think she does in there?” Firefly asked. They were in a café that was built into the mountain, close to a docking bay.

“I don’t know,” Jethro replied. “This world is so different from ours, I can’t read her mind for some reason and I can’t just look it up on Facebook ’cause apparently only royals have electricity.”


Jethro nodded. He picked up a crystal that was on the table and examined it. “I wonder if this is real or has some sort of power.”

“No, I’ve been examining that one since I came here. It’s just a dud,” said Josh as he walked into the room with a box of different colored crystals. He put it on the table and took out a few. “This is a flame crystal or jasper. Healing crystal or emerald, I’m not sure what this one does, but it’s a sapphire. This one is an amethyst, but just a dud.” He handed it to Jethro and it started glowing.

“Uh, what’s happening?” Jethro asked. The crystal started floating and then it flew away from him. It was flying towards the diamond/ice palace. Jethro got up and ran after it. The other two followed in close pursuit. “I thought you said it was a dud?”

“I thought it was,” said Josh, shrugging.

The crystal went out the door and onto the balcony. Then it stopped. It landed on the ground and purple light flashed.

The three boys covered their eyes.

The light disappeared and a man stood in the place of the crystal. “Thank you Jethro Flint for saving me from that prison.”

Jethro was speechless.

“Uh, are you a Dragonborn or something?” Firefly asked.

The man chuckled. “No, his stone set me free. This is not a time for games though, Jethro, listen to me closely, the hero is not who everyone thinks he is, and he will die.” The man jumped off the balcony and turned into a purple dragon, then disappeared.

Firefly looked at Jethro. “Huh?”

“I have no idea.”


Victoria watched the whole thing above them on the roof. The boys have no idea what that was. It must have been a warning for someone, but who? she thought. She waited till they all went back into the mountain then she got down. I wonder where Fey is, and why I feel like something’s coming. She closed her eyes. A girl with high level mechanical limbs, nothing in this world is as powerful as this girl, she is invisible and headed this way, a fight between her and Jethro, I’d better stay out of this, because she’s got a motive of anger or something. No, it’s something else, it must be mixed feelings? I don’t know. It’s hard to tell what or why I can even feel what she’s feeling.

“Hey uh, I know you were listening to that, what did it mean?” asked Jethro.

He must have gotten better at his stealth. “It was a warning for the hero,” she said with no expressions.

“And the hero is?” he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk back to her room, but felt a slight breeze. She turned around again, then jumped onto the slick roof.

“Hey Victoria,” said Fey, coming out of the shadows. “Jethro.”

“Who are you?” asked Jethro. His hair started glowing purple.

Fey pulled up his long sleeve up to his elbow, revealing a black ring around his wrist and around his first three fingers. It became the blackest she’d ever seen! The only reason she could see it was because the moonlight was lighting up the roof.

“What’s happening?” Jethro asked.

Fey closed his eyes and the world stopped with a flash of light and a white light opened as if to tear a gateway in the universe. Fey stepped in without hesitation, Jethro however stared at it.

“It’s the gateway to memory,” said Victoria. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. She also knew that she wasn’t allowed to enter. “If you go in you will know who you are.”

Jethro slowly entered in, then the gateway closed in a flash.

“Hey, Diamond Queen, do you know where Jethro is?” asked Firefly coming onto the roof.

“Sort of, but no,” she replied.


He was in a small bedroom; Mystery guy was standing next to a woman and her husband holding three newborn males, two by the man and one by the woman. The two that were in the man’s arms looked somehow very familiar, one black shaggy haired boy that had purple eyes with black wings, the other had silver hair with black streaks and silver wings. The last one that was in the arms of the woman had no wings with purple steaks in black hair. In fact, it looked just like him when he was a baby. They put them into three hand carved wooden cribs.

“Why are you showing me this?” asked Jethro.

“I’m not,” he replied.

“What do you mean?”

He turned too looked at the woman again.

“Let’s name him Jethro,” she said, pointing to the baby with purple and black hair.

Jethro stood in shock. That’s me… and that’s my mom? He though.

“I’ll call this one F—”

A portal opened up and a man fell out. When he stood up Jethro saw that the man had the same type of black motorcycle gear that Cromose had. The man had strong telekinesis and chocked the woman.

“Stop!” the father yelled.

The man took off his helmet. It was a boy.

The Father stared at the boy for a long time, his wife still chocking in the air.

“She’ll die anyway,” said the boy.

“Drake? What are you doing?” asked the man. He started looking like a lizard. “Let my family go!”

“You abandoned my parents on the battle field!” the boy yelled. He took off his glove and black fog darted toward the babies. It swirled around them and two of them disappeared, but one shielded itself.

A light flashed and they were somewhere else. Jethro saw when he was twelve. This time Mystery guy was standing next to him.

“Wait, what happened to my mother and father?” Jethro asked.

“We entered your memory gate. To find out you would have to enter mine,” he answered.

“If you’re going to enter my memory then you have to tell me your name at least!” Jethro usually kept his cool but he also usually knew the names of those he came in contact with.

“Fey,” he replied.

“What?” Jethro asked.

“My name is Fey,” he repeated. “This is why Cromose and you became worst enemies.” He pointed at the battle that was raging on.

Young Jethro punched the other guy with a purple giant fist and the boy crashed through an abandoned ware house roof. Young Jethro floated through the hole he made and found the evil boy on the ground choking on the floor and an oil tank had spilled. Sparks were flying out of his broken helmet and the oil caught on fire. There was highly explosive fuel for the most high-tech machines on the planet.

“Night!” yelled Cromose. He flew through the hole in the roof and saw the explosive fuel first. “What have you done?”

The Evil boy was lying dead on the floor, the place was about to explode.

“I… I didn’t mean to…” said young Jethro. He was in shock.

The building exploded.

Jethro and Fey ended up in a hospital room.

“Is he going to live?” asked Jethro’s adopted parents to the nurse.

“It’s hard to tell, his blood is nothing we’ve ever seen before,” she replied.

Fey held his hand in front of his mouth and pointed toward young Jethro, he blew green glistening dust and saw it arch into his heart.

“What did you do to me?” asked Jethro.

“Saved you,” Fey replied.

Five minutes later young Jethro was awake and healed.

“I boosted your regenerative dragon side,” said Fey, shrugging.

“Did the other guy live?” young Jethro asked.

His parents looked at each other and then to the nurse. She nodded her head.

Young Jethro had a tear run down his cheek. “I killed him?”

“It’s ok, it was an accident. He was evil and you didn’t mean to—”

“I killed him!” young Jethro yelled. “Evil or not, I just killed him!”

“It’s ok Jethro, just calm down,” said the nurse.

More tears flowed down young Jethro’s face. “I didn’t mean to.” black and purple fog swirled around him and he disappeared.

There was another flash of light and Jethro and Fey went to the old place Jethro used to let all of it out, fifty-thousand miles above the sea. The dark colors created a massive cloud and darkness filled the sky.

“AH!” came a voice from the darkness. One light was spinning and the whole thing looked like a vortex of fire.

The flames died down and the darkness brightened.

“I am so sorry…”young Jethro’s voice trailed off as he observed the boy. “You have wings!”

“Yeah, I was flying overhead when I saw this dark cloud. I thought it was some evil that the hero’s didn’t know of so I went to check it out. Then I got sucked into the vortex,” said Firefly.

“You’re not a hero?” young Jethro asked.

“Not the hero you probably are. I like to think of myself as a different kind of hero though. By the way, I’m Firefly.” He stretched out his hand in greeting.

“I’m J—Nightfly.”

The light flashed again and Jethro was on the roof of the Diamond Queen’s palace.

There was a long silence. All eyes were on Jethro.

“So, what did that have to do with you?” Jethro asked.

“The portal messed with your memory or it was implanted when you were a small child, or you just have a terrible memory, because that’s not what happened,” said Fey.

Victoria looked at them and scratched her chin. “Are you…?”

“N—” Jethro started.

“Yes,” Fey replied.

Jethro stared at him for a long time, his mouth was held open.

“Dude you have a brother and you didn’t tell me?” asked Firefly.

Josh was listening carefully, then leaned over to Victoria. “Do you see the sixth shadow behind Jethro?”

She nodded.

“That’s not his shadow.”

“Ow!” Jethro yelled, rubbing his arm.

The figure de-cloaked and started running toward the edge of the roof.

“Victoria don’t!” Fey yelled.

Victoria shot diamond snow at the figure’s leg, then use her super speed and looked at the face of it. She froze. Fey caught the sword that was electronically powered, but it slid through his fingers and stabbed Victoria in the stomach then jumped off and teleported away.

“Victoria!” Josh shouted. Victoria held her stomach and fell over. He took out a green crystal and held it over the wound. Nothing happened. “Why isn’t it working?”

“The blade was poisonous only to our kind,” said Fey. “By mixing the technology from there world and ours it created a deadly poison. To a human it is like a normal sword, but since she’s Dragonborn she’ll live for two to three days at the most.”

“Why couldn’t you stop the blade?” Josh asked.

“Someone designed her to be stronger than me,” Fey replied.

“It was a girl?” asked Jethro.

Fey nodded.

“Can you heal her?” asked Josh.

Fey nodded again.

“No…” Victoria whispered. “Emerald,” She whispered as if remembering something. She put her hand over her heart then all the diamond snow that she had ever made was swirling around them in a blizzard and then entered into her wound.

“What’s happening?!” Firefly screamed over the wind.

“She’s healing herself,” said Jethro and Fey at the same time.

“Hold onto something,” said Fey calmly.

Victoria’s entire castle blew up and everyone was launched into the sky.


“What did you do to me?!” Gem blew at Cromose.

“I simply enhanced your reactions and gave you inhuman strength,” he said. He examined the blood sample she took from Jethro.

“I just stabbed someone!” she yelled. “And I couldn’t stop myself.”

“I also boosted your adrenalin levels.” He grabbed her arm and checked the system. “Did you mean to kill or did you choose stun?”

“It did it automatically,” she replied.

“That’s interesting. The toxins are poisonous to dragons,” he said. “The girl you stabbed has two or three days to live, tops.”


“Don’t worry, the girl’s not gonna die, two of them are Dragonborn, and the other two probably know a thing or two about medicine,” said Cromose. “Anyway, you were right. Jethro and I are ether clones or, twins.”

“Triplets,” said Gem. “Another boy has black wings and different colored hair, but he looks just like you and Jethro.”

“Interesting.” He stretched and let out a grunting noise. “Hey Snowfly, I’m going farther down the tunnels.”

“Ok,” said a voice behind her which made her jump.

Gem looked behind her. “How long have you been standing there?”

“From before you came in,” Snowfly replied. “Cromose, there’s a high level of energy in the cavern walls, I suggest you not touching them.” she was handing him a flashlight, but he pushed her hand away.

“I don’t need it,” he said.

“Are you sure? Those tunnels are pitch-black,” she replied.

“Yeah, the dark doesn’t affect me,” he said. He handed her something and walked into the darkness of the caves.

“Do you like him?” asked Gem.

Snowfly stared at her blankly. “Of course I do, he’s my friend,” she replied. “He saved me from your father.”


Snowfly sighed. “Your father was testing on me to see why I could heal faster than humans and see if it could help the human race. He got permission from the mayor of the city three years ago, sometime around winter and could test on teens in prison for petty crime. Well, Cromose was caught and put into prison. They sent him to your dad and he was restrained on a table with leather cuffs and they kept extracting a little bit of blood that he went into a rage side of himself and broke us all out of there. Most of those guys got slightly faster or were able to set their hands on fire.”

“Wouldn’t that make crime rates go up higher?” Gem asked.

“Well, soon after they all started disappearing. No one really noticed,” Snowfly ended.

“Where’d they all go?” asked Gem.

“No one noticed so no one knows, but I think some of them joined some villain or hero. Maybe some of them just went back to living life normally.”

“How’d you calm him down from the rage thingy?”

“I don’t know, I think it just wore off,” said Snowfly. “He tore the cuffs off my wrists and then he said something like ‘snowflake’ so I shot him with snow from outside.”

“You can manipulate snow?” asked Gem.

“Yes, but I’m not as powerful as the one who caused all of that winter wonder outside.” Snowfly stretched and then disappeared into the shadows.

Who were the other three I saw at that castle? Gem thought. She looked through her memory banks and stopped at a picture of Jethro. I can’t tell who’s good or bad anymore.


Where am I? she thought, her eyes were still closed and she felt grass under her fingers. She opened her eyes and saw fields and hills of the greenest grass. She was wearing something different then when she was healing herself, a flowy dark orange laired skirt a few inches above her ankle, a long sleeved dark blue top that touched her neck line, brown gladiator sandals with a snowflake design, and a belt to hold a dagger.

“Welcome to my world,” said a voice behind her.

She spun around and shot diamond burst at him.

He caught it in midair like it was a ball, then opened up his hand and it was a snow flower.

“I’m Night,” he said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Come with me,” he said softly. He slowly walked toward a steep hill, then he turned and smiled at her. “My name is Night.” He began walking again.

Who is he? Where’s Fey, Jethro and Firefly? she thought. She followed him cautiously.

The sun was setting and they had gone over several hills and valleys. They had been traveling upward in silence for several hours, when she looked back she saw a forest in the distance and still the fading sunlight was making the grass glow yellow. Night stopped.

Victoria stood next to him and looked at the surrounding valleys and then toward the west and the first thing she saw was the giant black gorge in front of them. Night sat down and hung his legs over the edge, gesturing for her to sit down as well.

She looked up and saw the sun, it was making the sky turn colors, red at the bottom, a light orange that then faded into yellow, then was the thin line of green, and ended in light blue that faded into a darker color. She had been hiding in her castle for so long, she forgot what it felt like, the heat of the sun and the beauty of it setting behind the mountains.

“This is what I call the rainbow sky,” said Night.

She stared at the sky for a long time, lost in thought. “What’s this world called?”

“Traum,” he replied.

She thought about this as well for a long time. The wind blew a nice cool breeze, the sun was now fully set, then the stars appeared. “Why is it called the German word for dreamworld?”

He stared at her, dumbfounded. “Where are you from?”

I can’t just tell him I’m fifth in line for the throne, can I? “The mountains,” she answered.

“You’re too pretty to live in the mountains. Tell me where you’re really from,” he said.

She stared at him blankly. How do I reply to that? “I lived in the mountains before I woke up here,” she stretched. “How did I get here?”

“You’ll never know, unless you tell me.”

“Why do you want to know?”

They sat in silence for a few minutes. He stood up and jumped off the cliff. Her eyes got wide, she jumped off after him, not sure what would happen.

On her way down, she saw him floating, he reached out his hand with an ice dagger and missed her heart as she passed him and continued to fall into the blackness.


“You’ve been flying around the mountain for six hours, dude! And you’re wounded! Take a break!” yelled Firefly from the ground.

Fey had a broken leg and a new scar that ran across his face. He shook his head. I can’t just take a break. She was healing herself, but it went out of control. He clenched his fist. His hand had been cut by the blade that stabbed Victoria. He was using his heat vision to see if she was trapped under something. Nothing. He finally landed on a certain part of water that she didn’t unfreeze. He had looked here several times, but somehow he just knew he was missing something. He got on his hands and knees and tried to melt it, but it stayed solid. He had a shattered bone in his leg and he made sure he didn’t show how much pain he was really in. he dove into the freezing water, and lost feeling in his hands instantly. He quickly scanned the water and saw what he was looking for. Victoria was falling under water, frozen that way, her eyes were closed and he found out why he couldn’t find her heat signature. Her body had shut down and she was in hibernation. She could be down here for the next thousand years!

Jethro touched his shoulder, beckoning him to get to shore. Fey just pointed at Victoria. Jethro held his mouth open, then quickly shut it and swam up.

Fey, took one last look at her, then, with one strong stroke of his wings he shot out of the water and glided to the frozen water, he carefully landed on his good leg and evened out his breath.

“Did you find her?” asked Josh.

Fey nodded.

“How did she still freeze the water after the explosion?” asked Jethro.

“Wait, where is she?” asked Firefly.

Jethro glanced at Fey.

“Fifty feet under water,” said Fey.

Josh raised his eyebrows. “Is she still alive?”

Everyone turned their attention to Fey.

“Yes, she is in a hibernation that will heal her and unfreeze the ice, but it could take days, maybe weeks,” Fey answered.

“We don’t have that much time, we have to save Gem and Snowfly,” said Jethro.

“We can’t just leave her!” said Josh.

Firefly tried to melt the icy diamond.

“Fi, you know that won’t work,” said Jethro. “I have to go save them before Cromose does something to them.”

“I’ll stay behind and watch over her,” said Fey.

“What? Wait guys, if we split up then won’t that give him what he wants?” asked Josh.

Silence filled the air.

“I know what to do,” said Fey. He whistled a dragon call he’d learned when he was young and then turned his head to see the dragon Jethro had released.

“You called?” the dragon asked.

“Whoa, how long have you been there?” asked Firefly.

“I’ve been watching you all since you freed me, it’s part of our dragon code. Now what is it you want me to do?” the dragon.

“I want you to protect the diamond in the ice,” said Fey.

“The girl?” asked the dragon. “She has the diamond?”

Fey nodded.

“Then I am guarding the only thing that can kill you,” said the dragon. “Other than the poison in your blood stream,” said the dragon in Fey’s mind.

“What poison?” asked Jethro.

Firefly and Josh turned to Jethro.

“Will you do it?” asked Fey to the dragon.

He nodded.

“Let’s go,” said Fey.

“Wait, you trust a dragon you’ve never even met before?”

“Yes,” said Fey. “It’s part of the dragon code. He owes you a debt, this is how he’s repaying it.”

“Good luck Jethro,” the dragon said.

“I fixed a ship built by my father, it would take us there and give us shelter so we don’t have to stop,” said Josh.

“Ok, sounds good,” said Firefly.


“Jethro, Firefly and two others are preparing to leave for Cromose. They are leaving the girl with Typhon, the purple dragon,” said Night.

“We’re able to Track Cromose and Jethro, but I’m not able to tell you who they are with, how do you know?” asked Zane.

“I have my resources,” said Night. “I am almost finished with the helmet, can I help you with capturing the girl?”

“You’re weak, you wouldn’t be able to survive the portal,” said Zane.

Night checked his watch and went back into his tank. I’m strong in my own world, but weak in the real one. I really hope someday I’ll be as strong as you, Cromose. The liquid filled the tank and he woke up where he left off. I wonder how that girl came here without being connected into the system, Night thought. She must be far more powerful than the onyx drake. I wonder who she woke up to be, or if she even died in the fall. But it’s impossible to live in that drop, that is a one-point-six-billion, two-thousand and one foot drop. What if not being plugged into the Dreamworld killed her for real? Did I just kill her? Well, if that happened then I guess going after her in the real world would bring her back.

“Good evening sir,” said a boy around his age. He had blond hair and yellow eyes.

Amber Dragon, Night thought smiling. No one had any idea this was just a virtual realty world with perfect graphics and a system that resets your entire life after you die, erasing your memory of living that life. “Good evening,” he replied.

“Did ya hear about what happened in Fiery?” the boy asked.

“No I haven’t, please tell me,” said Night.

“Twins! The king and queen had twins!” said the boy.

“Whoa, no way!” Night pretended to act like he was surprised.

“By the way, I’m Skinner. I just moved in from Twilight Obsidian,” he said.

“What brings you to Butterfly Valley?” Night asked.

“I’m missing something and I think I’ll find it out here instead of in T.O,” said Skinner. “So, where are you going?”

“Jet City,” Night replied.

“Whoa, you’re hitting it big then!” said Skinner.

“Yep, so I’d better be on my way. Good luck on your search.”

“Good luck city slicker,” said Skinner. He materialized a shadow board under him and took off.

If he knew that he was in a prison, would he hate me for being the guard of the key? Night thought.


She had screamed for hours, still falling, the blade still in her shoulder. If I ever see him again would I do the same to him? She had a dry raspy throat. I accept my fate of death here. I just wish I knew what was going on.

She hadn’t heard it coming until it slammed into her from the side. She rolled over and over again on her side, the blade had twisted and was chilling the inside of her, then she crashed into the wall and couldn’t breathe for a few moments. Her vision was blurry and she saw a figure walking over to her.

“Are you ok?” it was a boy.

“Who are you?” she asked. Her eyes quickly adjusted and her vision cleared. He had a bandage over his eyes, spiked hair, was very thin as if he hadn’t eaten.

“The name’s Alistair, are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you have a band around your eyes?” she asked.

“I’m blind, are you sure you’re ok?” Alistair asked. He touched her face, then her hair.

“What are you doing?” she pulled away from him, but then felt a shooting pain throughout her leg, head and shoulder.

“I need to get you out of here. You’re badly injured and I can help. If you let me,” he said.

“The last person that I followed, led me off the cliff.”

He just picked her up and hung her over his shoulder and took her out of the dark, into a cave with a fire in the middle of it and a girl and two boys were sitting around it. They all got up and ran over to him. He carefully put her down and she groaned in pain.

“Whoa! Is she ok? Who is she” asked the girl.

“Victoria and I’m fine.” She said, she tried to sit up, but she felt blood on the back of her head and stopped.

“Dude, where did she come from?” asked one of the boys.

“I just heard some screaming a few miles away and timed it right,” said Alistair. “Can you get the bandages Dusk?”

The girl nodded and ran off.

“What are you people?” Victoria asked. She examined the ceiling above her and it showed a map of stars.

“We are the only ones who know who we are,” answered Alistair. “You and I are the only ones who haven’t died in this world.”

The girl returned with a medical kit and handed it to Alistair. He opened it and pulled out a needle.

Victoria tried to move away from him, but Dusk held her down and said, “It’ll take away the pain and heal you faster.”

He nodded, then Dusk nodded. She pulled out the knife and he poked the needle in her skin. Victoria bit her lip as she felt the pain from the knife. The world went blurry, then turned black.


“Do you think she knows?” Dusk asked.

“No, but she could hold the key to our freedom,” Alistair replied. He was bandaging her head.

Tarak was keeping watch because they were on the run. He sneezed.

“Hey dude, you ok?” asked Rogan.

“Yeah, just a cold,” he said. “So, Alistair, can you tell us more about who we really are?”

“Sure—” his ear twitched just barely.

They all looked around the large room. No one made a sound. Alistair shot a fire ball at the wall, then Rogan blasted rock spikes. A figure came into the light.

“Nice work, but you missed,” Tkar said. he was the oldest one here. “I see you found another survivor?”

“Alistair found her falling into the gorge,” said Dusk.

“I see you injured her,” Tkar replied.

“What do I do in a situation like someone falling with a knife in her shoulder?” asked Alistair.

Silence filled the air for what seemed hours.

“I would’ve given her a softer landing,” Tkar said.

“I just wanted to know what she looked like, so I touched her hair,” said Alistair. “I guess that was the wrong thing to do.” He turned his face toward Victoria, as if he could see her. “She’ll be asleep for the next few hours, so I guess when she wakes up we’ll give her a warm welcome and an explanation on how she’s here.”

“What will happen if she doesn’t want to join us?” Dusk asked.

Tarak coughed. He ran his hand through his black hair and the droplets on the tips of his hair came off for a second, then reappeared.

“Dude, I think it’s you who needs the rest,” said Rogan.

“No, I’m fine,” Tarak replied. “Someone’s coming.”

“Solders?” asked Tkar.

“No, more of a giant lion with wings and scales,” Tarak replied.

“Oh no, that’s a Furray! Run!” yelled Alistair. He made a board out of dirt and water, then hardened it with fire and used air to pick Victoria up and put her on it, then he started running with it, everyone following in hot pursuit.

“Nice work Alistair. What does the Furray do?” asked Tkar.

“It spits balls of fire and is as fast as a bullet,” said Alistair. “I think I heard something coming, Tarak, take the lead.”

Tarak used his power to see things up close from miles ahead, but being far away. “It’s… Elisabeth,” he said. “Hang a right.”

The pathway was small and curvy but everyone fit.

“Wasn’t Elisabeth the one who you dated for three years, then left you because she worked for the military in Jet City?”

Tarak nodded. “She thought she couldn’t give me everything I deserved, I told her I didn’t deserve anything, but she used her powers to run away and I never found her. Being twenty was hard, especially when I proposed to her after I got shot.”

They stopped in a large cavern. The Furray burst through the cavern wall in front of them.

“We aren’t fast enough to go back through the tunnel,” said Tkar. “We’ll have to face it. Ready your weapons.”

Dusk made a sword out of the air, Tarak made a water spear, Rogan made a crossbow out of the earth, Tkar disappeared using his shadow skill and Alistair could use all of the powers so he made a platform out of earth and shot a beam of light at the beast. Dusk flew at it and tried to stab it with her sword to no avail, the sword disappeared out of her hand and the beast swiped it’s giant paw and she hit the wall, gasping for air.

“Dusk!” Rogan yelled. He ran to her and carried her to where Alistair was protecting Victoria.

“You ok?” asked Tkar.

Dusk nodded.

“We’re gonna have to be fast if we want to kill it,” said Tarak. “I ran up its back to try to find a way to penetrate its scales. There is no weakness that we can hit with regular weapons.”

“Then use the powers this prison has given you,” said Rogan, referring to the game type of dimension they were trapped in.

“We’re dragons, can’t one of us think of something?” asked Alistair.

The beast was looking for them, destroying the cavern walls with its fireballs.

“Blending powers?” asked Dusk.

Everyone looked at each other.

“You are a genius, Dusk,” said Rogan.

Tkar quickly explained the plan and Dusk stood up and climbed upward to the top of the canyon, then waited till everyone else was in position. All at once earth and shadow combined to blast it from behind, while she hit it with air and Tarak hit it from the other side with water.

The Furray let out a roar, when the smoke cleared… they hadn’t even phased it. It blew fireballs at them and they hadn’t realized there was water on the other side of the wall. The giant fireballs made huge holes in the wall and water quickly gushed through, there was a cracking sound that echoed throughout the entire cavern. The beast backed away from a rising figure. Victoria?

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