Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 1 – A Strange Occurrence

It has been sixty-seven years since then and the son has died at the age of eighty-eight leaving his own son to raise his daughter. His son would later die at the young of thirty-two leaving his daughter alone since his wife has long since passed. The daughter is called Ariel Williams and she fell in love with one of her grandfather’s follower’s grandson whose name is Raziel Williams. Their names are the same since they have already wed and are hoping to one day have a child of their own. One day as Ariel wanders through the castle town she runs into the king, Uriel Zaitsev, along with his sons, Raphael and Gabriel Zaitsev. She went in to fetch something’s that were needed back with the others but before she could leave Uriel spotted her. He swims over to her and asks her, “Hello there beautiful. What is your name and where have you been all my life?”

Ariel tells him, “I’m sorry sir but I’m already taken and I have no interest in you.”

Uriel looks her over and notices that her eyes have the distinct cat slit pupils that only he and any of the blood line carry. He asks her, “Are you related to the royal family in some way because I’ve never seen you before or on the family tree?”

She looks up at him in panic before bolting away from him to where she knows Raziel is at since they both have a list of things to get. She rushes over to him and tells him, “We need to leave now or else the king will catch us and possible try to marry me.”

Raziel nods his head and starts to lead her away before they are caught or worse is done to them for who they are. As they swim away Uriel catches a glimpse of them where he notices their direction is where the camp of outcast is located. That is when he understands that she is the grandchild of the radicalistic who was cast out for wanting change. He decides to send some guards out to bring in all of those who live in the camp along with Ariel so he can punish them for their crimes.

Once Ariel and Raziel arrive at the camp they tell the others to get ready to leave before the guards catch them. Right as they are about to leave the guards show up and start killing everyone in the camp no matter if they are men, women, or children. Not even the elderly in the group are safe from their swords. Raziel makes sure to protect Ariel as she escapes with their unborn child of only four months since he knows it is his duty. Ariel makes it away safely but knows that she will never see him or the others again as well as clutches her book close to her chest. This book is the direct words of her ancestor as written by his wife and passed down to her from her father as it was to him. She swims as far away as she can before stopping to catch her breath and to relax to get rid of any stress she has.

Ariel doesn’t wait long before a guard catches up to her and she tries her best to get away only for him to win since she doesn’t want her child to be hurt. She is then lead to the castle with all eyes on her and the book she holds in her hands tightly clutched. She is brought before Uriel who tells her, “It is nice to see you again though I never would have thought I would meet my dear cousin from the banished line. I think I will keep you here as one of my concubines unless there is something you are not telling us.”

She looks over to the women holding one of the two five-year-olds before telling him, “I’m with child of the man I loved and you killed. I want nothing more than to keep them safe and to make sure you feel the same pain I felt when my beloved died.”

Uriel only smiles at her as his wife looks over her with a sneer and tells him, “Why not keep her as a servant instead. That way she can’t kill you and after she has her runt you can make her one of your concubines unless something happens to her.”

Uriel thinks this over and nods in agreement before having the guards take Ariel to the servant’s quarters where she is given new clothes and a bunk. She hides the book in the chest in front of the bed and does as she is told and works primarily in the kitchen or in the laundry.

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