Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 2 – New Hope

By the time the next four months pass Ariel can tell that she is about to prematurely have her child instead of on time. She is going through her normal laundry collection till she falls on the ground in pain clutching her stomach. The other maids hurry to her side and quickly get her to the doctor who helps her give birth to her one and only son. The doctor looks him over and tells her, “Miss, I’m sorry to tell you this but your son is healthy but he is half-blind. I don’t know how only the left eye is blind.”

Ariel takes her son from the doctor as he hands the child over to her and tells him, “I don’t care if he is half-blind or not he is my son. I will name him Mikhail Williams and I will protect him from everything that the world will through at him.”

Mikhail has platinum blonde hair with lavender eyes with the signature cat slight eyes and sheep white skin that is soft to the touch. She then notices that his lips are as pink as rose petals with the same softness as them since she has been to the surface and seen as well as touched them. In the next few minutes Uriel arrives to the clinic to find that Ariel is now holding a little baby and smiling down at him. He then notices how she is weakly moving her gills meaning her body is not as strong as she once was. He asks her, “Is this the child you so desperately wanted to keep hidden from me?”

Ariel looks up at him and tells him, “Yes, this is my little boy Mikhail and he is my pride and joy no matter what has happened. He looks like me more than his father but I do worry for him since he has to live here with me.”

Uriel looks at her confused before the doctor tells him, “The child is half-blind and is very weak but he should grow to the average height of a female seadweller. He is sickly because he can’t eat meat of any kind but instead must survive on vegetables and fruits instead.”

Uriel looks over at Ariel as she cuddles with Mikhail who is doing his best to keep up with her. Uriel tells her, “You are too weak to continue doing the work you have and your son won’t be safe here so you will be moved to the western side of the castle. You will live there in solitude with only servants checking up on the two of you to make sure you two are safe. I’m only doing this small kindness to make amends for what happened in the past between our ancestral grandfathers. Your stuff will be moved their today but you will stay here and be moved there once you are able to.”

Ariel looks up at him in shock but tells him, “Thank you for your kindness cousin but why try to make amends now?”

Uriel tells her with a glare, “I’m only doing this because my dear wife wants me to and that it is high time we put the past behind us. She also wants the family to be one whole like it was so many years ago but I could care less and it would be strange to sleep with my cousin.”

Ariel watches as he leaves with a look of complete rage and anger but the cry of Mikhail brings a smile back to her face. Over the next few weeks Ariel gets better and moves to their new home where Mikhail grows up at for the next five years. Mikhail has so far learned how to speak, swim, and read as well as learns the words from the book as Ariel reads it to him. Mikhail also learns that there is a world lost to them since they moved to the sea and that is the world where the people are. Ariel tells him of how they once walked around up their but with the great storm they moved to the sea but some hid and stayed on land. None of the seadwellers know if this is true since none have gone to the surface to find out if that is true in fear of the great storm.

When Mikhail turns five Ariel’s body starts to become weaker and has to stay in bed most of the time from this. Mikhail goes to the garden and brings her back flowers which makes her happy but Ariel knows she won’t be around for all of Mikhail’s life. Over the next five years that follow Mikhail has proven to be quite the tactician even against his cousin Gabriel but that is to say since Gabriel taught him everything. Raphael does try to teach him how to fight but with half his sight he isn’t that great but he instead learns how to wield twin daggers just to protect himself. Uriel isn’t too happy with how Raphael and Gabriel are treating the boy but knows that there is nothing he can do to change it.

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