Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 3 – Life above the Waves

The next five years after move by faster than any of them thought it would and Mikhail is now fifteen years old and ready to find out what is above the waves. Sadly three years ago Ariel passed away leaving Mikhail with the book and with the necklace that opens the lock on it. The necklace is a simple gem called ametrine that is shaped like an angular teardrop on a simple gold chain. Mikhail braves through the lost even though he knows that the rest of the world besides his cousins is against him. He takes a chance one day three months after his fifteenth birthday to head to the world above the waves and see if the stories are true. He knows that none of the guards will stop him so he heads straight up once his cousins are firmly distracted by their duties.

Mikhail pops his head out of the surface with his bag on his side that holds his mother’s book inside safely. The first thing he notices is that the sun is brighter up here but he then hears movement come from not so far away on what seems to be a beach so he finds a rock to hide behind. He listens as a young boy not much older than him walks along the sand with a girl around the same age as the boy. He hears the girl tell the boy, “You know those tales of seadwellers are only that. No matter how many times you come here you will not see one.”

The boy tells her, “I know that they are only sea fairing tales but I really wish I could at least have some proof that there is no life under the sea. If I don’t find proof by my birthday this year then I will give up my search for the seadwellers and move on with my life.”

Mikhail knows that it would be bad if he is spotted by the two but just as he is about to leave to return to his home he is attacked by a bird. He panics in trying to get it to go away but ends up coming out of his hiding place for the two to see him and the boy to run over to help him. The boy grabs Mikhail and holds him to his chest as he gets the bird to fly away from Mikhail before looking down at him. The boy notices the gills on Mikhail’s neck and sides which means he is a seadweller and that all the tales are true. The boy tells him as he calms Mikhail down, “My name is Masa Takara and your safe from that bird though it is odd that it would attack you like it did. What is your name?”

Mikhail jumps at first that he was actually kind unlike the monsters in their stories and that he actually helped him. He tells Masa, “My name is Mikhail Williams and I guess you can tell I’m a seadweller like in your tales though we thought you landdweller’s were all but extinct.”

Masa nods his head and asks him, “Would you like to stay with me up here on land for some time so you can see what it is like up here and you can tell me what it is like in your home?”

Mikhail thinks about it since it is a good chance to get away from all the people who would like to see him dead. Mikhail tells Masa, “That sounds like a good idea but you will have to help me since I’ve never walked on land.”

Masa nods his head and picks Mikhail up bridal style and notices that Mikhail is wearing short shorts in a cream color with a crop top in violet shirt. Masa notices that Mikhail’s platinum blonde hair is to his waist with all of it collected near the base in a ponytail kind of fashion. The girl stands on the shore with a look of anger since she wasn’t able to keep Masa away from the seadweller tales and that they just found one. Masa tells her, “Kori this is Mikhail and he will stay with me for some time so that we can learn from one another. I don’t care if you don’t like the idea but we have already agreed on this and this is something you have no say for.”

Mikhail looks over at Kori who is dressed in a simple sundress that is fuchsia colored with matching sandals and accessories. Masa is dressed in black cargo shorts with a red tank top and matching sandals with his neck-length black hair. Mikhail notices that Kori’s eyes are aquamarine while Masa’s are an emerald color and her hair is to her mid-back and in a dark shade of red. She has her hair brushed back with a small ponytail on the side of her head with a light pink clip on the other side holding her hair. Masa carries Mikhail up the slope toward a Japanese style mansion that is on a cliff top over the ocean. Masa enters the mansion to find only silence and that most of the maids are busy running around preparing something.

Masa walks straight to his room where he places Mikhail in his bed as he readjusts to breathing on land which is actually quite easy. It would seem that he still has the body function to breath on land like his ancestors did which means that all seadwellers can come back to land they just have to want to. Mikhail watches as Masa goes over to his closet to pull out some cloths for him to change into and for Mikhail to change as well. Masa changes into a red kimono and black hakama with a purple belt to hold his outfit together. He then helps Mikhail into a lavender, long-sleeved kimono that has sakura blossoms dusting the rims of the kimono. The belt that matches is light pink and shows off how slim Mikhail is and he isn’t given a hakama since he asked for none. Masa then shows him around the mansion and tells him that he will be staying in the same room as him since there are no closer room available.

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