Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 4 – Learning Anew

For the next few weeks Masa shows Mikhail around the nearby village and they even eat at a few of the open restaurants. Mikhail keeps his book on him with his bag and tells Masa as much as he can without giving away too much about his people. There is only one problem that Masa worries about and that is if his father finds out about who Mikhail really is and tries to do something. Today Masa thought to bring Mikhail to a nearby garden that has a cherry blossom willow with a stream going by it with a bridge over it. Once at the garden the two sit on the bench under the tree and Masa asks Mikhail after all this time, “What is in that book you carry?”

Mikhail tells him, “This book is filled with the beliefs of my ancestor that has been passed down through my family. I’m the last child of his bloodline so I have to keep the book and myself safe since there are other seadwellers who want the book to burn it as well as kill me. If you want I can read some of the book to you while we are out here and away from Kori along with your family.”

Masa nods his head and listens to him read out of the book after using his necklace to open the book like it was made to do. They stay out from sunrise to sunset with only a break for lunch since they were planning to go back for dinner before going back to bed. Masa learns a better way for his family to govern over the land they own and that Mikhail would be the best person to be at his side for all of this. The two make their way back to the mansion but one thing they didn’t expect was that Masa’s father and brother would join them for dinner. Masa tells his father, “It is good to see you and for you to join us father. As well as you brother.”

His father tells him, “It is good to finally catch the two of you before you both disappear again without us noticing. May I know the name of the young lady who has caught your attention so much so that you forget about your fiancé?”

Masa tells him, “This is Mikhail Williams and she is just a normal girl that I met who I have found to share a lot of my views with. She is from out of the area but that just means that she knows more about what she is talking about.”

His father tells Mikhail, “It is nice to meet you miss but I must ask, is there something wrong with your left eye?”

Mikhail tells him, “I’m blind in my left eye and have been since the day I was born, sir.”

Masa’s father and brother look at him in shock since not many are born that way and survive to adulthood instead of being killed. Mikhail smiles at them while Masa wraps an arm around his waist and asks, “Would you like to join us for dinner? Father? Brother?”

His brother tells him, “I would but there is a local brothel with beautiful women waiting for me to visit them. I don’t want to see the argument that will come from your fiancé from you not spending time with her and instead with this young lady.”

Masa nods his head as his father tells him, “This is late to ask but what is your name little miss since I would like to know the name to this beautiful face?”

Mikhail tells him, “My name is Mikhail Williams and thank you for the compliment my lord. Will you be joining us for dinner my lord?”

He tells them, “I don’t think so because I have a lot of work to do and a meeting to go to soon which means I’ll be eating late. I will leave you two to have fun.”

With that he leaves since Masa’s brother left already to the brothel only to come home the following day with a hangover. Masa leads Mikhail to the dining room where Kori is already there waiting for the two of them and grabs right onto Masa’s arm. Masa sits in between Kori and Mikhail since Kori refuses to let go of his arm while she rambles on about things he could care less about. Mikhail just eats quietly and listens to Kori with little effort put into replying to what she tells them. This goes on till Kori notices and tells Masa, “If you want to talk to your aquatic whore so much then tell me and I can go. Just know that I am your fiancé not him and your father will not let you marry him after he finds out what he is as well that he is not a she.”

Masa glares at Kori and tells her, “If you tell my father then I will be angry at you for doing so and fight against him to protect Mikhail.”

Mikhail looks between the two and tells them, “You don’t have to worry about me getting between the two of you since I will be having to go home soon. I want to learn more about landdweller’s but my cousins will be wanting to bring me home along with my uncle. If I don’t go back then they will come looking for me since I am a very important person to them.”

Masa looks at him with a slight frown and asks him, “How important down there are you?”

Mikhail tells him, “My uncle and cousins are the ruling royals so you could say that I’m a prince as well. My mother and I were part of the family that was kicked out for having different belief then the rest of the family.”

Masa and Kori look at him in shock before looking at each other than at him again before Kori asks him, “Really? I thought you were a commoner from the way you dressed and acted but you really are a noble?”

Mikhail tells her, “I am but I was born a commoner and so was my mother though she worked in the palace. She didn’t want me to be spoiled or anything like that but she made sure that I had a good life even after she passed away.”

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