Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 5 - Homeward Bound

As they were talking some unwanted guest came up from the sea looking for Mikhail and they wouldn’t leave without him. They follow the voices and appear behind them shocking Masa and Kori but making Mikhail freeze in his seat. The taller stands stoic over all of them but the slightly shorter jumps onto Mikhail and tells him, “We’ve missed you. Why did you leave us alone to come up here?”

Mikhail tells him, “G-Gabriel, I came up here to see if the old tales were true and to learn more about them. I didn’t want to worry you two or have you two hover over me while I’m up here, but I knew you would come after me soon enough.”

The taller looks to Masa and Kori before looking back down at Mikhail and tells him, “Father wants you to come home.”

Mikhail looks up at him and nods his head to him before standing to go to the bedroom to change back to the cloths he arrived in. Masa moves to stop him but both Gabriel and the taller stop him so he asks them, “Who are you two to take him away?”

The taller tells him, “My name is Raphael Zaitsev and this is my twin brother Gabriel Zaitsev and we were sent by our father, Uriel Zaitsev, to bring him home. We were going to come get whether our father told us to or not since he is very weak and from what it looks like his meal did have meat.”

Masa and Kori look at them confused before they hear running in the yard and go to the opening to see Mikhail puking up his dinner. Gabriel runs over to him and helps keep his hair away from it as the others watch in shock. Masa looks up at Raphael and tells him, “He didn’t tell us about not being able to eat meat or any of your names.”

Raphael tells him, “He does that to not let others worry about him so he wouldn’t have told you since then you would worry over him.”

Gabriel then looks over to Raphael with a sleeping Mikhail, whose bag is snuggled to his chest, and nods to him that it is time to go. Raphael walks away and the two walk in sync to the beach to go back under leaving Masa and Kori to watch them. Before Masa can ask if he will see him again they are gone back under the water leaving the two to go back to their normal lives.

Under the water Raphael and Gabriel bring Mikhail to the castle where they report into their father before taking him to his room to sleep. They then leave to return to their duties for the rest of the night and into the day like they always do before they go to sleep. Mikhail instead wakes at the time they go to sleep and changes his clothes to another set that look the same but with different colors. He then goes to see his uncle after hiding the book in his room so that it won’t be taken and destroyed. He enters the room just as Uriel is finishing talking to the other nobles like he normally does. Uriel looks up at him with a slight frown and waves for him to come over to him while going past the nobles.

Uriel asks him, “What did you learn while you were up there and who you met up there?”

Mikhail tells him, “I learned that there are still landdweller’s up there and that they have a similar government as us. I met with a family that has a son who is engaged to a young girl and the boy’s family is the Takaren family.”

Uriel looks up at him in shock before looking to the others which shocks Mikhail at his reaction to the name of Masa’s family. Uriel tells him, “That is the family that kicked us off the land and ran us into the ocean all those years ago.”

Mikhail looks at him in shock before looking away to process everything and how Masa’s family had to do with their move. Uriel looks at him and tells him, “I forbid you from going up there again till that boy forgets about you and the girl.”

Mikhail nods his head before going back to his room and think over everything that he has been told and plans on a way to forget Masa. That is till he finds a dagger in his bag that has a green emerald on the end of the hilt that is the same color as his eyes. He cry’s at the memories of all they did together for the rest of the day and that night he puts it away in a box that is placed away in his closet. For the next six years he forgets about Masa who interns forgets about him and he finds a job at being a book keep for his royal family. The two never thought about seeing each other after all this time till the one day that the stars align for them to meet again.

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