Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 6 - Star-crossed Lovers

Today is the marking day since Masa and Mikhail meet six years ago and Mikhail makes a plan to go to a lagoon to bath. He leaves with both his uncle and cousins knowing where he is going as well as takes the book to read while up there. He leaves near noon and stays there for till twilight but he starts out reading for half the time with the rest of the time put to washing himself. As he is washing himself a young man is walking around the area and knows of the place since he thinks of it as a hide away from his family. He walks through the land opening and sees a beautiful figure with thigh-length platinum blonde hair that covers the person’s whole form. He watches as the figure washes under the waterfall before looking over at the piles of things and notices the bag that is sitting with their cloths.

He looks over the cloths quietly till the being turns to dry off and sees him standing there with everything else. Mikhail jumps in surprise at not noticing this person had come into the lagoon or that they were that close to his things. They stare at one before the man asks him, “Is that you Mikhail?”

Mikhail tells him, “M-Masa, is that really you standing there?”

Masa walks out into the light and smiles at him then tells him, “It’s been six years since we’ve seen one another and yet you look the exact same but your hair is longer. Where have you been all these years?”

Mikhail tells him, “My uncle forbade me from coming back up here till we forgot about one another and I’ve been busy with being the book keep.”

Masa nods his head to him and hands him his cloths while noticing the scales on his legs are no longer plain white but have a silver shimmer in them. He looks away as he dresses but looks after and briefly notices the gills on his neck and sides unlike last time that show more now. Masa watches as he braids his hair and lays it over his right shoulder and fixes some to cover his blind eye. Masa then helps him out of the lagoon the same way he came in and walks along the shore with him for the rest of his time on land. When the time does come it is a bitter sweet good bye that neither want to have happen but both knew was coming.

Mikhail looks out to the sea and looks back at Masa and tells him, “I wish we could stay together for the rest of our lives but we can’t. My uncle would come for me along with my cousins and if we ran away together then your father and brother would chase you. I don’t want to even think what Kori would do if she found out about us being together and on the run.”

Masa pulls him into a hug and kisses him gently on his petal soft rose pink lips and caresses his milky white cheeks. Mikhail wraps his arms around Masa’s tan shoulders and runs his fingers through his silky ink black hair as he closes his lavender eyes. Masa pulls back not to long after and hears a gasp behind then so he turns to find Kori standing there staring at them along with his brother. She asks him, “What are you doing Masa? You told me you gave up on him three years ago and he comes back so you go back to him.”

Masa looks at her then at Mikhail before telling him, “Looks like we have no choice but to be on the run from both families. I don’t want to ever lose you again and I won’t let you go now that I have you again.”

Mikhail blushes at him as he caresses his cheek again before being picked up bridal style as Masa calls for his steed. Masa leaps onto the steed before riding off to the safest place he can think of that is farther away from both of their families. The home is in the forest that has a lake behind it and it is in a traditional Russian house that is painted blue and white with silver details. Masa carries him in after dismounting the steed and sets him down in the living room and checks to see if anyone followed them all the way to the house. Mikhail asks him, “How did you know about this place and how long did you plan for this to happen?”

Masa looks over at him and sits down next to him before telling him, “I’ve known of this place for a long time. I’ve been wanting to bring you here since you were taken and I didn’t want that to happen again no matter what. I have fresh food and clean cloths stored here along with an old friend who will come in and clean the place for us as well as make us meals. I’ve known this man for some time now and now that I think about it he kind of reminds me of you.”

Mikhail looks to him and thinks about it but can’t think of knowing anyone who is like himself and who lives on land. Right then there is a knock on the door and Masa goes over to the door and answer it to let in his friend whom he mentioned. The man is tall but not taller than Masa who is 6’3 and this man is 5’8 while Mikhail is 5’4. Mikhail looks over this man who is wearing cotton candy blue and pink who has moon blue silver hair that reminds him of his mother. Mikhail walks over to the man and looks into his eyes to see the lavender eyes that he and his mother have. Mikhail asks him, “W-was your mother a lady called Ariel Williams?”

The man looks down at him and tells him, “That was her name but I haven’t seen her in years since our camp was attacked. Why do you ask?”

Mikhail tells him, “M-my mother was Ariel Williams and my father was Raziel Williams and I was born five months after that attack. Mother has passed away and father died during it but she never told me of an older brother.”

The man tells him, “My name is Jace Williams and I guess I’m your older brother since they are my parents as well.”

Mikhail starts to cry and hugs Jace with joy at knowing that not only is he not the only child of his parents and he isn’t the only seadweller on the land. That night the two catch up on everything while Masa makes a patrol of the land to insure that they truly are safe. For the next seven months the pair lives in peace with Jace coming and going from the house but that is till Masa’s brother and some of his men appear at the house. Jace distracts them while Masa and Mikhail get ready to leave in order to not get caught by him. Mikhail looks back one last time at his brother as they leave but as he watches he sees Sasuke, Masa’s older brother, kill him in cold blood.

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