Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 7 - Good bye my Lover

Masa and Mikhail keep running every day and they find shelter when they can for which they stay at for as long before Sasuke catches up to them. Masa keeps Mikhail happy and off the thought of his lost brother as well as keep them both in good health. That isn’t enough to keep the two from Sasuke since it has been three years since this all started and today they plan to give up the chase. Masa wants to keep going but Mikhail is getting tired of running from what they must face as the truth of their situation. Masa decides to listen to Mikhail and they turn themselves in but Duzzel, Masa’s father, isn’t all that pleased with what Mikhail really is. He decides to not only return him to the sea but send a message to any others who would do the same as him.

He takes Mikhail by his bound hand and throws him off the cliff while having Masa watch this but can’t do anything since Sasuke is holding him back. Mikhail lands into the water hard so much so that it makes some of his scale peel off and blead from the peeling. Raphael and Gabriel are not the first to find him but Uriel instead who takes him back to the palace where he is treated. Uriel then tells him after he is well enough, “I don’t want you to go back to the land ever again. You are forbidden for the rest of your life to ever go back up there no matter what you want to do up there. If you do go up there to the lagoon then you will have guards on you the whole time you are up there.”

Mikhail nods his head to this and decides that he doesn’t want to go back up there in fear of what will happen to him next time. Masa on the other hand is now on the beach at the place where Mikhail hit the water and he found a scale from him and takes it home to keep in a box in memory of him. The only bad thing about the two is that Mikhail will live on where Masa will eventually die without him. Eventually Masa does wed Kori and they have three kids with Masa telling them the tails of seadweller’s that he grow up with. Mikhail has not mated with anyone since his heart will always be with Masa even if they will never be together.

Mikhail has written many books about the world above that tell of how the tails of old are wrong and that the landdweller’s are alive up there. He does keep to his job as a book keeper even after the death of Uriel and the crowning of Raphael as well as the knighting of Gabriel. He still looks the same as he did when he last saw Masa but after one hundred seventeen years he feels that not only is Masa gone but to is his father and brother. He is now one hundred forty-one with his cousins being only five seasons older then himself and both are happily mated with kids. They do try to help him find a girl to mate with but he just can’t find it in his heart to move pass Masa like he was nothing.

Masa on the other hand has passed away and his family does keep going with his two sons and his daughter. All three were wed but the daughter died later on from illness along with her child and his oldest son had twin girls who survived but his wife passed during birth. The youngest son died in birth along with Kori who gave in to her illness that she was fighting till her strength gave out. Masa passed from old age so he was able to teach hi son what he needed to know and passed down the tales. The twins both wed eventually but the elder was murdered in a jealous rage from an old boyfriend who had the idea that she was his and no one else’s. The man killed himself after leaving her twin alone with her son and husband that would eventually become the head after her father.

The Takaren blood line keeps flowing for the next five generations where one might meet with the being of the tales told by their family. The boy is walking down the beach to spot a figure sitting on the shore who has scales that shimmer just like the scale in the house. The boy calls out to them, “Hello, who goes there?”

The being turns there head toward the boys and looks up at him wearing the same cloths as the one from the tales did. The being tells him, “M-my name is Mikhail Williams. W-who are you?”

The boy tells him, “My name is Masa Takara. Why are you on my family beach?”

Mikhail tells him, “M-my great-grandfather told m-me about how t-the sunset was t-the best to w-watch above the w-waves.”

Masa asks him, “Your great-grandfather? How can that be if it has been centuries since my ancestor started telling us the tales of your great-grandfather?”

Mikhail tells him, “M-my people live u-up to one h-hundred fifty years. H-he was stubborn a-about not mating b-but he did a-and had my f-father who he n-named after his b-brother. I was l-lucky to survive b-being born since I-I’m just like h-him in birth a-and in looks. T-this is very r-rare to happen a-amongst our people.”

Masa looks at him in shock and thinks about that he and this miracle child could be the god’s way of telling the two lovers that they get another chance at life together. Masa reaches out his hand to help him up and lead him to his home so that he could see what his great-grandfather had seen. On the mantle of the fire place of the home since the house has been redone to give it a modern feel there is the scale that was found at the last place the lovers saw one another. Masa shows him around the home and tells him all that has changed since then. Mikhail follows him around and spots the scale and asks him, “W-where did you g-get one of t-those?”

Masa tells him, “My ancestor found it where you great-grandfather feel into the water and kept it as proof that his tales were and are true. There were many people who doubted that the scale was real but if he let them touch it then they knew that it was real. He did that rarely but that was cause once they touched it they would try to touch it again, steal it, or buy it from us. We stopped letting them touch it but instead just look at it from now on since that was getting out of hand.”

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