Once in a Blue Moon

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Chapter 8 - A New Start

Over the next five weeks the two become good friends and find that just like in their past lives the two have fallen in love once again. The only difference this time is that Masa isn’t engaged to anyone who will get in there way like last time. Things are great for the two but then they remember that they can’t be together since Mikhail belongs to the sea and Masa doesn’t. Masa asks him, “Mikhail, is there any way I could join you under the waves or for you to join me on the land?”

Mikhail looks at him in shock before telling him, “I-I don’t know o-of any ways t-that either of t-those things could h-happen. I can t-try to research o-on it but I-I don’t know i-if I will f-find anything that c-could help us.”

Masa nods his head and let’s Mikhail return to the sea and do the research that he needs to in order to give him an answer. It only takes Mikhail a few days to find a book that tells of how a seadweller can become a landdweller but there is no way for the reverse to happen. He goes on a hunt for the needed items that the book tells him are needed only to also find in it that if the potion doesn’t work then he will die. Mikhail is scared to do this but for his love he will do what he needs to so that they can be together for the rest of their lives. Masa waits for his return and hopes that nothing bad will happen to him while he is researching.

Mikhail finds all the ingredients that he needs and mixes them together carefully before drinking it slowly. He drops the bowl it was in as his body gets engulfed in pain so he swims as far as he can to the surface before he curls into ball from the pain. He later goes unconscious from the pain which lets the water bring him to the closest land there is for him to lay on. Masa is walking along the cliff side in hopes of seeing Mikhail’s return only to find no one once again just like the day before and the day before then. He hopes that he will return soon but he eventually knows that if Mikhail doesn’t return then he will most likely be dead.

Mikhail wakes to a group of nuns looking over him who help him since the potion did make him human but it took his memories. He was lucky to only lose his memories instead of his life or his voice but the only thing he can recall is his name. The nuns take him in and he becomes a part of the sister hood with no knowledge of Masa waiting for his return. Mikhail is dressed in nun clothing after he is bathed and begins his lessons with the other sisters even though he is a guy. Masa on the other hand gives up on him returning and decides to move on with his life since he believe his love is gone. For the next eight years Mikhail lives as a nun while Masa becomes a heartless ruler of his people like his ancestor Duzzel Takara.

Today Masa plans to visit the monastery to pray for good fortune and to visit like he normally does since he lost Mikhail. The irony is that every time he would visit is Mikhail would either be somewhere else in the monastery or have a hood covering his face. Today though Mikhail is in the main hall praying that the man from his memories comes to find him and help remind him of who he was. Masa walks in and takes a seat in the pew in the very front to pray and as he does one of the sisters comes in and kneels before the statue to pray. Masa watches her as she kneels down and removes her hood before praying for a miracle. Masa looks at her in shock that her hair is the same platinum blonde as Mikhail along with the same milky white skin as him.

Mikhail stays kneeling as Masa walks up to him and pulls him up to look right into his eyes and find the same lavender eyes from his love. Masa asks him, “I-is that really you Mikhail?”

Mikhail tells him, “I-I don’t know you, sir. You look familiar but I lost my memories eight years ago when I was thirteen.”

Masa caress his cheek and pulls him into a hug as he cries quietly at the joy of finding his beloved Mikhail. Masa tells him, “I’ve been hoping for the day I see you again. It broke my heart at the thought of you being dead but now that you are here, in my arms, I feel whole again.”

Mikhail smiles and returns the hug while listening to him talk which makes him cry from not remembering him all these years. Mikhail tells him, “If I knew that you were out there waiting for me then I would have went to you earlier. The thing is that when I awoke I only knew that before then I was underwater in pain after drinking something in a bowl. The head sister told me that the sea brought me here in order for me to heal and they let me stay till I found the man from my memories.”

Masa tells him, “That man would be me since I asked you if you could change me into a seadweller or you into a landdweller. I never thought that any of this would happen and when you left to look for answers I never thought I would be putting your life on the line for the answer. I really wish that you could have come to me when you took that drink but now that you’re here with me my life is full again.”

Mikhail nods his head and lets Masa lead him out of the monastery to the ship that will take them home. During the ride home Masa tell Mikhail everything that he knows about him as well as answers any questions that he may have. By the time the two dock on the shore and Masa leads him to his home where he gives him new clothes to wear instead of the robes. Mikhail puts on a long sleeved white kimono with light pink and blue floral print along with light pink sash with bow and matching sandals. Masa likes how he looks in it but blushes when Mikhail catches him staring at him before following him to look around the local village.

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