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The perfect warrior

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A young woman who knows nothing but darkness spends her life as a fugitive however when she's finally arrested by a special organization known as the S.N.S the tables are turned upside down.

Fantasy / Horror
Amber Watkins
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Chapter 1

The perfect warrior, they are often described as being only one way. Strong, Brave, and Smart. Emotions are none existent to allow more efficient fighting. There physical bodies have to be just as strong as there mentality. The torso is muscular, breasts are symmetrical to the hips, arms and legs are slender yet muscular oh yeah and usually their female. Yes such marvelous creatures the perfect warrior but no one has ever seen one for over 200 yrs, UNTIL NOW!

A dark figure stands silhouetted against a full moon, trench carried by a northbound wind, eyes of blue pierce the black night like search lights, and red hair blows in the wind against the moon like blood splatter. The figure suddenly jumps from the rooftop and slides elegantly down a metal stairwell railing before jumping off and hitting the ground below. The figure walks swiftly and silently threw an ally like a ghost through a haunted house, when two figures emerge from the darkness surrounding the trenched figure. One pulls a knife and the another pulls a gun pointing them at the trenched figure who looks at them both only once before reacting with lightning fast speed grabbing the gun mans wrist and breaking it forcing him to release the gun only to immediately afterwards elbow him in the face, suddenly the knife man comes hurdling towards the red haired assailant waving the knife every which way trying to impale it. The figure just simply drops the gun man where he once stood then approaches the knife man who now terrified shouts “Your not so tough” in a shaky, strung out voice the figure stops about 100ft from him and before the man could blink a whip like rope was rapped around his wrist and pulling hard from the other end was the figure who yanked so hard he flew towards it at top speed only to meet a fist that hit him square between the eyes knocking him out cold. The figure simply continued to walk threw the ally until the end was in site and as the figure emerged from the darkness of the ally the light of the street revealed a beautiful young women with a gorgeous body wearing a black crop top, dark-wash blue jeans, dark brown leather trench and to top it all off she wore black leather knee high-high heel boots. Yes a vision of beauty and her name is “DRADE” and she is looking for something specific on this brisk evening in November. Cars and trucks honk as they pass on the street in downtown Calgary. She walks to a parking lot near the stampede grounds for this is where she will find what she has been looking for, in the lot a man can be seen standing and shaking in the winter-like night, his cloths are tattered and torn indicating to passers by that he’s a homeless person but Drade knows better as she cautiously approaches the man who turns and sees her! His eyes grow wide like saucers and he quivers at the sight of her then takes off in the opposite direction.
“I hate it when they run” Drade complains as she takes off after him.
After about a mile she picks up her feet in a jump-like pattern leaping forward into a summer salt in the air landing on top of the mans back. The man takes a swipe at Drade forcing her to leap backwards but only a few feet from him wasn’t far enough! he got up and took a second swipe at her this time he came close to connecting but there was something odd he wasn’t just swiping with his fist but rather 5 digits with claws on them. Drade groaned as she fell backwards from the man who slashed at her now ran towards her growling and snarling, Drade landed on one knee with her hands already in her dual pouches on either side of her waist, pulling throwing stars from them Drade crossed her arms in a throwing motion, her head raised and uncrossed her arms throwing the stars forward towards him revealing as they flew a silver sheen. They hit the man in the chest hard forcing him backwards a few inches, stopping him dead in his tracks; While he let out a agonizing howl of pain moving swiftly Drade drew a silver sword as she ran towards the creature who had no time to react as the silver sword was thrust into his chest causing blood to splatter from his wound. He stood there for a moment before Drade spun the blade to the right a few inches killing him instantly dropping him to his knees, Drade pulled her blade from him as he fell face first to the ground after a moment Drade kicked the creatures bloody corpse over so it lay face up now; she reached down and pulled out the throwing stars from his chest.
“Give me these they were expensive” Drade said as she wiped them of blood and placed them in her pouches before raising her blade and bringing it down on the creature’s neck, beheading him. Grabbing his head and placing it in a satin drawstring bag Drade tied it shut as blood oozed from the bottom of the bag. Drade turned slightly away from the body and let out a sharp whistle and out of the darkness came a black horse with red eyes. The horse came along side her Drade then tied the bag to the horses saddle and tossed a match on to the corpse as she hoped on to the horses back.
“Lets go nightmare we’re done here,” Drade said as she clicked her tongue twice nightmare began to trot off. An hour later Drade and nightmare stop in front of the Calgary tower and Drade jumped off of nightmare and grabbed her prize taking it in to the ally way beside the Calgary tower where small door was hidden Drade entered in to it revealing a hidden bar. The place was packed full of strange and odd creatures, as soon as Drade entered heads turned, ears perked up and the noise vanished until only silence was present and the slow steady dripping of blood from the bag she carried was the only sound. Drade walked into a small back room where a man who looked quite regal in his business suit, fresh tie and shoes, stood in the room. There was a desk and chair that Drade came in and sat in after dropping the severed head in a bag on the desk. Drade turned the swivel chair to the left slightly and placed her boots up on the desk.
“So” Drade began
“S…s…so” the man repeated back in a shaky broken voice
“Do you have the money?” Drade asked
“Well how much is it?” the man asked
“Well for the hunt its 5 g’s but then there’s a liars fee,” Drade explained coyly
“What!” the man shouted insulted
“You heard me, you lied to me he wasn’t just any man he was a werewolf” Drade shouted back
“There fore your fee now includes the hunt, the cost of the silver throwing stars and blade I had to use and the extra fee for the extra effort it took me to take him down” Drade finished
“So now your total is 10 G’S” Drade told him
“ What! I won’t pay that for this you thief” he shouted at her but after he finished Drade put her feet down and placed both hands on the desk to get right in this guys face.
“You will pay me or you will be the next head I bring in here,” Drade threatened
The man swallowed hard then reached down to grab a brief case, which he placed on the desk, he then reached to open it revealing at least 20 thousand dollars in cash.
“Good choice” Drade said with a grin and sitting back down
“Now get out of my sight” Drade said harshly as the man ran from the bar. Drade in the mean while just sat and counted out yet another successful hunt.
Come morning the scene where Drade burned the body of the werewolf was now tapped off with yellow tape that read “DO NOT CROSS”.
“Shaleene! What have we got?” asked a tall women in high-heel shoes, light green skirt just above the knee, a long sleeved blouse in a little deeper green with flowing sleeves and her dark brown hair in a Japanese style up do.
“Looks like another victim of Drade” Shaleene replied she was a woman in black flat shoes, kimono in a mellow yellow with red trim and a blonde ponytail.
“Not again” The tall woman replied in a frustrated voice
“Any prints, fibers, hairs, anything at all” asked a man from behind the tall woman he was 6 ft tall with flaming orange hair and a red T-shirt, and black jeans with flames on the bottoms toped off with running shoes.
“No nothing” Shaleene replied
With a sigh the tall woman turned away and placed a hand to her forehead in a frustrated jester as Shaleene came up from behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Hey don’t worry with time we’ll find her Shalin” Shaleene explained
“ No we won’t look the SNS is getting tired of this girl and quit frankly so am I” Shalin told Shaleene
“We know her weakness and we know she hunts at night so all we have to do now is catch her” the man said
“Yes your right jonny” Shaleene said with that she walked away out side of the yellow tape and unknown to them the one they searched for was on the roof top of a near by sky scraper watching them very carefully.
“Never” was all she whispered to herself before she took off to her hide out.
Little did Drade know that among her “people” was a traitor who was more than willing to give her up for a few extra dollars?
“Hey, hey” a voice whispered to Shalin from a corner
“Can I help you?” she asked
“Yeah I can give Drade to you” the short man said
“What!” Shalin asked stunned
“Yes I can give her to you if you are willing to help set a trap” The little man explained
“ You bet I will help if it means arresting Drade” Shalin exclaimed
“Good here’s what my plan is “ The man began to explain
Later that night he went to Drade and set the plan in to motion.
“Drade?” He said as he approached cautiously
“What do you want?” Drade scoffed
“I want to do business with you” the man said
“Listen Gary even I know you don’t have enough money to pay for my service” Drade said
“Oh no” Gary said pulling out a bundle of cash
“Hmmm so you finally made something of yourself other than a nuisance” Drade teased
“I saved in order to have someone taken care of an old enemy,” he laughed maliciously
“I see well you know the drill, where and when?” Drade inquired
“ Tonight at the Canadian warehouse by the new SHAW building” Gary explained
“You got it “ Drade said as she left with a hand sign of two fingers. As she road to the location she had a suspicion that Gary was setting her up for something but she never could have guessed just what it was.
Sure enough in the parking lot of the Canadian warehouse there was a person whom she assumed was her target. Drade sent nightmare off and approached carefully then the winds changed and a sent caught them on there way by a sent she new all to well. Suddenly there where search lights on her and SNS agents all around her.
“AH DAMN!” Drade swore under her breath
“DRADE GIVE UP AND COOPERATE!” a voice said from a bullhorn
“Ha you really think you can take me on” Drade laughed slightly suddenly her eyes opened and she smiled then ran forward blades drawn slashing at agents wounding them.
A shot rung out as Drade was hit with a bullet in her right arm which oozed a mixture of blood and a white milky liquid but it didn’t stop her, then a second and third shot rang out this time two darts stuck out from Drade’s legs.
“They aren’t working!” exclaimed Shaleene
“Then up the dosage” shouted Shalin
“But that’s already enough to knock out an elephant” Shaleene said
“I don’t care up it! I won’t lose her not when we’re so close” Shalin said
So Shaleene increased the tranquilizer and took one last shot this one stuck from Drade’s shoulder blade and it started the effect finally as Drade felt it starting to set in she still didn’t stop until she could barely see and she fell to one knee, sweating and panting her blood red hair which was even more brilliant in the light hung over her face. As she struggled to stay awake the agents moved in and a net suddenly covered her knocking her to the pavement and she finally gave in to the drugs now rapidly coursing through her veins.
An hour later she woke to find her self in a brightly lit room.
“HU?” Drade said opening her eyes
“Where am I?” Drade asked
“Right I was ambushed NO!” Drade cried out as she realized that she couldn’t move and one glance down at her body explained it she was strapped to a gurney in a hospital room.
“No not again!” Drade’s mind raced as she struggled to get free.
“AH so your awake” said an English toned voice
“Where am I? Who are you?” Drade demanded as a kitsune emerged from the other side of a curtain he had glasses and a white lab coat on, his fur was red with only his ears tipped black, his tail tipped white and his hands might have been black as well but he had a pair of white rubber gloves on. As he rolled a cart with medical supplies on it in to the room and next to the gurney Drade was strapped to flashes of similar things where running through Drade’s mind only from another time and place. Drade struggled to escape the straps as the kitsune approached.
“Don’t struggle these could hold an elephant now my name is Dock” He introduced
“Yeah and why do I care” Drade scoffed as she still tried to loosen from the straps.
“Just relax there’s no point in struggling there fore why waste energy?” Dock pointed out
“Because if I stay here you’ll experiment on me,” Drade groaned as she struggled
“What? My dear you have me all wrong I just want to help you” Dock explained
“Yeah right!” Drade said in a distrusting voice
“I mean it now just stay still while I treat your wounds” Dock said as he held up a cotton ball with a liquid on it that Drade through smell identified as rubbing alcohol. He then reached to a bandage on her shoulder to lift it only to find the bullet wound that had been there gone. Dock turned his head slightly and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
“ How is this possible?” he asked and Drade seized her chance for escape. Drade’s hands began to glow a blue like color then she snapped the straps that held her to the gurney in the process Drade hit the doctor knocking him to the floor. She had a hospital gowned on and that had to go. With a flick of her fingers a swirling energy of darkness came up and around her changing her gowned in to her outfit from before When it was finished she opened her eyes and revealed her true look to the doctor who was stunned not by what just happened but by who she was.
“It couldn’t be!” Dock said under her breath as alarms started to blare
“Well got to go” Drade said as she ran from the room and down the hall. As this happened Shalin ran into the room.
“Dock what on earth is going on in here?” she questioned
“Drade escaped!” he exclaimed
“What! How?” she demanded
“Shalin! Look she broke right through the straps” jonny pointed out
“But how those where diamond coated” she stated
“Shalin it’s her” dock said
“What! Who?” Shalin inquired
“Her the one I told you about” dock explained
“HER! That criminal is…” Shalin paused as dock nodded
“Um shouldn’t we be stopping her?” Shaleene suggested
“Yes lets move out,” Shalin stated as they ran after Drade who ran to the end of another hall and hid around a corner to watch for guards and such before continuing. Suddenly a man jumped in front of her to stop her
“MOVE IT!” Drade shouted as she flung a ball of pure dark energy at the guy throwing him threw 3 walls.
“THERE!” Shalin shouted as she pointed to Drade who was headed for the double doors that lead out.
“CLOSE THE DOORS!!” Shalin shouted to the door operator who immediately shut them
“HA! Like that’ll stop me” Drade grinned as she skidded to a halt then raised both hands to form a triangle with her fingers, her legs where spread and she bowed her head, eyes shut.
“WE HAVE HER NOW!” Shaleene shouted to the others then Drade’s eyes opened and her head raised as a swirl of dark energy formed up and around her legs.
“SHADOWRAGE!!” Drade shouted as a triangle of dark energy formed and struck the door hard busting it wide open.
“NO WAY!!” shouted Shalin
“IMPOSIBLE!” shouted Jonny as they stood stunned Drade ran from the building but before she did she turned slightly to see shalin who just then saw it the energy around Drade was so strong they could see it as it surrounded her body. They had never before seen so much energy in one person.

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