The Ledger (Starwood series book 1)

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Chapter 3

The car began passing houses and blocks of flats that appear to be kept in really good condition. I used to see pictures of London and other cities when Amanda brought me books and newspapers to look at over the years; I remember one picture of London showed a huge building with graffiti all over the side, there doesn’t seem to be any on show here.

“Alyssa, do people create graffiti art on the walls here or are the laws that strict it scares people from doing it?” I watched the houses turn into shops then back into houses as we drove through town.

“There are those that do vandalise and we catch them to punish them by making them clean it up then make them spend a night or two in jail with a warning. There are times when the local artists are commissioned to do a piece of street art, sometimes they are commissioned from places out of town.”

At least the punishment for vandalism is a decent one, I wonder if anyone has ever gotten away with it in this strange town.

We pulled up in front of a house with red bricks and a black tiled roof. There was a freshly mowed front garden with a dark brown fence around it and three bins by the front gate two black bins one with a purple lid and one with a red lid; and a green bin. The stone path leading up to the front step was clear of weeds. From this side of the house I could count four rooms, I couldn’t tell for sure as two of the four windows were larger than the other two and each window had different curtains.

Alyssa knocked on the white wooden door with the metal knocker. The door opened to reveal a short, red haired woman with a mug in one hand. She must be Steffi the teacher, she was dressed like a teacher in a black pencil skirt and a white blouse, whe was only missing her shoes.

“Hi, I am Steffi Briggs, you must be Alexi” she held out her hand while she smiled showing all her pearly white teeth. Steffi had creamy white skin which intensified her large, round, dark hazel coloured eyes. Her hair shone a vibrant red, looking naturally straight though it was hard to tell while her hair was pinned up with a clip to the back of her head.

“Hi Steffi, thank you for letting me be your new housemate” I gripped her soft hand in mine as I quickly returned the greeting.

“It’s our pleasure, come on in you must be tired” she released my hand and stepped back to let me and Alyssa into the house.

The floor was wooden on this floor of the house, to my left was just a wall with a door then the stairs, maybe one of the bedrooms was behind that door. Looking down the hallway in front of me next to the stairs I could see an open door which looked to be a downstairs bathroom. To my right led straight into an open living room/ dining room and a door towards the back of the house which must be the kitchen.

“Your room is this one, but come hang out in the front room first” Steffi pointed to the door I was curious about earlier then began walking into the living room. There was a red rug on the floor underneath a oak coffee table and a black cloth sofa set, all set in front of a plasma television, sky box and a Xbox one.

“Alexi, this is Dane.” Dane was taller than me and Steff, from what I could see as he walked past us to take a seat on the sofa; and had a good build and a slight belly which suited his image as a chef. His forest green eyes made his lightly tanned skin seem darker. I say tanned but compared to me and Steffi he would be considered tanned. His blond hair was cut close to his head but not too close to be considered a buzz cut.

“Nice to meet you” he looked up and smiled at me then returned to writing on his notepad. It looked like a recipe he was writing down.

“And this is Eric.” Steffi walked and stood in front of the TV which Eric was playing the Xbox on. I couldn’t tell how tall Eric was yet as he remained seated but from looking at him I could tell he worked out as he had well build up muscles on his tattoo covered arms, so that’s what people called ‘guns’. He had sky blue eyes that stood out against his olive coloured skin. His black shaggy hair was held back from his face with an Alice band.

“Welcome to the house, hope you give a good game on Call of Duty” he looked at me from top to bottom before turning back around.

Steffi seemed happy with him after that and moved from her space in front of the TV. She moved back over to where Dane was sat as he moved the notepad from his lap, seemingly finished with what he was doing and let Steffi sit on his lap.

“That is Andre” Steffi pointed to the window seat where Andre sat with headphones covering his ears, he seemed to be in deep thought so we thought best not to interrupt him.

Andre had long legs and a lean body, as if he was something delicate. His stormy grey eyes were cast down on the book in front of him. His pale skin looked even paler in the sunlight coming through the window while his Christian Grey styled brown hair shone in the light.

Alyssa, who had been standing quietly behind me the entire time moved to stand in front of me.

“It is time for me to go, but someone will come to pick you up at ten tomorrow morning to bring you to the council where you will announce yourself and sign in” Alyssa patted my shoulder then left, not giving the others any notice.

“Alyssa has told us about everything that has happened to you, you are free to do as you wish here and we hope we can all become great friends.” Steffi seemed to have a constant bubbly attitude, which isn’t in all a bad thing.

“It does feel strange being in a normal home after all this time” I walked over and sat on the loveseat.

“You will get used to it soon enough” Dane, who was holding Steffi around her waist, spoke up. “To celebrate your arrival I am going to make one of my giant foods, usually my friend Martin comes over or I go to his to make it but this time you are going to be my assistant.”

“Giant food?”

“I have a Youtube channel called Foodusa, like a play on Medusa, I create recipe videos and treat tasting videos and upload them for people to watch” Dane explained all about the different recipes he did and the giant food videos he and Martin have created.

“I am really looking forward to tomorrow now” I couldn’t help but tell them, excitement was surging me to somehow do something. “Can I try playing that with you Eric? I have never played an Xbox before.”

“Sure, there is a controller in next to the console and I will teach you the buttons” Eric pointed to the console.

As it turns out I have a talent for Call of Duty.

That entire night me and my new housemates stayed up until three in the morning playing Call of Duty and getting to know each other. Andre eventually noticed I was there and offered to cut my hair, which hadn’t been cut since I got into trouble at the asylum five years ago and Kirk shaved my entire head to punish me. My hair was a long, curly black mess which I always kept tied back from my face. I had found out that Dane and Eric were shapeshifters, Dane could change into anything he wanted too except another human being and Eric was a werewolf. Steffi was a fairy, that explained her bubbly personality and Andre was a fairy too but he was a different type from Steffi. Maybe it was an elemental thing. I admit to feeling left out being a weak human.

The next morning Steffi surprised me by cooking breakfast for herself, me, Dane and Andre. Eric slept into the day since his work was mainly at night time.

Pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon was a very fulfilling breakfast as was the coffee. Usually at the hospital we had a choice of cereal or porridge with water.

Ten came around fast after Steffi, Dane and Andre all left for work. I opened the front door to a large bald man. He had huge bulging muscles, black eyes and tattoos on his arms and neck.

“Miss. Alexi, I have come to pick you up to take you to the council. My name is Frank” I struggled to suppress my laughter as he spoke. I thought someone looking as he did would have a deep, rough voice but his was soft and light.

“Thank you Frank, let’s go.” He kindly didn’t comment when I was sure my face obviously showed my amusement.

I found out that Frank was an angel and worked as one of Alyssa’s most trusted guards. He drove us through to the town centre where a tall white building stood with the words ‘Town Council’ printed on top.

“Go on in, someone should meet you in the lobby” Frank told me as I got out of the car.

“Thank you Frank” I smiled gratefully to him while I took a deep breath and stared walking up the large steps.

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