Sex Soldier

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Introduction where main character stumbles upon a time stopping machine, he takes advantage because people remain in a trance when switched on, and when it is off it is as if nothing ever happened. It would be many men’s dreams to have sex with any girl they wanted to through a time stopping-gadget and everything would be back to normal as if nothing ever happened. A story of right and wrong, conspiracy, love alongside the deepest sexual fantasies of men. David Ridell stumbles upon a time stopping gadget that he will take advantage of, he discovers that it is implanted in thousands of Sex Soldiers on a global level, in order to fix a genetic experiment that back fired and reduces human fertility, or so he thinks…

Fantasy / Erotica
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Introduction of Time Stopping Gadget


I was a sex soldier for ten years, it was not easy at all, but it had to be done for the sake of humanity. I had the power to stop time and have sex with any person I wanted to, and everything was back to normal as if nothing happened.

I live in Madrid, Spain, forty-three years old, half American half Spanish, what people often call a military brat, my American military father was stationed here and met my Spanish mother. I decided to move back to Spain for work and personal reasons a few years ago. I’m bilingual in Spanish and English and used to teach English for private companies, I also did occasional language interpretations and translations. I didn’t have much of a social life either because I only had two friends I grew up with when my family and I used to live in Madrid.

It’s a long story, so I’ll start from ten years ago on a Monday morning:

I wake up at my usual 7:00 am to get showered, breakfast, leave my apartment I proceed to call the elevator, I live on the seventh floor. The elevator door opens, it’s empty, I walk in as I press the ground floor button. It stops on the fourth floor and my routine milf neighbor and her cute pony-tailed brunette daughter walk in, she must be sixteen or seventeen years old tops.

She’s standing to my right and wearing her usual blue-plaid school uniform and white polo-shirt. I run into them quite often during the week. My eyes innocently glance at her skirt, her thighs are amazing. Spanish girls tend to have beautiful rounded thighs and lump asses.

I get a vibration on my Smartphone. I pull it out of my pocket and there is a small red-dot blinking in the middle of my screen, I think how unusual this is because I have to unlock my phone for it to work. I place my index-finger on the finger-print reader to unlock it and the elevator comes to a complete halt; mother and daughter remain frozen as if they were hypnotized. A red blinking “TIME STOPPED” text appears on my screen with another text below it in parentheses that reads, “CLICK BLUE ICON TO RETURN.” The screen goes black and a light-blue icon pops up in the middle of the screen. I press the menu function button on the bottom of the phone and nothing happens. I look at milf and daughter; they are in a very peaceful trance.

“What the hell is going on?” I wave my hand over the girl’s face and get no clear reaction from her or her mother. I look at my watch and the screen has gone blank. I press the light-blue icon and the elevator immediately starts moving down again, I unlock my phone and it’s back to normal. I instantly recognize a new red icon on my home-screen. “Is this what happens when people go fucking mad?” I think out-loud as I stare at the mother, she looks at me and half smiles. I start sweating. I look at my watch and it’s working again.

“Nuria, don’t forget to pick up your gym clothes,” the girl does not answer and the mother grins as she takes a deep breath. I unlock the screen again, press the red App icon and the elevator stops again, my screen is pitch-black with that same light-blue icon in the middle.

Mom and daughter are back in the same trance. “This is really happening!” I look down at her thighs and pause for a second. I instantly slide my hand under her skirt, my dick is hard, I grab and fondle her round ass, I then slip my hand in the inside of her panties and rub her outer pussy-lips and gently dig my index finger in her clit, it’s a bit moist and really warm with a nice patch of hairs. I innocently bring my finger up to my face; it smells a bit like lead or something salty and organic, somewhat indescribable.

I start to feel paranoid and strange about the whole situation, there are probably cameras in the elevator so I press the light-blue icon. The elevator starts coming down again. I move my hand over towards my face again and it does not smell at all.

The elevator stops and I politely let them out first. The mother kindly smiles at me “good bye,” I smile at her, “bye.” I can’t help but glance at her daughter’s plump young thighs and bubbly ass trotting under her short skirt. The skirt is intended to reach the knees, but Spanish teens usually roll the skirt up mid-thigh-length to attract boys in a very progressive but catholically oppressed society...

I unlock the phone and press the red App icon. Mom and daughter remain still again near the front door of the building. “I can’t believe this!”

I look out the window of the building lobby and see two people standing still outside and spot two cars completely stopped on the street. “This is happening...” I quickly unlock the phone and press the light-blue and the red-icon on and off several times. It works like a strobe-light; the cars and people outside move and stop with the touch of the icons.

I walk back towards the lobby where mom and daughter are still standing in a trance. I love her cute Spanish face, big brown eyes and her young plump thighs. I can imagine her black moist crotch resting on her panties inner-lining. I wonder what color they were, they were probably white. I’ve always had a panties fetish and Spain is a paradise because most people hang their clothes up in the inside patios of their buildings, making them visible to any close-by neighbor.

When I first moved in last summer, I went a few times to the private swimming pool in our complex just to see her with her bikini. Then I would go back home and jerk off. She’s here now, frozen, my dick is still hard. I can’t believe I’ve fondled her down there.

There is a couch in the entrance area so I head for it and tell the daughter to come next to me, she understands me and innocently comes up to me with a lost smile.

I sit down on the sofa and grab her hand towards me as I move her body around so her ass faces me.

I innocently lift her skirt up from behind and stare; plain white cotton panties and a dark crotch underneath. I move my head forward and start to sniff and gently squeeze her well rounded Spanish ass-cheeks. She begins to slightly moan. “She is getting aroused!” I move back, the skirt drops down to her thighs.

I kneel down in front of the couch, gently move up and pull the skirt up again as I start to sniff the panties in the ass area and down in her crotch; I want to imagine she showered the night before because there is a hint of laundry conditioner and a slight lead-like organic scent. I look up at her mother and she is still with a surprisingly peaceful trance. I let the skirt drop. “This is crazy!”

I turn her body around, lift her skirt up again and dig my fingers in her panties pulling the inner-lining over to the left; her pussy-lips are slightly reddish and puffy, they keep the panties tucked over well on the side. The tips of her clitoris-lips have a darker tone. I dig my nose inside and it smells very leady. I gently start digging my tongue inside and start licking her clitoris in an up and down motion. She stars moaning. It starts to taste a bit tangy and slightly salty too.

I move back and wipe my face with my shirt, my hard-on is massive. “This is happening!” I move over and partially sit down on the sofa and begin to unbuckle my pants and zip my jeans down halfway. My heart is pounding very fast as I wipe the sweat off my forehead with my arm. I notice again that my watch isn’t working again.

I move up, and lay her down belly-first to the right of me on the couch, her head is facing me. Her beautiful dark eyes and nose are amazing; I can’t get over how cute actually she is.

I pull my dick from the front crack of my boxer shorts. I put my hand around her neck and pull her head towards my groin, she kneels up horizontally on the couch and moves down in my crotch. She starts sucking me off slowly like a lollipop. I look over and down to get a glance of my dick in her mouth, her eyes are open and she’s slightly moaning. I spread her legs apart from the knees and dig my hand inside her crotch. It’s so spongy and hairy and seems wetter now. She continues slurping on my dick, it feels good, I lift her right-leg up and lean over for a good glimpse of her crotch again; her panties are still tucked over to the side. I gently rub two fingers on her clitoris as she begins to moan louder.

I can feel I’m cumming soon, I can’t hold it, I dig two fingers deeper in her vagina-hole, she starts moaning and breathing hard through her nose. “Uhhhhh, ahhhhh,” my legs are twitching as I cum in her mouth. I pull my fingers out and begin smelling them, she makes a slurping sound as she finishes swallowing the rest of my sperm, “aaahhhh.” “This is happening!”

“Sit up.” I move over to the right and lie down on my back, “bring your body and ass towards me,” she moves her ass towards me in a sixty-nine position, her ass lands on my face as I pull her skirt back up to get a glance; her panties inner-lining is still tucked to the left side, her pussy-lips remind me of a sea-muscle, it’s shiny and wet. “Uh, uh, slurp,” she starts sucking me off again very gently.

I pull my head back and lift her skirt all the way up to her back and move her ass up towards me again. I put my face on her crotch, it’s amazing how puffy and hairy her lips are. I start thinking about the cameras installed in this lobby.

“Stop,” I gently get up, my dick makes a popping sound exiting her mouth. She sits up on the sofa. I pull my pants back up, take my phone out, click the light-blue icon and bring back time again.

Mother and daughter are right in front of me going towards the front door of the building. As if nothing ever happened. I smell my hands and they don’t smell at all again, my mouth is intact.

I sit down on the sofa and begin to ponder what is really happening. “Can I alter time with an App?” I look out the main-door and cars and people are moving about. “Have I just cum inside a young girl’s mouth?” At least I didn’t penetrate her… I have read that the younger the female is of our species, the better the offspring turn out, an ancestral instinct? I’ve had conversations with other guys about how hot some high school girls can be, especially in their private school uniforms. I reiterate how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about her and how hard it is to believe what I have just done.

“Am I going mad?”

I leave my building and decide to test it one more time. Cars and pedestrians stop once again with a simple click of the icon. I begin walking towards the subway station and spot a pony-tailed brunette girl in her early twenties with a nice round ass in her Levi’s blue jeans and a worn out light green back-pack. She is definitely a college girl on her way to class. She has brown curly hair with a light blonde tone to it, she looks pretty hot, God I love Spanish girls.

I stop time just as she’s walking in front of a street-light, walk up to her and kneel down as I reach for her waist, unbuckle her belt pulling her jeans down to her knees. She is wearing a pink cotton Brazilian thong, “yep, I’m going crazy.” She has a plump Spanish bubbly ass. She has a zit on her upper right-thigh.

I get my face in closer to her ass and crotch and sense a distinct iron odor to it, and notice a tampon string stuck on the side of her panties.

I get up and look over and stare at her cute face, she has a beautiful little nose. I reach under her green sweater and long t-shirt, slip my hand inside her bra and hold her right-tit; it’s warm, soft, big and spongy, I touch her nipple and it’s hard as a rock.

I lean back and drop my pants, pull her panties-lining to one side and move the thong string over too, she doesn’t seem to have a lot of hair down there. I slowly rub my dick on her pussy. She keeps her arms firm on the street light.

She begins to moan. I slowly rub her deeper up and down, I can feel the tampon string. I begin rubbing the tip of my dick much faster in an up and down motion, her crotch starts making a bubbly sound, I reach up for her left-tit under her bra slowly pinching her nipple, it’s hard. She starts moaning louder. I continue rubbing very fast, it feels so good and wet.

I can’t hold it anymore as I begin to ejaculate, “aaaahhhh, aaahhhh,” my legs are slightly twitching.

I pull my pants back up and turn back time with my phone. Once again, I’m in front of my building and cars and people are moving swiftly and naturally. And yet again, my hands don’t smell at all. I slip my hand in my pants and my penis feels dry. I can see the girl prancing her Spanish plump ass up the street, she looks back and starts running for the bus stop, I imagine her pink thong with the tampon-string tucked on one side, I do have a serious panties fetish. This is the first time I’ve ever rubbed and ejaculated on a girl’s pussy with a tampon inside, I’ve only really had ordinary sex with my two ex-girlfriends back in the States. I look back and see a bus coming from the distance.

I start to feel more comfortable about all this, “this is really happening!” I head for the subway station further up the street. Right next to the corner is my bank. I think to myself, “free money?”

I walk in the bank, pull out my phone and stop time. The whole bank comes to a silent halt. “This is easy,” I tell myself. I’m about to tell the bank teller to hand over some cash as I look out the window and see a bus stopped on the street. I notice the same girl is sitting down at the back of the bus. “I want more.” I can’t recall ever being so horny.

I leave the bank and get up to the bus and signal the driver who is in a trance to open the door. He presses a button a few times and the door doesn’t open, so he gets up and pulls an emergency red-lever and the door opens up as I walk in towards the back. I guess when time is stopped nothing mechanical works, like the elevator or even my digital watch…

The college girl is sitting there with a peaceful look to her, I imagine her warm tits hanging down in her bra.

I get up next to her and take off her green sweater and white t-shirt, I get a good whiff of rosy deodorant. I pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles; my dick is hard as a rock again. I pull both tits out of her bra; they hang down so naturally, I tilt her shoulder and begin to stick my dick between her cleavage.

She begins to moan as she bounces her cleavage on my dick. This is amazing. I grab her shoulder moving her head towards me as I put my dick towards her mouth, she starts sucking me off very fast and intensely. I gently grab her ponytail and begin to slightly push her head towards me, I love that slurping sound she’s making.

I move over a bit and put my hand in her pants and dig inside her crotch. I can feel the tampon string again and her wet and almost hairless pussy-lips. I pull my hand out of her pants and bring it to my face; I kind of like that iron smell.

“Uuhhhh!” My left-leg twitches; I cum in her mouth as she begins to profusely moan and breathe hard.

I pull my pants up again and get off the bus. I reiterate to myself how unbelievable this is, I’m so satisfied and feel a bit dizzy.

I walk back in the bank and innocently tell one of the tellers to hand me over five-hundred euros in one-hundred euro bills. The teller kneels down and hands them over to me. I take out my wallet and tuck them in and take my phone out of my pocket. The light-blue icon always appears on the screen when I’ve stopped time, no need to unlock the phone, I click it and bring time back again. Here I am walking down towards the subway station with the bank to my right. I stop, take out my wallet, the bills aren’t there! “Damn!” Time completely regresses with objects and all.

I reach for any object I see to test it again, so I pin point a plastic candy wrapper on the curb. I stop time again as I grab the wrapper and put it in my back pocket. I bring back time and the wrapper is back where it started on the floor. I start thinking how somebody obviously installed this App, “but why is it on my phone and why me?”

I take the subway and decide to ignore everyone around me; this situation is border-line mad.

I get to work on time, and head to the meeting room where I usually give my classes, there are four teachers here. I give business English classes to tele-com engineers for a multinational French company, not a very exciting group of people.

I can see them starting to come towards my class down the hall, I feel like a coffee from the courtesy coffee-pots they provide their workers with. I start thinking about the blonde Swedish manager who works on the 5th floor, the guys always talk about her and what she’s wearing on any given day, we think she has to have breast-implants too.

I take out my phone, unlock it with my index-finger, press the red icon and the air becomes silent. I have eighty percent battery in my phone; it usually lasts all day because I don’t get a lot of phones calls anyway. I think I’m going to buy an extra phone-charger and have it with me at all times just in case. I head for the 5th floor, coffee in hand. I look down the hall and notice my students in a pleasant trance.

I call an elevator and see no signs of it working; the bus driver had to use the emergency lever to open the bus door. I walk up the steps to the 5th floor offices, I’m breathing hard so I stop to catch my breath. I walk into reception. The receptionist is a mid-aged woman. I pass by her and start snooping around different individual offices. I take a sip of my coffee and leave it on a table. Suddenly, there she is, sitting inside her office. Man she is hot; natural blond, big blue eyes; an almost perfect Barbie face. I can finally figure out if her tits are real or not.

I walk up to the side of her desk. She is wearing the usual corporate mini-skirt, dark stalkings with a matching jacket and white blouse. I undo her blouse buttons and grab one of her tits from under her delicate-looking green bra, her nipples are actually small and reddish, her tits are perfectly round and firm, “yep, they must be fake...” I grab her hands and help her up onto her big desk lying her down on her back.

I move my hands up to her thighs and slowly take off her dark stalkings. She has classy looking light green transparent panties. I begin licking her inner thighs. I reach in her crotch and begin to sniff around. I slip her panties to one side, her crotch is completely shaven and extraordinarily clean looking; it actually looks like a tiny wet sea-muscle. I move my head in and begin to gently lick the small lips that surround the clitoris, she starts moaning. I get a leady organic-like taste in my mouth; I’m beginning to like it. I start digging my tongue inside her clitoris and in her hole, she starts breathing hard and moaning louder.

I move back, wipe my face off with my sleeve and pull my pants down. I then pull her up towards the edge of the table. I begin rubbing my dick on her wet and shaven pussy. It makes a bubbly sound, “man, this is heaven.”

I move her back, get up on the desk and gently lie on top of her. I put my dick in her pussy, and begin to penetrate her hard, she’s moaning and breathing hard. Some folders and other objects are falling on the floor. My knees are taking a toll.

I stare at her beautiful face and I cannot contain myself, “uh,uh, uhhh, aaahhh” I start cumming deep inside of her squeezing her little ass-cheeks with both hands, my left-leg starts twitching, I stop and pull out, it makes a wet popping noise.

I move her up and over on her knees, spread her ass-cheeks apart and begin licking her sphincter, it’s a little wet. I’ve never licked an ass before, don’t know what’s gotten over me, I feel possessed and extremely horny. Her sphincter is soft on the edges but I do not dare to dig my tongue in deeper. She starts moaning even harder. “I want to come in her mouth.” I get up and grab her head towards me as she begins to blow me very fast with a slurping sound.

I stare at her beautiful face and natural blonde hair.

“Uuuuhhh, ahhhh,” I cum again deep in her throat as she gags and swallows all my sperm.

It’s unbelievable how quickly I’ve cum. I’m done and feel rather exhausted. I head back to the reception area. I glance over at the couch, I’ll lie down on for a snooze, I’ve cum four times in two hours. I wonder if there is a time limit on the App…

I wake up in the couch after a nap, or “Spanish yoga” as a student of mine calls it, I feel pretty rested so I must have slept a while. It’s time to put time back in its place and get back to work, if this could pay the bills...

I make it down to the classroom area and pass by my four male students in a trance. I open my class room, take out my teaching material, press the light-blue icon on my phone. My students take a couple of minutes to walk in, we begin class.

My morning classes finish at noon. I stop by a deli shop and scarf down a sandwich and an orange Fanta, I don’t want to look at anyone now. I head out to my last class of the day, which starts at 13:00 at a multinational American Real estate office downtown near my apartment.

I have two, one and a half hour classes there with students from the accounting department. The first class is a one-to-one with an overweight, short brunette haired regional manager; she’s married and quite unhappy and moody. There are two women in the other class, not very fun or attractive at all. I just remembered that I had received an email confirming that another student would be incorporated into the second class today.

That new student doesn’t show up today. I do the class and go home to chill out on the couch for the rest of the evening.


I wake up and immediately start thinking about what happened yesterday. I actually slept like a log last night, I was exhausted. I grab my phone from my night-desk, pull out the charger cable, deactivate the Airplane mode and check the App; the red icon is still there. I get up, open my curtain and glance down at the traffic down below as I press the red icon from my menu screen, the light-blue icon appears and there is a dead silence. “It still works!”

I shower, have a couple of cookies, some juice and rush out to the elevator. This time the elevator makes no stops and I’m out on the street. I notice two girls in their late twenties walking on the other side of the street. One has short jet-black hair and a corporate mini-skirt while the other is wearing blue jeans and a mountain jacket. I stop time and walk towards them, suddenly I hear the sound of a motorcycle coming from one of the adjacent streets, I quickly bring back time. “What the hell!” “Somebody with the same App on a bike?”

I continue walking towards my subway stop, the morning traffic overpowers the air.

Once inside the train, I manage to grab a seat and begin reading the news on my smart phone and quickly forget about the motorcycle. The train stops at the next stop and a really tall cute brown-eyed brunette girl walks in, she is wearing dark-blue jeans and pink Converse All-Stars, she has very long legs and a nice bubbly ass, she looks good in jeans, your average Spanish cutie, she must be twenty years old, no more. Her hair has long wavy curls down to the middle of her back. She sits in the seat directly in front of me.

We exchange glances for a second and I pretend to continue reading, I then imagine her bulky round ass and panties in my face; I take out my phone and stop time as the train comes to a gradual dead stop, it’s amazing how it just does so. Kind of like when a roller-coaster ride finishes coming to a dead-stop. She looks totally hypnotized.

“What’s your name?” I ask her. She only half smiles back at me with a happy hypnotic look to her. I guess you cannot talk under this trance. I get up and tell the man sitting next to her to get up and to walk towards the end of the wagon.

I sit next to her as I begin to look at her beautiful brown eyes and perfect nose and lips; I notice she has very light freckles on her cheeks. I begin to rub her right-thigh over her jeans and feel out her tits from outside her sweater, they seem to be medium size. I begin to kiss her and she begins to passionately stick her tongue in my mouth. She has coffee breath.

I unzip her jeans zipper and stick my hand inside her crotch as I glance down; she has white panties. I slip my hand deeper over the top of her panties and cuff her crotch; it feels warm and puffy. I work my hands in her panties, her pussy is wet and rather bulky. I take out my hand and put it up to my nose; it smells organic with a scent of shower gel. “She showered this morning and I have all the time in the world.”

I love long legs, she’s hot, and has a very cute Spanish face with beautiful brown eyes and an almost perfect nose. She’s a big boned girl with perfect proportions.

I help her up leaning her on the train door with her back towards me. I unbuckle her belt, zip down her jeans and slowly pull them down to her knees; her silky white panties have white flower designs. She seems to have a nice patch of hairs under there too. I glance up and down at her long white legs and I gently rub them as I kneel down and stick my tongue between the lining of her panties and begin licking a few hairs that creep out from her panties. I look up and glance over at the side of her face; she has a very cute Spanish housewife type face.

I then stand up and reach my right-hand under her shirt and in her right-breast. I gently start rubbing her nipple, it’s big and hard. I move my left-hand up to her face and put my left-finger in her mouth as she starts sucking it very fast and begins to slightly moan. I kneel down and pull her panties down past her knees. I move my hand on her lump right ass-cheek and land my left-hand on her panties and begin rubbing the inner-lining; it’s soft.

I stop for a moment and pull the panties-lining outwards me. It’s light-grayish and lightly padded, and has some washed out stains of probably period blood. I move my nose on it, it smells like laundry conditioner.

I stop for a moment because I start getting this strong urge to cum. I pull down my pants, sit down on a seat and stick my dick out of my boxer pants. I can’t hold it anymore. I tell her to come this way, her jeans are down to her shoes while her panties are still tucked below her knees and her lump white ass-cheeks wobble a bit as she turns around. I tell her to ride me with her back facing me. She follows my instructions and grabs my dick, hops over on me like a sack of potatoes. She grabs the seat bar with her left-hand as her right-hand slowly veers my dick in her crotch; she begins moving up and down very gently. She is getting wetter. It feels really tight and good. I begin to fondle her tits from behind, I dig my face in the back of her hair, it smells like a familiar shampoo I have used before. I have to concentrate not to cum.

After a minute or so, I tell her to get up, take off her shoes and pants and to give me her panties. She uses the railing-bar to help herself up, there is a squishy wet sound as my dick pops out. She kneels down, I stare down at her long white and hairless thighs, she unties her shoes, her legs move very slowly as she pushes her shoes off with her feet taking off her jeans. I turn her body around and stare at her big wet pussy; her lips hang out so naturally.

She leans down and takes off her panties, I turn them inside out. I tell her to sit down next to me as I pull her head in my crotch. She starts blowing me very slowly, I sniff the inner part of her panties again, it is an incredible feeling. I stare at her cute face, dig my right-hand in her crotch from behind and start rubbing her wet and plump pussy-lips with all four fingers.

It’s doesn’t take too long for me to cum in her mouth “uhhhh, ahhhhh”, she starts gagging, I pat the back of her head as I let out the last of my sperm deep in her mouth. I sit there totally exhausted. I tell her to get up as I dig my dick back in the crevice of my boxers and pull my pants back up. I grab my cell phone from my pocket.

There she is in front of me, like nothing ever happened. I have this sudden urge to stop time again, pull her pants down and fuck her hard doggy style, but I choose not to, I need moderation, what is happening to me is really crazy…

I get to work and give my usual morning block of classes, it’s Tuesday and I always have the afternoon off. I decide to go home after class and have a Spanish yoga.

I wake up and decide to stay at home and watch TV for the remainder of the evening.

I begin playing by stopping time and starting it back up, it’s quite entertaining to see how TV frames stop and continue. I crack open a bottle of Spanish Rioja red wine, open up a pack of cigarettes, and take out some marijuana that I have for special nights like these. I’m not a daily joint or cigarette smoker, only when I want to really relax. On a night like this, I would have masturbated at least twice with internet home-made sex videos, I’m saturated.

Before passing out on my sofa, I make sure I charge my phone, set my the alarm for 7:00 am, grab a blanket, smoke my last cigarette and do the last bit of TV zapping for the night.


The alarm ring tone goes off and I wake up feeling like shit, I drank the whole bottle, the TV is still on so I grab the remote and switch it off. I go straight to the shower and get ready for another day.

I call the elevator but it’s busy, so I have to wait a couple of minutes. I get on the elevator as one of my neighbors greets me with a smile, “good morning.” He is a single lawyer and quite handsome too. He always has different girlfriends that come and go throughout the year. “Did you see the soccer game last night?” I tell him that I don’t have pay-per-view TV, he starts telling me all about it. I actually don’t even like any sports, so I nod my head and pretend to show interest. The elevator stops on the fourth floor as milf and daughter walk in, my body freezes up for a second. The daughter is wearing her once a week blue gym sweat-suit with a white t-shirt under it. The logo of her school is embroidered on her gym jacket.

The elevator stops and I let the three out before me, the lawyer leans back and insists to let me out first. I glance at the girl, I just love the way her bubbly ass slightly bounces under her sweatpants. I imagine the thought of being the space between the panties and her sweat-pants, I have that panties fetish yes indeed.

I take out my phone and stop time.

Mother and lawyer freeze as I grab the girl and take her towards the lobby couch once again. I turn her back towards me as I sit down and dig my face in her ass. The sweatpants feel soft and smell like conditioner. I slightly pull her sweat-pants down; she’s wearing plain black panties and I notice it is kind of bulky. I move in closer and notice she has a maxi-pad; its wings slightly extend out from each side of her panties area. I get up close and slightly sniff it, it releases a baby-powder breezy scent mixed with iron. The maxi-pad makes a plastic diaper noise as I move it around with my nose, “sit on the couch on all four legs,” I pull my pants down.

She is now standing on the couch on four legs in a comfortable gaze, I love very cute adolescent face, dark brown eyes, a perfect nose and small curvy lips. I move her over to the right side of the couch and keep her up on four legs. My dick has popped out of my boxer-shorts. I pull her head down, stick my dick in her mouth as she begins to suck it very gently like a Popsicle. I move my right hand in her sweatpants from over her ass area and begin to rub her panties; I can feel her hairs and maxi-pad. I pull my dick out of her mouth, I don’t want to cum yet, I continue rubbing her maxi-pad over her crotch, she begins to slightly moan. I dig my dick back in her mouth, the way she blows feels so sloppy and good.

I can’t hold it anymore, “uuuhhhh, ahhhhhh” I look down at her face as I cum in her mouth. It’s amazing when you are cumming and at the same time looking at her cute face and playing with her pussy. I still have my hand on her crotch and can feel she has secreted liquid from her pussy. I pull my right-hand out of her pants and bring it up to my nose, it smells like bitter iron with a hint of baby-powder.

I bring time back. I stare at the girl’s lump ass as she walks out the main door, I’m the only one who knows what is under those sweatpants today, I start thinking how many boys and men are going to look at her ass throughout the day wishing they could do what I have done to her. It’s my secret; at least I hope nobody knows what I’ve been doing, although I start thinking about that motorcycle I heard yesterday…

I pay attention to no one in the subway and head for my usual morning hour block classes with the engineers. I did some fluency grammar exercises along with some occasional disruption that a student makes bragging about how his soccer team has more titles, bla, bla, bla. God, I hate soccer, what a waste of time! The customer is always right though, you just have to play along and know when to say “stop,” and get back to orchestrating the class.

I head out to the American international real-estate firm for my last three hour block of classes. When I arrive, the receptionists Pilar tells me that my regional manager student is in an urgent meeting. She always speaks to me in English, she spent one year in London in a one year college exchange program called Erasmus, Spanish people joke about it and call it Orgasmus; a great place to lose your virginity away from your parents. In Spain, most people live at home until they’re paired up or married... “Well, I’ll just have to sit and wait,” I answer back to Pilar with a sarcastic smile.

There are always four newspapers at the reception table, I ask Pilar if I can take one, “of course teacher,” she answers. I sit back on the couch. Pilar is the typical low middle class short haired girl with glasses. Her small legs are in disproportion to her body, and has quite the masculine face. I sit down and begin to read the day’s paper. It’s always interesting to pick up a physical newspaper these days.

Suddenly, a tall short-haired blond girl with glasses passes by reception. She is wearing a long jean skirt that reaches right above her knees and a green cotton long sleeve blouse. She seems to have a hefty ass and very white corpulent legs. Her braces stand out as she smiles over at me. She has nice size tits too. I can see the top of her black bra strap. Pilar introduces her to me. “Marta, this is your teacher, David,” Pilar is quite the social one.

“Don’t forget that we had homework,” I tell her. She sits confused for a second “yeah, yeah, homework in my first day of class!” She gives me a friendly smile. She has attractive light skin, greenish-blue eyes and a rigid, but beautiful nose. Her calves are nice and round and a bit corpulent too. She looks quite young, she must be an intern. I don’t feel like stopping time just yet, I want to chat a bit in class with her.

My boring regional manager tells me all about the office they have in Lisbon, how unorganized it is and how the general manager there won’t last too long. Corporate English teachers are also corporate physiologists. I kept thinking about digging my head inside Marta’s plump thighs.

Marta is the first one to walk in for the second and last class of the day. I start imagining what it looks like pulling up her jean skirt above her hip, I want to wait. “Good afternoon,” “good afternoon Marta,” “sit down, where are you from?” She sits down, crosses her left-thigh quickly over to her right-thigh making sure not to disclose her inner-thighs. I notice a bit of a cellulite wrinkles on the side of her right-thigh. I can’t help but look down for a micro-second; she notices it and gives me a blank smile.

“I was born in Ciudad Real but have lived in Madrid since I was 8 years old.” “What do you do here?” “I’m intern, I studied business administration, this is my first job,” I can hear the other two students walking down the hall, I pull my phone out of my pocket, “excuse me Marta, I have an urgent message to send I forgot.” I get up, put my finger in the thumb-print reader and press the red icon from the home-screen.

There she is in a trance, I love her beautiful big bluish-green eyes. I stand up next to her head and begin to caress her short blond hair; it’s pulled back and clipped to the back of her head with some black hairpins.

She must dye her hair because it has dark grayish roots. I tell her to stand up as I gently touch her lumpy thighs on the lower part of her jean-skirt from behind. I kneel down and lift up her skirt until it won’t go up anymore; the mid part of her panties is showing; they are white with auburn and green colored flowers. I get an instant hard-on. I slip the panties to one side as she begins to slightly moan, she is partially shaven and her pussy-lips hang down a bit. I separate her lips with two fingers and stop for a second; the top of her clitoris is fleshy-looking and looks like a tiny bell. I dig my face inside and start licking her flabby lips and dig my tongue inside the clitoris hole. It smells and tastes somewhat salty and organic but very neutral too. I stick my tongue deeper in her vagina-hole as she begins to heavily moan.

I continue eating her out, I love the sound of her wet flesh being licked up. I gently slip my right hand under the back part of her skirt and start rubbing the inner-lining of her panties as I stick two fingers in her asshole. Her ass has some hairs around the edges of her sphincter; it turns me on even more. This is the first time I stick my finger in an asshole, it feels wet and plastic-like, I move my head back and bring my fingers to my nose; it has a slight peanut smell to it. I dig my face back inside and start gently biting the top of her clit-bell as she begins to moan and breathe louder, she’s having a full orgasim in my mouth; I can feel a wet blanket dripping over my bottom jaws.

I stop, wipe my face off with my sleeve, that organic smell stands out even more as I swing my arm back down.

I tell her to move around, kneel her arms out on the table and face her ass towards me, I accidently knock down a folder on the floor. I pull her panties down to her mid-thighs, the inner-lining is white. Her ass-cheeks are rather big and wide with a little bit of cellulite on them. I kneel down, pull her panties all the way down and pass them under her shoes. I bring them to my face and begin to sniff them as I poke my thumb in her big wet crotch from behind. Her ass begins to move in a right to left motion following the movement of my hand, I stare at the cellulite patches on her ass-cheeks, it turns me on even more. I kneel down and dig my face in her ass and begin to profusely lick it. It’s an indescribable taste. I continue licking her sphincter as I place my hand under my chin and begin fondling her pussy with my fingers. I have never been so dirty and horny in my life. I have this sudden urge to cum inside her.

I stand up, move her a bit more forward on the table, her elbows are supporting her stance as I spread her hefty pale legs and move her lump ass towards me. I grab her panties again and begin to smell them. I glance at her big fig looking vagina and begin to gently rub my dick on it. It makes that familiar bubbly sound, she is starting to get aroused again. I stare at the inner-lining of her panties and I can feel like I’m going to cum, so I stop myself just in time, I put my left-hand over on her chest and feel out both of her big soft tits under her bra, her nipples are big and hard too.

I stick it in again and begin pounding hard, the wet bubbly sound is louder, I look up at her short blonde hair, she has sweat on her neck. I ease down on my penetration and slowly begin to cum in her pussy. “uuuhhhhh, ahhhhhh,” my left leg twitches a bit, my forehead is sweaty. I pinch her nipple and grab her tit as I let in the last of my sperm inside her. I grab her panties, which I subconsciously left on the table and begin to smell the area where the ass lies, it smells like conditioner. I love panties.

She is pure, natural, plump, her braces, her thighs and calves are remarkably sexy.

Man I could do this every day with her! I’m sweating all over my neck and chest. I tell her to sit down, she gently moves over to a chair, I can see her crotch standing out above her thighs from under her skirt. I put my dick in her mouth and she begins to suck it nice and slowly as I grab and smell the inner-ling of her panties again. Her braces get slightly stuck on my pubic hairs a couple of times, I pull out, I’ve had enough anyway. This is amazing, I’m exhausted, I decide to lie down on the lobby couch for a snooze. I can’t believe I ate her sphincter out, my dick gets hard again just thinking about it. I’ve never felt so horny in my life, of course I’ve never had the luck of fucking everything that moves either…

I wake up, commence time and give that full last class with Marta and her two colleagues. I walk home, it takes me about fifteen-minutes to get there. I decide not to pay attention to anybody. If I did my instinct to fuck everything that moves would kick back in. Moderation, as my father always says, moderation. I always thought big time rock starts cross the line to bisexuality because they get tired of the same platter, I don’t see it coming any time soon, in fact I feel hornier than ever, I usually jerk off about once a day, some days twice, but this hornier sensation is new for me.

I walk into my building and spot my milf neighbor and two elderly neighbors checking their mail. I greet them as milf turns around and tells me to please wait for a second. I begin to get nervous! Does she know I played around with her daughter? I start thinking about the motorcycle, it’s impossible; I think to myself, I calm myself down.

She walks up to me and asks me if I give classes to young people too. “My daughter is not doing so well in English at school” I give her a serious look, “would you be available to teach her one day a week for two hours?” “I have Thursday evenings off, I charge twenty-two euros an hour,” I answer back. “She comes home from tennis class at seven in the evening on Thursdays, gets cleaned up, has a snack, I think 19:30 would be great. “Could you start tomorrow?” “Of course I can, I’ll give her a level test and we’ll see what material we can find for her to study on her own too. She gives me a pleasant smile, “just curious, how old is she to know what kind of material to bring?” She is sixteen almost seventeen but has the mentality of a twelve year-old,” I nod my head, “she has had a lot of problems due to my divorce,” “sorry to hear that,” “don’t worry, I’m bringing her up to be a fighter, are you going up the elevator?” “Yes”, I answer back. I used to find milf somewhat attractive but since I’ve played with her daughter it isn’t same, not sure why.

We make it to her floor, “see you tomorrow then, we are on the 4th floor apartment C,” “will do thanks.”

Milf is overprotective of her daughter, common with some Spanish women. The divorce rate in Spain is over sixty percent, I kind of feel sorry for them…

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