Mistaken Identity

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The Escape

I finally came to from whatever it was that those men had injected me with, looking up to see that I was inside a prison cell. I sat up, pressing my hand to my head although that did nothing to stop the pounding inside it. It took a minute for my vision to settle down as well. I walked to the cell door and tried to open it but like I though, it was locked. I looked out past it to see a dank room, with about five cells overall. They were all empty, except for the one across from mine. That one had a boy in it, around my age though it was hard to tell in the dark. He was standing on one of the horizontal bars of the cell, seeming to be fiddling with something at the top of the cell. I stared at him for a few seconds, trying to figure out what he was doing when he suddenly spoke, making me jump.

"Your arrival set me back five hours while the collectors made sure you weren't dead. You better have one damn good ability." He said.

"...What?" I asked in confusion and he sighed.

"I'm going to assume that the drug hasn't completely worn off yet and that you aren't actually that stupid." He said and I glared at him,

"What the hell is your problem? You don't need to snap at me! I didn't ask to be here!" I hissed and he rolled his eyes,

“Whatever, but you must be able to do something or they wouldn’t have bother picking you up.” He said then it all clicked together in my memory. Those men trying to grab Serena, the fire, my dad’s death, Serena running away and a group of men kidnapping me. It wasn’t me at all, it was Serena. I looked up at the boy,

“They have the wrong person. It was my twin sister they were looking for, not me.” I said and he sighed in irritation.

“Wonderful. So not only do you set back my escape for five hours, you don’t even have an ability that could help. Well, whatever. Once I open up your cage, you’re on your own, kid.” He said and jumped off the horizontal bars, using all his weight to pull down on it and the door broke, falling open. He ran out and snatched some keys off the wall, tossing them in to me before running off.

I sighed, hearing alarms go off. I stuck the keys in the hole, twisting them then pushing the door open and running out, taking off in the same direction that boy had gone. I soon saw him again, on a high cabinet pushing open a window.

“How on earth did you get up there?” I asked and he glanced down at me.

“Part of my ability, now you’d better run if you wanna get out of here.” He said, leaping through the open window. I glanced around, hearing voices coming on either side of me. I jumped up, trying to climb up to the top of the cabinet, but I just couldn’t do it. It was twice as tall as I was. As soon as I saw shadows of humans coming round the corner, I turned and started running. I hadn’t gotten very far before I felt a hand close over my wrist and a second hand cover my mouth so I couldn’t scream. I glanced up to see one of the guards and I started struggling, but there was nothing I could do, once he let go of my wrist and wrapped his arm around my stomach instead.

“We’ve got her, captain.” The guard beside the one holding me said into a radio. I stared up at the window that boy had escaped through and narrowed my eyes. I was just about to rat him out when I heard groans of pain and the grip round my stomach loosened. I spun round to see the two guards unconscious and the boy standing over one of them.

“I thought I was on my own.” I muttered with narrowed eyes.

“Shut up. It’s going to be much harder getting out of here with deadweight, so you need to stay quiet and do as I say.” He growled in a low voice.

I would’ve shot out an angry comeback, but I wanted to escape here desperately, enough to listen to this arrogant bastard so I stayed silent and nodded. He glanced around then grabbed my wrist and silently ran down the corridor, pulling me with him. I couldn’t help compare the noise of my feet hitting the floor as I ran, with his completely soundless footsteps. He perked up without warning and shoved me into a dark alcove just before some guards ran down the corridor. He glanced out, waiting until they were gone before running off again, never letting up with the painful grip over my wrist.

Eventually, he pulled me into a bathroom and let go of my wrist. He leapt up higher than a human should be able to and gripped the window sill, balancing his weight against his legs which were braced on the wall, somehow holding him up. He reached over and shoved open the window, forcing it further than it would’ve normally been able to go. He let go of the window sill, dropping to the ground again. Without a word of warning, he grabbed me, shoving me up to the window and I growled in surprise.

“Go!” He snapped and I squirmed my way out of the window, dropping down to the ground below. I landed painfully on my stomach but, guessing he would be behind me, I pushed past the pain in my gut and moved away from the window as fast as I could. I heard loud banging coming from the bathroom before the boy climbed out the window, dropping down easily onto his feet.

“Let’s go!” He snapped, yanking me up onto my feet and pulling me along even as I heard gunshots behind us. I whimpered, pushing myself along faster, despite the fact that every fibre of my being was begging me to stop and rest. I felt like I would pass out, unable to breathe but his iron-like grip on my wrist never wavered, which was the only way I was able to keep moving.

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