VICISSITUDE - A Beast Within (2# The Lycan Series)

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Sequel -THE UNKNOWN LYCAN HEIR (1# The Lycan Series) When Abram meets Serenity in college his beast is entranced by the innocent beauty. What happens when her abusive boyfriend intervene? Abram Maximus Steller was born as a human but was bitten and changed into a Lycan at twelve. Now, at nineteen years old, he goes to college with no big dreams as he knew his future will be next to Lucian as his trustworthy Royal Beta when he took over the throne from his Uncle Dominick. Serenity Annika Dunlap is a transfer student who is always silent and minds her own business. Abram’s beast is strangely attracted to this exotic beauty with caramel eyes and worst of all she already has an abusive boyfriend possessive of her. His need to claim her increasing day by day and a beast is rattling within him to make her his. What happens when Abram fails the internal fight with his beast? Will Serenity accept his love for her? What happens when they learn that the peace in the supernatural realm is just a silence that prevails before the storm? An evil, no one knew about is lurking in the shadows planning Lucian and Alexandra’s downfall. What will Abram do when his sister’s life is threatened once again?

Fantasy / Romance
Catherine Edward
4.8 150 reviews
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Chapter 1


Abram punched with full force on Lucian’s command which he swatted gracefully before sending a kick to his ribs.

“Harder!” Lucian barked and Abram charged at him again with his beast surfacing a little.

Lucian was faster and evaded his attack without even breaking a sweat. Abram winced when Lucian’s hand connected with his back, knocking the air out of his lungs. He coughed and clutched his sides as his breath wheezed.

“Take a break, Abram. Nate! Your turn,” Lucian’s order came next and Abram sent a lopsided grin to Nate. Nothing was happiest in this world like watching your friend and partner in crime go through the same tough routine as yours.

Soon, Nate was eating mud and Abram doubled up with laughter. Every day Nate would place a bet he would last longer than Abram in the field with Lucian and lost graciously for past three years.

While Abram had good reflexes Nate was stronger than him, but easily got distracted during the fight.

“Looks like someone’s having a good day,” Alexa commented as she waddled towards him with her ever-growing baby bump.

“Mhmm... Nate is losing the bet once again.”

“I can see that,” she muttered and sat beside him on the log with great difficulty.

“Having a hard time?”

She grunted. “Try carrying a pair of twins in your belly for nine months. I couldn’t even sleep at night with all their fights going on inside.”

Abram chuckled at his sister and turned his attention to the field.

“Nate! Your enemy won’t be going easy on you. You’d be dead in a beat if you give an opening,” Lucian yelled as he choked Nate.

When he released the hold Nate ducked and went for his legs trying to swipe his feet off the ground. But, Lucian just stood unmovingly.

“Nice moving, kid. But, you’ll have to do more than that to knock me down,” Lucian growled before twisting his leg. If he applied any more pressure it would break.

“Lucian! Let the boy go. You’re hurting him,” Alexa called from the log.

Lucian let go of Nate’s leg and was near Alexa in a blink. His hands went to cradle her belly as he pressed a kiss against her mark, making her shiver.

Abram shook his head as he went to help Nate who panted on the ground, literally with his tongue out. Lucian has gotten so protective over Alexa the moment he discovered her pregnancy. Alexa mostly stayed indoors as Lucian’s beast went all defensive when someone besides their family tried to speak to her.

Last time they went to the mall to buy her some maternity wears Lucian almost ripped the poor sales guy, who was trying to help Alexa choose the right size. It took a combined effort of Abram and Nate to remove Lucian before he shifted.

After that incident, Alexa ordered everything online and never went out. Lucian’s beast was always on the edge and it reflected on their training as well. His protective nature has far to the level he slept in his beast form next to Alexa during the nights.

Abram couldn’t blame Lucian. It was like Lycan’s to protect their mate and children. Also, the pregnancy left Alexa very vulnerable to the attacks if it came. She couldn’t use her Qistina powers like before. It drained her ten times faster than before and Lucian has forbidden her from doing anything.

Though Lucian’s uncle Dominick suggested him to stay in the supernatural realm until childbirth, Lucian didn’t agree with it as he felt safer in the human realm. According to Lucian, his beast felt as if someone was watching them in the supernatural realm. He was restless and was always at someone’s neck trying to rip them apart.

When their healer confirmed the childbirth was similar to that of humans, Lucian immediately brought Alexa to their lakeside home in Hinesburg.

Abram took a swig from his water bottle as he looked at the couple engaged in some conversations. The ever growing love in the eyes of Lucian’s face was something he admired. He always looked at his sister like she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

He wondered if he would be behaving like Lucian if he ever found a mate. Now that he was nineteen years old, many girls tried to gain his attention. But, his beast would just shrug them off as if they were nothing.

Abram’s human side liked to drool over the beauty of the girls, his beast was a different case scenario. He just swatted them like they were nothing more than flies. No one entranced his beast-like Alexa did Lucian’s. He sighed as he got up and walked home with Nate, leaving the couple alone.

“Abram! Baby, have you got everything you need?” Amanda hollered from the hall.

“Yeah!” Abram replied as he packed the last piece of his clothing.

“Come on now, we’re going to be late,” Nate grunted.

“I’m all done,” Abram muttered as he zipped his duffel bag before loading it on his shoulder.

When he went down, his parents along with Nate’s were standing with a proud smile while Alexa sniffed into Lucian’s shoulder. Abram hugged his parents and went to Alexa, who burst out crying.

Abram threw an apologetic glance at Lucian before embracing his sister. “Hey, I am just going to be a few hours away and can always come see you,” he whispered into her hair.

“I know. It’s just- I’m gonna miss you,” she sniffled.

“It’s going to be okay. I’m just going to the university and will talk you to every day,” he said soothingly. Though he was now in the second year of the college, Alexa behaved as if this was the first time he was leaving. Her pregnancy hormones got the best out of her.

“Okay. Take care of yourselves,” she hiccupped as Nate went to hug her.

“We’ll miss you,” he whispered and she nodded.

“You both, no more pranks this year, okay. Just let that Bentley kid in peace will you?” Alexa chastised.

“Can’t promise that,” Abram grinned. Bentley was Delilah’s brother. He also was in the same class as Abram. Delilah once used to be the queen bee and made his sister cry at every chance she got. Now, Abram was just repaying the favor.

The fact the Victor no longer worked for Delilah’s father worked in their favor. Victor with Arthur started a business a few years ago and they were doing well on their own with Lucian’s dad to back up their finances.

Abram and Nate could play any prank as they saw fit. With their Lycan abilities they had perfected the stealth mode over the years and now, they were invincible.

Victor chuckled as he patted Abram’s shoulder. “Alright, time for you both to leave. Drive safe.”

“Sure dad,” Abram grinned.

Arthur and Raelyn hugged both Nate and Abram asking them to behave. Soon their luggage was loaded into their brand new Wraith-Rolls Royce. They bid their goodbyes and was soon on the road.

They went to the Burlington University, the same Alexa and Lucian studied in. They had their own apartment in Burlington and life was good. Though Nate was a year elder to Abram, he graduated a year earlier so they were in the same class.

Abram and Nate were considered as twins despite their differences, because they were always together and did everything together. While Nate had a blonde hair with blue eyes just like Raelyn, Abram had inherited a dark brown hair with rich coffee brown eyes like Amanda.

Abram yawned as Nate parked the car in their usual parking slot.

“Hey sleepy head, we’re home,” Nate called excitedly and Abram growled.

“Home my ass.”

Nate chuckled. “Whoa! Did you see that?” He asked pointing out the cheerleaders practicing on the ground nearby.

“Yeah,” Abram grinned. “Man, she’s hot.” His beast let out a displeased growl and Abram snorted. “The bastard won’t even allow me to look,” he complained.

“Same here. At this rate, we’re gonna be virgins forever. Man that hurts. We didn’t even have our first kiss yet,” Nate grumbled.

“I wish we found our mate soon. My beast is horny all the time and yet it won’t allow me to do anything about it,” Abram agreed.

“You see that chick over there,” Nate pointed out.

“Who Tia?”

“Yeah! You know, I almost kissed her in the locker last month. Then, my beast had to butt it and threaten me to rip her throat if I didn’t stop. Gosh, you know the look she gave me like I was some loser,” Nate muttered. Just like Abram, Nate’s beast was very adamant and didn’t like the company of girls.

“Eww... Nate, you sure you don’t have any trouble with your eyesight?” Abram asked

“No, why?”

“Dude, look at her. Your choice sucks. I don’t know how could you even think about kissing her with all those chemicals on her face. My nose itches every time she passes by,” Abram said in a mocking tone.

“Hey, don’t say like that. Though my nose gets itchy by her scent, she is still sexy,” Nate defended.

“Well then, I challenge you to visit her in her dorm and see how she looks without any paint job,” Abram challenged.

“No, you didn’t?”

“Yeah, I just did,” Abram smirked.

A knock on their car window distracted them before Nate could respond. They turned to see Amber leaning against their door with a hand on her hip.

“Oh, no... Another nose itch,” Abram grumbled under his breath as he rolled down the glass. “Hi, Amber,” he greeted cheerfully.

“Hey Abram, I was waiting for you from the morning,” she drawled in a sexy purr with his beast lift his snout showing his sharp fangs into his mind.

“Gosh... Abram, please get her out of here. My eyes are burning...” Nate called through their mind link.

Abram grimaced as the spicy mix of her perfume assaulted his sensitive nose. “My nose will go numb sooner at this rate,” he replied as he got out of the vehicle.

“Oh, really?” Abram asked with fake enthusiasm as he looked around them.

“Yeah. Gosh... I missed you so much,” Amber launched herself to Abram and he swallowed the loud growl that almost escaped his throat in dismay. Underneath all that perfume, he could clearly smell the scent of the other male on her.

She was intimate with one of the football jocks not less than twenty-four hours ago and now she was here behaving as if she was his girlfriend.

Abram pried her hands off him with a grimace. “I think you forgot whom you slept with yesterday. I believe you’ve mistaken me for Theo.”

Amber stepped back as if her hands were burned. “Wh- how?” She thought no one knew about her little escapade last night.

Abram shrugged. “Words travel faster than sound, you know.”

Amber blushed in embarrassment as his smirk widened. “Nate, we’re getting late,” he called over his shoulder as she left her there in the parking lot.

“That went smooth,” Nate commented through their mind link and Abram could feel the laughter that bubbled within him.

“I know right,” Abram chuckled as they proceeded to their locker.

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