The Forgotten World 2: Slavery of the Wolves

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Eeko Bryony has reached the scariest part of his life as he faces his Coming of Age Day as a slave in Snyvolon. Things in Snyvolon Kingdom have gone from bad to worse as the slavery problem continues to grow. Follow the lives of various people of Snyvolon to see how things are. Will Eeko survive? Who knows.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Snyvolon Kingdom is a large and beautiful island kingdom. On two ends of the island, the west side and the east side, are mountain chains stretching as far as the eye can see. On sunny days, the sky is a rich blue banner covering the upper horizon.

Nobody aside from the residents of Snyvolon Kingdom know of its existence. No ship ever sails far enough across the deep blue to see that such a place is there. Not even small planes have flown far enough to pass over the islands. The residents farm and craft everything from their own resources which are rich and plentiful.

Snyvolon is not without its problems, however... A huge pit filled with dragons lays at the foot of the western mountains and occasionally, one of those scaly-hided fire-breathing beasts runs amok. They destroyed miles upon miles of land and burned down houses and ate the humans and animals. Not only are there fire breathing dragons, but not long ago, an evil wizard lived at the top of the tallest mountain in the west.

This wizard was named Pete Brian and he single handedly kidnapped every single young woman in the kingdom. Being evil, he slaughtered the ones who were considered ugly and tortured the pretty ones in unimaginable ways. Eventually, Pete Brian met his end at the hands of the mothers of the stolen daughters after they had been returned by two heroes.

The greatest evil Snyvolon has is slavery. A race of half-wolf half-humans from the planet Jebbron had narrowly escaped a devastating war, only to find themselves enslaved in Snyvolon Kingdom. Because their race populates quickly, the humans don’t care if a few die working for them. Every time a Wolf Boy or Wolf Girl comes of age, he or she is forced to reproduce to extend the population further. The children begin slave work at the age of five and suffer greatly. The work includes many unnecessary tasks such as scrubbing every single piece of sidewalk with a tiny brush, counting all the leaves in the tallest trees, and telling stories to the farm animals. The worst animals to tell stories to are the pigs as it requires sitting in the muddy pig-sty and occasionally, the pigs would sit on the storytellers.

There was only one Wolf Boy who hadn’t been enslaved and that was because he wandered off as a baby before the others became enslaved. In the last story, we learned of what he had to go through with being bullied by a boy named Ijimicko and how he eventually was sold off to slavery, after rescuing the females of the kingdom, on account of being “dangerous”. His name? His name is Eeko Bryony and soon he will be coming of age while being enslaved by the evil Snyvolonian humans.

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