Royal Arcanum (The Royal Arcanum #1)

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Royals have secret, as much as anyone else’s. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen—the white hair girl who has been haunted her dreams is coming to reality as their so-called distant relative—Sylvia Elle who acts all strange and mysterious. Meanwhile, everyone in the small town of Bisbee are welcoming a new detective—Chantel Herron who later becomes co-worker to Cathy’s dad. A sudden circumstance has caused her mom to coma after unknown demons are failed to kidnap her. At that hard time, Sylvia Elle finally reveals herself as a guardian angel who is currently assigned to help her discovering the whole things that her mom has been keeping. Further, she found out that Chantel is the evil witch with demons works under her command. They want to hunt Cathy for their welfare sake to empower the hidden world of Caecus by experimenting her royal blood. That magical realm is concealed behind an abandoned castle in Austria—where her mom’s family secrecy is also buried in there. Eventually, Cathy is the key to open the door and to save the world.

Fantasy / Adventure
Keefe R.D
4.8 4 reviews
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Author's Letter

[This author's letter was previously published on Wattpad, but it meant for readers on Inkitt too!]

Hello! 💋

I am so happy thrilled after uploading Royal Arcanum on Wattpad. I didn’t know why it took me so long to think then rethink about it, but then I finally found the courage to submit the story here.

So beyond happy for all the readers here who choose to add Royal Arcanum to their bookshelf, and for those who have read the story, much appreciated, you know how much it means to me, oh the world!

Actually, Royal Arcanum is very much an old story, I already wrote the first story in the series since 2012, oh dear, time flies for sure! I was only in freshman year, as I was a college student at the time I got the inspiration, yes I was 18, and now I am 24. See? Time flies fast💨

Alright, and then again, I am Indonesian. So, English is not my first language. Pardon my grammar if you find one and two or hundreds in the book, I don’t care, LOL. You can judge me all you want, but my book is here for avid readers who love to read story, not a grammar course. If you still insist, go on, write your own story then. I am here with peace. So don’t give me sarcasm or anything, because if you are in my shoes, you don’t want someone to put your self-esteem down either.

Thank you so so so much for your understanding. I can’t even, and it’s beyond my imagination to keep pursuing these inspiraziones with me. I’ve been struggling a lot in pursuing my dreams, there are rocky trails, but what’s matter is that I keep on climbing high to reach for the sparkle, for the light, for my destiny.

Thank you everyone! And there are other books (White Foxes #2, Roses Bones #3) you can get on Google Books, Amazon, oh yes, and your local bookstore! I am so beyond amazed that the official paperback version of Royal Arcanum is even listed on my own country now, and in my two favorite bookstores! Periplus and OpenTrolley.♡

Everything’s just beyond amazing. A year after I submitted Royal Arcanum on Inkitt (similar to Wattpad), there are a lot of love from readers around the world, and thus I’d like to give it a try too on Wattpad. The love from readers gives me strength and courage to keep up the work. You know, more exposure! I dream of everyone in the world reading my books! Yasss, omigosh that is just awesome.♡

Much Love, X,
Keefe R.D

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