Royal Arcanum (The Royal Arcanum #1)

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Chapter 13. The Library

Cathy leaned her head on the window, gazing out at the green yard view. There was a beep-beep sound came from her cellphone, disturbing her tranquility. She could guess whose name on the screen before she checked it out. It was bingo—she received a message from her very close comrade.

From: Josh Kingsley

Don’t you need to come home earlier? Your mom’s condition is unstable. She’s asleep in a deep coma again. We miss you, Martha and me.

Received: 11/11/2011, 07:30 a.m.

She replied him; that she would go home as soon as possible. Besides, she did feel homesick, but this circumstance didn’t stand a chance to give her a consolation. She was insecure, like bees that were circling around their honeycomb. Her eye-bags appeared again since she didn’t have a comfortable sleep last night, and now she kept on yawning.


She startled, and turned her back to see Elle’s enigmatic expression. “What is it?”

“Carl Dalton invites you to visit a library.”


Elle narrowed her eyes, bewildered. “Don’t you want to learn more about your family?”

“The Aloise?” She flinched, surprised. “What’s with the library then?”

“You’ll see,” she smiled inscrutably.

She ran downstairs quickly to meet him in the living room. Cathy started demanding for the thing they would deal on this Friday morning.

“Consider it as your little holiday. I want to take you to a new journey,” he said.

“If this is about a book, why won’t you tell me by yourself?” She protested. “It’s more efficient.”

He shook his head.

“Okay, then is it in Melk Abbey?” She guessed.

“No, it’s the library in Vienna,” he giggled. “You may find that monastic with beautiful golden architectures and some of old manuscripts, but the things we’d like to find out are encrypted in the Austrian National Library, one of our beloved huge libraries.”

Elle added, “Besides the library, they have four museums that are displaying many of old collections.”

Cathy smiled at his enthusiasm. “Are we going to ride with bus?”

He giggled as he went out to the terrace. Cathy and Elle followed him from behind to see that there was a strange orthodox navy blue car parked in the yard.

“Oh, Triumph Herald, my favorite car!” He had a wild spirit while approaching that small car.

“Why couldn’t you lend us the car to go shopping yesterday?” Cathy baffled.

“Forgive me, this is a classic-rare piece, I couldn’t allow anyone but myself to drive it.”

Cathy frowned. “There’s no garage, where did you park the car?”

“In the neighbor next door, she’s a good housewife.”

They glanced at the place he referred; the white house next door that had double door garage, the house was a few blocks away from here.

Elle knocked her foot on the ground, reminding them about the main plain. Therefore, Carl Dalton invited them quickly as his special passengers in that car. Cathy went upstairs to take her satchel bag that contained with her wallet and cellphone. However, as the journey would begin, the girls still wore the same clothes that they wore yesterday.

There were random old buildings around this city of dream that looked spectacular. Every corner of the road could show a history, magnificent culture, and euphoria for the seeker of happiness. The country had plagued its splendor to all tourists and their own dwellers. This was one of the good places in Europe.

They breathed the fresh air through the open window of the car. The trip took about one hour to arrive at the destination place.

The largest library in Austria, known as the Austrian National Library, with more than seven million items treasured there. The building was wide as wings from north to south in white-gray color, which looked tremendously beautiful.

There were two equestrian statues; one shaped in a green man statue, who wore a hat while riding a horse, which placed in front of the entrance door, and the other was a few meters juxtaposed toward the first statue. Both of those equestrian statues had a name; the one that faced the terrace was Statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy, and the other was Statue of Archduke Charles of Austria.

As soon as he turned off the car engine, parking against the building, all of them walked outside. Cathy was excited to take some pictures with her cellphone, she loved the view, and she wanted to take a picture together with Carl Dalton.

At the time, she wondered why there were just a few people in the yard. “Why there aren’t many visitors?”

He smiled awkwardly. “I forgot to tell you about the open hours. It should be around nine o’clock.”

“There still a half hour left,” she said with no surprise “—let’s enjoy this place, then.”

As the time passed by, Elle walked side by side with her in the yard. “Do you know if this place was a palace?”

“I bet yes from the whole perspective. It’s represented royalty.”

“Correct,” Elle was testing her basic knowledge of sensing the nobleness around. “It’s known as the Imperial Library, because it takes place in Hofburg Palace.”

“This place is so historical and… elegant,” she struggled to find the perfect word.

Once the clock turned at nine, Carl Dalton called them to enter the lobby.

A few visitors were waiting in queue at the front desk, but he had a shortcut way to get the tickets since he was befriend with the old woman with dark bob hair, who was in charged as an administrator employee. He filled up the guest book for the girls, and he thanked that woman for her help.

Cathy stood side by side with Elle, waiting at the edge of the entrance door. She glanced at the poster wall that posted the information; for young visitor under nineteen was free from admission.

“He once worked at this place as a librarian,” Elle murmured.

Cathy wondered, “That’s why he doesn’t make a queue with the others?”

“Frankly, describable,” she nodded.

Five minutes less, he returned to lead them walking through the long corridor. They walked slowly to enjoy every corner of the frescoes ceiling. The view became a great indulgence for any pair of eyes.

They reached at the edge of the corridor, where he opened the double door for them. As they walked closer to the State Hall, the air felt colder, probably about 15 Celsius degree. The historical atmosphere was perceivable inside this State Hall. The exquisite scenery could flatter anyone, although this place got a mystical sensation too, which was undeniable to feel. The European building had two chamber wings of north and south. Most of the visitors couldn’t see what beneath the surface from those huge passages.

“Do you see that painting above, between the two pillars?” Carl Dalton asked while pointing his index finger at the artistic painting that was contented with agony and deathful vision.

Cathy flickered against the view, while she stood between him and Elle. “What is it?”

“It’s called War Wing,” he explained. “Every painting told its own story. This one is a warrior who saved the world into harmony, then it became this library’s theme—Study of Earthly Things.”

Her eyes was exploring in amazement against the painting in the center of the State Hall. Cathy gawked for a moment, and asked, “There’s another different painting on the ceiling. It looks miraculous too, with the angel stand out in the center. Do you know what that is?”

The Frescos in the Cupola—it’s the name of that wide painting. It shows a strength and wisdom, and the angel is the figure of eternal glory while holding a pyramid as the symbol of honor for the emperor. The painter is Daniel Gran, he’s a very artistic man.”

“You could memorize all these things?” She was amazed. “You’ve learnt a lot.”

“Don’t waste your time for anything but worth knowledge,” he spoke of the wisdom. “One day you might miss a chance of an apocalypse and enlightenment that perhaps is willing to come for you, instead it will be gone just because you have ignored it.”

“How come it is willing to come for us, aren’t we the one who supposed to seek for the knowledge?” She argued.

“It won’t happen, unless the knowledge is the right thing for you to learn. Some knowledge just has their own seal when they face with a particular soul, hence, they lock themselves when they meet the wrong one,” Elle shouted while still staring up at the fresco ceiling.

Cathy amazed. “I just figure out that one divine concept is exist. You make me think that every knowledge have a soul, and searching for their host.”

“Indeed,” Elle stared back at her. “There are someone out there who learn hardly about one or two things, but it’s useless, because they don’t comprehend the essence of each knowledge that they choose to learn.”

Carl Dalton smiled at them. “Oh, the painting on the opposite rear is called as Peace Wings. I remember the dawn in that painting meant to drive away the demons of the night. The library had made a theme with that—Study of Heavenly Things, or the other name is Eye of Divine Wisdom Which Sees Everything.”

He giggled for a moment since he said of very long words. Cathy also had the same enthusiasm, but she giggled obscurely.

“This Hall consists of two opposite sides—war and peace. Just in case if you want to know,” he added.

“It’s sort of like balance, right?” Cathy wanted to assure her assumption. “For having both different perception of war and peace, it sounds like the concept of good and evil.”

She didn’t realize that Elle smiled amazed at her. That white hair angel respected her spiritual knowledge. If Cathy was fathomed with human age, she would be considered to fit in a category of ameliorate. There weren’t many human at her age who would practically understand either about spiritual or superstition, especially had the intention for learning.

The more closer Cathy walked to the center of this spacious room, her skin felt the coldness. There weren’t many visitors yet. However, her eyes captivated by the scenery of random leather-bounded books on the second floor, she could see through those wooden bookshelves while the sunshine penetrated behind the huge vertical windows in there. On the first floor, where she stepped her boots assertively on this circular ground, there was a white man statue stood tall in his very wise pose. The statue was placed exactly in the center of the State Hall, and as it stated on the sculpture tombstone, that was Statue of Emperor Charles VI.

Her eyes bedazzled when the sunshine struck through the huge window across the statue, because the glaring sun overshadowed by the two strange figures on the second floor, watching them from above. The figures were like shadow, haunting. Cathy sensed the changeable atmosphere at that second.

“Marissa,” Elle murmured.

Cathy glanced curiously at her, and altogether, Carl Dalton gulped out his anxiousness. The angel beside her knew something beyond those silhouettes, but something wasn’t perceivable about the name she just called out.

The two figures walked downstairs, concurrently. As if there was a magical inner charm that would attract human eyes toward them. The uncovering shadows revealed that they were man and woman. Cathy and Carl Dalton were dumbfounded to see their appearance.

Both of them were tall and slender, but the salient one was that beautiful woman, dressed in V-neck black maxi dress, she had a long curly flaming red hair. Somehow, her look was more like a secret agent who attended a formal party. Cathy baffled to think how odd a visitor dressed like that inside a library.

The other one was a handsome young man with angelic green eyes. He was 179 cm tall. He wore a vanilla-cream suit, brown tie, and honey brown hair with oblique bangs. He looked way younger than the woman who seemed in her early thirty, and he looked like another fashion icon of the big city billboard. Cathy thought that he was like the reminiscent of Josh Kingsley, even though their fashion style was way different.

These two beautiful figures had sleepy eyes, unlike Elle who looked intimidating and keen.

Cathy took a quick glanced at the visitors around this room; no one seemed to notice with their sudden presence since everyone busied sightseeing at the bookshelves.

If these two figures walked out in the middle of the crowd, they would definitely become the center of attention since their beauty was odd as humans. Therefore, she tingled to ask a question. “Can human see them?”

“Sometimes no,” Elle chuckled without staring back at her.

Absurdly, she just noticed them from a closer look that their physical appearance was identical with Elle, as if they were the same figure in a different style. They shared the similar tone of milky white skin, emerald green eyes, except for the shape of their hair, but their body movement was alike, of how they walked and stared.

Cathy observed them very well, to assume that they derived from the same family, ethnic, and source. Whatever they would be, everything about them seemed questionable as human being.

As they stood closer, the red hair woman looked five centimeters shorter than Elle. She smiled, showing her pale pink lipstick, “Hello sister.”

Her eyes turned friendlier at Carl Dalton, “Hello, Mr. Dalton.”

“You look as young as the first time we met,” he said, and looking shocked to encounter her who didn’t seem aging “—never change.”

“Thank you, it’s been a while I haven’t seen you,” her voice sounded wise and gentle, afterward, she glanced again at Elle with relieved expression, “Especially for my beloved sister, who want to take a visit today, we didn’t expect you to come here very sooner.”

“Me neither,” Elle muttered.

They were very welcomed with the arrival of these visitors, and the next second, she smiled hesitantly, her eyes were wondering at Cathy’s presence. “And, who is this young girl that you bring?”

“Catherine Charlotte, one of the Aloise’s children,” Elle said.

“Oh, I see,” the red hair woman was quite shocked. Concurrently, they seemed to do telepathy at each other, their eyes shared the same comprehension. “So, what’s your business to visit the library this morning?”

“I want you to give a brief explanation to this little girl, regarding to the story you’ve told this old man,” Elle said in a very discourteous manner now. “Please, spark your spin a yarn time.”

Cathy shot her with warning eyes, but Elle herself didn’t seem to bother with the way she talked with anyone.

Nevertheless, Marissa showed a dispassionate heart. She kept smiling friendly. “In here, there are a few copies that left. Let me ask—is it the book in German or English version?”

Again, she squinted at Cathy. “I guess you don’t speak German.”

“I only speak English, thanks.”

“Stefan, would you help our guests a favor to show the book?” She asked her handsome companion, who stood only two inches beside her, despite the fact she talked like the host of this huge library.

“Please be my guest, come—” he spoke in a gentle voice, somehow sounded like a monk. Stefan led them to follow him through the other passage at the war wing.

“Sister, I need to talk with you,” Marissa whispered as she hurriedly grabbed Elle’s arm.

“Wait,” she pulled off her warm hand to approach Cathy that just started walking with the others. “Exchange jacket with me, now.”

Cathy astonished when Elle pulled her black leather jacket without her consideration. “Why?”

“You will thank me after we leave the library.”

Even though she didn’t like the idea and it sounded odd, she took off her jacket anyway, and she left by wearing Elle’s collar feather brown jacket.

“She’s just a kid,” Marissa sounded worried.

“Look closer from the inside. She’s not what you think she is.”

Marissa stood still like a mannequin, her eyes stared blankly. She tried to focus on something which she needed deliberately to understand. For a moment, she bit her lips before asking a question. “Is she Puissant?”

“Certainly, she’s the one,” Elle answered her while staring up at the bookshelves on the second floor.

“But, she’s not ready, sister,” Marissa said, confuted.

“We’ll make her ready,” she always had a certain faith about it.

The momentary silence came between them. Thereafter, Marissa wanted the assurance, “I’ve seen it. It’s written. She couldn’t hold what she would face in the future.”

“There’s always a hope, since she’s the only Puissant besides her mother, who’s currently lying sick in the hospital’s bed,” Elle reassured, presumably. “The future is subjective, it can always change depends on the individual’s choices towards the life they live in.”

“The Puissant among the royals is not only one or two, there are many of them, living quietly, they separate from each other,” Marissa said deliberately. “It seems you forgot that their existence is hard to find by demons these days. Those royal’s children don’t even know themselves, or pretend to remain unknown. Most of them have blue bloods in their veins without born as Puissant. It’s pretty rare.”

“It must be the reason for your recede from human’s business in the past few years, right?” Elle compromised. “Oh, and—it’s good to see you with that newcomer.”

Marissa strode to the passage as she spoke, “Just calm down and watch.”

Their argument didn’t last forever, when they needed to take care of the complication in this human’s world. The tension had vanished in the air.

The windows were on every corner of the walls that were all painted white. The visitors could be amazed with the view of the ancient books on wooden shelves, and also the square-shaped of lacunar ceiling. The room was desolate. This was the historical reading room of the Department of Incunabula, where every old, rare, and precious book and even some of journals and documents were being treasured here.

There were only two visitors in the back of the room. Oppositely, Cathy and Carl Dalton sat together near the door. Every desk had stand-alone yellow lamp.

They waited five minutes less for Stefan to return. He approached them, always looking emotionless. He sat oppositely from them as he thrust the book and the journal.

Cathy felt slightly as if Josh was here, ever since that man shared the same fragrance aroma with him, although he precisely stayed in Bisbee. She looked frustrated to stare at his angelic green eyes. On the other side, Carl Dalton took the book as he wanted to check it out first.

Cathy felt the electrical shock, throbbed tingling on her chest when Stefan noticed that he was being stared oddly by her.

“You’re a foreigner, am I right?” He asked.

His gentle voice astonished her as Cathy flickered awkwardly, “Yes, I’m from America.”

“Why do you come here?”

“My mom wants me to meet Mr. Dalton, and I want to meet the Aloise family in person too.”

“That’s why, I bring you here to read a brief history about them, besides I want to show you how beautiful this place is,” Carl Dalton said, as he returned the book to her.

“Thanks,” she was already happy just by sitting on this bench.

The book and the journal felt dusty on her palm hands, no one had ever opened it for a very long time. The book was an ordinary paperback, while the journal covered in leather-bounded and engraved with flower patterns, which reminded her of the ancient symbols book that she had once read in Carl Dalton’s lounge room.

She skimmed the pages quickly to read the title of each chapters, and when she was about to open the journal, Marissa and Elle came from the door.

Stefan rose from the bench to make the space for them. Marissa smiled for his politeness, and subsequently she squinted at Cathy, “Have you read it?”

“Just take a look. I need about three days to finish these books, maybe.”

“Contemplate these books—very well,” she said, as concurrently touched the book and the journal.

“Am I in a history class?” Cathy shrugged her shoulders. “It’s a legend fairytale that was written by my good relative, Mr. Dalton. Enjoy seems like a suitable word, I think.”

“I don’t think you have noticed yet,” Carl Dalton muttered.

Marissa welcomed them, smiling had always been her attitude. “Before you start to read it, do you want to listen to our blue blood’s story?”

Everyone had their attention at this red hair woman.

Cathy followed to nod at her, so Marissa began speaking in a wise voice, “You see in common stories, the princess didn’t really make friends with her folks, instead playing alone peacefully inside the castle—there’s a simple reason why.”

It felt like an eternal tranquility to hear her voice, especially at the juncture of her words, intimidating everyone.

“Mostly, a royal’s mind is working oppositely from average person. If they turn to the right, then the folk turn to the left, which will be hard to have a click conversation between them. It’s not discrimination of where they live or about their prominent status. They are just not meant for each other,” she stared observantly at them, and continued, “Therefore, in the deepest relationship inside an empire, royals had been living with the unseen, some kind of guardians who kept them save from harm, even though they already had loyal servants and warrior. Thus, royals never lived alone in the castle, since they were accompanied with their guardians.”

Cathy and Carl Dalton were the one who dumbfounded against her story telling, while Elle and Stefan had understood proficiently since they seemed to hear about it for million times.

She continued speaking, “Every royal has extra guardian besides the main one—guardian angel. They can be like your very own family, brother, sister, all at once as your protector. In every good or bad time of your life, they will always be there, no matter what happen, except if the death will separate them.”

“Who is this guardian you have referred?” Cathy asked confusedly. “I never heard any royal story of your version.”

“Of course, it has almost never been spoken among people nowadays, because it’s a secret legend,” she answered, nicely.

“So, are you saying that every single of royal out there—has at least one extra guardian angel rather than average human?” Cathy narrowed her eyes as she trapped in her own confusion again. “Does the extra guardian still exist among royals in this modern era? Even so, can they communicate with each other?”

“Good question,” Marissa respected her curiosity. “Royals nowadays are being accompanied with their own ancestor’s guardian, since it’s hereditary. Speaking of communication, it depends on each individual, whether they can be sensitive toward their environment or not.”

“It’s like asking whether someone who born with sixth sense could communicate with the hidden world or not—they needs to hone their ability,” Carl Dalton added.

“In other word, royal is born with psychic ability,” Cathy said, even she still baffled.

“Everyone is born with sixth sense, some of them can learn and understand it,” Elle said. “The thing that makes royals different from the others, it’s because they have inherited the origin of psychic ability, while on the scale of average human who born without a gift, they would probably buy their way with the dark art, having a particular ritual or meditation, anything that related to worship the devil in the end. Of course they will get what they wish for, to be accompanied with the opposite entities.”

“You meant from the opposite side from what God has originally assigned to human?” Cathy began to study the precise knowledge.

“Demons. Evil entities,” Stefan spoke eventually.

Cathy felt the eerie. “Isn’t that creepy?”

“Not really if the human could be accustomed with it. Just remember, there’s nothing free in the demons world, they will ask for the dark price,” Elle informed.

“How expensive is that?” Cathy was curious.

“Your life,” Elle chuckled. “They want you to accompany them back in hell—into an eternal torment.”

The room went quiet for a second.

Cathy started discussing the topic as a newbie again, “Before we arrived at Mr. Dalton’s house, you mentioned the dark price to the Austrian woman and her daughter who got possessed. I remember that we brought weapons that were blessed with holy water, you’ve said we would use it if any demons would attack us—”

Elle sighed as everyone started staring at her in bewilderment, and she needed to explain further, “I hate that topic, but for your information, holy water that bless by human isn’t strong enough to kill a demon, it will only scratch their outer membrane. Otherwise, the one that bless by an angel is enormously strong to send them straight to hell.”

“An angel?” Carl Dalton asked, baffled. “Does it mean the baptism of holy water by most monks isn’t true?”

“The monk could be true, since most of them are guarded by a higher divine being. It could count as a manifestation of their divine energy,” Marissa answered. “Exception for a bogus monk.”

The conversation paused for a moment. Subsequently, Marissa glanced at Cathy to smile, “You are a royal descendant.”

Cathy went speechless, and the next second, she had a feeble argument, “Even though Mr. Dalton has told me too, I’m still an ordinary high school student. My parent lives just like the average folks. Well, maybe my mom is a royal, but the blood has disengaged from me after a long generation, and my dad isn’t born as a noble son either.”

Marissa bulged out at her naïve statement. At that second, everyone saw how her shock emotion could be frightening compared to Elle’s sharp eyes. “Royal blood will never be disengaged. It will always be flowing inside you. Blood is thicker than anything.”

“Especially if it’s Puissant,” Stefan shouted after, making Marissa and Elle bulged out warningly at him.

“What does he mean?” She asked while observing their worried faces.

“There are two types of royal blood: Puissant and Non-Puissant,” Marissa seemed to explain it hesitantly. “It’s the term to address a royal who has the most powerful ability against the unseen. It’s hard to determine which royal members who born as the Puissant. Just like a metaphor of an indigo child that has a gift, and this one is a royal version.”

“Usually, when clairvoyance met one of them, they just could tell at their first sight of recognition. They could be a reincarnation of one legendary blue blood from the past lives,” Elle added.

“Okay, that’s a clear explanation, but what I don’t understand is why all of you seem uncomfortable to talk about it?” She felt offended. “Does it mean I’m Puissant?”


The correction wouldn’t be easy to do, since Marissa had always called her that way, “I prefer Cathy.”

“Well, Cathy, it will never be easy for us to tell you about that one,” she still looked hesitant. “I think you’re not ready to hear it further.”

“I’m here, I’m cool, just say it,” she waited, but no one was convinced by her affirmation.

The silence ambience was gone when Cathy tapped the desk out of anger, because she was tired with this conversation. The two visitors in the back of the room glanced surprisingly at her.

“Are you going to say that my parents are king and queen? Well, regrettably they aren’t,” she didn’t stop muttering yet “—and presumably, I’m not a reincarnation of anybody!”

Every pair of eyes stared numbly at her, surprised.

However, Elle was the only one who stared sharply at her, although she wanted to assure another thing while speaking calmly, “Do you remember the Sapphire stone we’ve mentioned?”

For a second, Cathy recalled her memory when she met the gypsy’s daughter named Lionelle, who told her about Triskele legend. Even though, she didn’t know anything about the stone, she nodded at her to confirm.

“Take it out from your right pocket,” Elle beckoned a nod at that collar feather jacket that was actually belonged to her.

“You mean, your jacket—”

Surely, she felt something was protruded from inside the jacket as she touched it. When she took it out, the Sapphire stone was attracting every pair of eyes like a magnet.

“Why do you bring it here?” Marissa muttered infuriatedly at that white hair angel.

“There was a demon’s minion who spied on us outside his house. It’s better to have everything under control,” Elle explained.

Stefan locked his eyes on that splendorous stone, since he also astonished to see it directly.

And so, Elle said further, “This isn’t ordinary. You won’t find it in any jewelry stores. This stone can be the key to open one gate inside the castle, where it’s not a human place,” and then she glanced back at Cathy. “The demons are looking forward for this, despite they have been chasing the Puissant who also the master key to open the realm.”

“What do you mean—the master key?” Cathy baffled.

“The stone won’t work without Puissant. When this stone and the gate are being touched all at once by Puissant, they will deliver a particular energy,” Marissa helped explaining. “Despite anything, the gate keeper himself could have welcomed a visitor without Puissant. Unfortunately, he rarely appears now.”

“How weird that the gate keeper’s existence could be questionable,” Carl Dalton muttered.

“He’s kind of different from our kind. No wonder that he’s such a parsimonious,” Stefan added, sounded peeved.

Cathy glanced wonderingly at him, and she still had the confliction thought about how to acknowledge him, whether as a superior human or an angel just like Elle.

“Stefan, that’s enough,” Marissa said, warning him. He sensed her frontal worriment. Subsequently, she stared at Cathy again, “The precise answer of your question is yes, Catherine,” as she was still talking, Elle looked relieved, “You and your mom are Puissant. You should prepare yourself.”

“Prepare for what?” Cathy confronted, obviously, “Everything is new to me. I couldn’t be this way. My mom has never mentioned anything about being part of the royalty. I didn’t even know before, that the Aloise family is blue blood.”

“Have you acknowledged any Aloise, besides your mom’s younger sister?” Elle asked, narrowing her eyes at her.

Cathy gazed blankly at that angel as she realized that was true. All she ever knew was her aunt, Sarah Ann von Aloise. Her aunt lived in New Rochelle, New York City. They rarely communicated or even met each other. Somehow, she felt like a perfect stranger with her aunt.

“How come would you know about that?” Cathy confronted that angel who seemed to know everything about her family. “Anyway, this isn’t true. Whatsoever that you told me, I can’t just agree,” she exchanged a glance from Elle to Carl Dalton, and murmuring, “you’ve told me according to your book about what happened with Aloise ancestors, I still don’t understand. Please say all the things I need to know, Mr. Dalton?”

Carl Dalton sighed to notice the truth that fired up on her eyes. Eventually, he felt that he didn’t have the right to tell her the real things. “Everything they told you were true, my dear.”

Cathy knew that he was referring the people in front of her, and she even assumed that Marissa and Stefan were also angels.

Suddenly, Marissa rose from the chair and stared down at her. “So, you want to know the truth?”

She looked pretty tall that Cathy gawked to stare back at her.

There was a juncture where Marissa glanced quickly at Elle. It was like telepathy that they only took three seconds to nod at each other. Thereafter, she asked everyone to follow her lead, walking out from this room.

When Carl Dalton and Stefan walked concurrently, Elle grabbed her wrist hurriedly that she wanted her jacket back.

“Now, I tell you why we should do this,” she whispered. “I’ve detected a demon has been walking around here. We needed to obscure our energy, just in case if the demon might attack you.”

Cathy rolled her eyes in annoyance, and resumed the circumstance, “I got it. You have the angelic energy, so they would feel the burning if they got closer to you.”

Elle smiled relieved to notice that she had learnt faster about the metaphysical world than anyone at her age.

Soon, they headed to the center of the State Hall, where the tall statue was still looked outstanding to be seen from any angle. Marissa and Stefan stood next to that white statue, and then she blinked cautiously at Elle.

“Hold my hand,” Elle whispered and grasped her hand forcibly. Cathy was surprised.

The atmosphere changed uneasy in a mysterious way. The sunlight had vanished from behind the window, and replaced by the uninvited coldness.

Suddenly, the upstairs was surrounded by many of peculiar figures. A few of them wore white robe, and the rest was in black robe. They projected the existence of the dwellers from another dimension—the mysterious entities. At the moment, they were aware of being watched by the two humans.

They had reminded Cathy with the same figure that she once saw at the beach. She almost got a heart attack when they stared back at her. Even though their faces were obscured to be seen, but their eyes looked identical with the sharpness eyes of Elle.

“What’s the meaning of this?” She muttered, baffling.

“Marissa wants to show you, whether your senses can be channeling with their frequency or not. It’s the basic part of becoming Puissant,” Elle explained, “If you don’t have the ability, the psychic part won’t work, even I force you to see the unseen.”

“Does it mean I get my sight back?” Cathy asked.

Elle stared back at her. “Your mom had blinded your third eyes for several years. She was afraid if a demon could track down your presence.”

The conversation was taken over by Marissa, and yet, no visitors had ever noticed her. “We are able to communicate with human through their psychic power—the channeling.”

“The one who deny will struggle along the way,” Stefan added.

“The world you believe you live in, it’s never what it seems,” Marissa said wisely, her voice was gentle.

“So, what does it seems?” Cathy rephrased the topic. “The real truth?”

Marissa smiled as she answered her immediately, otherwise, Elle would feel oblique to explain. “You’ll find it behind the gate inside the Aloise’s castle, which is like a secret corridor between these two dimensions. Just like in human places, there are light and dark.”

Elle led her to walk closer to them, and then Marissa got to welcome her confliction against the truth. At that moment, the three of them were revealing the same huge white wings, and followed by the dwellers that still stood upstairs. Every last of them had various shape of wings, either tiny or gigantic.

Cathy gawked in disbelief at the sudden view. She stared up dumbfounded against their beautiful wings that had mesmerizing feathers. It was still odd that nobody here was well aware about their existence.

“You won’t be able to understand without seeing it by yourself,” Elle said.

“Why can’t anyone see them?” Cathy muttered. “It’s bizarrely beautiful.”

“They choose who can see them, despite anyone who doesn’t have psychic ability,” Marissa answered her curiosity “—it’s taking a huge amount of energy just for this moment.”

“Can any humans who come across with them accidentally, can see them without being chosen?”

“Yes, if the parallel door is crashing concurrently with human’s presence,” Elle said antipathy. “Actually, you’re not really ready to see this.”

“Why do you want me to see them if it’s take a lot of energy?” She argued.

Elle stared intensely at her, and said, “The time has almost come, ready or not, you should know.”

“You meant like demons, Sapphire, and Puissant?” Cathy guessed.

Elle looked well-wary. “There’s another. After we return to his house, I’ll show you.”

“So it’s true, you want to show her the gate? Have you gone insane?” Marissa shouted madly. “Most humans won’t return after they get inside. That’s what we’re restless about.”

“The door wasn’t destroyed by fire?” Carl Dalton asked, astonished.

Cathy baffled at the difference of the term used in mentioning the gate between them.

“No, it’s perfectly safe, but that parsimonious man has gone after so many decades since the fire incident,” Stefan explained, with hatred in his tone.

“Stefan, would you give them the aloud thoughts of yours?” Marissa bulged out warningly at him again. “You shouldn’t call him that way.”

He sighed, but managed to keep smiling.

Meanwhile, Cathy had a lot of questions to ask them, everything on her mind went inexplicable whenever she tried to decode the mystery by herself. “You’ve said, most humans won’t return, did you mean they might die inside?”

“Indubitable, once human have seen what’s inside the gate, they want to stay there forever, because the beautiful sceneries are everywhere like the blending of heaven and hell,” Marissa explained this time “—but their physical body can’t endure the atmosphere of the dimension, where there’s not enough oxygen. In a few days, their death body will be found like a death fish on the surface.”

“There are beautiful places just like in the human world, which way, human never want to live in their own land ever again,” Elle added.

“Well, it’s the reason why people keep it as a secret legend,” Carl Dalton said, as if he felt homesick for the place.

So suddenly, the whole atmosphere in the room had changed suffocating, like the tension was everywhere. Something went wrong when a new visitor entered the door.

Cathy noticed the dilemma on the faces of these angels. She remembered precisely about the man with a very neat wet hair, and he wore a blue pinstripe suit. He just walked fervidly toward the State Hall.

Seemingly, his arrival had disturbed the entities in robe. The anger feeling was felt in the air. The dwellers didn’t want his presence here.

Marisa and Stefan were ready to welcome him, although their expression looked uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Elle became overprotective to guard these fragile humans behind her as she stood like a mother who protected her children from an animal attack.

“Your presence will always be unwanted here. This isn’t your place. I assume you already knew that,” Stefan said firmly.

“Of course I have the knowledge of that, my dearest little brother,” he sounded dramatic, along with his creepy chortle. “I have important business with that man,” his eyes beckoned at the potbellied man who wore a flat cap, walking in the corridor of war wing.

“It seems you can endure your identity more careful,” Elle sounded disgusted against him.

“What… this girl again,” he glanced at Cathy. “Oh, with her guardian angel, how fascinating that protective pose.”

Cathy just noticed that he didn’t transform into his beast face like the first time they met. He laughed dramatically, he sounded abnormal.

“This girl is with us, just finish your work quickly,” Marissa snapped. “We will be watching you.”

That demon left them to approach the potbellied man, who seemed acting nervous since the first time arrived here with eyes rolling confusedly around the passage. When their eyes met, the man got panicked. He seemed to grasp the air hardly like he had asthma.

“What he have done?” Cathy astonished as she observed them from far away. “What’s wrong with that guy?”

“He’s trying to take his soul, sucking the energy,” Elle murmured. “They’re still negotiating about the deal.”

“What?” She was enormously baffled. “Why are you angels do nothing?”

“We have no rule to consider human in evil side, we have no charity to help them even they’re stepping in our place, like now,” Marissa said. “That fat guy knew the fact that library is the heavenly place of angels. He thought it would be a safer place, he was wrong.”

“Richard comes to remind him about their business deal of the dark price,” as Stefan mentioned the fake name of that demon, Cathy wondered about it. “He wouldn’t dare to do any of worse things here, only the talking. It’s the rule.”

“I feel pity. I pray for the enlightenment to come for him soon,” Carl Dalton murmured.

“That will do if someone from our kind may volunteer for him, guiding him into the light. I pray so,” Elle snapped.

The potbellied man seemed suffering during the small talk with the demon who disguised in a handsome human. Unfortunately, it was his very first mistake to jump into the darkness. There would always be a price to pay.

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