Royal Arcanum (The Royal Arcanum #1)

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Chapter 15. Within the Ravens

The sky had turned into the mixture of deep blue and violet, the colors commingled perfectly at four in the afternoon. The crowded ravens flew in panic at the top of the tallest trees in this neighborhood. The view had drawn the attention of this angel, Sylvia Elle whose eyes stared keenly at one strange black bird.

On the other side, Cathy just got a short call from her dad, telling her that her mom had a severe coma, and worse than yesterday. She muttered on the phone pathetically, “All that I want is just to go home now.”

Elle didn’t take her eyes off from the ravens as she was still observing them. Those black birds started making a noisy sound, echoing in hysterical scream like a little girl. Cathy stared up instantly, and bewildered at the view.

“There’s one stalker within those ravens,” Elle murmured.

“What are you saying?” Cathy astonished after she hung up the phone. “They are animals, not humans.”

Elle glanced at her. “A demon can disguise as a raven, to have surveillance on us.”

“Incredibly insane, what for?” She wondered.

“For gathering any information for their boss, and perhaps, they are ready to kidnap you and want to get rid of me.”

Cathy flinched at her idea, she knew the day hadn’t turned yet, and this was still Saturday where she needed to buy the flight tickets for the boys and herself to go home. However, the boys just wanted to make sure that the same girl they liked could return safely.

Josh just walked out from the door and he wondered what happened with them outside the terrace. The girls were still gazing silently at the wide sky.

Cathy didn’t aware that he was calling her name since she was so preoccupied with this angel, who ran adroitly to Carl Dalton’s yard, picking up something from the rectangular iron box that adjacent to the house.

Seemingly, she knew what to take and what to do. Her eyes explored the box where there was a lot of dusty old stuff. Cathy followed her from behind, and at that second, her eyes bulged out astonishingly at the tools that she picked up.

“What are you doing?!” Cathy asked, breathlessly.

“This is a bow and arrows,” Elle said, while taking out the stuff from the box. “I need to kill them before everything get worse.”

The ravens made the blaring noise again to make a few neighbors peered up behind their window curtains, until the birds started circling around the tallest tree.

Elle was well-prepared to do the archery. When she took one arrow, the ravens seemed to gather closer, flying away from the tree and moved separately into the cloudy sky.

“How weird,” Cathy muttered. “It’s like they knew that you will shoot them with arrow.”

“That’s what I’m saying, because one of them isn’t an animal after all.”

“Hey!” Josh called out again, but their ignorance was susceptible to offend him. “Please, ladies, the landlord is asking whether you would accept the dinner later?”

Cathy was astonished when Elle ran toward the pavement, which was across the house, and then went away behind the trees. There was no alert to make her understand why that angel would chase the raven.

Before she ran along, Josh dragged her shoulder forcibly to confront her, “Where are you going?”

“After I finish checking on her, we’ll go to the airport,” Cathy said quickly, she was breathless. “Just wait here, it’ll only take a minute.”

The wooden board written clearly, that the area was restricted. Her shadow had gone among the trees, walking passed to the wire fence.

Meanwhile, Josh was depressed with this uneasy situation, and he had a gut of feeling. Although he knew that she wouldn’t hear him, the words still came out, “At least tell me what’s going on?!”

Cathy already left, and soon she noticed where she was; this border of the forest marked with the wire fence, which located behind the residential houses. The surrounding was so quiet because nobody was there. She tried to find Elle’s boot heels footsteps on these muddy grasses.

She had left the boys to stay with the elder inside the house, although she had promised Josh that this would take a minute, and now her feeling was gone to think this wouldn’t be a short time.

The winds swooshed mildly behind her back, she felt as if someone was watching every step she took. Eventually, her fear was gone when her eyes found Elle, who was standing well-wary between the trees, and whenever that angel was stood still, she looked like an unmovable replica of a goddess statue.

“Why are you following me?” Elle asked, infuriatedly.

“You didn’t say anything!” She yelled back. “Well, okay if you don’t want me to follow you, I’m going back—”

Before she walked away, Elle dragged her arm until she fell into her chest. Cathy was astonished at her manner.

“Don’t go, it’s useless,” Elle said while her eager eyes were scanning around. “They are watching us here.”

“Why would you have to kill the bird?” She asked, feeling annoyed with the way this angel was grabbing her arm so tightly.

“This is part of my job,” Elle glanced at her. “I told you, it’s not just a bird but a real demon that shape-shifting into a raven form.”

“Alright, I got it, but I don’t see anything that much,” Cathy was tremendously annoyed with this situation. “I can’t see any demons here.”

“Are you that stubborn, child? Elle muttered sharply.

It wasn’t like their first staring competition, especially with the cold atmosphere that bolstered this uneasy situation. They stared at each other in anger. The winds swirled on their skin, hitting their bones, and Cathy started shivering alone.

It was her first instinct to hug Elle hurriedly, having the warmness. “Why it feels like we’re in the winter?”

“It’s one of a strong indication to identify paranormal activity around us.”

“Do you see them?” She wondered while her teeth were chattering.

“Definitely, I’ve seen them since the very beginning,” Elle smirked. Her eyes gazed at the wild trees in the north side. “I knew that species, they still survive after many centuries.”

“What kind of demon?”

Obayifo,” she whispered, somehow the name itself had sounded haunting.

“I couldn’t see. Where are they?” Cathy peeved with her psychic ability that didn’t always work all the time.

“I guess some of them have evolved. The new one is skinny, tall, have small horns, and without their usual distended stomach,” Elle informed.

“Good to know,” Cathy was glad to know about the description of their figure. “By the way, can we move on?”

They walked further to the east side of the forest, until they stopped a few meters from a ravine stone that was surrounded with millions of pine trees and rocks. Precisely, the trees around were called the Douglas Fir, some kind of Oregon Pine. The view looked invigorating.

“Wait here, don’t go anywhere,” Elle said, and left her as she walked toward the ravine.

Cathy got speechless to stand on the ground alone, since she didn’t know what would happen if she stood here without a guardian angel. Therefore, she stared pathetically at the sky, praying for God’s help to wash away her fear.

The clouds weren’t seen when the afternoon sky turned overcast, and the evening was almost came. At the time, Elle had reached at the edge of that rock cliff.

She stood there deliberately while preparing her bow and arrow. Those birds went panicked again when she started focusing, even though it was only at one strange black bird. In the count of three, she released her arrow to the sky. The ravens were chirruping in astonishment as they eye-witnessed the death of their fake friend that fell hard on the ground.

Elle had killed the stalker successfully without making a mistake. Her emerald green eyes glanced checking emotionlessly at that fragile girl, who stood alone across the rock. That stare made Cathy felt as if she was shot by the lightning thunder, and this moment also was a reminiscent of her haunting dreams. Elle even had the same pose like the girl in her dreams, and when her white hair got swooshed by the winds, it made her more assured of what she saw, which couldn’t be denied.

Cathy gawked alone, forgot how to breathe, her body started paralyzing, and her knees fell on the ground. She finally knew the little truth; that Sylvia Elle was the same person as in her dreams.

Her eyes blinked astonishingly when Elle appeared in front of her suddenly. It was like an instant teleportation.

Elle gazed out at the shrubs behind them like there was something stood there. Cautiously, she released another shot of an arrow into the foggy shadow, and they heard the bizarre screaming just like the death raven before.

Cathy murmured, “I thought there’s only one demon.”

“Previously yes, now they’re gathering the others,” Elle informed her. “The Obayifo don’t have enough courage to face me alone.”

“That raven was Obayifo?” She was confused.

“No, it was a different type.”

“So, there are two different kinds of demon?” After she understood, she realized about the time. “Oh, we should come back, it’s almost dark.”

After they took a few paces together, Cathy stopped trembling as she saw the sudden view in front of her. “Please say something Elle, are they demons that you’ve mentioned?”

Four Obayifo tried to avoid their way to return home. They stood a few meters behind the green shrubs, posing like the tough fighters, and appeared in their newest form that looked skinnier rather than their original form.

Forces of darkness, Elle knew it incisively of what appeared against her. She was extremely protective as she dragged that innocent girl to hide behind her back.

Cathy peered behind her shoulder to observe the painful reaction of those demons. In fact, she saw this angel was emerging a vivid electrical shock through her palm hand, which was jolting like the television’s cable that got poured by water.

Elle shouted rashly, “Keep your distance from me!”

She backed away a few meters from her, and hid behind the trees. Her mouth still gawked to witness the scene, where Elle had a better way to get rid of them without using the bow and arrow. Elle was just stood still on the same spot, meanwhile, those demons watched her well-wary as they were ready to pounce her. When Elle started to stare keenly, their reaction went fatal. The demons kept screaming as they drowned into their worst pain.

The view wasn’t a hallucination for Cathy to see.

That angel’s ability was mesmerizing to have the burning effect for those demons’ skin. Their screaming was echoed throughout the forest. In no minute, they were gone into ashes for sure.

Elle beckoned a silent gesture at her to move forward. Cathy approached her with a shocking dilemma, “How did you do that?”

“It’s a package inside of me. My best ability to shoot the evil ones,” she chuckled.

Cathy narrowed her eyes, baffled. “You didn’t. You just stared at them without moving your legs.”

Seemingly, Elle ignored her curiosity. Soon, Cathy tried making a phone call to her best friend, who probably still waited for her in the terrace. Unfortunately, there was no answer, she couldn’t tell him about her tardiness, “Oh c’mon, there’s no signal!”

“Don’t you know that we’re in the middle of the forest?” Elle said. “It’s not even close to the border.”

“Of course,” she sighed. “We should hurry to return, they must have been worried about us.”


As she turned to see her expressionless face—that pair of green eyes gazed out carefully at the trees and shrubs around. The cricket noise became louder and tinkled in the forest.


The castle,” she murmured. “It’s only a few meters from here.”

Cathy gave a bewildering look at her. That angel stepped forward on the empty ground as she pulled out the Sapphire stone from her pocket jacket.

“We need to go back. You know we should go to the airport soon, right?” Cathy was impatience.

Elle put the stone gently on the dark soil ground, and then she pulled it up and down with one hand.

As Cathy annoyed to be ignored by this angel, she shouted, “It’s almost late. We don’t have a flashlight,” she kept muttering when there was still no response from her, “Oh, except you can make the time stop.”

Surprisingly, the Sapphire stone emitted a blue light that linked vertically to the sky and then to the far away tree in the north side, as if it was a projector to emit a night skyline.

“The light will show us the way to the castle,” Elle said.

“You are not this crazy, seriously?” Cathy sighed. “It’s dangerous to walk out there. If any demons could see this mesmerizing light—”

The angel shouted back, “We are not going to die today. Just follow my lead.”

Cathy shook her head against this unbelievable situation. Everything crushed on her mind uneasily whether this would be a good or bad thing. She was peeved by the idea of her compulsion for the beginning of their journey in this dark forest.

The path finally showed them to the location of the abandoned castle, which looked wholly scorched. The black bricks walls covered with something hidden, along with the tranquility around here. Anyone would see it as a ghost place, and somewhat haunting and disclosed by nature. No one had ever found the trace to this huge castle.

Cathy startled to see this agonizing view, but she managed to murmur, “Magnificent, haunting—”

The castle was left abandoned for many decades after the fire incident in the past that had destroyed every innocent soul who lived inside. Nobody ever touched this place since then, because the folks didn’t dare to compromise the forbidden legend that made them frightened forever.

Cathy didn’t adapt to walk through this vicinity environment that covered in the dark and eternal solitude. She walked forward carefully.

“No one wants to eat you. Come now,” Elle thrust her hand to her.

As they held hand together, Cathy felt relieved. They walked observantly toward the huge door in the terrace. Elle made a crack sound as she opened the door. The smells of dusty and charcoal were commingled strongly as they walked further to the main lobby.

The walls from inside looked better than what it looked from outside, which got muddy and a few sides got smeared with charcoal color because of the past incident. Moreover, the frescoes of angel were painted on the ceiling alongside the grand chandelier in the midst of the room, where the wooden staircases were divided into two wings in the east and west sides.

“This castle is so huge that I don’t know how many floors there are,” Cathy muttered while gawking at the ceiling.

“This was where the Aloise family once lived throughout the 14’s era. Since the incident had happened, the rest of their descendant stayed at Francesca’s little chapel,” Elle informed her.

“Wait, the Francesca’s chapel?” Cathy was baffled. “I’d rather visit that place where all of my mother’s relatives are staying. Please, we should go then—”

“How do you feel about this place?” Elle ignored her.

She got annoyed when Elle forced her to stay, which could be complex. “I feel—familiar,” she chuckled, baffling. “How strange, right?”

“It’s not,” Elle said. “You’ve came here. Remember about the vision, the flashback?”

Cathy glanced at her in a tremendous astonishment, “How could you tell that?”

“I am the one who has led you through it all, have you forgotten?”

Her statement sounded mysterious that Cathy realized something was left behind, and she knew this would be real that Sylvia Elle was the one who appeared in her dreams. “The girl at the ravine stone, was it you?”

That angel smiled slightly, and nodded for sure.

“I wasn’t imagining things?” Cathy was popeyed at her. “You’ve appeared to tell me the truth beyond the fact about my family, about everything that my mom won’t tell me by herself?”

“It is worth knowing. At least you’ll find the procedure of nature that the universe is never really hiding anything from human’s eyes. Everything is concluded because of—” Elle walked closer to her, and said, “The Seraph has demanded me to come.”

“What?” Cathy confused.

“My leader—” she raised her voice, distracting to change the topic then, “well, do you want to ask whether the secret portal is real or not?”

Cathy was baffling, but her curiosity was tremendous, so she nodded naively.

After they headed to the east corridor, there were intersections that separated with huge pillars. Everything was dark, making her heart pounded as if a wild tiger was standing in front of her. The angel was still looked emotionless as always, she acted unnaturally as human.

When they got into another dark corridor, Elle stopped walking to ask, “See this pattern?”

Cathy got baffled since her eyes blinded from this darkness. “You know I can’t see anything.”

“Sorry,” she pitied. “Human eyes are so limited.”

Elle grasped her hand abruptly to lead her touching the coldness from the stonewall. Cathy yelled out in fear as she was surprised. “Oh gosh, do you want to kill me?”

Cathy cursed her, but the angel was surely being ignorant.

“It’s hidden, but you can still feel these protrude patterns,” Elle informed.

The brown stonewall was rough and covered with thick dusts. It engraved with various floral patterns, becoming the splendorous composition.

Suddenly, Elle’s hand emitted a bright orb as a replacement of flashlight. It was magical that Cathy was dumbfounded at the view. The orb in her hand emitted a bright cyan color like a fractal nebula.

“These flower patterns are the symbol of happiness and loyalty,” Elle continued explaining.

“What flowers these are?” Cathy asked while scanning it with her tiny fingers.

Carnations and Easter Lilies,” Elle said gently.

Cathy had studied about the meaning of these flowers before, “I read once on the internet, this is the conclusion of nobility and majesty symbolism.”

“That can be counted, since some of the Irish flowers are center-shaped throughout this rectangular pattern, it derived from a history of Ancient Greece about the Goddess Iris as the personification of the rainbow as a link between heaven and earth. For your information, Iris is a Greek word for rainbow,” Elle explained.

“It could be this door has the analogy meaning for the rainbow—linking this human world to the hidden world, right?” She guessed.

“You can say so.”

The flowers engraved circularly around the double door, which looked exactly like in her vision about the magical gate. However, the darkness got her fear grew enormously even though the bright orb in the angel’s hand hadn’t dimmed yet. The cracking noise appeared again, followed with the strange groaning that echoed hauntingly in the corridor.

“I don’t think that’s an animal sound,” Cathy muttered assuredly.

Elle didn’t say a single word as she stared distantly against this long corridor, while Cathy held her breath, “Please, I don’t want anything controversial, let’s just go—”

For a second, she realized that Elle wasn’t listening to her demand, that angel’s eyes stared up sharply at the dark ceiling, “Demons.”

“There are only the two of us—”

Wrezire—that demon’s leader is in here too,” she snapped.

The noise emerged louder behind the rotten pillars, while Cathy was still confused of whom she had referred.

Like magic, the fire flared up suddenly from each torch that hung on the wall.

The next second, Cathy got hit on her head by someone, until she fell hardly on the floor. Her eyes bulged out while feeling an extreme dizzy to see a small creature of Obayifo in front of her. He grinned creepily at her, and she also noticed the army of Obayifo had already gathered, surrounding Elle who stood across the floor. Elle was out of number by about thirty monsters that ready to attack her.

She failed to run away when someone dragged her body to stand steadily.

“You shall know what’s beneath the portal,” a woman whispered in her ear, but she recognized that kind of hoarse voice pretty well, and as she glanced back, their eyes locked at each other.

She was shocked to find out. “Mrs. Herron?”

That tall woman appeared in all black suit, medium-sized skirt, and heels. Her hands were grabbing Cathy’s shoulders with a hard grasp, and muttered, “A valuable child of noble bloodlines. If that’s all that we need to pursue for the experiment, you have a hidden treasure inside your blood, ah—”

For a second, her blue eyes glanced at the gate, and then at Cathy. The situation turned chaos when the demons started confronting one angel, and the torches radiated brighter at the view.

Cathy flickered. “What are you?”

“I don’t intent to scare you, but the truth is always wrapped with the terrible feeling of agony,” she responded to the consequence of her question.

The man who stood handsomely behind them was Richard. He spoke, “Should we tell her about the plan, my Queen?”

Cathy just recalled what he really was. “You are Wrezire?”

“Oh, keep it company, the origin of my name sounds like a sinner in your tongue,” he muttered in annoyance.

Chantel chuckled unwillingly. “Well, is this the girl we’ve been talking about?”

“Indeed, my Queen.”

“Oh, look at this beautiful face, just exactly like that princess,” She said while grabbing Cathy’s jaw roughly, “Is she the reincarnation or what?”

Cathy got flickered again while her body was trembling in fear, and she noticed with the oddity of why that demon would call Chantel Herron as his queen. This was her turn to confront them, “Why are you doing this?”

Chantel dragged her away from the demon to talk face to face, “I thought you knew, even a little when the first time we met,” they stared deeply at each other, the atmosphere became heater. “I’m not the person you think I am,” she was being indisputable about her unspoken identity.

“She has claimed the darkness as the descendant of—” He stopped shouting when Chantel glared at him.

“Is it important even if you know what I am?” She asked in a low tone.

Cathy could only pity her, “I’m more concern of what your son would have thought about this—Scott.”

She glared madly as if her eyeballs almost torn off, and said, “He is not your concern, child.”

Chantel grabbed her oval jaw again, so harshly that she was groaning in pain.

“Do you see your little friend in there?” She asked intentionally. “We just get tired with this game. I’ll tell you sooner that the experiment will be resulted in welfare for us. In order to do that, your sacrifice is important.”

“It is to sacrifice your blood,” he added and grinned creepily.

“But first, you will open this door for us,” Chantel whispered in her ear.

“Why would I do that for you?” Cathy confronted.

“Haile has been strangling in coma,” Wrezire provoked their conversation. “It’s unnecessary expectation in return, if you prefer the death.”

Cathy almost jumped down surprisingly to hear that they knew about her mom.

“Don’t you pity your own mother?” Chantel smirked. “Just open it, or you will see your mom’s last breath tonight.”

“Please don’t!” She barked helplessly. “You need to rethink about this circumstance, and your son wouldn’t happy to know because he loves you so much—”

She kneaded strongly on her jaw as she warned her, “I told you, my son isn’t your concern. You don’t know him so well, child.”

“Whatever his mom will do, Scott will be worried for you, and this is wrong,” Cathy coaxed her hardly. “Especially, you’re a detective. Don’t you have shame with your badge to do this?”

“How funny, a kid like you would talk about badge and position, you know nothing about the real world, and yet you wonder whether I’ll let you go or not. Now, I tell you what this is all about,” she smirked prettily and at once looked frightening “—you are my new experiment.”

“Tell me first, why are you so desperate to get inside the gate?” Cathy still confronted her to get the answer.

Wrezire laughed at the second she said that, while Chantel could answer her calmly, “It’s a home for any entity. We want welfare.”

“Oh child, the chance is so rare for us to be able to open it, since we haven’t met again with Lazuerre—our beloved gate keeper,” he said.

Cathy wasn’t confused anymore with either the term of the door or gate, because Elle had already explained everything, but she was more concerned with what in front of her. “What experiment that will you do to me?”

His eyes turned wholly black that made him looked frighteningly inhuman, and then he stared at his queen, “Should we tell her?”

Chantel was only stared boldly, warning him to stick to the plan.

“We’ve gathered a huge effort for finding the purest blood in order to trade them with a secret treasure. The experiment idea to make our own key of the portal by chasing Puissant and Sapphire has come to a big conclusion,” he said enthusiastically, “So damn lucky, we have the powerful witch who has the same ambition like all of us. Now, I don’t need crying over heels to persuade Lazuerre ever again.”

“Witch?” Cathy pushed away that cold hand on her shoulders as she was astonished with this enigma. Their eyes locked intensely to each other. “It’s you?”

“Just open it now,” Chantel demanded.

Cathy frowned at them, and said, “You can’t open it without Sapphire.”

“Oh, stop playing a game with this little girl,” Wrezire groaned peevishly.

The witch seemed to know what thing to be done. She looked afar at the corridor, and glanced back at Wrezire, demanding him to take the stone since she had sensed it clearly.

At the same time, the rest of the demons had fell down one by one since Elle took care of them by herself. She could fight them easily in a short time. Although the unfortunate event finally came, the Sapphire fell off from her pocket jacket when a demon pushed her from behind. It was the dark work of the witch that some of Obayifo could rise from the dead, even after Elle had slashed them all.

The distortion in front of her eyes looked inexplicable. Cathy gawked at the view of this whole misfortune. She felt guilty with this circumstance, and she was actually unwilling to open the gate for the evil people.

Across the corridor, Wrezire grinned happily to take the stone on that cold floor, but he was failed as Elle went attacking him. Her capability to run was as fast as the light speed.

The Sapphire fell down on the floor again. No one could reach for it this time.

The demons were surrounding the angel again, while Chantel was impatience at the view, she got infuriated. Thereafter, the tension in the air felt worse when Cathy preceded the witch to take the Sapphire as she wanted to protect it.

“Open the door now, or you shall know what happen to your mother,” Chantel threatened her.

The atmosphere felt frightening, especially when Chantel took a few steps to her. Cathy was in a huge dilemma, thus she barked at them without thinking further, “Alright, I’ll do it!”

As her trembled hand was pushing the stone into the template on the doorknob, the tension emerged abruptly for everyone in here. Their nervousness seemed growling in eternity, as if the gravity got stopped for a while. They had waited for so long just to stand still for someone to reach that sacred door.

The demons lost their patience, despite having a brutal desire. Beside them, Wrezire was still better at hiding his true emotion.

Through the perspective of Elle’s eyes, the demons were burning from the inside. Nonetheless, she ran to stop Cathy from opening the portal, but it was too late. Everyone stared astonishingly when it cracked to open widely.

The white winter ground showed. The falling snowflakes reflected on her deep brown eyes, leaving the pressure of agony. It triggered her memory to remember about her old flashbacks and dreams that had haunted her mind. Everything became clearer.

The whitey man stood tall as a gentleman, his physical body was surely inhuman. Everything about him was white, starting from his skin color, his straight long hair, and he stood abnormally with four legs that made him looked as strong as a horse. His scary eyes were bloody red with tiny cat pupils alike that looked sharp when he gazed mysteriously.

“Is this how all of you making a welcome ceremony?” He asked, giggled.

Cathy was almost fainted to see his real appearance since she didn’t expect to see him looked so frightening. His legs were half human half horse, and his tall was approximately about one-ninety-centimeters.

Furthermore, his red-blooded eyes were foreshortening at all of them. At that moment, Wrezire giggled back as he walked closer to the midst of the portal while applauding for his sudden arrival. “My brother, Lazuerre, we’re so glad to see you again,” he sighed and squinted behind him dramatically. “I’m sorry with this little mess.”

“Welcome back,” Chantel shouted as she walked to stand closer with Wrezire.

He seemed wondering against the presence of that woman, who greeted him warmly as if they were like an old comrade. It took him a few seconds to recall the past, “You are—one of those witches. I know exactly what you want.”

Cathy gazed bewilderingly at her that she could finally believe the truth about the witch part.

Afterward, Lazuerre glanced observantly at Cathy, who stood breathlessly. That gate keeper had a turbulence heart as he noticed her presence. His red eyes were showing the mixed up mood between wonderment, astonishment, and amazement.

“Who is this young human?” His voice sounded wise.

“You know this girl,” Elle shouted after she stood next to her suddenly. “She’s under my guard.”

“Oh, our precious sister has returned too,” he seemed relieved for her presence. “I’ve been missing all of your kind. Back in the past, we were such a glorious family.”

“Never equate yourself with our kind,” Elle said firmly.

“Oh, ho, I’d like to introduce myself properly to our new—” he had a hard decision to pick the right word as he stared politely at Cathy. “A young friend.”

“What a lovely thing to do, brother,” Wrezire complained, “but we’re coming with effort. Won’t you mind to serve us first?”

Lazuerre giggled as he felt a disgusting stigma at those demons that came rushing. After he had welcomed everyone in the corridor, he walked back inside the portal to leave them speechless. Eventually, it was a distortion as he really did welcome them. A magnetic hole started absorbing everyone, dragging them inside like a raging tornado.

After everyone was thrown away into the cold ground, the gate was closed by itself immediately. They were no longer in the human world. This was welfare.

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