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Chapter 16. The Garden of Faith

Afterthought, she had not died yet.

Cathy shivered, lying down weakly on the frozen ground. The desolate environment was a bit foggy. No one was with her except that whitey man named Lazuerre.

“How was it to feel lost?” He asked, stood tall above her. “How was it to be born again?” He asked intensely. “I could just shove all of them stranding to another part of this place, if you mind.”

He offered something that she couldn’t possibly understand.

Cathy didn’t move as she kept staring up at him, wondering if this was only her hallucination, but it came real when he grabbed her waist roughly, helping her to stand steady.

“Do you want me to kill them instead?” He asked infuriatedly.

She couldn’t even try to talk, her lips was trembling. As a matter of fact, he appeared differently now. His four legs weren’t seen but for two now. He looked way better, charismatic, and just like human, only his impression that frightened her.

“What?” He grabbed her jacket while asking. “Didn’t you want to pursue a revenge on your mother’s death?”

Cathy raised her eyebrows. “My mom is not dead.”

“Oh, ho, did I hit your head so badly to cause you amnesia?” He narrowed his thick black eyebrows. “Or is it because you haven’t awoken yet?”

He yanked her closer into his cold flat chest. He grabbed her chin forcibly to make her eyes focus at his white pale face. Cathy sighed heavily, and he started yelling at her face, “Wake up, Kathleen!”

She kept trying to break free from his strong grasp, but it was useless as he hugged her closer to him. Therefore, she needed to explain while feeling breathless, “You must have been mistaken me as someone else. My name is Catherine, not Kathleen.”

“Don’t you remember me, my lady? He asked in a tremendous rage. She could feel his cold breath was swirling on her red nose. “Don’t tell me that you’re being trapped in this little girl’s body?”

She tried to have enough strength to pull off his tight arms from her fragile skin. When she failed to do that, he became wilder to hug her until she was dying to breathe. They gazed at each other again.

At that second, Cathy was scared from her own thought of how she would die. There was a million chance that the man in front of her would probably eat her alive. When he brushed her lips with his cold finger, she got startled instantly. Cathy struggled to run away as she had courage to punch his porcelain face very hard. He bulged out shockingly to accept a slight of pain.

“I know you’re the gate keeper of the portal, but I don’t think we officially know each other,” she said firmly.

“What is this—a rebellion?” He laughed like how Wrezire usually did. “I always captured your face in my head, how could I forget such an imperial beauty?”

“I don’t understand,” she murmured at the same time her body stood well-wary.

“Are you going to deny everything?” He walked one step. “Didn’t you remember my deepest confession?”

“What confession?!” She barked, annoyed.

“Affection, my lady!” He yelled. His red eyes were bulging out. “The love momentum from any desperation that once I had presented the grouse to you.”

She flinched in confusion whether he spoke about a metaphor or not. “Please, don’t force me into this. I’m not her.”

“How could you are not her?” He paced slowly at her who stood trembling. “You have the same exact face and figure, and count to that guardian angel that follows you—even now.”

She bewildered at the latter of his words, thus she followed where his eyes were staring far away behind her back. Precisely, he talked about Sylvia Elle. That angel walked like a tough army, and in the count of three, she already stood beside Cathy.

“Lazuerre, you should concern anything else to be easier,” Elle said.

“Make me,” he dared, and then he gazed coldly at Cathy.

“I told you, I’m not her,” she insisted. “I don’t live in a castle or even have a queen’s throne.”

“If your affection is tremendous for her, then we should concern the demons to leave this land immediately,” Elle suggested the idea while Cathy gawked surprisingly at her statement.

“Ah, just let them go,” he still felt disgusted with their presence. “I have no business with those scoundrels.”

“Haven’t you found out something?” Elle raised her tone at him. “They’re going to kill this little girl for the sake of their amulet ceremonial, after that, they will be able to come in and out so freely to the portal without you.”

He shot Cathy with his sharp red eyes, and then back to bulge out at the angel. “First thing, I’m asking you with honor, sister. Who is this innocent girl under your guard?” He tilted his head at her. “Is she our reborn princess?”

“You can say so. She’s the reincarnation of Princess Kathleen.”

Cathy felt breathless. “What?”

“I knew it!” He shrieked. “At the first time I saw her deep eyes, it’s so precise.”

“I don’t want to involve with their matter anyway. If they put a spell on my mom—” she was peeved, “I just want to finish this smoothly.”

“Such a long repetitive history. Spell isn’t new for them to play,” he taunted.

“Well, that’s my analogy, spell is for dying in the hospital, my mom is coma,” Cathy corrected.

“Don’t you know, child?” He asked to make her wonder. “I said it also, literally mean spell.”

“They are trying to buy a shortcut, in that case, the witch would defy putting a spell on your mom,” Elle explained. “Only in one condition—if they couldn’t fetch on your royal blood.”

Cathy felt quivered, as the moment went quiet.

“The demons—their barbarous stigma would end in our system when they broke the rule of being here,” he said. “I can’t guarantee anything, sister.”

“Your job as a guard should be conductible. That’s why you are here,” Elle admonished him.

“So, would you show our little lady for a tour?” He wondered.

Elle squinted at Cathy who was too quiet. “I’d like to,” she said, and stared at him again. “Oh, where have you been over the past centuries?”

“My absence is none of your concern,” his tone was disrespectful.

Before both of them left, Elle stared warmly at him as if that tall man would need a single drop of compassion. The angel knew everything beneath the lies. His existence was important in this realm, and there was no one to supersede his position.

Lazuerre did stare back expressionlessly. Elle just won’t bother him with a huge question, since the situation wasn’t perfect for a reunion. “Now, excuse us.”

The foggy air subsided when the two visitors had arrived. They came to another part of a placid place. Ceasus treasured the bottom heart of angels. The mercy made every corner of this land felt warm. The soil ground was at the edge of the river like a spring breeze, in fact, the winter ground was the only cold spot across the portal.

The bluish clouds hung a sentimental atmosphere above them. The trees grew fibrous with random roots. Slightly, this place was like a secret garden in front of the cottages in a forest. There was no sound. Their eyes searched for the dwellers. Elle raised her head at some people who stood concurrently against the trees, where the winter ground traversed behind. Seemingly, the spring land was just like a welcome carpet against that shallow river.

“Catherine, you’re coming,” one of the women who stood in the midst of a few figures had relieved to say it. “Welcome to the Garden of Faith.”

That woman didn’t seem like human. Her head covered with crown flowers and long floral scarf of Indian ethnic alike. The four women beside her had the same appearance too, minus the crown.

Cathy squinted oddly at Elle. Her unspoken curiosity got that angel tingled to explain, “They are celestial beings. The good one like angel.” she informed. “The Garden of Faith is part of Caecus, where entities with the precognition ability are assembling together. It is one of the places for guardians, like Lazuerre to come and stay in peace. The analogy for human’s place; this seems like an institute, only it controls by the higher entities. They are neither djinn nor angel.”

“They aren’t alien, right?” Cathy whispered.

Elle gave a half smile and shook her head. They walked ahead to approach the celestials. That woman was as tall as Elle, and her skin was between light and tan. Cathy got shuddered when the woman welcomed her with a warm smile.

“We execute the divine work in Caecus, alongside the system, we play a role in a different division as a guardian, messenger, future reader, and etcetera,” she had a wise voice.

“All of you are clairvoyance?” Cathy wondered.

She smiled of no rejection. “Accordant with divine missions that are notable for us to live, that’s implant a good deed, a work of art.”

“What are you?”


She surprised with the term, in the human world it meant as a fortune teller who read a palmistry line in someone’s hand. It wasn’t a common term.

“May I introduce my friends?” The chiromancer asked. “They’re also a chiromancer and messenger. Furthermore, I am their leader.”

“What job that all of you do specifically?”

“Mostly, some of us have double works at once as a chiromancer and messenger, which way to bring a divine message to the dwellers in Caecus. We delivered a prodigious prophecy,” she explained solemnly. “For human’s world, we dedicate some of precognitions in its right place. The angels come and go to see a rigidity of written future. They’re also a good reader than any of us. We are just a helper for entities around Caecus.”

Cathy amazed with her knowledgeable explanation.

“Perhaps, you want to see around?”

“Can I?”

“You are more than welcome here,” the woman spoke beneath her pink lips. The celestials welcomed her for anything. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for her arrival.

For a second, her eyes were skimming through the scenery of various floral. Cathy became more nervous when Elle watched her from behind. She walked ahead for sightseeing. The shrubs protruded some of the glowing flowers. She caught something odd in between. Her legs stood five inches against it, and her hand tried to reach the leaf. She was perplexing at the flower that emitted a glowing blue light. It felt like a jelly when she touched it. The smell and its form were just as normal as another floral, but she couldn’t possibly think how the blue color could emit.

“It’s a small mortura,” the chiromancer said. “The artistic flower can entertain our eyes. It will only blossom in a cold environment. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do,” Cathy smiled, and her momentary shudder began to fade away. “It’s peculiar.”

She realized that the four celestials still stayed in their first spot, and Elle still stood a few meters from them.

The weather was about twenty degrees Celsius, and she already got her leather black jacket to cover her pale skin. Cathy looked around again to wonder what thing to observe without being awkward, despite feeling odd with a quick body movement of this celestial as if she was a strange creature, and even her honey eyes had a reflex motion.

The silence came after they ended the conversation. The chiromancer stared intensely at Cathy whose eyes flashed at the bigger flower in the midst of this winter ground. “Oh, it’s another mortura?” She gauged it vividly that the flower size was as huge as a diameter of three basketballs. “It’s the same blue as this one.”

“Yes, a larger mortura. It is used as an instrument for seeing a future by a chiromancer like me.”

Sometimes, Cathy felt scared to see the woman’s face that moved too flexible.

“You want me to read your future?”

Cathy gawked at her offer. Elle approached them immediately to stand in between. “She will not read her future,” although her warning sounded rhetoric as it was referred to the chiromancer.

“Oh,” the woman sparked at her approach. “I’m honor to meet an angel by myself.”

Elle stared keenly at her who was always smiling and being gentle. The chiromancer walked toward the four dwellers that stood like statues. Cathy squinted at them and felt anxious as she didn’t feel familiar with everything around. She needed to know more than just a floral view. Her legs walked well-wary, while Elle stayed behind her back as a guardian.

“There is no human as lucky as you are to see this land,” the chiromancer said, “and a few didn’t really survive.”

There was no partition in the air that they were all stared so deep. The chiromancer began to confront Cathy. She gently touched her shoulder. “You have seen the places, now is our turn for asking your truth of being here?”

Cathy gawked numbly at her gentle stare. “I don’t know anything.”

A thin fog emerged from the air while they fought each other’s eyes. Elle immediately made a slash partition with her body to stop their contention, she stood between them again.

“This won’t do,” the chiromancer muttered.

“A brief letter of abomination wouldn’t hurt anyone if you would make it shorter to be read,” Elle alerted. “Please.”

The chiromancer glanced keenly at her. The conservative atmosphere was changed uneasy. At the time, Cathy had no idea about the current topic.

“You have come along the way just to ask for the written history?” She seemed to hold her anger.

“A resistance of uncertainty must be told perceivably. For this case, I want you to show the vision very clear to the girl.”

“Do you realize—” she pursed her lips, “our energy usage is a real matter for such a simple request?” The chiromancer glanced in motion at Cathy.

“I am not in the same hierarchy as you are, little creature,” Elle raised her tone. “If you wish not to conclude, maybe I could ask for the Seraph.”

“Seraph?” There was a slight of fear in her eyes. “Please be my guest.”

Elle gave a win smile against the celestials. The four companions left their leader to walk toward a tall headstone. The celestials were represented the enigma that Cathy wanted to ask for everything, but she was still curious of what the angel just mentioned about, “What is Seraph?”

“Isn’t there any religion teacher in your school, at least?” Her sarcasm came again. “They never taught you about the particular term?”

“Elle, this is all new for me,” Cathy said pathetically. “I’ve only found out about the celestial, chiromancer, and mortura.”

“You only know so little,” Elle muttered. “Seraph is the angel’s leader as the highest hierarchy, and count as an archangel.”

She sighed. “Good to know.”

“Well-educated. Now, may I?” The chiromancer thrust her warm hand at Cathy, several golden bracelets were seen on her wrist.

Cathy squinted bewilderingly at Elle who nodded as a code that was okay. The chiromancer escorted her to walk to the opposite direction from the headstone. It was another big blue mortura. Cathy dumbfounded to see it from closer.

The chiromancer began to scan her hand at the sparkling petals. Her eyeballs moved rapidly from beneath her closed eyes. After ten seconds of waiting, Cathy bulged out when the fluorescent shadow was reflected on her white face. There was a vision that emitted from the pistil like a projector screen.

“In fourteenth century, a wretchedness event occurred to one empire. It was misfortune that the good one was lost in a tragic battle,” the chiromancer narrated that flashback vision. “The Aloise died from the wicked witch and her devil.”

Cathy was breathless when the vision appeared more specific than what she always saw alone on her mind.

“But, no one really knew that the only descendant was alive after the incident, she was Francesca de Moriz von Aloise.”

“Why she had both of the titles, the Moriz?”

“Ah, she was named after a sacred place in Austria—the Morizza Chapel. She lived hideout from folks,” the chiromancer said, she was touched by the tragedy. “After a few centuries had passed, all the grandchildren were born from that place, but some preferred to separate. Until now, the demons are still hunting them down.”

“Do the demons know about the Morriza Chapel?”

“Even they know, there’s nothing they can do, because the angels are guarding that place,” the chiromancer smiled. “By that, I mean inside and outside.”

“Then, it supposed to be dangerous to leave the place for the descendants?”

“Indeed, but the decision isn’t for the angels to concern,” her voice was distinct. “Some Austrian must be familiar with the forbidden legend, especially when it comes to—”


The chiromancer glanced at her for a moment. “I was about to say the Devil who possessed the witch, even though Triskele is included as you seem already know.”

“What about the Devil?”

“Under the name of Kyra, the Devil disguised as human,” as she kept narrating, the screen showed a long curly red hair in black robe, that strange woman had a wicked almond-shaped of blue eyes. “If anyone in the world wanted to find someone to blame for the incident, she was the one,” the vision turned instantly into the overwhelming fire, attacking the massive castle. Cathy knew it became the abandoned castle now, since she recognized some part of the walls.

“Kyra?” Her memory got tingled to remember the name. As she recalled, it was Scott who mentioned the name to her. “I’ve heard before.”

The chiromancer smiled.

“Was it written in Dalton’s book?” She murmured.

“That infamous human?” The chiromancer noticed. “Yes, in order for humans to receive the message. Emperor of Souls sounds a bit generic, don’t you think?”

“As a preference of generic, it is bothersome to discuss,” Elle shouted behind them. “Not that I think it has any matter to you, sister.”

“Forgive my rudeness,” the chiromancer bow her head, and seemed to be more careful to talk since Elle had mentioned about the Seraph.

She glanced at Cathy. “For a further story, it is better that you read the book by yourself.”

A convenient atmosphere had returned again. The chiromancer stared at her in affection as she held her hands. “You are the destined child.”


“Because you’re the only hope to save both of dimensions from destruction,” it was like she gave out a benediction. “You can survive the whole generation from extinction.”

Cathy patronized into every single of her words. There was only a perplexing idea that she could get. The chiromancer left her as she walked toward Elle.

“You see that child?” She whispered. “So fragile, you need to return her to home.”

Elle shot her keen eyes at Cathy, and then she approached her, “Wait,” she grabbed her arm suddenly while gazing at the clouds. “We need to go from here.”

“What’s wrong?” Cathy showed a horrendous feeling.

“The demons will be at the edge of the portal. Wrezire has demanded them to stop us,” Elle had never joked about any hazard events, Cathy got scared now “—and, the witch’s presence will make them even more powerful.”

“May God bless both of you,” the chiromancer prayed. Her warm smile could help Cathy to feel calmer.

As the fog began to cover the whole land, Elle forced her to walk out quickly from the Garden of Faith.

They stepped over the soil ground in front of the shallow river. Cathy could see her reflection so clearly when they crossed to a little bridge. Just a few meters ahead, Lazuerre had waited for them.

“I’ll escort you to the forest, would you mind?”

Elle felt hesitated, and her eyes tried to read his vibe. Apparently, he had a pure intention this time, “Thank you, brother.”

Cathy got baffled with the concept of how they would escort someone. The experience was unusual, especially when the gate keeper gave both of them an odd stare of farewell.

The strong winds blew around them. The clouds turned darker. The snowflakes subsided at the border of the ground between this warm and cold spot. Cathy gawked in disbelief against the peculiar phenomenon of nature. She had no clue to predict what would happen, but to pray.

From far away, Lazuerre guffawed for nothing.

The view was blurred, the realm felt dreamy. Her sight went into blankness. For three seconds, there was no sound but the rain that came rough on her cheeks. She got shivered since the coldness felt undeniable. She couldn’t open her eyes until Elle shook her shoulders. Cathy just realized where she was. The forest was overshadowed by a dark penumbra between the trees, and the rain had stopped after she coughed hardly.

“They got the Sapphire, those demons,” Elle muttered. “Lazuerre will make a way from here. We need to search for the nearest portal.”

Cathy flinched. “We’re still in Caecus?”

“Wait,” Elle had her eyes well-wary. “Stay here.”

She saw her walked out to the grasses. Everything went silent.

“Groarrrr!” A demon jumped down from the tree suddenly. “Grab her tightly!”

Four small demons appeared from behind the shrubs. They moved fast like the flying bees that went yanking on her body. She had no option to escape from their brutal act. Elle pulled off their strong grasp forcibly from her arms and legs, which looked like a bunch of demon babies. Two demons clung on her shoulders, and the others were on her thighs. They were all clinging like glue.

Another demon stared at Cathy while his saliva was dripping disgustingly. Fortunately, Elle could handle the fuss in an instant, and she fought them with one hit.

The trees had been enduring the unseen rage. As the winds swooshed strongly, both of them held hands together. There was a transparent hole in the air that sucked up anything near it.

Cathy kept clinging on Elle’s arm while listening to her whisper. “That’s the portal.”

“What will happen?” Cathy almost cried.

In fact, the angel stared deeply at the human. “Just hold me tight.”

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