Yamiko: Edge of Humanity

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Androgynous Advantages

It was the alarm on Yamiko’s phone that woke the youth up, just like any other morning. Silencing it, the redhead sat up with a yawn. ‘What a weird dream.’ Yamiko thought. ‘I got turned into a girl, and Mom was talking about demons, and-’

Yamiko’s thoughts ground to a halt as she looked down. As a guy, Yamiko had grown used to sleeping in nothing but a pair of boxers, meaning there was nothing block her view of her newly acquired breasts.

‘…Okay, I guess it wasn’t a dream.’ Yamiko thought, after a moment of renewed shock.

Getting dressed, Yamiko headed downstairs to find her mother. Hearing the familiar sound of her mother humming to herself, Yamiko followed the sound to the kitchen.

“AAAAAAH!” Only to fall backwards with a scream, at what she saw when she opened the door.

As expected, Yamiko’s mother was in the process of cooking breakfast. However, she looked completely different from normal. Her usual kimono was gone, leaving her clad only in a revealing outfit of tight, red leather that resembled a bikini more than actual clothing, and her long hair hung loose down her back in a bushy mane. However, what caught Yamiko’s attention was the three pairs of crimson, bat-like wings sprouting her back, the trio of spaded tails protruding from the base of her spine, and the three pairs of curved horns protruding through her hair like a demonic crown.

“Are you alright, dear?” Maruka asked innocently, as she looked over her shoulder at her fallen daughter. “Breakfast will be ready in a moment, so there’s no need to hurry so much that you trip.”

“That doesn’t matter!” Yamiko cried out, pointing at her mother accusingly. “What the Hell happened to you, Mom!”

“Hmm?” Maruka cocked her head in confusion. Looking down at her outfit, she exclaimed, “Oh, that’s right! You haven’t seen me like this, yet, have you?” Turning to fully face her daughter, wings flared and eyes glowing with a Hellish light, Maruka continued. “This is my true form! Behold, the Queen of all Succubi, Mar’kanteto!” As if a switch had been flipped afterwards, Maruka folded her wings and smiled sweetly. “So, what do you think, dear?”

“WHAT DO I THINK!? YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!” Yamiko yelled. Calming down, she asked, “Besides, I thought you said Dad sealed your power, right?”

“True, but he was just trying to prove I wasn’t tricking him.” Maruka explained, waving it off. “After being married for a couple years, he altered the seal so that I could activate and deactivate it whenever I wanted. After all, we couldn’t have a child with my powers sealed.”

Getting up and moving to the table, Yamiko asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, Succubi are primarily Lust Demons, making sex the easiest way for us to gain power. As such, we evolved the ability to completely control our bodies, especially our reproductive systems. In other words, Succubi can’t get pregnant unless they want to. I had altered my body to be infertile, so I needed my powers back to fix that.” In an all-too-innocent tone, she added, “Which means that means you should be fine if you want to fool around, too, if you’d like to.”

“MOM!” Yamiko cried in embarrassment. “I’ve been a guy up until now, so it’s not like I’d do that as a girl, anyway.”

“Why not? It can be fun to experience things from the other perspective.” Maruka replied, before going on. “Of course, that brings me to why I’m in this form. As nice as it is to stretch my wings, I was thinking about how to get you changed back, and I might be able to change you back with my own powers.”

“Really!?” Yamiko asked excitedly.

“I said ‘maybe’. It’s been a while since I’ve needed to use my powers, so there’s no guarantee that it will work.” Maruka cautioned, as she brought over the food she had been cooking. “Breakfast comes first, though, so eat up!”

Yamiko quickly ate her meal, eager to go back to being male. As she finished up, Yamiko noticed her mother was not eating anything.

Seeing her child’s questioning look, Maruka explained. “Things like eating and sleeping are human concerns. I don’t even need to breathe except for when I want to speak,” Maruka suddenly got a mischievous glint in her eye, as she added, “Although, that can certainly be helpful for us Succubi.”

Part of Yamiko wanted to know what her mother meant by that last part, but at the same time, she got the feeling she did not want to hear the answer. Instead, she pointed out, “But I’ve seen you eating meals before, and there’ve been nights you fell asleep before me.”

Waving a hand airily, Maruka said, “That’s because of your father’s seal on me. While it’s active I must sustain myself by human means, rather than using more traditional Succubus methods.” Glancing at the clock, Maruka went on, “Oops, we’ll have to talk more later, dear. You’re going to be late for school if you don’t get going.”

“EH!? But you haven’t changed me back to a guy yet!” Yamiko protested.

“Oh, that’s right.” Maruka said, as if having completely forgotten her child’s current gender. “Hold still, dear.” Moving closer to Yamiko, Maruka placed her hands on either side of the teen’s face, and leaned down…

Only for Yamiko’s eyes to nearly pop out of her head as Maruka kissed her firmly on the lips.

Spreading out from her lips, a tingling feeling enveloped Yamiko’s body, focused in her newly acquired horns and breasts. After a moment, the feeling began to fade, and Yamiko remembered the situation she was in.

Practically throwing herself backward, she stared at her mother in shock. “M-Mom! What are you doing!?”

Giggling, Maruka said, “Your father warned me humans considered ‘certain acts’ between family members to be taboo, but really, dear, it was just a kiss.” Her expression became concerned as she added, “Although, I seem to have gotten a bit rusty, as it didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped.”

“Huh?” Reaching for the areas where the strange feeling had been most intense, Yamiko was pleasantly surprised to find her horns gone, and her chest flatter… Unfortunately, ‘flatter’ still was not ‘flat’. “Wait, I’m still a girl!”

“Well, I did warn you that it wasn’t guaranteed to work,” Maruka said, before grinning, “but don’t worry, I have a back-up plan. Take off your shirt.”

After what had just happened, that set off warning bells for Yamiko. Crossing her arms over her chest protectively, she cried out, “Hell, no! The kiss was bad enough!”

Her playful grin back in full force, Maruka suddenly pulled a roll of bandages from somewhere, and said, “I was just going to suggest binding your chest until you could change back, but if you had something else in mind…”

“DAMMIT, MOM!” Yamiko shouted in embarrassment, as she snatched the bandages and ran off to the privacy of her room. A few minutes later found Yamiko looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, her school uniform in place, the bandages tightly wrapping her chest underneath. The effect was… odd. At first glance, she looked like she was male again, but it was not quite right. The longer she looked, the more differences she found; her hair a bit longer, a hint of curves at her hips, a slight bulge of her chest if she stood completely straight or leaned back, even her hands were slightly more slender.

“It looks fine, dear. As long as you act normally, no one should suspect a thing.” Looking towards the sound of the voice, Yamiko saw her mother standing there, looking human once more, and with her earlier teasing grin replaced with the kindly smile she knew better. “You really should get going, though, you’re going to be late for school unless you hurry.”

Pulling out her phone to check the time, Yamiko’s eyes widened as she saw that it was already ten minutes after she usually left. Running past her mother with a cry of, “See you later!” Yamiko quickly grabbed her school bag and headed out the door, barely remembering to slip her shoes on as she went.

Smiling at the sight, Maruka thought, ‘I wish changing back to a male could remain your greatest concern forever, Yamiko. With your powers unsealed, however, it’s only a matter of time before you have much more to worry about… And if what I’ve heard is true, only a matter of time until she finds us, then then all Hell may break loose.’

Moving over to a framed picture showing Maruka and her husband holding Yamiko as a baby, Maruka whispered, “I’m sorry, Kandai. I couldn’t keep Yamiko from being exposed to our world. My powers have waned, and I can’t keep her safe. But, I’ll do everything I can to prolong the inevitable, and prepare her for what is to come.”

Moving to the phone, Maruka made a call. “Ah, good morning, Hana, it’s Hikarino Maruka. Can you please transfer me to your father? Thanks. Hello, Inmaru, it’s Maruka. It’s about Yamiko, I need to ask you a favor…”

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